Antoinette ~ Adopted!

4 AntoinetteAntoinette is a female 7 week old Border Collie/Golden Retriever puppy born on 10/3/15. puppies currently range in weight between 6-10 lbs (Size order largest to smallest Andre, Francois, Claude, Pierre, Antoinette, Suzette, Jean-Baptiste, Édith Piaf, and Elise). Their mother was a border collie mix and their father was a golden retriever.

If you are interested in adopting Antoinette please read Our Adoption Process and send us and email with the answers to the questions presented in the article.

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4 Antoinette .


11/29/15 Update: Antoinette was adopted by the Kastroulis family of Jacksonville Beach yesterday. She has two new doggie siblings and two new human siblings as well!

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