Bart Revisited

09/07/13 Update:  It’s been one year since Bart was adopted.  I guess I can let my hair down now!  I never stopped to think about what was going on during those sleepless nights, I was on auto pilot.  All I could think about was Goldie Hawn, and desperately trying to do more, do different, do […]

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Deaf Dogs Hear with Their Hearts

New:  Now Available in EBook format! The latest publication from The Dog Liberator is China’s Story – Deaf Dogs Hear with Their Hearts.  As all of our published books, many other rescued dogs are mentioned.  China’s story discusses many of the shy and fearful dogs we have rehabilitated, including Nutella, and shares stories about many […]

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Huckleberry Revisited

I get a lot of email from our followers asking for updates on our dogs. Since Huckleberry’s story was so closely followed and adored, we have decided to write his entire story and publish it!  We have interviewed people, added their comments, gone back through old emails and text messages, and interviewed Huckleberry’s new family […]

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The Story of Penelope, by Gisele Veilleux

Arthur, an inquisitive but typical elementary school boy and his four-year old sister, are thrilled when their Mom brings home a new little puppy, Penelope.  It does not take long before Penelope becomes a young adult dog.  Much to their surprise, Penelope shows dominant behaviors when she tries to bite both Arthur and his little […]

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