Our Adoption Process

Much to the surprise of many people, we do not use an adoption application but rely instead upon an interview process. Because we are a small rescue and keep all of our dogs in foster homes, we shy away from forms that tend to emphasis why someone should not have a dog. The interview process […]

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Free PetFirst Pet Insurance for Adopters

Effective immediately, your pet is insured!  Just call this number, and sign up! Your recent adoption includes 30-days of pet insurance from PetFirst. You must call 855-710-7387 in order to activate the insurance, so don’t wait.   Your 30-day pet insurance covers your pets for accidents and illnesses, and reimburses 100% of vet bills incurred during […]

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The Ellen Debacle

Whether or not you have adopted from The Dog Liberator or not, you should take a moment, find your dog’s adoption contract and read this post.  Even if you purchased your dog from a breeder, this may pertain to you as well. I know it’s an old story, dating back to October 2007, but it’s […]

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What about Home Visits?

What about Home Visits? Here’s a great article “Those darn dog rescues with all of their rules and questions – what gives?” written by Penny Eims, is a real eye-opener, and prompted me to write this post. To be honest, if I feel the need to do a home visit, the adopter is denied.  There’s […]

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