Andrea Saves Bea Bea the ACD

Our own Andrea Rigler sent me an email while I was on vacation, asking to save this Australian Cattle dog, who we think is less than a year old. Holly Ryerson quickly intercepted the email and gave the go-ahead for the pull.

Andrea was contacted and I will let her provide more details, but once the dog was saved, Andrea wrote on her Facebook page: “Ok we’re golden! Caroline’s taking the second leg of Ez’s trip to her new foster home with Jesse Moranti. Thanks to Stacy Bonner McIlveen, Chris Engel, Karen Dale Avick, Jesse and now Caroline Tart for making this all happen! One life saved – this girl’s going to make someone very happy! Pics to follow!”
So, while we know this dog as Ezzy, Jesse has been calling her Bea Bea, and she is now with Jesse at Sit & Stay, to be evaluated for drive and receive proper socialization.
Jesse will include a blog post about Bea Bea on Jesses Dog Blog shortly.
In the meantime, Bea Bea is enjoying her new foster, and making friends with Titan and Izzy. She is NOT available for adoption at this time, for we need to step up to the plate and ensure that she has the proper temperament and social skills to succeed once she is re-homed… it’s what we do!

August 7 Update:

Bea-Bea has truly blossomed! Thanks to Jesse and his pack of pups, she has rediscovered trust and her inner-puppy. Jesse has kept a wonderful diary of her progress on his blog. You must read it ~ what an eye-opener as to what can happen when you know how to nudge along a dog. We are so fortunate to have Jesse. He is busy enough as the founder of Sit and Stay, The Villages Doggie Daycare, but he still makes time and space for dogs like Bea-Bea!

We’ve also posted more photos on Bea-Bea’s photo album. We just love this girl!

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    Jesse is providing regular updates on Bea Bea, just go to her page on Jesse's blog,

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