Bennie Baby ~ Adopted!

15780864_10154673094554792_3342417130464879782_n  The B Babies have landed!

Bennie is a male German Shepherd and Great Pyrenees mix. Ready to explore and steal your heart, Bennie is always eager to say hi and snuggle! A little bundle of love and smiles, he acts just how he looks, like a little teddy bear! Bennie is located in Deltona, FL. 15747471_10154673094739792_4976017158453034379_n



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More info and pics about this adorable cuddle bug coming soon!

If you’d like to be considered for Bernie, please go here to learn all about Our Adoption Process. We don’t use a traditional application, but we would like you to answer a few questions so we can get to know you better.15740865_10154673094559792_5570401825949019462_n



1/24/2017 Update: Bennie was adopted by the Griffin family of Deltona!



1/27/2017 Update: Bennie is settling in at his new home and is now a stunning sailor!





Bruno Baby

15781059_10154673089474792_5087679691902052708_n  The B Babies have landed!

Bruno is a male German Shepherd and Great Pyrenees mix. A fluffy ball of love and snuggles, Bruno is obsessed with cuddles and kisses! He is a little love sponge! The biggest brother around he tends to watch his crazy siblings run around, but is always ready for a hug! Bruno is located in Deltona, FL.


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More info and pics about this adorable cuddle bug coming soon! 

If you’d like to be considered for Bernie, please go here to learn all about Our Adoption Process. We don’t use a traditional application, but we would like you to answer a few questions so we can get to know you better.15741011_10154673089749792_3532366053927572726_n


1/16/17 Update: Bruno was adopted by the Diaz family of Deltona. Congrats on your new bundle of furry joy!







Bernie Baby ~ Adopted!

15822798_10154673082809792_5610650167450249364_nThe B Babies have landed!

Bernie is a male German Shepherd and Great Pyrenees mix. A little blonde ball of love, Bernie is the smallest of all his brothers, but don’t let that fool you! He is just as loving and vocal as can be about it! Bernie is located in Deltona, FL.15747475_10154673083404792_271112600996567215_n


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More info and pics about this adorable cuddle bug coming soon! 

If you’d like to be considered for Bernie, please go here to learn all about Our Adoption Process. We don’t use a traditional application, but we would like you to answer a few questions so we can get to know you better.15823596_10154673083319792_2600485200644222391_n




1/24/2017 Update: Bernie was adopted by Huy and Alyssa of Sanford. Congrats on your new addition!






Beanie Baby ~ Adopted!

15732048_10154673063729792_8915355034824387424_o  The B Babies have landed!

Beanie is a male German Shepherd and Great Pyrenees mix. Just like the name implies this little nugget is a true cuddler and loves to be the center of attention. In your arms or in your lap, Beanie just wants to steal your heart. Beanie is located in Deltona, FL.

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More info and pics about this adorable cuddle bug coming soon!

If you’d like to be considered for Beanie, please go here to learn all about Our Adoption Process. We don’t use a traditional application, but we would like you to answer a few questions so we can get to know you better.







1/14/17 Update: Beanie was adopted by Cathy Mcilroy of Oviedo, FL. Cathy has been fostering for TDL for years, and we’re just thrilled for her and Beanie. Looking forward to lots of updates!

2/11/2017 Update: Beanie, now Harley, weighs 13 pounds and still does not like bath time! We love you Cathy and Harley!

Beanie update








Alfredo – Adopted!


Alfredo is a 5 month old Pyr mix who came to us from AL. From the looks of him, we think he may have some Collie or Aussie in the mix as well. Alfredo is extremely friendly and affectionate. He’s very people people-oriented, but likes other dogs as well. He will b e a large dog when he’s done growing!


“Alfredo reminds me so much of our dog, Alfie, who’s also a Pyr mix. Alfie’s a big guy, but he’s so gentle and laid back, you forget that he’s a moose. I have a feeling Alfredo will be a mellow dog as well. A couch potato/teddy bear!” ~Johannah

If you’d like to be considered for Alfredo, please go here to learn all about our adoption process. We don’t use a traditional application, but we would like you to answer a few questions so we can get to know you better.

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3/8/16 Update: Alfredo was adopted by Jackie Traynor of Orlando. She adopted Madonna (now Lucy) back in 2014, and was looking for an energetic friend to keep her busy. It was love at first sight for the two of them! Looking forward to updates and photos!

Bran ~ Adopted

he318 month old Bran and his sister Arya are coming to us from a shelter in rural Alabama. They were both picked up as strays, and had been at the shelter for almost 3 weeks. We’re so happy that we were able to save them! We are working on transportation, and hope to get them this week. They will be fostered in Orlando. Bran is 65 pounds of fluffy love, big, but not huge!

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2/9/15 Update: Bran is a super sweet and laid back boy. He’s friendly and playful, but not hyper. He does well with other dogs, and with people of all ages (including children). He’s a perfect buddy!

More details and photos coming soon!


2/20/15 Update: Bran found his family today!  He will be living with the Scotts in Lake Mary, FL. Not only does he have a new human brother and sister (just like Arya!). He also has new cat and dog siblings to play with. We are so happy for him!!!




Arya ~ Adopted!

she 3  18 month old Arya and her brother Bran are coming to us from a shelter in rural Alabama. They were both picked up as strays, and had been at the shelter for almost 3 weeks. We’re so happy that we were able to save them! We are working on transportation, and hope to get them this week. They will be fostered in Orlando. Arya is 50 pounds of fluffy love!

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2/9/15 Update: Arya is such a sweet and pretty girl! She’s very bright and observant. She does well with other dogs and LOVES people of all ages (including kids). She would make a wonderful family dog.


More details and photos coming soon! 10952093_10152941743529792_5270712018189508152_o

10959846_10152958772934792_823711758613650778_n2/16/15 Update: Arya has been adopted! She was adopted by the Basham family today! She’s going to be living the beach life in Melbourne, FL. Arya took to her new family immediately. We’re so happy for her!


2/17/15 Update: I slept like a baby in my new home with my new peeps!





Olaf, the fluffy puppy~Adopted

Olaf the fluffy puppy

Olaf the fluffy puppy

Because of your donations on Frappe Friday, we were able to sneak this little boy on our transport yesterday, so Thank you!  We estimate he’s between 9 – 12 weeks of age, and he’s a cutie pie.  After careful research, we are confident in telling you he is a Great Pyrenees/Collie boy.  There is a bald spot on his back which may be where someone applied a topical flea preventative… and it burned his hair.

Lanie with Newman Vet says I'm the cutest puppy ever!

Lanie with Newman Vet says I’m the cutest puppy ever!

You can see a lot of photos of him on Facebook.


Update:  Michael Scott and his family drove from Gainesville to meet and adopt Olaf!  Michael adopted Osbourne, the Border Collie, and it was time to add a new member to form a pack!  Olaf now has his own little girl to play and cuddle with.  To get updates and watch this pup grow, visit the photo album!

Olaf Meets His New Family

Olaf Meets His New Family


just a baby

just a baby

She has big feet, but her teeth say baby!  Madonna is about 3-4 months old.  This gorgeous girl comes from Athens, AL and she is a real doll.  She approached Nacho, the resident cat at Newman’s and was not reactive.  She loves everyone, but loves to chew on you… she needs a lot of bones to chew on until her new teeth come in.  It was hard to guess her breed, but in order to explain those feet, we agreed maybe Great Pyrenees and Aussie.

After reviewing the paperwork, we learned that Madonna did have an owner, she was not a stray.  The statement reads that during the act of play, the dog tried to take the newspaper from the owner’s hand, and Madonna accidentally bit her.

Nacho, the resident cat at Newmans!

Nacho, the resident cat at Newmans!

We’ve all been bit during puppy play.  I’m not sure why the owner decided to surrender the pup, since it was an accident.  I remember playing with my border collie puppy on the couch many years ago, I zigged, she zagged, and we bumped each other, and she broke my tooth!  I was furious, but I didn’t get rid of the pup!

Madonna is going to be an active dog for quite a while.  Having a pack to play with will help drain her puppy energy.  I suspect that when she becomes an adult, she will be a wonderful and calm family dog.

You can see more photos of her on Facebook.

If you want to adopt from us, please visit Our Adoption Process.



08/07/14:  Madonna was adopted by Jackie of Kissimmee!

Lamb Chop~Adopted

shelter photo

shelter photo

This little girl is about 9 weeks old, and is believed to be a Great Pyrenees, however, her paws beg to differ.  She was found in a ditch by the side of the road, rescued by a good Samaritan, and brought to Hale County Humane Society in Alabama.  She was transported via Pilots N Paws to us on Saturday where Sarah White and our new volunteer transporter Jarrett scooped her up!

Visit Facebook to view tons of photos of her in her own photo album!

with Sarah White

with Sarah White

She appears to be very healthy, eating well, and being de-wormed.  For adoption information, please visit our Adoption Process.

02/19/14 Update: Lamb Chop stops traffic!  I took her to the vet today and everyone held her.  Dr. Oliver checked her heart, all good!  She is about 8-9 weeks of age, and I heard from many regarding her breed.  The list of guesses includes Poodle/Golden Retriever, Aussie/Great Pyrenees, Poodle/Aussie and many others!  Regardless of her breed, one thing is for sure, she is stinking cute!

Not all fluff, this girl has got brains!

Not all fluff, this girl has got brains!

But that’s not all.  She is doing very well in her crate, only crying for a few minutes, and she sleeps through the night without a peep… but by 6:30 AM, she’s ready to rumble!  She is awesome with the pack, and desperately wants to play with the other dogs.  She is also (get this) leash trained!  Yup, you heard me – she is one of the only puppies I’ve ever fostered that is ready to walk on the leash like a good girl!  She is going to make someone very happy!



02/20/14 Update:  Lamb Chop was adopted by Dean today.  Dean is a former adopter of TDL.  She will have two awesome dogs to play with, and she’ll need them to help her burn some of that puppy energy!  She will return to us after 2 months to be spayed.

Santa’s Little Helper~Adopted

Fort Lauderdale, here I come!

Fort Lauderdale, here I come!

Santa’s Little Helper was adopted by Amanda Kaschak and is living in Fort Lauderdale! His soon to be Grandma adopted Dolly Parton from us years ago!


I'm a good boy!

I’m a good boy!

History:  This little boy is estimated to be 12 months of age, and weighs in at 44 pounds.  People who see him think he’s a Border Collie, Great Pyrenees.  Maybe!  Maybe not!  Is he full grown?  We don’t know!  But he is friendly, and extremely affectionate.  He is being fostered by Laura Burke in Ocala.

He has been fully vetted, but did test light heartworm positive.  He has all of his meds, and is starting on his heartworm treatment right away.  Because he is so young, and tested light, we strongly believe he will test negative in 6-12 months.

This cutie pie comes from Lake City, where many of our gorgeous dogs came from, Bart, Shep/Alfie, McDreamy, McSteamy and many others.  The moment I saw his photo, I said, “mine!”  He reminds me of Gordon Ramsay, and his coat is as soft as a lamb!

Got Toys, Will Travel!

Got Toys, Will Travel!

You can see a lot more photos of him on Facebook.

Special thanks to Julia Bechard who jumped through a lot of hoops for this little boy’s rescue!

Romeo – Adopted

Waiting for his owner to return

Waiting for his owner to return

Update:  Romeo got adopted yesterday . Family were part of original family/friends and they were cleared by our vet. ~ Nadia

Here’s a twist!  I would love to pull this dog from Citrus County (near Ocala).  But, unfortunately we are full at the moment.  I spoke with Mike yesterday, a shelter volunteer, and I had an idea.  Why not publicize this dog, who is available for adoption, and hope that we can find a match!

Romeo is a six year old Aussie, Golden, Great Pyrenees and/or Collie mix!  We really don’t know what breed he is, but he is stunning and could be a combination of any of these breeds.  I bet if you ask a dozen people to identify his breed, you might get a dozen answers!  He is estimated to be about 73 pounds.

Playful Companion

Playful Companion

Romeo was surrendered to the pound by relatives of the man who owned him.  His owner was tragically killed in a motorcycle accident recently.  Romeo and the cat were both surrendered.  Here’s what we know:

The shelter is making Romeo very nervous.  He has not been exposed to new things, he probably spent his entire life at home, where he belonged, and doesn’t know what’s happening to him.

Mike said yesterday, “Every car that drives up… he checks it to see if that’s his owner coming back.  Every person that walks in, he’s looking to see if it’s him.  He’s a very smart dog, and he’s lost.”

I’ve seen this before in the dogs that we have rescued.  Especially, Jake.  Jake sat and watched through the fence, waiting for his people to come and get him… it broke my heart.

Adopt Romeo from Citrus County Animal Services

Adopt Romeo from Citrus County Animal Services

We know he’s good with cats.

He is slowly being introduced to other dogs.

Romeo needs to be approached slowly, because he is a bit fearful.  He doesn’t need chaos or any sudden movements – so no small children please!

Romeo would prefer to be home with an older couple, and he probably would thrive on routine.

When he was first walked on a leash, he shut down (we’ve seen that before) but now he is more open to walking on leash, and doing much better.

Rome is up-to-date on shots, neutered… the works!  All he needs now is for you to take the time to go meet him and talk to the shelter about adopting him.

Click Here to go to the Citrus County Animal Services Website.

Citrus County Animal Services
4030 S. Airport Rd.
Inverness, FL. 34450

Office: (352)746-8400

Click Here for Romeo’s Photo Album on the Citrus County Facebook Page.

If you have any trouble whatsoever, please email me so I can help and if you do adopt him, please send us an email, and tell us all about him!

 Note:  Not to make things even more confusing, but when I see his photo, I see Borzoi!

Meredith, the Parvo Puppy~Adopted

Matt of Newman DeLand with the Parvo Pup

Matt of Newman DeLand with the Parvo Pup

06/01/13:  I was shopping in DeLand with Sarah, it was “grown-up girl bonding day” (that’s what she calls it), when I noticed a missed call around 12:30 PM from Newman Veterinary Centers in DeLand.  Yes, I have every Vet programmed into my phone.  Sarah was trying on a pair of shoes when I told her, “stop, I have a call, and it’s DeLand Newman.”  They never call me!  At first I thought maybe one of my former adopters was in trouble, or they needed some paperwork, so I called, and it was Matt.  Matt works at the Deltona office often, and he has been my Vet tech many times.

“I have a Parvo puppy here, and she’s a Border Collie, can you take her?”  I thought it to be odd so I asked him a few questions, and I asked him to send me a photo, not really believing that it was a Border Collie.  “The dog’s owners surrendered her to us (the Vet) because they couldn’t afford the treatment.”

I paid for Sarah’s things, left the store and waited in the van, and there it was.  A text message from Matt and a gorgeous Border Collie looking like… well… Parvo!

We drove though McDonalds to grab a bite, and I headed over to Newman’s.  As I was driving, I explained to Sarah we would have to make chicken stew.  We would have to setup a crate in my bedroom, and set it all up Bart-style.  Sarah was quick to interrupt me (that’s her job, she’s a kid) and she named the pup.  I’d rather not share her name at this point, since her fate is still in God’s hands.

She's TDL now!

She’s TDL now!

When I arrived, I saw a lifeless body, a dog that was emaciated, a dog that wouldn’t lift her head, a dog that had evidence of Parvo.  “She hasn’t vomited in two days,”  Matt explained.  He went into detail about the dog’s history, but as he was, I realized that I could not bring this dog home with me.  If she’s not eating or drinking, she needs ISO, and she needs to be hospitalized.  “Oh, you must have misunderstood me,”  Matt explained.  I meant will you take ownership of her, and transport her to Deltona and watch over her care!”

You know what my answer was!

He gave me her IV fluids, some medicine, I signed paperwork to take ownership of the pup, and took copies of her lab results.  I just so happened to have a crate in my van, and he loaded her up.  Deltona was contacted and were aware that the pup was on her way.

hearing my voice she lifted her head briefly

hearing my voice she lifted her head briefly

Apparently, this pup was suffering for several days, not eating and vomiting.  The owners took her to DeLand on Tuesday.  She was given fluids and was treated for Parvo.  DeLand strongly urged that the owners take her to Deltona, where they can provide long-term treatment.  They promised they would, and Deltona was on standby waiting for a Parvo pup to arrive, but they never showed up.  Instead, they went back to DeLand on Thursday.  By that time, the pup was in really bad shape.  They had two options.  Euthanize or surrender the dog to Newman.

Why?  The dog was suffering without the treatment.  The cost to treat would be high, and the owners said they could not afford to treat.  For two days the folks at Newman Deland watched over the pup until she was stable…. hence the phone call to me!

On the way to Deltona, the unthinkable happened.  My van, the van that lost third gear last week, started to squeal, and smoke.  “Pull over Mommy!”  Sarah shouted.  I kept driving!  The mechanic warned me that I’d lose 2nd gear soon, and I guess that time has come.

I made crazy noises for her to face me, looks like she's asking "Is this van going to make it?"

I made crazy noises for her to face me, looks like she’s asking “Is this van going to make it?”

I arrived at Newman Deltona, (van still smoking) where George was waiting.  I was greeted by Dr. Pinzon and he reviewed the pups paperwork.  Her white bloodcell count is dangerously low.  The fact that she hasn’t vomited in two days is meaningless considering we don’t know when’s the last time she ate anything.

George carried the pup into the ISO room, laid the pup down in the same metal crate that Bart stayed in, and that’s when the flashbacks of Bart really started to him me.

I shared with Dr. Pinzon our success with Bart, the combination of glucose, anti-nausea shots, and a vitamin B shot.  I was hopeful.  Clearly, we’ve done this before, surely we can do it again.  Dr. Pinzon explained what I know to be true at this point; it’s a hit or miss.  There are no guarantees.  There is little hope, yet we won’t deny optimism.  It’s a 50/50.

George to the Rescue

George to the Rescue

So where does this pup come from?  If she’s 16 weeks old, she should’ve already been given her three sets of shots, and she should be clear of the threat of Parvo.  She couldn’t have come from a shelter or pound, she would have had all of her shots, and been spayed.  Could she come from a rescue that doesn’t quarantine and vet?  Did she come from a pet store or was she a flea market puppy?  We don’t know…. but maybe you know!  Maybe you’ve seen her face before on Facebook.  Maybe she looks familiar?

Bart's ISO Crate

Bart’s ISO Crate

Regardless, the folks at Newman are going to treat her with aggressive treatments, including a transfusion.  I’m not a vet, and I don’t understand everything that they are doing to her right now, but I know they are doing everything!  Her treatment will cost a minimum of $400 per day, including a vet tech to stay with her overnight.  I’m not really concerned about that at this point, because I know that the next 24 hours are critical.  I’m either going to get a call that she didn’t make it tomorrow, or I’m going to get a call that she’s eating.  It can go either way at this point, and we all know that.

I really want to be stocking up and arranging the private bathroom into an ISO room for her. I want to be shopping and get ready to make chicken stew. But I don’t think it’s wise right now to do all of those things. I need to force myself to wait, wait at least 24 hours. Wait to see what God has in store for this little girl.

Some people don’t believe in treating for Parvo, and sometimes I think it’s crazy.  I think Parvo is a God thing.  They either make it or they don’t.  Sometimes I feel that you’ve got to at least try.  She’s made it this far.  I don’t think it’s really up to us, you know?  I can tell by the look in her eyes that her will to live is very tiny at this point.  She probably feels like she’s been run over by a bus, and she’s probably sick and tired of feeling sick.  I can’t blame her.

For a moment, after really looking over this pups condition, knowing how many days she has suffered, I wanted to say that most people in general, suck! But people don’t suck! Look at the folks at Newman DeLand, how they called us, they called us to save this girl. Look at how Newman Deltona folks were chomping at the bit to help her. Everyone wants her to make it. People don’t suck!!!!  If she was a he I’d name her George, or Matt… or even Newman, but that’s not going to happen this time!

I have a lot of confidence that TDL supporters will help this pup, they always have… or I should say, YOU always have. I know you are going to pray for her, cheer her on, and help her in anyway you can, because that’s what you do.  I know that times are tough, but I still have a lot of confidence that if this little girl pulls through, you will help, and we watch her get stronger, we will watch her take her first bite of food, we’ll see her first wag, see her give her first kiss, and scream with pride when she starts running and playing. Because that’s what we do!

On the way home, I drove in the rain, again, just like I drove home in the rain when I left Bart there last year.  But when I drove home after leaving Bart in that same metal kennel, if you recall, I saw a rainbow.  This time, I looked all around me, waiting and hoping.  I turned left, I turned right, and looked over my shoulder, and I couldn’t find Goldie’s Rainbow.  I pulled into the driveway and shut the van off.  I disposed of the blanket that was in the crate, and stored the crate on the side of my house.  I looked around my neighborhood… still no rainbow.

Evening Update:  She is having her first transfusion.  She is standing up in her crate (great sign).  Nicole, a Vet Tech will be staying with her tonight so she will not be alone.  She will be closely monitored.  I’ll be happy when she starts to eat.  Until then, we watch, wait and pray!  Thank you for your outpouring support and prayers.  You can see more photos of the pup on Facebook and take a moment to read all of the supportive comments!

06/02/13 Morning Update:  I spoke with Ray at 7:30 am, and he said that the pup’s white cell count is within range, all of her blood work is within range, so the transfusion was a success.  I called at 10:30 am and spoke with George.  He believes she is much better today, she is lifting her head, and walking around in her crate a bit!  I suppose they are going to try to feed her soon, and she if she cares to take a bite.  If she does, we’ll have to see if she can hold it down.  If she does, she’s coming home with me.  No Woo Hoo yet, until I can see that she is eating.  My crock pot is ready to make gallons of chicken stew, but for now it’s sitting on the counter top, unplugged.

Wishful Stew!

Wishful Stew!

11:46 Update:  I am the most impatient person I know!  I can’t just sit here all day worrying and wondering.  One whole chicken, two sliced turkey legs, sweet potatoes, carrots, celery, rosemary and garlic.  After it’s cooked, and I de-bone the chicken and turkey, I’ll add beef liver and a few noodles.  When it’s cool, before I serve, I’ll add more water, crushed vitamin C, and yogurt on the top!  This is Bart’s recipe, thanks to Andi Brown!





06/04/13 Update:  I brought Meredith home yesterday.  After taking a close look at her features, I wonder if she’s an Old English Sheepdog or Great Pyrenees mix!  She settled in quickly into her crate, and much to my surprise, not a peep.  She is not eating, and I’m very concerned.  Here’s what she has to say today.

Good morning Peeps. I’m still not eating. I threw up a little bit this morning. I slept all night, didn’t make a sound, boy I needed that. Gisele is really worried, I can see it in her face. She comes into my new room, and listens to me breathing. She is afraid, afraid of the potential that I will get upper respiratory. Seriously, that is the next phase if I don’t start eating. 

I know it’s not good to be a pessimist, and you guys are all cheering me on, but it’s Gisele’s job to be prepared, know her enemy and prepare for war. Parvo is an ugly thing, but Parvo and Pneumonia is… well, unspeakable.

I have a name now, thank you for that. Gisele is keeping her heart at a distance, giving me a chance, and trying to be hopeful, but knowing that my fate could turn on a dime.

She wants to start me on new meds today, but is reluctant because I’m not eating. One thing is for sure, I’m much happier here than at the Vet’s ISO room, no offense. More updates coming soon. ~Meredith

4:00 PM Update: Two syringes full of purified stew, and she’s eating on her own.


I had two bowls of stew this morning... I'm a moose!

I had two bowls of stew this morning… I’m a moose!

06/06/13 Update:  Meredith’s people have contacted TDL confirming what had happened to her.  She was very much loved by her owners, who could not possibly afford the treatment for Parvo, not many people can.  This is mainly because you never know what the pup will need.  Will it be two days in ISO or a week?  Will the pup need multiple transfusions or just one?

I’m very impressed with Meredith, she has not coughed, and her progress is incredible.  She had a beautiful poop yesterday, yes poop is important, and I had it tested.  Meredith is Parvo Negative!  She is still very emaciated, but her immune system  is fighting to stray strong!

We are actively looking for the right foster home, or adopter for  Meredith.  The Dog Liberator is now in the red.  When we are finished with Meredith’s care, including a third round of boosters, rabies, de-worming, spay and chip, Meredith will be at least a $1,200 dog.  While we received donations for her Veterinary care, I believe the donations totaled less than $200.  While we appreciate every dime, the money we spent on Meredith could have saved so many dogs, but that’s what we’re here for!  Meredith was worth it.  She will have a wonderful life, and she will be someone’s heart dog that is for sure!  Could it be you?

Meredith and her boy

Meredith and her boy

We always try to share as much as we know about all of our dogs.  What we don’t know, we guess.  We were contacted by Meredith’s original family.  A friend of the family saw her photo on our Facebook page.  Since they surrendered Meredith, they have been heartbroken.  I’m sure we’ve all been in their shoes, not knowing if our dog is going to make it or not.  I know when my Reckless had pyometra, I was devastated.  The cost for the surgery was over $1,000 and I didn’t have that kind of money, luckily, a friend helped me pay for her medical bills.  But what if I didn’t?

What happened with Meredith’s owners was knowing the cost of treating her, and the 50/50 chance of her surviving.  Many dogs who have parvo could cost up to $1,000 a day in ISO.  In Meredith’s case, she received a blood transfusion, and without knowing how many it would take before her labs were safe, the vet estimated that it could cost anywhere between $5,000 – $7,000.  This ballpark verbal quote was truly accurate.  However, Meredith surprised us all.  After one blood transfusion, her labs were perfect!  I took her home earlier than expected, mainly because she was going berzerk at the vet!  I kept her on medication to increase her appetite and medication for nausea.  That, combined with Andi Brown’s chicken stew, and Anita’s idea to use a syringe to force her to eat… worked!

In short, Meredith got lucky.  She had dozens of people praying for her, a great vet and veterinary staff, a medical treatment plan that worked… Meredith had all of us working together to save her life.  The folks at Newman’s Veterinary Centers were amazing.

After interviewing her previous owners, and discussing Meredith’s condition, they agreed to reimburse The Dog Liberator for Meredith’s care.  Meredith went back home tonight.  She was more than excited to see her old family, and it was obvious that they love her so very much.  Meredith will have her third booster shot in two weeks, and she will be spayed two weeks later.  She will be fostered by Linda and Leon of DeLand and after her spay, she will be their dog, once again.

I’ve talked about how quick we are to judge people while in rescue, probably because we see so many wrongs.  Dogs that are emaciated, beaten, tied to a tree all of their life, we’ve seen it all.  But sometimes, bad things happen to good people.  In Meredith’s case, she was suffering, and there were no guarantees that she would survive.

Wanna Go Home now?

Wanna Go Home now?

If you told me that my dog had cancer, might not survive, and it could cost $5,000 to try to save her, I personally would have to stop and think about it.  I’d have to weigh it all out.  I’d be scared as hell.

I know that at one time, you have all had to watch your dog suffer, not knowing if medicine can save him or her.  If you’re living pay day to pay day like I do, it’s a hard pill to swallow.  I have no doubt that regardless of the decision they made that day, it was hard on them.  Euthanize, treat or surrender is a decision many dog owners have been faced with.  If you’re wealthy, or are financially secure, your decision would be a no-brainer.  Not everyone is that fortunate.

I am convinced that when a dog owner finds out that their dog has heartworm, and they are given a quote to treat, many owners surrender that dog to the pound.  It’s so sad because there are other options to treat heartworm, but many times those options are offered to the owner.

What we have here in Dog Liberator is a community of caring people who help each other.  That’s something that Linda and Leon didn’t have.  They didn’t have a support system like we do.

After they left, I wondered if puppy insurance would’ve covered Parvo treatment?  I don’t know the answer to that question.  I suppose the Pet insurance company could consider Parvo a pre-existing condition, and it would not be covered.  I did find one company that does cover Parvo.  Should all new puppy owners buy pet insurance?  Maybe!  You can always drop it after your pup is 12 months old, and has all of its shots!  But check the policy and ask if Parvo is covered.  Read the fine print and check if Parvo is considered a pre-existing condition.

Meredith will receive excellent care, she will put on the weight that she lost due to this nasty virus, and she will be right as rain within no time.

I want to thank everyone with Newman Veterinary Centers, they were amazing (as always).  They really cared about Meredith the Moose!  They really wanted Meredith to make it, and she did because of them.

For those of you who donated toward Meredith’s care, THANK YOU!  If you’d like TDL to reimburse you for your donation, please drop me a line at If I don’t hear from you, rest assured, your donations go directly into our Veterinary Care Fund waiting for the next Meredith that we rescue…. together!

As a side note, I just want everyone to be aware of the numerous grants out there, that are available for dogs in need.  Some are designed for the dog owner, some are designed for the Veterinary Center that offers to discount their service.  Never give up!  Use the internet and find help!

06/08/13 Update:  After sorting through all of the facts and the emotions regarding Meredith, I realized that all of us have had a moment where we wish we could turn back the hands of time and have a do-over.  I guess that’s what Meredith’s family had a chance to do, do-over and get their dog back.

This comment was left on Facebook this morning.  I really appreciated reading it!

Kelle Taylor Brooks wrote:  That story touched me so much because I have been in that families shoes..a few years ago after depleting all savings and running up credit cards while going through breast cancer treatment a worker left my gate open and heart sheltie was hit by a car..It was after hours so my vet was closed and the emergency vet kept making me come up with hundreds of dollars for each procedure one at a time before they would treat..I was calling family members begging them for money or their credit cards. I had never been in a position where I had no credit to rely on. After $2000.00 and a horrible night my dog was euthanized at my vets in the morning. It is a helpless feeling when you have no additional funds to keep going on. That is so awesome that you were their saving angel who gave that boy his best friend back.

Sarah Buxbaum wrote:  I liked what you said about how we are sometimes quick to judge when we hear about surrenders. Sometimes it is their only chance, ya know? I am so Happy for Meredith that she not only survived this huge trial, but will get to keep her family. In her adoption pictures you can see the joy on her face to be with her people again.  Congratulations baby girl!

Meredith’s family wrote:  I have my baby girl home and thanks to Newman Deltona,  Gisele, Matt at Newman DeLand, and all staff  at Newman Veterinary Centers-SO SO GRATEFUL for all of your help to save her.  She was a gift to my husband who loves animals and he was recently claimed totally disabled, was forced into retirement and this pup was being given away at my place of work.  I thought she would  be  like a service dog which we could train her to be his right hand girl or at least give him a reason to live.

Thank you for all you did for our Camay.  We’ve been married for 26 years and have had pets for our kids.  We have had our first, who was a 10 year old rescue golden retriever Ajax, then came another GR  Comet, and then Ivory, which all have been lost to old age.  Then our sweet boy Kaboom is 3 years old this month.  

I haven’t seen Leon, my husband, this happy in a while.  We were so sad last week when we surrendered her but we  were so happy today when we picked her up and she was a pretty happy girl too!  Tomorrow we will go crate shopping, much to Leon’s dismay!  We will do what we are told to keep her happy and safe and healthy!  ~Linda

Nat King Cole~Adopted

stuck on you!

Nat King Cole is the biggest of the pack.  He is eight months old and reminds me of Frances #29310 and Doc & Wyatt!  He is said to be a Border Collie/Great Pyrenees, but all I see is Border Collie.  He is described as a Velcro dog!  He is great with other dogs, and very good with kids.  You can see more of his photos on Facebook.

Update:  Nat is very quiet in nature, he likes to sit next to you, and observe what’s going on.  Megan thinks he’s going to be a couch potato!  Nat is playing very well with Megan’s pack.

If you are interested in adopting, please review Starting your Dog out Right, and Our Adoption Process, then send me an email at


Click here to read about their transport.


Update:  Nat and Brenda were adopted together!

Nat & Brenda

Colby-Jack: Impossible Not to Hug! ~ Adopted

Everyone who meets Colby-Jack hugs him. It’s impossible not to, really. He’s fluffy and soft and begs for attention like a big, overstuffed teddy bear.

Colby-Jack comes to us from Georgia’s Gwinnett County Animal Services, where he was picked up as a stray. We find it difficult to believe that anyone would turn this loveable dog out, but we’ve seen it before. In any case, it’s clear the only thing Colby-Jack wants is love and more love and we intend to see that he gets just that from his next family!

Huggably soft!

It’s obvious that Colby-Jack is that most popular of American breeds: the mixed breed. A mix of what, we’re not entirely sure, but we do see Great Pyrenees and Collie in his presentation. A big-boned boy, Colby-Jack weighs in at 56 lbs, but could stand to gain another 5-7 lbs., as he is a bit on the thin side. His coat is dense and unbelieveably soft. He is approximately 2 to 2-1/2 years old, fully vetted, heartworm negative, and ready for his forever home. He walks well on a leash and appears to be housetrained.

Colby-Jack is being fostered at my home in the Ocala area. You can view his photo album on Facebook.  If you are interested in adopting him, please review “How to Adopt From Us” and email your information to me at

Rub my belly, please.

Nov. 9, 2011: Colby-Jack is such a big goober! His latest trick is to drop to the ground like a sack of potatoes and roll over on his back for belly rubs the minute he sees me. I’ve never fostered a dog that wants to hug and be hugged like this guy does. And it’s impossible not to smile around him because he’s always smiling. What a joy he’ll be to a lucky adoptive family!

Nov. 12, 2011: ADOPTED! Colby-Jack just left here with his new dad, Robert Poppell. Robert and his wife, Enaya, recently lost their Aussie and were looking for a pup to fill the dog-sized hole in their family. Enter Colby-Jack, teddy bear dog extraordinaire! As you can see from the photo, Colby-Jack stopped paying attention to me the instant Robert arrived. Apparently, I AM chopped liver! Orlando, welcome your newest Dog Liberator dog! 



Memphis, the Teddy Bear BC~Adopted

Due to the number of phone calls and emails we have received from shelters and pounds please be aware that Sam Mauldin no longer volunteers for The Dog Liberator. She can not pull, transport, or foster dogs for our rescue.

A Very Happy Boy!

Memphis was available at the Gordon County Shelter at the same time Doc & Wyatt were.  I couldn’t take all three at that time, so I choose Memphis… he reminds me of Noah and Moses.  A few days later, I was told he was adopted.  I managed to make room for Doc Holiday & Wyatt Earp instead.  A month had passed when I learned that Memphis was returned to the shelter.  Well, I tried to get him again and much to my surprise he was adopted.  A few weeks later, we were told that he was found by Animal Control wandering the streets.

“Can I have him now please?”

Vicki and Kathy whisked him away from the shelter and drove to our reunion last Friday… with Memphis onboard!  They stopped in Gainesville where Sam Mauldin was waiting to foster him.  Sam previously adopted, Charlie, Boomer, and Kai Kai.

Very Handsome!

We all got to meet Memphis yesterday, and to be honest, I couldn’t tell him apart from Noah, even when they were side by side.

Memphis is an awesome dog, probably less than a year old.  He was great with the kids and played well with other dogs.

His photo album can be viewed on Facebook.  If you are interested in Memphis, please email me

Memphis loves Rachel!

Adoption Update:  John & Rachel have adopted Memphis, and are headed to Jacksonville!  Can’t wait for updates!

Border Collie + Great Pyrenees = My Puppies! ~ Adopted


Nursing with momma at Miss Jane's

In late July we received an e-mail from Jane Ammond in Alabama asking if we could take a litter of Border Collie puppies.  Only two weeks old, a foster, Miss Jane, had been found who would keep them until weaned.   How could I say no?  They were precious.  Little eyes all squinted closed, no ears or nose yet.  The camera angle must have been funny, though, because they looked rather big for two weeks…. But yes!  Absolutely yes!

Fast forward three weeks.  Thursday e-mail from Jane that the puppies are weaned and ready to go.  Pilots N Paws has a flight coming our way on Wednesday so if we can take them right away we will avoid putting them through a 14-hour car ride.  Sure! That would be great!  Could we get some current photos?

KaiKai with Miss Jane

Saturday night we’re sitting down to dinner and the phone rings.  It’s Jane.  The flight has been moved up to tomorrow.  Can I get to the Tampa airport to pick them up at 11:30?  No can do.  That’s a couple of hours away.  The Sanford and Orlando airports are within 30 minutes of me.  Can we do those?  Frantic phone calls back and forth.  Pilot Keith gives the okay for Sanford.  See you in the morning!

My husband Glenn and I scoot out of church a bit early and head to the airport.  The private terminal is quite.  We chat with the sparse staff.  They’re rather excited about seeing the puppies. So are we.  Five 5-week-old puppies should easily fit in one medium airline crate, but I thought Jane said they were ten pounds.  That didn’t make any sense ~ they should be more like 5 pound ~ but we bring an extra crate just in case.

Keith with Pilot N Paws

The plane lands and in walks Keith with a big grin.  “The puppies did great!  Not a peep out of them the whole flight!”  He wants to bring them into the terminal rather than take them out of their crates on the tarmac for fear they’ll get  loose (I’ve never met a 5-week-old puppy I couldn’t out run, but it is better to err on the side of caution).  Two crates are unloaded and brought in.  I look inside and see the most adorable fuzzballs you can imagine!  I pull them out one at a time, handing one each to Keith, Glenn, and the three staff members.  Everyone oohs and aahs, and poses for a photo.  They really are divine!  Thank you to Keith, and off we go, headed home.

Chicken stew!

The puppies tumble out of their crates and into our backyard.  They are a sight to be seen.  So fluffy, so round, so very uncoordinated!  Definitely 5-weeks-old, they trip over their own feet, fall over easily, and bounce back up.  I know this age well.  But gosh, they’re so big.  At first we’re thinking they might be Borgis (Border Collie/Corgis) because their legs are so short and solid.   They look like the litter of Borgis we rescued this time last year.  But they are much bigger.

They make a serious meal of the chicken stew I cooked the night before, wagging their tails the whole time.  Yes, cooking for puppies can be more rewarding than cooking for your own children ~ them are more appreciative.  Full bellies, sleepy heads.

That evening I called Jane Ammond to let her and foster Miss Jane know that they had arrived safely.  I asked, “Do we know who the father is?  They seem rather big.”

The gang

Jane answered, “We know that their mother Bella is 1/2 Border Collie and 1/2 Great Pyrenees.  We’re pretty sure their father is a Great Pyrenees since there is an un-neutered one in the neighborhood.”  Oh, well then, that explains it!  I’m sure Jane is right.  They have too much white on them,too much size, to have gotten it just from Bella.  They won’t be as big as a pure Great Pyrenees, but I think they’ll be more beautiful with their amazing markings.

While I had her on the phone, I asked Jane about their backstory.  She said Bella’s owner was in jail.  His brother called her, saying Bella had given birth under the porch and he couldn’t keep her or the puppies.  Jane, God love her, drove over and crawled under the porch to retrieve the pups.  Then Miss Jane offered to foster them until weaned.  What wonderful people!

So here are my babies.   I just love them to pieces.  As you know, I give littermates names that start with the same letter, in this case “K”.  My daughter came up with the names ~ she just came back from a mission trip to Papua New Guinea; the names are Melanesain Pidgin.


KaiKai is the smallest of the litter.  She is mostly black with white markings.  Her name means “to eat; food”  And yes, she does.  Eat. Food.  A lot.  I think she is trying to catch up with her littermates!  Here is her photo album.

KaiKai’s adoption was adopted 9/8/11!



KauKau is the smaller  boy in the litter, although his fur makes him look bigger.  He is mostly white with black markings.  His name means “sweet potato.”  And he is so round he looks like one!  Pronounce Cow-Cow, his markings remind me of one!  You’ll see what I mean in his photo album.

KauKau was adopted 9/8/11!


Kakaruk is the middle-size of the girls.  All white with a brown patch on her right eye and right side.   Her name means “chicken” and is pronounced to sound kind of like cockadoodle.  She is so named because when she first arrived she was the most vocal.  At night.  All night.  She has outgrown that.  Thank goodness!!!  Check out her photo album.

Kakaruk was adopted 9/9/11!


Kanter is the  larger boys.  All white except for a left eye-patch.  I call him the mirror twin of  his sister Kakaruk.  His name means “truck.”  And he is.  Moves through things like a truck.   You can see the really neat markings on his eye patch in his photo album.

Kanter was adopted 9/13/11!



Kantalope is the largest in the litter.  Her markings are unlike the rest, brown and white, with one brown eye and one blue.  And her name really is “cantaloupe” but we spelled it with a K to fit the litter.  When she rolled out of the crate the first day, we joked that she looked like a big ol’ cantaloupe, and sadly, the name stuck!  I tried to get good photos of her eyes in her photo album.

Kantalope’s adoption is pending!

The litter will be ready for adoption in early September.  I am guessing that KaiKai will be about 60 pounds, Kantalope will be 90 pounds, and everyone else will fall in somewhere between.  Of course, this is a guess.  I am fostering them in Winter Park, Fl.  If you think that you might want to give one of these puppies  forever home, please first read our article on Starting Out Your Dog Right, then read our Adoption Process, and then e-mail me at

September 5th Update:

These puppies are just ridiculous!  They are so playful, so big, so full of life!  I made this video for Wiffle and Waffle but the Border Pyrenees puppies are all over it, so I’m sharing it here too.  As you watch it, please appreciate that Wiffle and Waffle are actually a week older than these pups!  My favorite parts of the video are when Kakaruk paws Waffle on the nose and when Kanter pretends that he is too small to climb up onto the Kuranda bed!  What a hoot!!!

September 9th Update:

Oh gosh, these puppies are ridiculous!  KauKau, KaiKai and Kakaruk all went home yesterday.  The remaining puppies are “consoling” themselves by playing until they drop!  Here you can see how their play quickly deteriorates from polite side-by-side play to all out warfare!  lol

Memphis Blues the Blue-Eyed Puppy ~ Adopted


Memphis Blues is a stunning 4 month old Border Collie. Khaz found him in a shelter in north Georgia. Although only a baby, he was deemed unadoptable, labeled a fear-biter. Really?

Khaz went to meet this little “terror” and found, instead, a frightened puppy, confused about where he was and how he got there. Khaz sat quietly in the meet yard and let him approach her at his own pace. He watched her from the corner of yard and then walked closer. She sat quietly. He walked closer. She sat quietly. He crept closer. She sat quietly. He slowly stretched out his neck toward her, and she slowly petted his head. And so was won his heart. But that’s okay ~ Khaz lost her heart to him in exchange! I asked Khaz to share some insights about him:

His personality is quite complex. He is incredibly sweet, and mellow, and takes him awhile to get him warmed up and ready for play. As you know, he was labeled as a “fear-biter” and “special needs” while he was at the shelter, but after spending a day with him I can say this simply just isn’t the case. He DOES have mouthing issues, but what three month old puppy doesn’t? He has not lost any canine teeth, but the second set of his upper incisors have been lost, and his teeth a growing so naturally, he is going to chew.
It is very clear he loves to be loved, and in most situations his teething is that of an average puppy. His complexity arises when he becomes too excited, or overstimulated, and this is where his original threat of biting comes in to play. Once he is excited, he is very hard to reel back in–he is like a big-engined truck–there is a lot of power in this puppy. When he gets in to this extreme play mood, he does bite. Touching him, or attempting to correct him is very difficult, and he tends to snap and bite repeatedly. As clarification, he does not bite angrily, but just out of uncontrolled excitement. He does have a great play drive, and he loves his toys, and to wrestle with my big dog out in the yard. He is extremely affectionate with me, excepting the times where he has become too riled up. When these times occur, I’ve found it’s best just to ignore him. I put the other dogs away, and sit cross-legged, with my hands in my lap. I do not attempt to touch or pet him until he has calmed down, and then he is back to being sweet and loving again.
I’ve found that this is the case with him in EVERY situation. I even had my Godson come over to see him, and he was just as gentle and as laid back as he could be. He laid in complete silence as my Godson set up his wooden train tracks around his entire body, and continued to lay passively as my Godson loved and hugged all over him. His attitude only changed when a friend of mine began to roughhouse with him, where he went from docile to extremely rambunctious in a series of seconds. When my Godson came back to give Memphis a pat, I witnessed the exact same serious of snapping that I had witnessed during my visit with him at the shelter. It is in these moments where he is the MOST aware of hand motion, and will snap.
Given about ten minutes to cool off, Memphis was eager to be loved on again, and plopped himself between myself and my Godson as he colored in his coloringbook. Taking him to the on-site dog park at our apartment yielded the same results, as did introductions to the cat, and my other dog. A minor exception to this is when unfamiliar men are around. His body language (which is always relaxed, even when he’s in a play-fit) tenses slightly, and he is unwilling to approach the person unless the person lowers themselves to his level.
Once the initial introductions are over, he is completely amiable to all surroundings. He LOVES the ball, and he loves to run–although he’s very clumsy with those big feet! I was shocked to see what a loverboy he was after all the things I heard about him from the shelter workers, but I can say now for sure that his problem is non-aggressive, and something that will just need a steady, dog-savvy hand to get over.
He is not housebroken, but he is very smart. When outside, he knows to go to the door when he is done with his business, and even when accidents happen inside, they are by the door. So the general idea is there, lol. He eats calmly, and as you can see by his photos he’s no stranger to food! He’s a portly little guy. As I mentioned before he loves to run and romp, so a fenced in yard would be a good idea for this guy. He was picked up as a stray, and he has ZERO concerns about the outdoor world that I have seen so far. He loves the creek, he loves the dirt–he just loves the outdoors. He tends to play pretty rough, and he is going to get MUCH bigger, so when thinking about homing him with other dogs I would say small dogs are an out. He is totally blase to cats. While I do not think children younger than three would be a good idea for Memphis, I think as long as it’s a responsible child who knows not to pull on tails/ears/or prod eyeballs he will do fine. All in all, he’s a good little (for now) dog, he just needs some guidance.

A worker in the shelter nearly cried as Memphis walked out the door, and having him only for a short three days, I understand why. This dog is the silver lining to all the sad shelter stories we hear about. He has such a need to be loved on that it’s infectious. I managed not to cry when they all shipped out this morning, but I made sure to get all my cuddle time with him in last night! 😉 I am holding out with hope that he finds a family soon, because if he doesn’t, TDL can expect an email from Steve and I. ~ Khaz 

Memphis Blues was escorted from Khaz and Steve to my door by the wonderful Larry and Joyce. They were bubbling with enthusiasm about him.

Memphis is a sweetie and very athletic. He was a perfect traveler. He a gorgeous dog! ~ Joyce

Paul Newman eyes – Michael Jordan athleticism plus smarts! ~ Larry

So this is what I know. First, this is a gorgeous puppy. His eyes are blue on the very rims, grey on the inside, and green in the center. He has a true presence to himself. You remember Sam the sheepdog in the cartoons that would sit at the top of the hill overlooking the sheep? Memphis Blues sits exactly the same way, very erect, chest out, chin tucked in. Rather than a herding instinct, he seems to have a protective instinct. Decent size paws too. Yes, I think that there might be some Great Pyrenees hanging out in the family tree! I’m guessing 60 pounds as an adult.

When Memphis Blues jumped out of the car with Joyce and Larry, he acted like he had been with them his whole life. He had no hesitancy about me whatsoever, in fact, he became my shadow right away. Being a puppy, he gets riled up when roughhousing or when there is too much excitement. I have found that calm works work much better than a scolding. He is very affectionate. Although picked up as a stray and comfortable outside, I believe he lived in a home as he knows what side of the sliding glass door he prefers to be on!

This is a wonderful puppy. He is going to make a stunning dog! I have lots of photos of him in his photo album. Memphis Blues is being fostered in Winter Park. If you are interested in adopting him, please review our adoption process, then e-mail


April 21 Update:

Memphis Blues have found his forever home!  Denise and Peter are both biologists and dog lovers.  They have two cocker spaniels and an akita.  Room for one more!  Memphis Blues is has been renamed Baloo and now lives in Tampa!

Popcorn the Great Pyrenees Lab Puppy-Adopted!

Popcorn is really something, don’t you think? He came to me via the wonderful Amy, who has rescued more than her fair share of neglected, abandoned or unwanted dogs.

In her initial post to me, Amy shared this:

“Popcorn is a 9-week-old Great Pyrenees/Labrador Retriever mix puppy. His parents are owned by migrant workers at an Ocala-area horse farm. A friend of mine rides there and scooped up the entire litter of eight as soon as they could be weaned (she knows how quickly they multiply!). The runt of the litter, Popcorn is now the last man standing and looking for a new home! He’s had his first shots and been wormed. Popcorn is super sweet, very people-oriented, and quite the snuggler. And did I mention he has lovely green eyes? “

Popcorn made the journey from Amy’s home to mine thanks to the wonderful Sarah. She drove there and back again in time to make it to the training session Paul Pipitone held at my house. Did I mention we had over 25 people and 16 dogs here for it? The funny thing is, after everyone left, my daughter saw Popcorn and asked, “Did someone forget their dog?” I guess I forgot to tell everyone in the family he was coming. Oh well. Not the first time that has happened!

Popcorn is as cute as a button with white fur and fawn eye patches. He isn’t shy at all and likes to play with the other dogs. So far we have had no problems with him and my cats, but I haven’t had him loose in the room with they yet. Amy tells me that his parents, although presenting Great Pyrenees and Yellow Lab, are only about 50 pounds. Being the runt of the litter, I’d assume that Popcorn would weigh the same too, but he has some pretty good sized paws on him, so I offer no promises in that area!

With his white coat, fawn patches, pink nose and green eyes, this is a very lovely puppy. I am looking forward to getting to know him better!

Be sure to check out his photo album.

Popcorn is being fostered in Winter Park. If you are interested in adopting him, please review our adoption process, then e-mail

Popcorn has been adopted!

Stallone Meets The Dog Liberator ~ Adopted

8 December:

Rescued by Sid Utsey from Selma, Alabama, this gorgeous boy is on his way. His photos will be updated on Facebook.

Sid writes:

“Stallone is doing great. He is full of spunk, once he feels safe. I can’t believe how happy he is acting – I think he knows he has a great life ahead of him! And for that, I am forever grateful. Here are a few pics of him taken tonight – he is smiling!”

Special thanks to Becky Harshman and Christina Skrobak for arranging transport and putting me in touch with Sid!

Stallone is only 7 months old, and he’s ready to create quite a stir here! Just read what happened last night, when I posted his photo on Facebook!

December 12th Update:

Yesterday was a long day for Stallone. He and five other puppies started the day in Alabama and ended it in central Florida. Transports are kind of like a relay race: each volunteers drives about 2 hours before handing off the dogs to the next driver, or leg. Yesterday’s transport began at 8 am and ended, 9 legs later, at 9:15pm when Amy pulled into my driveway. Wow! Considering that the transport included 14 dogs coming from three different Alabama shelters, going to 3 different Florida rescues, each leg with 2 to 3 vehicles, well, you can imagine the logistics involved. And yet Suzanne managed to pull it all together once again. Thank you to the dozens of people who made this possible!

Stallone arrived with a wag in his tail. Honest to goodness, I think he thought it was some sort of wonderful adventure. Is it any surprise that two drivers along the way called us to offer to adopt this boy? Yeah, he’s just that wonderful! He’s beautiful, all white except for a black maske and a small black spot on his lower spine. His fur is long and course like a rough coat Border Collie, but his structure and paws speak of Great Pyrenees. He is so mellow that when I was washing him in the bathtub last, he fell asleep! My daughter commented that this morning would tell us which breed dominates his personality: if he lines up all the other puppies, he’s a border collie; if he tries to take care of them, he’s a Great Pyrenees. Guess what happened. You’re going to think I’m making this up, but I promise, I’m not! This morning I opened up the crate doors to let all the dogs out into the yard. Stallone stayed in his crate and wouldn’t come out. Then, after about 30 seconds, he got up, trotted across the room, and got into the crate with the two smallest (and most frightened) puppies! Honest!!! My daughter laughed and said, “Yup, Great Pyrenees!”

While out in the yard, he plays wonderfully with all the dogs, but the cutest sight is when the little puppies stand underneath him. Oh yeah, Stallone’s a keeper!!!!

Make sure you check out his photo album.

December 16th Update:

A couple of days ago I was on the phone with Gisele, scanning my e-mail while she was talking. Suddenly I said, “Gisele, I just placed Stallone.” She kept talking.
“Gisele, I’ve found Stallone a home.” blah blah blah blah blah
“Gisele, did you hear what I said? Stallone has a home!”
Yeah, that’s how most of our conversations. Anyway, I read Deb’s e-mail and knew this was the right home. Her 13-year-old Giant Schnauzer had recently died; someone is home almost all the time; they have 4 acres of fenced property; they have two small dogs;…. the list went on and on. I immediately called Deb. We talked for quite a while and, yup!, she and her family are wonderful.
This evening Deb and son Charlie drove almost 2 hours to meet Stallone. I was concerned because it was too dark to meet outside, and outside is where Stallone is comfortable. The indoors are still very new for him. But I need not worry. Within moments Stallone was giving kisses to Deb. It was wonderful. He is now home with his new family and I couldn’t be happier!!!

When Stallone was giving Deb kisses, I caught it on camera to send to Sid, the wonderful woman who first rescued him. I wanted to share the moment with her. I’ll share it with you too!

December 17th Update:

You will be so proud of him… Had a nice quiet nite’s sleep and got up with the other dogs around 5am (normal around here) and went out and did his business. We all came back in and slept for a couple more hours. Then I took all the dogs out for about a 1/2 mile walk to get the paper. He walked on leash, no tugging, is even heeling pretty consistently already, and he even carried the paper for a little while.

We walked the property on leash, then I let him off to explore and he is very curious but mindful. And so smart! He comes in and out of his crate at will while we are in the house with him. He is really liking the indoor life! He likes to stand over the corgi like he’s her roof, haha… I’ll try and get a picture (but the corgi doesn’t like to be photographed, weird I know). He is enjoying some new toys (soccer ball and his very favorite, the Kong wubba (xmas version, of course ). He’s so proud of his toys! He has quite the personality and is really relaxing and settling. he is a very different dog… he is all puppy! Let the chewing begin!

He ate this morning like mad man… so he’s a good eater. And has found all the water bowls, and has no fear of the indoors anymore. He even jumped up on one of our couches (the dog couch) this morning and was looking out the window. Guess he likes the lake view too.

He comes in and out of the house with us, the other dogs like he owns the place. I think he found his inner puppy again as well as his voice. We will be working on inside voices. His house training so far is excellent.

We decided on the name Ozzy, (short for Osbourne), as he is a rock star.

Here are the comments left on this post… they are awesome!

Submitted on 2010/12/15 at 12:13 am
Dear Anonympous,your comment has all the earmarks of a disappointed child.First of all, by remaining anonymous your accusation loses much credibility.An informed accuser is not afraid to face the accused by identifying him/or herself. Secondly, I wonder what difference it makes what day of the year it is~ if you are a dog in need of a permanent home. Responsible people who adopt may find the time off from school or work the ideal situation for focusing on integrating a new family pet. If the fees are too high for you -there is absolutely noone stopping you from searching the local shelters in your area where there are hundreds of animals you can take home for 50-200$. TheDogLiberator is a very unique organization that has evolved from a fantastic idea. Rescue,Rehab,Resocialize,Rehome!!Gisele personally chooses each dog herself! That in itself is a daunting job,considering the numbers of shelter dogs out there. No we can’t save them all. We have chosen not to move shelter dogs to just another shelter run to await random adoption who knows when. These lucky dogs are welcomed into the fosters own homes where they become part of that family for a short period ,where they are vetted, spayed or neutered, and they begin to learn what is feels like to be secure in a loving environment. They learn proper pack manners and housetraining and all that goes into making each one suitable to his/her new home. Most of these fosters are not paid ,other than the joy they feel when they know that this dog has found the right family. To say that this is for profit , why ,my dear , that is outrageous!!! If you followed the BLOG the very public account of the lives of these dogs,you would realize just how many people it takes to save just one. From the pullers down south ,the many legs of ground transport,those who volunteer to fly them,the vets and techs , the behaviourists , to the families who already have their own pets and children and choose to give these sometimes fearful,or aggressive dogs (how would you behave after spending a good part of your life in a dirty kennel??)They get what they need- whatever it may be. The buck stops here! No dog is given up on once they have been chosen. This tranformation is not always easy- just always worth it. Ask each and every single dogliberator ADOPTER. Anyone of the over two hundred in this first year….Yes, Anonymous, there is a Santa Clause and to each adopted dog and each “forever home” her name is GISELE!

Submitted on 2010/12/14 at 7:27 pm
And one more thing…

When I get an inquiry from someone interested in one of my fosters but it turns out they can’t afford the fee, I get on my computer and hunt up some options for them. I go to the websites of the more obscure rural shelters that are not listed on Petfinder and find them a couple of options that might work for them. I did it this morning for Joshua who asked after Kipper. I did it for Richard last week who asked after Dolly. There’s no “benefit” to us in my doing this. I am doing it to save more lives, to complete more families. I must be a really really horrible person!

Submitted on 2010/12/14 at 7:12 pm
Are your parents siblings….
We have to charge these prices because our unicorn ran out of shitting gold bricks!

Submitted on 2010/12/14 at 6:39 pm
I think adopting a puppy for Christmas is a GREAT idea, and not only will we adopt one, if they match our family, we’ll adopt TWO!

The fact that a rescue comes in and saves a dog in its final hours, takes them home to vet, spay/neuter, train and rehabilitate these poor critters (and by rehabilitate I mean trying to make the dog whole again after having suffered at the hands of human jerks with no respect for life), makes the life of the dog better and the chances for a good match with a family much easier.

Hats off to rescuers, especially those like the Dog Liberator!

Merry Christmas Anonymous, you don’t have to adopt during the holidays, but some of us will. Go and be a blessing to others.

Submitted on 2010/12/14 at 6:28 pm
“Anonymous said…

You seem to be promoting adoping a puppy for Christmas. Do you think that is a good idea?”

REALLY? Are you serious? Yes, I’m sure your idea is much better. We should have left them all in the unheated kill shelters to be euthanized for Christmas. That’s a much better idea. You are a selfish, self-centered individual who is quick to criticize but to do so anonymously. Forgive me if I fail to be impressed.
I have a house full of puppies that I have saved from illness and death, and for whom I will find wonderful loving homes (don’t worry ~ yours won’t be one of them). Because of this, I have not a single Christmas decoration up, no tree, no lights. I am too busy cleaning up after them, feeding them, loving on them, washing them, deworming them, bringing them to and from the vet,… Oh, am I boring you? I’m sure you have other places to go to share your Christmas joy.
I have children. They would like the house decorated. They would like for us to gather around and decorate the tree. But they know that this year, for Christmas, we are saving lives. And that’s okay. Because my children also know the true meaning of Christmas, a God who sacrificed all that we may have eternal life. We are sacrificing just a small bit so that these little ones can have life.
Merry Christmas Anonymous. Go and be a blessing to others.

Submitted on 2010/12/14 at 6:05 pm
Oh please do your research before you comment, do you have any idea the vet bills for these broken dogs, its three times the amount they are adopted out for. These are dogs that were to be euthanized, sure, they look pretty cuz we make them that way.
Holly bathes puppies all hours of the night and trains 24/7, the other fosters deal with training issues and personality issues,fear and biting- you people out there cant deal with. Why they were in shelter and pounds in the first place, you dont see the dirty stuff and know the stories of rehab, you only see the finished product…. The beautiful endings. Its nice to be all holier than thou at Christmas eh? thats the spirit!

Gisele Veilleux
Submitted on 2010/12/14 at 4:54 pm
Thank you for your comment Anonymous. There is never profit in rescue. While our prices appear to be high, the adoptions fees help cover expenses for our current dogs that in foster, waiting to be adopted, such as:

Joey, rescued from Miami, Emaciated and Heartworm Positive

Little Bear and Jasper, Owner-Surrendered, Heartworm Positive

Velveteen, rescued from Gainesville, underwent bladder surgery, and is deaf/blind

Miss Miami, rescued from Miami, hospitalized for Tick Paralysis

Dudley, rescued from Athens, Alabama, Emaciated, Kennel Cough, Heartworm Positive and Shot in the Chest, Dudley has been adopted.

Asia, found on Craig’s list, deaf/blind

Asia’s sister, Sparrow, who has a fractured left femur and an injured right foot.

Thanks again for your comment, and have a very Merry Christmas.


Submitted on 2010/12/13 at 12:37 pm
You seem to be promoting adoping a puppy for Christmas. Do you think that is a good idea? I don’t. Are you in this for a profit? It sure seems like it. Only cute puppies.
Only gorgeous dogs. Are you even a rescue or for PROFIT organization? Who couldn’t find homes for these dogs. Your prices are outrageous. Rethink what you are doing. A favor for them or yourself.


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