Cassie the Collie has been adopted!

Cassie is a stunning, and I do mean stunning, collie. “Collie” breed as made famous by Lassie. She has truly charmed her foster mom by quickly adjusting to a home with three German Shepherds. Cassie took the introductions all in stride, displaying a calm and gentle demeanor. She enjoys her crate and goes into it willingly. Obviously she has learned that a crate is a den and a safe place. What a terrific thing in the event of a hurricane!

Cassie really enjoys going for walks, and will trot along, tossing you a look every now and then to make sure you’re okay. We’re told that she loves to go swimming too!

Cassie is between one and two years old. She weighs about 50 pounds. I’m really looking forward to learning more about Cassie! You can admire more photos of her in her photo album.

Cassie was adopted yesterday by the Looney family. I can’t wait for updates!

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  1. tanja


    what a beautiful dog…I live in Germany…if I lived close I would try to get her and take care of her…I hope that she will find a nice home soon

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