Harrison – the Hamilton Beagle! ~ Adopted!

11719977_10206247745487989_1269065345_nMeet Harrison! He’s a 3 year old, 30lb, male Hamilton Beagle. He’s a wonderful young boy: Great with dogs, cats, and kids, and great manners, too. A perfect family dog!

If you’d like to be considered for Harrison, please go here for everything you’ll need to know about adopting from us.


Also, check out his photo album on Facebook!

More updates coming soon!

9/24/15 Update: Harrison found his home with the Goodman’s. Congratulations to them all.


Jolene ~ Adopted!

994113_10153205230034792_4019262685380639102_n[1] Jolene was a last minute addition on transport yesterday, and we’re so very excited to have her! She’s a lovely little girl, around 1 1/2 years old and weighing in at only 15 pounds.

We’re not sure what breeds Jolene is. Our best guess is that she is a Beagle/Spaniel/Collie mix. Whatever she is, she’s absolutely adorable, and that’s a fact.

Jolene is very friendly with both men and women, and she’s had a dog buddy in the past. She’s very bright, but not hyper at all. A perfect little friend!

See her photos on Facebook!


Unloading from her first flight!



6/11/15 Update: Jolene went to her forever home tonight! She’ll be living in Lake Mary with her new mom, Macarena!







More details coming soon!

Toby the Beagle~Adopted

TobyClearly not a Border Collie, this young boy was purchased from PetLand for a hefty price, and had a bit too much energy for his family.  He is good with dogs, kids, cats, and loves toys!

You can see his photos on Facebook!

Toby was adopted by the awesome folks at PePe and he will be trained as a professional bug dog!

Saving Sparky the Beagle ~ Adopted

Sparky is an adorable 3-year-old Beagle whose family, like so many others these days, has fallen on hard times. As a result, Sparky must find a new home soon — literally, in just a few short days!

A lazy boy in a Lay-Z-Boy!

Our wonderful Sarah White-Buxbaum wrote down Sparky’s heartbreaking story for us: 

“Chris worked for an apartment complex in Virginia doing maintenance, and preparing empty apartments for new tenants. It was a routine day up until the point where Chris met Sparky. Sparky’s story begins in an apartment when he was just a year old. Chris opened the front door as he always did, and inside stood little Sparky, hunkered in a corner, unsure who this new man was coming in his house. His owners had already moved the TV, the furniture, and all their clothes out, and so Sparky waited, and waited, probably for about 2 days, for them to come back. Instead of his family in the doorway, there stood Chris. Sparky wagged his tail, wanting to be friends (especially if he had food!), but scared too. He would cower when Chris tried to pet him but Chris wasn’t worried. Chris had a great heart, and knew this little guy had been abandoned by the family he knew and loved.

He could have called animal control, like most would, but instead he scooped up the little beagle mix and carried him home to meet his wife, teenage son, and two cats.

I'm a good boy.

The family that used to own Sparky never called, nor did they return Chris’ calls, so Sparky became part of Chris’ family and began overcoming his insecurities. He knows several commands and can sit, knows what “down” or “get down” means, and seems quick to learn and very eager to please.

In May of this year Chris suffered a heart attack at a very young age. He faced surgery for a quintuple bypass (that’s all 5) and made it through both extremely well, and when he came home Sparky greeted him wagging and smiling. Everything seemed fine, until very early in September when one night, while on a work run, he suffered a second sudden heart attack and passed away.

Chris was the provider for the family, and to top it off, the apartment complex served the family with eviction papers shortly after. With no income, and facing the eminent loss of their home, the family finds themselves in a very, very hard place. Despite their best efforts to keep their pets, or to find homes for them, they have not been able, so now we are looking for new family for Sparky, so he won’t have to face shelter life and feel abandoned for a second time.

Look at those sad eyes.

Chris was a great man, and he did all he could for Sparky. Despite all Sparky went through, his only real quirk is that he often waits to be told he is a good boy before he will touch his food. He has a good energy level where he is happy to bounce around and play, or to chill on the couch (especially if you’re petting him!). He loves his two cat sisters (who are older but are also looking for a home) and does well with children and the elderly. If adopted his family will be more than happy to send his leash, collar, toy and the current food he is on along with him to help ease the transition. He is a very sweet little guy who would love to be your special little guy.”

Sparky is currently located in the Richmond, VA area. He is neutered and up-to-date on all his shots. If you are interesting in adopting Sparky or his feline friends, please e-mail sarahwhite.thedogliberator@gmail.com.

Oct. 27, 2011: This just in from Sarah Buxbaum … “GOOD NEWS! Prayers answered! A woman from their vet has agreed to adopt Sparky! He goes home tomorrow!”


Loli the Mystery Puppy ~ Adopted

Wagging tail is a blur

Loli is the puppy that I almost didn’t get. After I had agreed to take a Border Collie puppy from Hale County Animal Control, I was asked if I could take two more 12-week-old littermates that had recently arrived. One certainly looked like a Border Collie, the other, well, she looked like there might have been a Beagle somewhere in the family tree. Never mind, of course I would take them. Arrangements were made for all three of them to come to me the following Monday on the Pilots N Paws flight. Perfect!

Two days before the transport we were told that the first Border Collie puppy had been adopted. OK, but we were still getting the two littermates.

Delicate face

The next day I was told that when the transporter came to the shelter to pick up the puppies to drive to the airport, one of them got away and hid under the shed. With a deadline pressing, the transporter had to leaver her behind. Now I was down to one, but didn’t know which one!

Late that night I received an e-mail from Jeff the pilot, postponing the flight due to weather. No problem. I contacted all the other fosters (we had three adult dogs coming) and ground transporters. Standby for Tuesday.

Tuesday’s weather was just as bad, and the flight was postponed again. Called everyone. Again. No problem.

Tiptoe through my garden

Wednesday’s weather was…. yup, you guessed it!, just as bad, and the flight was postponed. Again. Called everyone. Again. No problem.

Thursday’s weather was clear! Jeff beat feet to his plane, flew to Alabama, picked up the dogs for four different rescues and flew back into Orlando Executive Airport. Boy! Were we glad to see him!

I was equally glad to see my puppy. Poor thing! She was a wreck. She was so nervous on the flight that she had drooled the whole way and was soaked from laying in a puddle of saliva. I could see her in the back of her crate, but she wasn’t coming out. I had to tip it on the end to slide her out and then held her tight to my shoulder, telling her everything was okay. After we got home she just wanted to curl up in a crate and sleep, so we let her. Poor baby.

with Kanter

By morning, Loli was ready to meet the gang! A good night sleep, a bowl of chicken stew, and life was good again! Oh, she is a joy! Bigger and older than I expected, she will also be smaller than I would have guessed. I think that she is closer to  five months old but only about 17 pounds. She has border collie markings, but that’s about it. Her ears are longer, her nose is narrower.  I expect that she’ll be about 25 pounds when full grown. She is already housetrained. Smart too ~ my daughter taught her to jump up onto the couch in just one session! lol

Breed? I’m not sure. She looks like a diminutive Pointer or Beagle, maybe some Dachshund or Whippet. I don’t know.  I learned a long time ago not to get too caught up in that kind of thing, especially once I got to know the dog.  Breed descriptions are great for predicting general behavior, but once you know the specific dog, well, generalities no longer matter!  I just think Loli’s lovely with delicate features and a beautiful face.  Oh! and her name!  My daughter just recently returned from a mission trip to Papua New Guinea where she learned to speak some Melanesian Pidgin.  “Loli”, pronounced LowLee, means “candy.”  And yes, Loli’s just that sweet!

I am fostering Loli in Winter Park. You can see lots of photos of her in her photo album.  If you think you might be her perfect home, please review our tips on Starting Out Your Dog Right, then review our Adoption Process and e-mail me at holly.thedogliberator@gmail.com

Safe in the arms of Eric and Lauren

September 9th Update:

Eric and Lauren spotted Loli in this photo of our Thursday transport but didn’t know who she was. There was no mention of her in our video. They asked Lauren’s mom Linda to see if she could get some information. Linda adopted my Drummer last November and Amy’s Carly a couple of months ago, so sent me an e-mail. Gosh, was I surprised. I had planned on putting up information on Loli the next day but instead got busy then so Eric and Lauren could read about her. When Liinda sent them an e-mail letting them know she was posted, they were already reading her webpage! They came and met her this morning and knew she was their dog!  Wow! I guess that was meant to be!!!

Spike’s Miraculous Journey

Spike at the Shelter


Spike’s Story, by Darcy Heston

A few of you might remember this beautiful baby boy named Spike.  He was inmate number A12258259 at Hall County, Georgia doggie pound.  Spike has an amazing story to tell and I can tell you, I couldn’t be more thrilled and overjoyed with the outcome!

I posted Spike and a few other puppies who were in the puppy room at the shelter.  Spike was maybe around 6 months old.  A rescue effort was arranged and we worked on having 7 + puppies pulled for a rescue in PA.  Spike was one of them.

When the call was made to the shelter to place a hold on the 7 + puppies, the rescuer was told that Spike “was no longer available”.  I can tell you that usually means only one thing.   I literally cried as this boy had my heart.  I moved his picture over to my RIP album.  Quite a few of us was very sad for Spike.

About 6 weeks later, I am looking through Hall’s albums and I SAW SPIKE!!  He had apparently “gotten lost in the system”!!  I could not believe my eyes!  I vacillated between being angry at such a careless mistake and relief that he was still alive.  The poor little fellow had been sitting in a cage somewhere marked off as “no longer available” in the computer system…  How he wasn’t actually euthanized is a miracle in itself as pups do not last that long in that place, in the system or not!   HE WAS ALIVE!!! AND HAD GROWN INTO SUCH A HANDSOME LITTLE MAN!

The mad scramble was on to save his life because now that they ‘found’ him, he didn’t have much time until D day.  A woman in Florida wanted to adopt him.  The Dog Liberator offered transport to Florida, and Vickie Truelove offered to foster Spike in Georgia while arrangements were made.  Just one week later, Spike was transported to The Dog Liberator, and Maria DeRosa stepped up to the plate to foster him while he waited to go to his new forever home.

Then the next ‘hiccup’ happened….

…. the ‘adopter’ never followed through for various reasons (or excuses).  Maria was now holding Spike until a new forever home could be found for him.  There was a slight problem:  Spike did not like her husband.  He was fearful and didn’t like men.

Maria sent me this in a PM and has given me permission to share Spike’s story and “Why We Kept Him”.  This  story had me crying tears of joy and gave me goosebumps!  I just had to share Spike’s story with you… I hope you find it inspiring too!  We need to read the good stories to balance out the bad ones we read about every day.


Why We Kept Him, by Maria DeRosa

You have been following him pretty closely, so I am sure I don’t need to tell you everything…. well that little guy hid under the furniture and wouldn’t let anyone touch him other then the kids for 3 days. On the 4th day, he reluctantly let me touch him….. after 10 days, he would still run and hide if my husband came into the room. 10 days and my husband still wasn’t able to touch him at all…. as much as I loved him and wanted to keep him – I wouldn’t consider it. 1, it is not appropriate for me to ask my husband to live with a dog that fears/doesn’t like him and 2, it is not fair for Spike to have to live in a home with someone he is afraid of. I had come to terms with the fact that mine was not the right home for Spike and I released him for adoption through The Dog Liberator after 3 days of consideration. I cried my eyes out. I also advised them that he had absolutely no training and was not even housebroken….. if we adopt him out, he is going to come right back or worse….. we collectively decided that he would stay with me for a month to be trained before listed on the website. I cried some more….

My husband kept telling me to keep him because I loved him so much and was so upset by it but I was sticking to my guns on it and would not even consider changing my mind.

Rescue is my project…. not my husbands. He tolerates me bringing all of these animals in and out of our house. We had decided that even though we are dog people and missed our dog (she died 2 years ago) we were not going to have a dog right now. Fostering is the best of both worlds because I can still go on vacation, don’t have a vet bill, etc. We still have a dog around the house, etc but every few weeks we can enjoy an empty house…. my husband could care less if there was a dog around….I sort of need them around.

So, I share something I learned at rescue training with my husband…. when a dog has been abused and fears you (after a few days of settling in, of course) the best thing you can do is either use a leash or wrap them in a blanket and hold them close to you…. hold them close and hold them down. Do not speak to them, pet them or look at them…. watch TV while you do it. When you feel the animal relax, give a treat, pet and say good boy/girl. Repeat the process 2-3 times a day for 15 minutes each, until the animal will stay with you willingly. I asked him to do this for Spike… he was so terrified of men… he needed to get over it. My husband said no, understandably. He said that if Spike were a bigger dog, he would be scared of him because of the way he looked at him….it was a mean look out of the corner of his eye. He said he would just leave him alone until he found a home but he didn’t feel comfortable with it…..and he ignored him.

The Dog Liberator asked me to foster Cream Puff.   Cream Puff’s introduction was a blessing in disguise. She taught him how to be a dog…. my husband observed them together and said “Its a shame he doesn’t like me – he is a really cool dog. Great with the kids and loads of personality….”. I reminded him what needed to be done…. he still wasn’t interested.

I have 2 little girls – they are 7 and 10. Every day they come home from school at 2:30 and they walk Spike. They take turns….because they enjoy it. Then they take him in the back yard to run and play. Since we got Creme Puff in, they each have a dog to walk. Last Friday the girls came home from school…. they each took a dog, walked down the driveway and parted ways.

My 7 year old had Spike…… my husband said within minutes of them leaving, he heard a big dog barking, snarling and growling – attack language. He said the growl was big and had base…. he expected to see Rottweiller, Pitt Bull, etc – mean large breed of dog when he looked outside. He expected to see a very large dog attacking either Spike or Creme Puff; with one of his daughters holding the leash…. he ran to the door and looked outside. There was a car stopped in front of my house and a man had gotten out and was standing in front of my daughter (the 7 year old). All that noise was coming out of Spike…. she had both hands on his leash and was leaning all the way back to hold him back from this man, who was not at all afraid of Spike….. and Spike wasn’t afraid of him either – Spike HATED him…… but when my husband opened the front door – the man was suddenly startled and jumped in his car and drove off. Spike snarling and growling in the rear view….. I cannot think about what was about to happen to my little girl. My husband went outside and asked my daughter what happened. She said the man stopped the car to ask her about her puppy and Spike went nuts. He looked down at Spike, who this time did not cower. He stood proud and wagged his tail for my husband and then walked up to his feet and sat.

He is very proud of his “sit” and the night he learned sit, he ran the house sitting for everyone, except my husband….. he had a happy “look what I can do” face on and just ran around planting his butt in front of everyone.

My husband scooped him up, brought him inside and sat on the couch with him, telling him he was a good boy and he fed him almost an entire bag of his favorite liver treats.

When I got home, my husband was sitting on the couch, with Spike stretched across his lap, on his back, getting a belly rub.

I knew nothing of what had happened….. I smiled and asked him, “You made friends???”  He said “This dog has found his home – he goes NOWHERE. Happy Birthday.” Then he told me what he did….

I have always believed that a rescued dog is more loyal then any other…. they will love you and protect you more then any other dog could even dream. Spike is proof. He earned his keep 🙂

He was also the best birthday present I have ever gotten 🙂

We have found a home for Creme Puff and she is to be picked up tomorrow night. Spike’s “boot camp” will start weds morning. My goal is to get him housebroken completely by the end of the month while we finish obedience training. He can get lots of 1 on 1 attention then.

Loyalty and love for a child is what brought him home. He did it all himself … I deserve no thanks for this.

Spike now follows my husband around the house, he listens to him, he wags his tail when he sees him and when he is feeling intimidated, he will hide behind him. His fear of my husband is all gone…. its only the rest of the world to contend with now but I know that when it counts, he will not fear the person trying to hurt our family. In Spike’s mind, he put his life on the line for her. You cannot ask for more from a dog.

I LOVE YOU, SPIKE!!  You’re a good boy and you found your Mommy and family, as that was where you were meant to be ALL along <3  You were resurrected from the RIP album to pride of place in my Happy Tails album and I couldn’t be more excited and happy for you little man. 🙂  Woof!!


It’s Charlotte’s Turn

I think Snoopy would write Charlotte fan mail!

Charlotte is a mother of five pups. Her pups are being fostered by Cathy McIlroy, and Charlotte is being fostered in Clearwater. Judging by how sick Charlotte was when she came to us off of transport, I think she’s relieved that Cathy is in charge of her pups now. This little girl needed a lot of rest and good food to get her back on her feet.

As mentioned in the other posts, all of the dogs came to us with severe upper respiratory infections, Charlotte being the most severe. I’ve never seen a dog fall asleep on an examining room table before. Charlotte was worn out. But there’s nothing that a good vet, and a great foster can’t fix, and Charlotte is doing great.

I’m really glad that Cathy named her Charlotte, it fits her perfectly. I think Charlotte would make an awesome family pet. She provides the comic relief of a Beagle, and the intelligence of a Border Collie – what could more could a family want? Charlotte weighs in at less than 25 pounds, so she would make an awesome apartment dog as well.

Charlotte it completely housebroken and crate trained, she is good with cats, and children. We estimate Charlotte to be about 1-2 years of age, maybe a bit younger.

I’m anxious to get updates regarding her temperament, I don’t think this pup has showed us what she’s really made of yet! Charlotte’s photo album can be viewed on Facebook.

01/21/11: Why weren’t there any updates on Charlotte? Because she was adopted an hour after we posted her. We have been waiting for her to recover from her upper respiratory infection (Charlotte was really sick off transport), and waiting for her to be fully vetted, and be given a travel certificate, Charlotte left my home this morning at 3:00 AM via Joey Dors to Atlanta, and then picked by Randall, with My Buddy’s Transport to Maine.

I received permission from her new owner to publish, Charlotte is being adopted by Sheriff Donnie Smith, Washington County Sheriff’s Office, Machias, Maine. Yes, Charlotte will be the Sheriff’s dog soon! Who needs a sweater when you’re wearing a badge?!?! Dumped off at a kill shelter with her puppies and transported to a life of safety and security, eh? Our dogs are truly blessed. Mr. Smith is a professional dog handler. I just couldn’t say no.

Holly and I get requests to transport out of state, and we discuss each one of them on a case by case basis. Once I read Mr. Smith’s email to her, her immediate response was, “how many postage stamps would it take to mail her?” That’s Holly’s way of saying “what are you waiting for Gisele!”

Sheriff Smith’s professional dog handling experience was a chance in a lifetime for Charlotte. Knowing she’s on her way of course isn’t enough for me. I’m nervous until I know she’s “home”, but no doubt, the photos and the updates that I hope to receive will make us all cheer!

01/24/11 Update: Charlotte is HOME!

Way to Go Charlotte!

Crumpet the Speedy Puppy



Crumpet came to us from a kill shelter in Alabama as part of our major October rescue run. This pumpkin was in a small kennel with Cricket, an Australian Kelpie puppy that we also rescued. I was told that they are littermates, but if they are, they surely had different fathers (completely possible with dogs). Crumpet looks more like a shepherd mix puppy, with a wrinkle to her forehead that reminds me of a beagle. Whoever adopts her will have to send me photos so I can see what she looks like when she grows up!

We like to call Crumpet “Houdini”. She is so fast that one minute she is outside playing with the other puppies, the next she has slipped past our legs and is scampering around the house. She has a truly happy spirit to her, which always gives me joy in a dog that has come from a depressing kill shelter. Dogs are so resilient!

Like Cricket, Crumpet is very ball oriented (maybe they are littermates!) Unlike Cricket, Crumpet will cuddle when being held and not wiggle away. She is a very pretty little thing with a delightful personality. I just love my puppies!!!

You can see lots of photos of Crumpet in her photo album.

November 11 Update:

Crumpet has proven herself to be a delight. She loves to play and is extremely affectionate. But here is an unusual thing in a puppy ~ she will often walk into her crate and fall asleep on her fluffy dog bed. A puppy with an off switch! She is a joy and would be a good fit in almost any home!


November 23rd Update:

Crumpet lives to be loved! This little girl is so affectionate, the classic puppy. She is so curious, sticking her head into my files, climbing up onto the couch, even attempting to get inside the lampshade! It’s like she read the job description of a puppy and said, “I can do that!”

December 3rd Update:

Crumpet’s first night was great. She just LOVES her crate. I took her out this morning for about ten minutes and she wouldn’t pee so we came back inside. She pooped right by the door Haha. I think she is afraid of our grass, she doesn’t like to go on it. But she is just loved by everyone who meets her! Thanks so much.

December 8th Update:

Crumpet is doing so wonderful! Her hair is starting to grow back, all her scabs are gone. She is such a joy! She is doing much better with her potty training, and we are trying to get her out a lot so she can experience everything. Her first trip to the beach was hilarious, she didn’t want to leave the boardwalk. After a while her tail was back out and she was loving it! She was hesitant on walks at first, her tail tucked in for the first part and me dragging her most of the way. But once we turned around to go back home her tail comes out an she’s pulling us! She is faithful about getting up at 7 am, but once she goes to the bathroom, she climbs in bed with us, starting at Ramsey’s feet and army crawling under the covers until she finds her “spot” right between us. I took her to the vet the other day, she was a hit! Everyone who sees her just loves her. They said she was healthy, no worms, no mange, perfect! Shes on some more pills so she isnt so itchy, and more pills for her neck for one more week. All in all she fits in perfectly with us, always excited o see us and always happy! Thanks again so much, shes perfect!

Maggie, Ramsey, and Crumpet =)

Bungie the Beagle Puppy ~ Adopted!


Oh gosh, if you could see Bungie, you’d just fall in love. He is a very handsome 3-month-old Beagle, just about 10 pounds. He was among the puppies that we rescued from the shelter in Athens, Alabama.
That was a very hard day. We knew we could rescue six puppies, but there were probably thirty there to pick from. Talk about Sophie’s Choice!!! Stephanie went through the shelter for me with her camera phone, taking photos of all the puppies so that we could decide together. It was heart rendering. I was talking to her about them when suddenly she said, “Oh my gosh! I just saw the cutest puppy I’ve ever seen in my whole life! I’ll call you right back!” *click* 


I wasn’t the least bit surprised when, the next thing I knew, she was e-mailing me a photo of Bungie. I’d seen a photo of him on the Facebook page. It wasn’t a very good photo, but it really struck me. Maybe it was his story…. You see, Bungie got his name because when he was picked up by animal control he had a bungie cord wrapped around his neck and caught in his mouth! Poor pumpkin! What kind of person does that???
So Stephanie e-mails me this photo of Bungie and of course I say yes, we have to save him. The following Monday he and several other dogs made the long trek from Alabama to Central Florida, arriving Tuesday at noon. I took one look at this fellow and I just had to grin! He wasn’t tired or anything. Heck no! He was rearing to go!!! Did mention he is a beagle puppy? lol
Bungie is a great little guy, very energetic and full of beans. He likes to wrestle with the other dogs, both big and small. He loves attention from people too. When I’m walking around the yard he likes to run along side hanging onto the cuff of my carpis. I’m sure we’re quite the sight!
You can see lots of pictures of Bungie on his facebook photo album. He is a joy!

November 11 Update:

Today was the day! Today was the day that Bungie found his forever home. Laura and her daughters Bianca and Chiara found Bungie’s photo on a Petsmart search site and they fell in love with him. The wonderful thing is that he fell in love with them as well. It’s hard to believe that just a couple of weeks ago he was in danger of being euthanized at a kill shelter in Alabama but today he headed off to a loving forever home. I know that they are all going to have great adventures together. Thank you to everyone who helped make Bungie’s rescue and transport possible. And thank you, Laura, Bianca and Chiara for giving him a forever home!


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