2017 TDL Reunion

1468511_10151983719044792_821658073_nYou’re invited! TDL will be having our 2017 Reunion on Saturday March 25th from 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM at Barkley Square Park in Deland!

This is not an adoption event, we’re just getting together to have fun! Whether you are a volunteer, supporter, adopter, foster, or a TDL stalker please stop by and say hi! We’d love to meet you and show off our gorgeous adopted dogs!

Barkley Square is a 14 acre dog park with a pond, trees, wide open spaces, and plenty to sniff. There should be plenty of parking and they do have a restroom for our human guests! Need directions? Here is a link!  From past experience, we recommend bring chairs, a leash, a towel (or two!), and maybe a camera for the memories!


TDL’s Fourth Annual Reunion

Special thanks to everyone who joined us last Saturday. Several very special people couldn’t attend because of the flu that is going around! There are several photo albums available for you to review on Facebook:


My Sarah!

My Sarah!

Dianna’s Photos
Brittney’s Photos
My Photos
Ryan’s Photos
Sarah’s Photos

Vice President, Sheila Coffman

Vice President, Sheila Coffman

Also announced at our reunion, is our new Vice President, Sheila Coffman!







Original Announcement:

Barcley Square Dog Park, DeLand, Florida 12/7/13 11-4

Barkey Square Dog Park, DeLand, Florida
12/7/13 11-4

December 7th, 2013 from 11:00 am – 4:00 pm

Here’s a map from Orlando taking I-4!  Please do not try to take Woodland Blvd. after 1:00 PM, it will be shut down for their annual parade.  The map shows you to bypass.

1010 North Ridgewood Avenue, Deland, Florida

We are hoping for a gorgeous day.  Remember to bring towels and doggie shampoo, your dog might get dirty, there is a washing station. If you want to play with toys, there is a private dog yard, we do not recommend toys, as dogs might get aggressive with each other (my China specifically!) If you think your dog will get tired, feel free to bring your own crate. Please bring chairs, and your camera!  We will have t-shirts and hats available for purchase.

We are hoping that everyone will have arrived by around 12:00, and we STRONGLY urge that you check in with Brittney as soon as you arrive to have your photo taken.  As you can see from the video below, your dogs will get muddy!

Andi Brown will offer her time to introduce you to her book, “The Whole Pet Diet”

Paul Pipitone will be available to introduce  himself as “Dogs’ Best Friend of Central Florida

2:00 we would like to take group photos of all of Aussies and Aussie mixes.

2:15 we would like to take group photos of all our Collies

2:30 we would like to take group photos of all of our Border Collies

2:45 will be dogs that are too gorgeous to be classified under any one specific breed

3:00, I’m hoping we can all huddle for one group photo!

We have confirmed that Biker George’s Gourmet Grub will be our food truck!

Here’s a quick glance at who is already RSVP’d!

Barkley Square’s Facebook page:  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Barkley-Square-Dog-Park-Deland-Fl/118329981570432

The Map: https://www.facebook.com/barkleysquareparkdelandfl/page_map

Yes, it’s off the beaten path, but you will love this place.  It is not crowded, and unlike our reunions in Winter Park, it’s not so big that we can’t find each other!  It’s the perfect place for us!

RSVP on Facebook is not mandatory but helpful!  https://www.facebook.com/events/571930582844163/

TDL Hats

TDL Baseball Hats

TDL Baseball Hats

Leia Buxbaum!Special thanks to one of our awesome supporters who really wanted us to have TDL hats before our next reunion!

Woo Hoo!  They are currently available for $20 each.  Just make a $20 donation, (button shown below) and be sure you indicate you are purchasing one of our hats and we’ll get them shipped out to you asap!




Barcley Dog Park, DeLand

A Kiss from Winter (now Rider)

We had a wonderful day at Barcley Dog Parkin DeLand.  I found that the park would be perfect for our future reunions.

What made me happy is that Winter remembered me; but it’s only been one week since I last saw him!  What I noticed is that all of our dogs are “home”.

Winter, Lilly, Jaffe, and the Cowboys Doc Holiday and Wyatt Earp.  It’s a real thrill to see our rescued dogs bonded with their owners.  I was impressed with Winter’s self-esteem.  He traveled far from us, but staying close to the dogs he knew, like China and Lady Di.  Dale raised his hand up in the air, and Winter bolted to his side.

Doc and Wyatt


Watching Lilly and Abel interact; it was as if those two have been together forever, and the way she is with Dusty, it’s obvious that’s her man!  There is no manual to matching dogs with up with the right owners; no rules, no secret code.  It’s hard to explain but there was joy in their eyes, you know?  

If you remember Doc Holiday and Wyatt Earp, you’ll remember there was no joy, no life in their eyes whatsoever.  

our favorite photo of the day



Jaffe never changes; he’s always polite, obedient, and focused on his people!

One thing I only appreciate in photographs is how confident my daughter, Sarah, is when she’s with the dogs, especially her dog, China.  I’ve never seen a dog and a child so bonded.

You can see all of our photos on Facebook.  Special thanks to Brittney Myers for her fantastic work with her camera!  At the end of the day we accepted the fact that our white dogs were covered in mud, and happy faces!

Winter and China showing the art of communication!

Our day in a nutshell!

2012 Adoptions Video

2012 was a challenge for The Dog Liberator to say the least! But the dogs that were rescued, rehabilitated, made well again and re-homed is priceless. If you’re one of the lucky ones that adopted from us, I’m sure you agree!

2012 Annual Reunion

It’s Bart!

I will be updating this page, and including all of the awesome things that happened during our third annual reunion. There are so many photos and stories to share! I had a blast. Unfortunately, I was exhausted for two days afterwards!

Note:  To order your photos, email BrittneysTouchup@gmail.com

Vicki & Huck

It’s going to take a while for me to share everything, but I can’t tell you how wonderful it was to see everyone again.  I didn’t think Vicki was going to make it, but when I told her I could NOT finish Huckleberry’s book until I had a photo of her with him… she made arrangements and drove down with Kathy!

When I pulled into the parking lot, I knew that Shy Sharon was there early, waiting for me.  But as I walked to the gate, a vehicle pulled up in front of me, and I saw through the back window, a giant Huckleberry!  Chad rolled down the window, and I approached Huck, telling him he’d be a star today, and he was!

Unfortunately, none of us had our cameras ready when we reunited with Shy Sharon.  She was scared, but this time, when I gently pulled on her collar to come close to me, she didn’t bite my hand!  She appeared to remember Lady Di, Ozzie and China, and she was much more happy to see them than me!  She did warm up to my daughter, Sarah, and her best friend Danielle.  Darn Darn Darn, where was my camera?  Andrew had to leave quickly after he got a phone call that one of his friends was hurt in a motorcycle accident, so I never got to say goodbye to my Little Red, but that’s okay, I’ll see her again soon!

Me and Bart

From the moment the reunion had begun, my children were taking turns asking me if I had seen Bart.  It took several hours before Bart joined us, and when he arrived, my kids were over joyed!

DJ, Michael Campos

Michael Campos setup his equipment to give us some music to enjoy, and it really did made a difference.  Every year I ask if we should have music playing, and I get mixed results.  I really enjoyed it, especially when the holiday music started to play toward the end of the day.  It really set the tone, and I want to thank Michael and his poodle for providing us with the perfect tunes!




Lady Priscilla

I loved seeing Lady Priscilla again, man she looks good!  I was surprised to see Pebbles, I fostered her three years ago, and I had no idea she’d be there!

Coco Chanel and Foxy also came, Foxy was reunited with Kathy and Vicki, she was rescued when she was just a little pup (Twizzler)!

When I saw Flirt walking toward me, I didn’t recognize her.  It was embarrassing!  Even though she looked familiar, I was stumped!  Flirt was fostered in Clearwater by Mark Whalen, so we had never met.  She is a cutie pie!

Seeing Shiloh and Emmitt is always a treat.  Those two big boys were a perfect match, considering they were not rescued from the same place, nor at the same time, they look and act like siblings!  Two gentle giants!

Vicki & Kathy with Easy Peasy Penny

Both Vicki and Kathy couldn’t believe it when Easy Peasy Penny arrived!  That was it’s own little private reunion!  That little dog hasn’t changed a bit!  Every pose was the same as two years ago!  Athena, who had just been adopted also surprised Vicki! Athenawas adopted out of the Atlanta area and now lives in Florida.  It just goes to show it’s never really goodbye when a TDL dog gets adopted, it’s more like see you again soon!

I was bummed that the Spice Girls couldn’t come.  Kevin mentioned they weren’t feeling well that Saturday morning, but we sure loved seeing Kevin and Mel again, and he had many surprises waiting for him!  Both Nick-o-Time and McCartney arrived, and you could see the joy Kevin’s face to be reunited with his fosters.  I remember the hell McCartney went through after his botched neuter.  Poor guy.  And I remember how attached Mel was to Nick.  McCartney showed off playing Frisbee.  They both looked awesome!

Sunbeam and Samson visited us as well, unfortunately, not at the same time.  Samson’s mom reports he’s still having seizures. Not good.    Shane also brought his family.  What a gorgeous boy he is!

Tyler brought her family as well.  She was adopted this year, as was her pack Grace and KT.  Tyler is about 7 years old, and seemed so relaxed with her new family.  It was as if she has belonged to them forever!

I wondered when my Jaffe would arrive!  Without fail, he brought his Dad Gary!  Jaffe has never missed a reunion!  He was adopted when he was ten, so he’s 13 years old now.  You can’t tell his age, he is one amazing dog!


Shenandoah (Connie)

Shenandoah hasn’t missed a reunion yet!  Now Connie, she brought her family and showed off playing Frisbee… what a rags to riches story she has turned out to be.

One of Katie’s puppies came to visit us.  Whiskey, now Turk came with his Dad.  He is all grown up now, and he’s stunning!

One more surprise for me was little Willow.  She was soaking wet, but I grabbed her and held her close, and tried to make a mad dash to my car, hoping her owners wouldn’t notice… they noticed!  I had several people comment on how much Willow (now Oreo) looks like my Ozzie.  Danielle wanted to name Willow Ozzietta!

Willow & Gingersnap

You may not realize that Willow, McDreamy and McSteamy all came from the same shelter that Bart came from.  With Willow came Ginger Snap.  When I told Kathy and Vicki that Ginger Snap had arrived, they were thrilled to see her again.  Ginger Snap came from Hall County.  When Huck and Judy Harris transported Willow for me, they commented on how well-behaved and fully trained Ginger Snap was the very first day they adopted her and brought her home.  They couldn’t wrap their brains around why someone would give up such a well behaved dog.

Noah and Little Bling were there!  They brought their dad!  What a hoot!  Vicki as surprised to see Noah, it was really cool.  Little Bling still amazes me, considering we thought she was just a little white Aussie, and she never stopped growing!

I wasn’t expecting McSteamy to come to our reunion, but there he was!  His was not shy at all, as a matter of fact, he looked quite confident, and he really got a lot of looks!

In the middle of all of the mayhem my foster dog, Ziggy was showing off!  Andi Brown couldn’t believe how gorgeous he was.  Ziggy and her Doc Holiday (jingle) played quite a bit.

Andi and Me

I’m very grateful that Andi Brown was there for us.  As always, she did an amazing job educating us about dog food, dog food labels, and nutrition.  She gave me copies of her book, The Whole Pet Diet.  It’s truly the Bible for turning sick dogs around.  If it wasn’t for Andi Brown, I wonder if Bart would’ve made it.

Jan Standish

My old friends, Jan Standish and Teresa Lenz joined us, and brought their dogs (gorgeous).  It’s been years since I’ve seen them, and I’m sorry I didn’t have more time to spend with them.  Thank goodness we got a lot of photos of their pack.

Paul Pipitone and his pack also joined us.  At one point, there was a skirmish between two dogs (not TDL dogs) and Paul was there to take over until the owners arrived.  It’s always great having Paul come to our reunions, after all, he has helped me rehabilitate many of our dogs, including Huckleberry!

Photographer Brittney Myers was working harder than I was!  She setup a place to do photo shoots, and no one was better suited to help her than Emily Kennedy.  Emily is a walking TDL encyclopedia!  She knows every single dog, since she’s the one who created our database and updated our adoption calendar!

I was sad that we didn’t get to see the Wilson Pack.  I got a text from Bill that his mother had passed away that morning.  I discretely told a few what had happened, and our hearts went out to the family, especially Kierstin who was so looking forward to going.  The Wilson’s adopted Nitro, Fiona, Irwin, and Bill’s Dad adopted Dundee.  Their friend also adopted Deliliah, so they are official the lethal white Aussie family!  The Wilson’s have also fostered numerous Aussies for me, including Falcor and Knish.  I was hoping to get a photo of all of our white aussies, maybe next year.

Chaz arrived with his foster, Julia.  He seemed a bit nervous and I don’t blame him a bit.  It was a long car ride from Jacksonville.  I fostered Chaz for a month or so, and he is an amazing dog.

I had the pleasure of meeting Jackie Duenas for the very first time!  She brought Lebron James and Gentle Jerry with her.  Jerry was adopted at the reunion, and I really loved meeting Lebron.  Jackie was thrilled to meet some of her rescued dogs and fosters, including Nick-o-Time and Polly Pocket.


Flash Gordon and Erica

Flash Gordon and Polly Pocket arrived with their owners, Mary and Erica Brilliant.  I learned later that Erica is expecting her first baby!  Woo Hoo and Congrats!  Flash Gordon was one of my very first rescues, as a matter of fact, he and Shy Shannon came together from Birmingham via Becky Harshman.  It’s always great to see Flash so healthy.

Rocco greeted us with a big smile and a lot of love.  He’s definitely being spoiled by his new family!  Although Rocco was originally from Alabama, he was transported with Bart not long ago.  What a happy boy!

Little Pumpernickel approached me, and I didn’t recognize her at all!  She has grown!  The minute she was taken off leash, she bolted to play!  I had wished that Shy Sharon was still there, those two were rescue buddies!

Sarah and China

Throughout the entire day, I realized that not once was I worried about my pack.  Lady Di was busy being the Alpha that she is, making sure everyone plays nice.  I didn’t see Ozzie much, I think he was in the water most of the time.  Toward the end of the day he passed out under the pavilion!  But I was extremely proud of China.  She didn’t cower or act fearful in anyway.  Only once when a toddler approached her from behind did she jump.  China was all over the place, either playing with various dogs, or greeting new people.  I bet no one knew she was almost completely blind, and definitely totally deaf.  Amazing!

Huckleberry and Me

At the end of the day, Huckleberry had his photo taken so many times, he should’ve been handing out autographs!  Chad, Huck’s owner, and Vicki reminisced about his epic rescue.  Throughout the weekend, the details of his rescue were shared with me in detail while Vicki and I sat together and recalled all of the events that took place.  It enabled me to really finish Huck’s story.

The day ended on a very high note, Lord Rhys appeared in all of his nobleness!  I heard the whispers throughout our group travel, “is that Rhys?”  He didn’t cooperate very well with our plans to shoot photos of him, but our cameras still rolled!


Brittney & Rhys

Special thanks to Jenna who sent us some of those photos!  Brittney literally squealed when she saw him.  She was working at Val-u-Vet at the time I brought him in to be examined.  She sat with Rhys when he woke up from his neuter surgery.  Funny, he seemed to remember her, but didn’t remember me!

I’m grateful that my Dad was able to come and watch me go crazy all day!  My kids were there to help, as was Danielle Fernandez, Juan Rojoas, Emily Kennedy, and Dave Massa.  My friend Irma helped with an extra vehicle to get everything there in one piece.  I wish she didn’t have to leave early!

What many of you probably don’t realize was the nightmare we went through to get a food truck to serve at our event.  It seemed everything went wrong.  We tried to hard to have Crabby Chris’ Crab Shack but the red tape was not going to let it happen.  Next year, I believe we will be having our reunion in Volusia County.  If you have any suggestions about our next reunion, please feel free to leave a comment here!  If you have photos of our reunion that you’d like to share with us, please email them to TheDogLiberator@gmail.com    I know that there a few dogs that I’ve missed, so I’ll keep updating this post and adding the faces as I see them!

It only took a few days after our reunion for me to finish Hucklebery’s book and publish it.  I’ll be working on Bart’s story next, and I have an idea of the many books that will follow!  It was a very very very good day and I want to thank everyone for coming to see us!

Here are the Facebook Photo Albums  that we have shared for you to review!

Brittney’s Touch photo album

Sarah’s photo album

Vicki’s photo album

Gisele’s first photo album

Gisele’s second photo album 



Original Post:

Photo by Olivia Frost

It’s official.  We are having our Third Annual Reunion on Saturday, December 8th, 2012 from 11:00 am – 6:00 pm.  Everyone is Welcome!  Please RSVP on Facebook.

We have much to share about this wonderful event.  Please check back with this page for details, but in the meantime, mark your calendars!

Click here for details about Fleet People’s Park in Winter Park, Florida.

Please bring a comfortable chair for yourself.  There are picnic tables, but they will fill up quickly.  Because of the lake, you may want to bring doggie towels and shampoo, there is a washing station available to clean up your pooch before you go home.

  • Andi Brown will be discussing Health and Diet for Dogs at 12:00
  • Paul Pipitone will be doing a question and answer session about Dog Training and Behavior at 1:00.
  • We would like to take group photos this year, those will start at 2:00.


We will have TDL T-shirts and other dog-related items available.


Click here to get more information about last year’s reunion, and view photos.

Our Second Annual Reunion

November 6, 2011 Update:  I want to thank everyone who attended our reunion, at one point it seemed like there may have been 150 people who attended, and at least that many dogs… maybe watching them run around and around a few times made it hard for me to count!  We all had wonderful reunions with dogs, their new families, their rescuers and fosters.  I enjoyed having Mr. Breeze follow me around all day!  It’s really nice to be remembered after a year apart!

Earl Grey and Bowie had meets during the reunion and were both adopted shortly after!

Over the next few days, we will be providing photo albums of the event to share.  For now, here’s a few for you to enjoy, taken by Olivia Frost

Olivia’s photo album

Amy’s photo album

Sarah’s photo album

 Holly’s photo album

Vicki’s photo album

Megan’s photo album

Gisele’s photo album
Here’s a video of Dawn & Ron Sweeney’s new invention, Goin’ fishing for dogs!


Here’s a sneak peek of Andrea’s disc performance!

June 14th:

Large Pavilion

I just got off the phone with the Keesha, the Park and Rec representative for Winter Park.  And guess what!  I was able to reserve the large pavilion at Fleet People’s Dog Park for our reunion on November 5th!  Oh, if you haven’t been there, you are in for a treat!  The 13 acres of fenced in property include a lovely beach, huge shady oak trees, two dog washing stations, a building with restrooms (thank goodness) and numerous picnic tables.  We have the largest pavilion that includes about 10 tables.  There are a couple of grills and even a drinking fountain right by it.  I’ve posted a bunch of photos in this photo album and please RSVP on Facebook!  We have reserved the pavilion for the entire day.  We hope to start as early as 11:00 AM, but realize that many of you won’t be arriving until after Noon.  We can stay until the park closes at sundown! Good idea to have your dog’s rabies tag on him just in case someone asks.

If you don’t want to drive home the same day, there are two La Quinta hotels in the area.  La Quinta doesn’t charge extra for dogs in your room.  There is one by UCF and one by the airport.  The published cost of a room is usually lower at the airport location.

Picnic tables scattered throughout

We’re notching things up this year by having some workshops, perhaps on dog training, nutrition, agility, disc dogging,….  Lynn of StarSparks Gems has already confirmed that she will be there with a display!  She’ll have samples of her custom Dog Liberator jewelry line ~ the Border Collie charms, necklaces and bracelets.

Olivia Frost will be providing photo shoots with Holiday props for you and your pooch!

Ben Dehart, who adopted our Catfish, will be attending and will have some of his CDs available for purchase.  Known as “the Florida Cracker”, Ben’s music style has a flavor of country with a hat tip to Florida’s history.

Gisele was thinking to have the event catered, but I’m more of a picnic style girl.  Everyone pack a lunch, bring your favorite drinks, and if you want to bring a snack or something sweet to share, that would be awesome!

Dogs love the water!

Please RSVP on the Facebook Event Page, and then add a comment indicating the name of your dog.  That way, someone with a littermate might decide to come too!  How cool would that be!?!

2:00 PM – Paul Pipitone of Dogs Best Friend of Central Florida will be giving us a training session

3:00 PM – Mary Baker will be giving us an introduction to Agility

4:00 PM – Andi Brown, author of The Whole Pet Diet, will be doing a book signing and answering questions about your pet’s health too! Plus – she’ll be giving out some yummy food and snacks!

5:00 PM – Andrea & Jason Rigler will be giving us an intro to Disc (competitive Frisbee)

I hope you are as excited as I am about this event.  I think that it is fairly centrally located for our adopters, the temperature under the trees should be perfect, and the park itself is divine for dogs!  Here is a map and directions to the park.

So get out your calendar and a pen (not a pencil!) and mark your calendar.  November 5th.  It’ll be grand!

10/03/11 Update:  I visited the park yesterday and it’s huge!  Many tables are available under the pavilions.

One thing we discussed was food!  I’m glad we voted against grilling and serving a feast, because some of the dogs will actually jump up on the picnic tables.  I found my China up on the table when a male dog kept trying to hump her!  So when bringing your lunch, keep it in a cooler, and take out what you can eat!  These dogs think that everything should be shared!

I plan on making sandwiches and cutting them up into single serving snacks!

The park is gorgeous, the dogs just love it and I’m really hoping that if you haven’t already, RSVP and comment on our Facebook Event Page.  Let us know you’re coming so we can alert your dog’s litter mates, and fosters!

October 29th Update:

Hi everyone!

I will be covering photography for the reunion, which I am so looking forward to. Make sure you swing by our little corner of the shindig to get a photo taken of you and your TDL alumni! We’ll have both a winter and autumn set up available, so be sure to bring any holiday-themed wardrobe items (for you OR the dogs!) you would like to use in your photos. We will also have a non-themed setting if that is your preference.

Prints and holiday cards featuring your photos will be available, and we will have order forms on site, so you can place an order right away if you would like to. Proofs will also be available online after the reunion, so you can preview your photos before ordering any prints. If you want cards in time for Christmas, make sure you order before November 19th!

See you all there,
Olivia Frost

Whose Coming?

Attending will be  some of our dogs who are still waiting for their forever family.  Make sure you meet them so you can help by going to their webpage and sharing your thoughts about them.  And who knows?  Maybe one of them will fit into your life perfectly!  We expect to have in attendance:
Justice                               Colby Jack                    Caylee                                Sundance

Memphis                           Delilah                            Lady Melbourne                     Nick-O-Time


Looking at the RSVPs on the Event page, here are at least some of the dogs who are bringing their people to the reunion:

Kakaruk, KauKau and KaiKai          BanjoBingo, Bongo and Butterbean              PawPaw

Weeble,  Wobble  and Wannabee                   FroggyFlipper and Fiddle         Rowdy

Dilly, Boomer,  Pepper and Drummer        Taffy, Toffee, TicTac, Twister and Twinkie        Cricket

Eclipse               Tweet                 Jedediah                Peekaboo and Piccolo          Fitz Finnegan

Sierra and Possum              KitKat              Whiskey            Jingle                     Boscoe

Cheez-It              Emmitt and Shiloh            Catfish               Spike                  Sweet Pea

Sunbeam and Samson           Shenandoah                  Falcor and Irwin                   Gisele

Bling and Noah                  George Patton, Stonewall Jackson and Coco Chanel

Miss Congeniality              Halo and Helo           Hodgepodge and Hopper            Tucker

Jelly Bean                             Odo                               Payton                               Breeze

Maureen’s Hope                 Velveteen                     Billy Joel                          Fonzie

Saffron and Sage              Chloe           Lady Luck and Joker         Denver and Durango

Derby                         Grits                       Rusty                     Priscilla                  Ryder


Our Annual Spring Reunion is March 26, 2011 in Melbourne

RSVP on Facebook if you are attending our Spring Annual Reunion at Wickham Park in Melbourne!

Wickham DOG Park is located at 2500 Parkway Drive, Melbourne, FL 32935

Please pack a lunch and bring chairs or blankets, umbrellas, sunscreen, towels and shampoo for the doggies if they have too much fun! All dogs must have proof of vaccinations and must be on leash outside of the dog park.

You can view the Google Map by click here.

Our First Annual Reunion

It was an honor to see everyone and travel back to memory lane, seeing all of the dogs again. Let’s break down the day! Judging from the sign in book, we had approximately 50-60 guests, and probably that many dogs!

Jesse: I’d like to thank Jesse for opening up his home and being a gracious host. When the party winded down, Jesse brought out a few of his fosters and we discussed their progress. We were really impressed with his invention!

Rudy’s Dawgs: Rudy’s hot dogs were a huge hit! We should’ve had a dog eating contest, Matthew would’ve won!

Holly Ryerson: Holly and Glenn enjoyed seeing their pups again. She, Glenn and Melissa with Val-u-Vet even micro-chipped some of the dogs that had not yet been!

Kim Sullivan Dahan: Kim brought some baby pools, and Big George loved it! Thanks Kim! Kim Sullivan wrote this on Facebook: ” One thing that rang true with all of the adopters I spoke to, they all agreed the dogs they adopted from The Dog Liberator were some of the best dogs they had ever owned. I know Trixie is! If I haven’t told you enough, WE LOVE TRIXIE BELLE! Thank you soooo much:)” In this photo, Ernestine holds Lady Di, while Kim marvels at Lady Di’s ability to Bark at Nothing! Timmy must have fallen into a well somewhere!

Here’s a gorgeous photo of Trixie Belle’s print by Sue McNulty.

Melissa with Val-u-Vet: Melissa took Crystal under her wing, and helped her work through some of her issues, and showed Crystal to Gary Jones for possible future adoption! Melissa also helped Glenn and Holly microchip dogs!

Amber Halsey: We were so proud to show China off to Amber and Donna! Amber works for the Camden County Humane Society. Both Sheltie Holly and Border Collie Chelsea were rescued from her shelter last year. Chelsea was adopted by our Lynn Deal.

China: China glowed, giving kisses to everyone and hanging out with the pack!

Gary Jones: Gary and his wife drove several hours just to meet Crystal and show off their ten year old Border Collie, Jaffe. What gorgeous dogs they have! Gary adopted Jaffe from us the moment he heard he was coming to our rescue and still insists he’s the best dog he’s ever had! He spoke with a few people in detail about how he wanted a Border Collie, but didn’t want the high drive that they are known for. He says Jaffe is a perfect fit for his family, and he thinks Crystal might be a fine addition to his pack! Since the writing of this blog post, Crystal has been adopted, but I’m confident that Gary will not upset one bit!

Logan & Olivia: The twins brought their new puppy Logan, now called Bandit. There were a lot of Kodak moments with these two!

Collie Girl Gisele: Gisele (now renamed Holly) was brought by Maureen and her husband John. What a healthy beauty. Heartworm positive, emaciated and sick with upper respiratory infections, she sure bounced back!

Kelly, Maureen’s daughter, along with Kelly’s husband Mike, brought their new puppy, who isn’t a puppy anymore! Sierra, now named Sadie had a great time with all of the dogs and much to my surprise, she looks a lot like China! It was obvious that Sadie remembered Holly and Glenn!

Gisele’s owner, Maureen Janousek wrote this on Facebook: “Kelly and I will will be forwarding you a few hundred photos of the reunion to post for everyone to enjoy! What an amazing group of people were at the party yesterday! If someone that didn’t know what we were all there for had seen all of us and the excellent condition all of the dogs were in, they wouldn’t believe that at one time all of these dogs had been abandoned, abused, neglected and unwanted…many sick and some within hours of being destroyed! This was truly a celebration of the power of love and what it can do to heal. It was also amazing that considering the number of dogs that were there, how mellow and relaxed they all were and how well they all played and socialized! A good time was definitely had by all! Many thanks to everyone that worked so hard to put this reunion together…hope it will be the first of many. A special thanks to Jesse for hosting this event…the grounds of your property are beautiful and it was obvious that you had put alot of time and hard work into seeing that everyone was comfotable and the dogs had everything they needed to have fun too. The country setting was peaceful and relaxed. It was great for all of us that have only known each other as online friends to finally have an opportunity to meet! Can’t wait till next year!”

Lady Arabella: Strike a pose! Lady Arabella, previously Princess Kelly, had a blast being a dog! Arabella’s owner, Cyndy Doty wrote this on Facebook: “First let me say thank you to Jesse for letting us use his beautiful grounds for the reunion! Next, Gisele and Holly you blew it out of the park again and thank you for letting us be a part of this wonderful day. Rudy’s Dawgs rocked and if they had a hot dog eating contest, I think Matthew won hands down! Can anyone top 6 hot dogs?? Now as for HRH Arabela, she is still sleeping from gettin down and dirty. Once she got off her throne and posing, she ran with the pack and had a ball! It was wonderful to finally meet everyone and I hope we get to do it again! Many thanks again from the Doty’s!”

Starbuck: Starbuck brought his mom, Laura Watson. He looked really sporty in his summer cut! I think Starbuck had a lot of fun with the pack, considering he doesn’t get a chance to play very much with such a wild bunch, he did great!

Remember Twilight and Eclipse? Well, Twilight is now named Bridgette, and she brought her new mom, Ellen to the party. She was very comfortable rubbing elbows with other Border Collies!

Cyndy Harper: Cyndy waited until the last minute trying to get our t-shirts up to the party, but it didn’t work out. She was a big help when Velveteen came late, evaluating her as a lethal white. Cyndy successfully re-homed Pippi under our rescue, and is looking forward to continuing to foster for us. Cyndy Harper wrote this on Facebook: “Thanks to all…Gisele, Holly Jessie…the guy with the 4 clover belt buckle that played frisbee with Bella!!! Tex and I needed a break and so did Evie and Bella. It was such fun to meet everyone and all those dogs. I especially like your kids Gisele. They are wonderful. Say hi to Sara for me, my new special little buddy!”

Sue McNulty: Sue proudly displayed her artwork and her new puppy, Jester. Kim Sullivan purchased a piece of Trixie Belle, and my son Ryan also asked me to purchase Trixie’s print! Sarah wanted the print of her China, so I complied, and I purchased the print of Charlie and Lola for the Bryant’s to take home along with their new puppy, Durango (see below).

Zondra: We waited for Zondra, who unfortunately came late because she was driving around shelters trying to pull dogs for Holly. She brought with her Velveteen, who she has nursed back to health. Melissa with Val-u-Vet reviewed the medical paperwork, again Cyndy reviewed her overall appearance and temperament. We discussed Jesse’s plan for her to lose weight, and improve her self-esteem with other dogs. So even though we were at a party, we were still working! Unfortunately, we were packing up, and exhausted, and I could kick myself for not getting a photo of Zondra with Velveteen. Here’s a photo of Zondra transporting injured Jetta to safety.

Ranger: Ranger brought his family, the Noreens, and they took some awesome photos and mingled with everyone!

I’d love to know what I said to make Dianna Noreen giggle!

Carter: Carter, now Carson brought his mom, Joan St. Denis to the party. He was very proud of his new title of Canine Good Citizenship, considering he came from a dingy Georgia pound, covered in ticks and had no self-esteem, I think they both have a lot to be proud of!

Carly: Carly now called Little Blue, brought her Mom Megan. Megan helped me get ready for the event, and watched over Sarah while I was busy.

Titan: Woah Titan! He put on quite a show with his disc! This boy can fly!

Flash Gordon: Flash Gordon was a major surprise for me to see. He is in excellent shape, and his leg has fully healed. Flash was one of the first dogs I received from Becky Harshman in Alabama. What an awesome dog. At one moment, we all believe that maybe, just maybe, Flash remembered me! I was in heaven!

Here, Flash is shown with Starbuck the Aussie. Thanks Erica for letting me see Flash again!

Tim Tebow: This boy literally stopped traffic! He and Kim’s Trixie Belle got to see each other again, they were transport buddies! Now named Beau, Beau is going through Good Citizenship training, and is doing fantastic! Seeing Beau again was a major highlight of my day!

Bling: Bling was a huge shock for me, I didn’t recognize her one bit! She has grown to be a very big girl, bigger than I ever expected her to be, but she is gorgeous. When I approached Dawn & Ron Sweeney, I recognized them immediately, but thought to myself, who is this dog? They knew right away that I was blank! When they said to me, “this is little Bling,” I came unglued! “What have you done to her?” I screamed! She’s HUGE!!! See for yourself!

Olivia: Our photographer Olivia buzzed around the entire time and took over 700 photos! She too was impressed with China’s progress. Here, you can see Olivia on the right, busy at work!

Dermott Dessert: My long time friend Dermott brought my Tinsel Town, and Tinsel really enjoyed the day. While Tinsel was originally my dog, once I began to rescue, she made it very clear that she was NOT happy. Her love affair with Derm made it very clear to us that she would be much happier living with him. After a family meeting one night, we all agreed that Tinsel could still be in our life, but would enjoy having a one-on-one owner, Derm!

Jigsaw: Now called Fiona had fun, and she brought her new parents, Rob & Dana!

Charlie: Charlie was the first dog I ever pulled from a kill shelter, and he was the last one out before the doors were shut and the shelter euthanized all of the animals because of a parvo threat. Charlie was known as #806. I was thrilled to see him again, and the Bryant’s, who later adopted Sundrop, now named Lola… but that’s not all!

The Bryant Family: I didn’t think the day could be any better, the Bryant’s announced that they were taking Durango home! This was the Bryant’s third adoption from us, and I thought I was going to cry!

Dana and Rob Shelton: Dana and Rob brought their two highly-talented dogs, and they provided us with a lot of entertainment! I wish I would have had more time to chat with them about their awesome dogs!

Ozzie: My Ozzie was oblivious as to where he was, who he was with, and what he was supposed to do, he just floated around being his normal self, ready to play and look for squirrels!

Ryan: Ryan had his hands full, I was constantly handing him a leash and saying, “hold this.” Eventually he figured if he hid in the backyard and played with the dogs, I’d leave him alone! It worked!

Lady Di: Lady Di walked around all day interrupting hugs and kisses from other dogs, like she usually does. She just strolls through a crowd pushing other dogs away as if to say, “coming through, step aside, collie here,” and what amazes me, is that it works every time. Fortunately for the other dogs, there were enough people there that Lady Di couldn’t possibly capatalize on all of the attention, but she got Donna away from China in just a few seconds!

Sarah: Sarah was busy all day, socializing and showing off her pack leader skills! Even though China was being very social with everyone, every time Sarah would be in sight, China would take her place, by her side!

Photos and videos are still pouring in from different sources, and as soon as I get them all, I will continue to update this blog post, but as I wait, let me say that I really enjoyed getting together with friends, but most of all, I enjoyed introducing them to each other. Oh sure, posting on Facebook and sharing stories in an email is nice, but it’s just not the same as sharing a wonderful afternoon getting to know each other in person! ~Gisele

Special thanks to Melissa, Megan, Derm, Ryan and Sarah for helping me with my pack!

Our First Annual Reunion

October 16 · 1:00am – 4:00pm
7751 SE Hwy 42, Summerfield, FL 34491

To RSVP for this event, click on this Facebook link and give us a shout! Or send me an email at thedogliberator@gmail.com

Bring Plenty of Chairs, Tables, Umbrellas if you wish. This event will be cateredy by Rudy’s DAWGS! Please bring cash to buy your lunch, I don’t think he takes credit cards. Hot dogs, Spicey, Smoked, and Polish Sausage along with Beef Knockwurst will be available.

Bring your adopted dog! Let us know if you are bringing a spouse or children that have not RSVPd by leaving a comment. For Goodness Sake bring your camera or video camera, and all dogs will stay on leash until Jesse says otherwise.

Jesse strongly advises that you bring a collapsable crate for your dog, being on a leash all day gets boring! We will conduct this party much like a tailgate party, Jesse has a lot of ideas! You may also want to bring bowls and water for your pups!

Jump in if you have any ideas regarding games! I just hope we can all relax and have fun!

If you did not receive an invitation on Facebook please send us an email with your RSVP at thedogliberator@gmail.com

check out the t-shirts that will be available, donated by Ed Jilson!


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