Ms Macaulay ~ Adopted

13268486_10154040857284792_8488673687990448536_oThis poor sweet girl was abandoned by her family. They moved away, and left her behind to fend for herself. As you can see her coat is severely matted, and the light has gone out of her eyes.

As we all know, dogs are stronger and more forgiving than most human beings. With love and care, we can help her regain her health and her trust in people, but we need your help.

She is a purebred sheltie and is estimated to be between 3 and 5 years old. Please take a moment to donate to our vet care fund, so we can help this baby, and many others!  Thank you so much. More photos and updates on this Sheltie girl coming soon! ♥ 13308466_10154040857279792_1029018648060403081_o

Once Macaulay is ready, she will be available for adoption. If you are interested in being considered for Ms Macaulay please read Our Adoption Process, answer the questions presented, and email us. You can also Check out her Photos on Facebook!




6/3/16 Update: So we shaved Macaulay down and discovered this sweet little boy was actually a sweet girl! Life is rough when you are so matted down that we can’t tell what gender you are! That being said, Macaulay is looking a lot more comfortable now and has arrived with TDL!


7/4/16 Update: Happy 4th for Ms Macaulay. Ms. Mac was adopted by the Berdeauxs of Port Orange. They recently lost a dog and their other dog was very sad and lonely. Looks Mac is fitting right in with her new family. Congrats!


Guess who was just adopted?






Fabio ~ Adopted!

13177473_10208401643494093_7266090172525329796_nFabio lives up to his name! Long flowing locks, soulful eyes, a real dreamboat. 😉 And at only 20 lbs, he’s travel-sized!

Check out his Photos on Facebook!

If you’d like to be considered for Fabio, please go here to learn all about Our Adoption Process. We don’t use a traditional application, but we would like you to answer a few questions so we can get to know you better.














13230132_10154011562794792_7530346380314706586_n 5/15/16 Update: Fabio was adopted by the Millers of Plant City, FL. He will be sharing his new home with their mini dachshund and their other Sheltie! Congrats, Fabio!





Little Bowie ~ Adopted

Little Bowie (2)Little Bowie is an 9 week old male Chihuahua/sheltie mix and is one of the 4 Bowie pups.

Check out his photos on Facebook!
Check out their Group Album on Facebook!

1/11/15 Update Little Bowie was adopted by the La Torre’s of Ormond Beach! Woo hoo!Little Bowie

Little Ziggy ~ Adopted

Little ZiggyLittle Ziggy is an 9 week old male Chihuahua/sheltie mix and is one of the 4 Bowie pups.

Check out his photos on Facebook!
Check out their Group Album on Facebook!

If you are interested in being considered for Little Ziggy please read Our Adoption Process, answer the questions presented in the article, and send your answers to the email listed in the post.12494826_10153704681424792_3050439278733621682_n

1/30/16 Update: Little Ziggy has been adopted by the Young family of Satellite Beach, FL!

Major Tom ~ Adopted!

mojor tomMajor Tom is an 9 week old male Chihuahua/sheltie mix and is one of the 4 Bowie pups.

Check out his photos on Facebook!
Check out their Group Album on Facebook!

If you are interested in being considered for Major Tom please read Our Adoption Process, answer the questions presented in the article, and send your answers to the email listed in the post.mojor tom (2)


1/31/16 Update: Major Tom was adopted by the McDonnells of Daytona Beach! Congrats to you and your new family, little guy!

Stardust ~ Adopted!

10565233_10153697461334792_8438413733572136692_n 12573184_10153697461864792_8239464578705322922_nStardust is an 9 week old female Chihuahua/sheltie mix and is one of the 4 Bowie pups.

Check out her photos on Facebook!
Check out their Group Album on Facebook!

If you are interested in being considered for Stardust please read Our Adoption Process, answer the questions presented in the article, and send your answers to the email listed in the post.



1/29/16 Update: Stardust was adopted by Sydney Flanigan of Coco Beach, FL. Congratulations to them both!

Kit, the Foxy Sheltie ~ Adopted!

Kit, the Foxy Sheltie

Kit, the Foxy Sheltie

Kit is estimated to be about 3-4 years of age.  She needs some grooming, but she’s still stunning!  Kit is very friendly and affectionate.  She was transported from Alabama yesterday, so she is still decompressing a bit!  We can see that she is a Sheltie, but many of us have said she is a fox!  We will be providing you with more details about her shortly!  The shelter says she is good with dogs, cats and kids!

Kit, saying goodbye to Johanna

Kit, saying goodbye to Johanna

We have a lot of great photos of Kit, and you can see them on her Facebook page.


Kit is in excellent health and is great with basic commands. She would do best as an only dog but we are not ruling out other possibilities.



9/9/15 Update: Kit was adopted by the Colberts of Daytona yesterday. Deborah is planning on taking Kit to work with her, and on visits to nursing homes. Yay, Kit!




KiKi, the Shorgie ~ Adopted!



1/25/15 Update: Exciting news for Kiki, She found her family! Pam and Art of Debary, FL fell for this little girl and decided it was time for her to be part of their family. Congratulations to them all!





1112/22/14 Update: Unfortunately we received word that due to changes in her owners health Kiki needs to find a new home. Kiki would do best in a quiet home, willing to crate her when things get exciting, as visitors can make her a bit anxious. She is not a fan of Kitties, and is unsure of new dogs, but once she has time to adjust she can learn to be friends. Kiki is also a little unsure about younger children, so a home with older, or no children would be ideal. More information to come.

Check out her Photos on Facebook.



KiKi doing the Magpie Look!

05/30/12 Update:  Woah!  KiKi is most definitely a herding dog, and she is good at it!  She has the low stare, the perfect stance, the focus and the desire to control movement.  I’m not at all surprised.  She has been shedding many unwanted pounds, is enjoying her daily walks and has accepted the fact that table scraps are not dog food!  KiKi should be adopted by a quiet couple, with no young children (as she will nip to control) and no cats.  KiKi would do very well on a farm where her talents and skills are needed.  When handled by a professional, her herding and prey drive could easily be redirected with a frisbee, flyball or agility training.

Marjie Wolfe, and Shelter Director Tracey Breen, send me several photos of this cute little thing.  I was hoping I would find a way to make room for her, and I did!  Kiki’s owner had to go into an assisted living facility after her health issues became a serious concern. Kiki is about 4-5 years old. She had lived with a pack of smaller dogs. She is a Sheltie, but a low-rider! She has Corgi legs and my daughter, Sarah says she’s a Shorgi! Unfortunately, Kiki needs to shed some pounds. I’ve been calling her Special K! Looks like her owner took very good care of her, and her dinner might have consisted of biscuits and gravy!

She is an awesome little dog, housebroken, smart, loves to go on walks, does not bark like most Shelties. At first she reminded me of Garcon, and Tiny Tim…. then I saw her spots and said, Shenandoah (Connie), and who could forget the Borgies?  They were one of the most stinking cute litters we ever rescued, but when the sunlight hit her face just right, I looked down at her and saw Magpie!  She is going to the vet this week, we will check for a spay mark, and if she needs to be spayed, we’ll take care of that!  She has had all of her shots, and has been microchipped.  Sarah paraded her around the neighborhood last night, and she was a major hit!

KiKi, the Shorgie!

Her giant photo album can be viewed on Facebook!

Update:  Yesterday was a hoot!  We took KiKi to Val-u-Vet in Deltona to see if she has been spayed and to have her nails cut (they were pretty long).  But before we got down to business, I asked all of the employees, (about 10-12) to guess her breed.  Definitely Corgi legs, but is she a Border Collie or a Sheltie. It was split down the middle… Dr. Oliver guessed Sheltie because of her coat, and I agree.  Others suggested Border Collie because of the spots on her nose and legs, and I agree.  This is one dog that really should be DNA tested!  So I’m no closer to suggesting if she’s a Shorgie or a Borgie!  One thing is for sure, she’s a doll!



Captain Jack Sparrow, the Sheltie Boy~Adopted.

Captain Jack Sparrow, the Sheltie

Captain Jack Sparrow, the Sheltie

Captain Jack came to us from Miami-Dade thanks to Patty Duenas who pulled him and transporter Jennifer that drove him to his foster. He was picked up as a stray and was described as very, very scared in the shelter environment.

This little Sheltie boy was in serious trouble, and we didn’t even know it.

Patty Wrote: He has a few staples on his neck that need to be removed in a week. He had a cut on his neck. Vet said that the “dreads” he had were pulling his skin apart. They weighed a lot. This dog broke my heart. I bathed him on Wednesday. He is so sad. He was not doing well in shelter environment. Can’t wait to see him flourish in a living home.

I’ve never heard of a dog needing grooming so much that it literally split his skin… that’s gross.  Michelle Kamber in Boynton Beach is fostering this little boy, and  he immediately was invited to play with her dog, Trixie!  While he was terrified at the shelter, he’s playing in foster care!

Happy Boy on Transport!

Happy Boy on Transport!

While we see the Sheltie in him, his ears and nose has us a bit confused.  He doesn’t have short little legs, so your guess is as good as mine! Jack is 25 pounds and while the shelter thought he was  5, we disagree and feel like he is  more likely about 3 years old.

9/14/14 Update: Michelle writes: “As soon as he got to our home, his tail started wagging and hasn’t stopped much since. I was prepared to spend a few days helping him get over is fright but that wasn’t necessary.   He was happy to explore the yard and loved meeting our dog. He seems to like other dogs a lot and has been following our pup Trixie around like a shadow. He’s met the cats too but couldn’t care less about them.

Captain Jack is not overly clingy to the humans but will come around for affection every so often and then is happy to go play with the dog. He’s more likely to follow another dog around the house than the human. He has a very sweet personality and has been perfectly behaved so far. He’s potty trained, gentle, quiet, playful with other dogs and loves to have his ears scratched. Jack is not too sure about toys, it’s like he’s never seen them before. We are working on getting him to realize the fun of all the toys in the basket. My baby nephew came over yesterday and he was perfect with him as well.

Captain Jack Sparrow

He is a fan of the couch!

9/28/14 Update: Michelle writes: “We’ve had Captain Jack for a little over two weeks now and boy has he come out of his shell!  He’s one of the most loving, sweet and easy dogs I’ve fostered.  He got his staples out from his neck boo-boo last week and was a star at the vet’s office.  Everyone fell in love with the good nature and cuteness of our Captain.
He has become super affectionate.  He loves to be pet and scratched all over and will melt his body into your legs for more.  Captain Jack is great with dogs, cats, and people of all ages.  He also gets very excited about car rides and when the leash comes out.

We will get more updates soon, but in the meantime, you can visit his photo album on Facebook.

Captain Jack is going home!

Captain Jack is going home!

Update:   Captain Jack was adopted by Rick of Fort Myers.  He’s making himself at home and creating a relationship with Rick’s cats!  Can’t wait for updates!  You can see more adoption photos on his facebook album.





4/7/16 Update: It is with a heavy heart that we share the news of Jack’s passing. 3 weeks ago he was diagnosed with a heart issue which ultimately became too much. Our hearts and prayers go out to his family as they grieve his loss.



Marlo-Corgi – Border Collie – Attacked by Coyote

The Bite

The Bite

History:   There is an invisible sign in front of every rescuer’s yard…  that only the animals can see… and this girl stumbled onto Laura’s home today. Emaciated and severely injured, Laura’s son, Josh Kern is playing doctor. We need two things, donations for her medical care, and a ride from Crystal River to Deltona where she can see our vet immediately. Please help! visit this page do donate.

This sweet girl is letting Josh clean her wound. Josh is making chicken stew!

Amanda and Dr. Ed start working on Marlo right away.

Amanda and Dr. Ed start working on Marlo right away.

We’ve named her Marlo Thomas… yes, she is THAT GIRL! We’ve learned a lot in the last 24 hours that we will share shortly. For now, she is at Newman Vets of Deltona and let the technicians clean her up. She was covered in ticks and severely matted, she will need to be shaved down.

We believe she is a Corgi and either Sheltie or Border Collie. She is a low rider! Dr. Ed confirmed that the marks are a bite but a bite from what? We have received emails that she has been spotted on her own for many months from Marion County and Cirtrus County.  Is it really her that people claim they have seen her?  I think it might be.  She does a very unique look to her.

Dr. Ed believes she is about 2 years old, and she has been eating rocks!  Her teeth are a bit worn down, but they are in good shape.

Tracy comes to help pull the ticks off

Tracy comes to help pull the ticks off

She is truly a wanderer and quite happy living on the land, unfortunately this time, something got her. What’s in these woods? Racoons, Possums, Fox, Coyote, wild dogs and feral cats. We’ll never know, but whatever bite her, bit her good.

Special thanks to Randy Post and his wife, who transported her to us today. Randy adopted Millhouse from us last year.

You can see many more photos of her on Facebook.

More details coming soon on her page, and thank you for your donations, and all of your help!

Marlo, ready for her foster home!

Marlo, ready for her foster home!

Update:  We met Marlo yesterday, her wound is almost completely healed.  Johanna and Adriaan, along with their adopted TDL Dog Shep/Alfie are perfect for her.  Marlo tended to gravitate toward Adriaan, his calm energy is what she needs!

Boo Boo is all gone!

Boo Boo is all gone!

More Updates coming soon!  Please visit her Facebook Photo Album to see more great photos of her recovery!


09/01/14 Update:  Marlo was Adopted Saturday by Kristy.  The moment we posted Marlo’s horrible photos of her injury, Kristy emailed us, wanting to adopt… but we had to wait.  We had to wait for Marlo to get better, and the folks at Newman Vet, Deltona took care of that!  And, we had to wait for her to be in foster care for a few days so we could evaluate her.

Marlo goes home

Marlo goes home

Marlo is going to take baby steps in her rehabilitation, and we are confident that Kristy will help her along!  Updates soon!

We received about eight emails from people who wanted to adopt Marlo, and selecting her new home was not easy.  Kristy lives very close by, which put our mind at ease, her dog has very calm energy, and her husband has a lot of experience being a dog-owner.   We really need to give Marlo at least a month before Kristy can decide if Marlo is her forever dog!


Immediate Donations Needed for Marlo



There is an invisible sign in front of every rescuer’s yard…

that only the animals can see… and this girl stumbled onto Laura’s property today. Emaciated and severely injured, Laura’s son, Josh Kern is playing doctor. We need two things, donations for her medical care, and a ride from Crystal River to Deltona where she can see our vet immediately. Please help! visit this page do donate.

scared, emaciated and injured

scared, emaciated and injured

This sweet girl is letting Josh clean her wound. Josh is making chicken stew!

Thank you all for your support, you can read her updates on her page,




Leo and his new family, Bruce, Nina and their son!

Leo and his new family, Bruce, Nina and their son!

Leo was adopted by Bruce, Nina and their handsome son, from Winter Springs.  The Bromance started immediately!  Can’t wait for updates!

History:  This wonderful boy is now living with my pack and my kids! He is not 5-6 years of age… he has too much puppy joy and his teeth are gorgeous! I estimate he’s about 2. He has mild separation anxiety, has been crate-trained, and not thunder phobic. He is great with my little 4 pound Rosie, and has no prey drive. He is incredibly friendly and loving, and adores my daughter, Sarah. Leo is a wonderful family dog!

right off transport, Leonardo made friends quickly!

right off transport, Leonardo made friends quickly!

This stunning young boy arrived yesterday, and he is amazing. Affectionate and loving.  Estimated to be about six years old, he’s going to make an awesome family dog!  He is at the vet, and going to be examined, and start his heartworm treatment early this week!  We want to thank Jeanette and Lee for dropping everything and transporting them to us yesterday.  Jeanette kept saying, “I can’t believe he was a stray, he’s such a good boy.”    Who wouldn’t want a fully trained dog?

You can see more photos of him on Facebook.


A special thank you to those who donated toward his medical care.


Attention TDL Peeps. We have said YES to this dog, without asking in advance for your commitment to help us with his veterinary care needs. This gorgeous dog is HW+, due to no fault of his own, but because his people failed to keep him protected. There is no reason why a highly adoptable dog like this one, should be put down because of his previous owner’s negligence. He passed the temperament test with flying colors… so I say to you… Let’s Do This! If you’d like to donate toward his medical care, please visit

Shelter Photo

Shelter Photo

Dear Rescue:

This is a 6+ year old male Sheltie (Apollo) in the Tuscaloosa Metro Animal Shelter, a high-kill animal control shelter in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. This beautiful boy recently tested positive for heartworms, which is usually a very immediate death sentence for Metro dogs.

This gorgeous boy is a volunteer FAVORITE, due, of course, to his captivating beauty and perfect temperament. He has a sociable, energetic personality and plays wonderfully with other dogs and children. His SAFER assessment indicates that he’d make a wonderful pet for adults, families with children, and seniors; we have no doubt that he could be adopted out very quickly. He came to the shelter as a stray on 6/19/14, he will be euthanized quickly based on his HW status if rescue cannot be arranged. I am attaching pictures, his cage card, and his behavioral assessment for your consideration. ~ Thank you


Can I go home with you?

Can I go home with you?

Angel was adopted by Rich and Becky of Orlando on December 20th!

I'm ready for the good life!

I’m ready for the good life!

History:  This petite female comes to us from Alabama, she was the mother of Angel’s puppies.  She was heartworm positive, has been treated, and is ready to find her forever home, just like her puppies did with us several months ago.  She has a lot of energy, is extremely intelligent and affectionate.

The Entertainer!

The Entertainer!

She has been homeless, pregnant, raised a litter of pups, and underwent heartworm treatment.  This girl has done it all!

Angel has had a hard life, but those days are behind her.  She’s ready to be part of a family.

You can see more of her photos on Facebook.


History:  Gisele,

I want to share with you the sweet momma (I named her Angel) and her three puppies that I am committed to finding safe, loving homes so that the rest of their lives can be much better than their beginning. I think that Denise Hoyle has already mentioned them to you. She had six, but three have been adopted.

This summer I met a young homeless woman, who had been living in the woods for over a year. She wanted a better life but would not abandon these creatures. My husband, a friend, and I arranged to pick them up on August 1st and drove them to my veterinarian’s clinic where they continue to receive exceptional care and love.

I am fortunate to be able to go each day and walk Angel and also spend time in the run with the babies getting lots of puppy love. Three puppies have recently been adopted by dear friends and I am continuing to reach out through emails, Facebook, and local rescues in the hopes that the others will find safe, loving, forever homes as well. In addition, I am desperately looking for a foster for Angel so that she can begin treatment for heart worms as soon as possible. Gisele, my vet believes that these babies are a border collie/shep mix. If you think you can help me, or offer any assistance finding a foster for Angel, please email me. Thank you for all that you do. ~ Joan Stough

Jalo Revisited

Mary, Boo Boo and Gidget

Mary, Boo Boo and Gidget

One year after Jalo now Gidget was adopted, I asked Mary to provide us with an update, hoping she could share with us the joys of adopting a Senior dog!  Mary writes:

And of course, this little Sheltie, Jalo, came home with me… when I first saw Jalo (now Gidget) walk up my driveway, she had no fur, sores covering her little body and little chipmunk teeth….but she definite has attitude! She walked right up to my 18 year old cat and ate her food! She knew she found her forever home! My little Gidget is just a sweetheart!

Gidget never leaves my side and when I leave the house, she waits by the front door for my return. Gidget runs the house….Trek and Hey Boo Boo know that she is in charge and she seems to enjoy it! I swear she has sense of humor!

Gidget, with her full coat

Gidget, with her full coat

Gidget’s age is not known, but her vet and I believe she is well past 10 years old. It did not take me long to realize Gidget is deaf.  At first I thought she was just stubborn, but when she didn’t hear the vacuum, I knew she was deaf…but Gidget does enjoy being vacuumed! Now that she has an amazing new coat, it helps keep the house a little cleaner! Gidget was just a breeding dog that was dumped when she was no longer of use, She never knew love nor how to play. She now knows love, but still just stares at me when I throw a ball. The old “puppies” love unconditionally and are love bugs!

I remember when I first lost Nitro checking Petfinder for another senior Aussie and found a sweet, horribly neglected 11 year old Aussie named Summer. I knew that Gidget would need a lot of TLC, so I thought I would wait until Gidget was settled in and comfy before looking for a companion. In April I checked again on Petfinders and found that Summer still needed a home….I guess it was meant to be that Summer would come home to the Burns house! Another senior that no one wanted would now have a forever home! I know people want the perfect little puppies, but I wish they could understand how precious the old “puppies” are and the joy they bring to your life! Summer is now named Hey Boo Boo….and what a doll baby! She had a horrible life as a breeding dog, but is now living the life of leisure.

Gidget's first Easter in Cocoa Beach

Gidget’s first Easter in Cocoa Beach

She was given a nice doggie bed, but she prefers the white futon! Anytime I walk past Hey Boo Boo she rolls over for her tummy rub! Hey Boo Boo, Trek and Gidget compete for tummy rubs! I need a third hand! But when you lay down with her, she wraps her paws around you like a child. It is so great to watch Trek, Hey Boo Boo and Gidget together….they love their walks, visits to the beach and drives in the car.

I love my precious seniors… I still miss my Little Nitro terribly ….he brought total joy to me which made me commit to only adopting the seniors. The old puppies need to know love, hugs and kisses… for whatever time they have left. I truly have a full and happy home…..Eve (18 year old kitty), Trek (Bob’s 9 year old Shepherd mix), Gidget (12 plus Sheltie) and Hey Boo Boo (12 year old Aussie)!


Jalo: “Shelters Suck!”

This is an awesome before and after photo eh?  This little girl just happened to be dropped off at Miami-Dade Animal Services while Jackie was just walking by….  and she called me!  Cute little thing is about five years old and she weighs in at 35 pounds.  There is no background information, no reason why.

Here are her photos on Facebook.

On Facebook, Mickey Hibbard writes:  it always puzzles me,, WHY?? and HOW?? these babies are so sweet, and abandoned to death?? ugh,, shame on the owners,,but blessings are coming to jalo,, and some soft hearted people out there, who have been waiting just for her ♥

My response to Mickey is all we know is her story has just begun my dear.  I hear she has been very neglected.  It will take much work to get this girl healthy again.  Jackie is in charge!!!  She is a sheltie, about five years old, but she is in bad shape with regard to hot spots, matting and her coat.  Jackie reports the only way to treat the skin is to shave her down a bit.  Good news is her teeth are good and she is heartworm negative… that is a miracle!  She will undergo the TDL transformation for sure!

JaLo: “Free at Last, Free at Last!”

We will have more photos and details about this sweet little Sheltie, but for now, she is sleeping in a comfy bed next to Jackie safe and sound!  I didn’t know what it was about her face that reminded me of Little Nitroright away, but now I do… it’s those eyes, and especially her eyebrows!  We have since learned that Little Nitro passed away Wednesday.  We hope that his story, his history and the way in which Nitro touched people’s hearts, will help promote adopting a senior pet.  Even though Jalo is estimated to be about five years old, once again, her vet believes she “looks” much older because she has not been well cared for.  Here’s more details written by Jackie:

Hi Gisele,

Jalo and I had a very busy day. She did great throughout the night. Slept soundly on her bed which is located at the foot of my bed. She didn’t move a muscle. I dont think she has ever slept on an actual bed before. She probably thinks she is getting the luxury treatment. Once we awoke she went right outside and did her business. After getting ready it was off to the vet.

Saying her prayers!

I took her to Briarwood Animal Hospital in Miami, where I used to work for almost two years. Dr. Diaz, my old boss was great. He loves meeting all my rescues and is always ready to help. He confirmed the previous diagnosis of Seborrhea Sicca. After speaking to him about the different treatment methods we both agreed that the best way to attack the skin condition at its core is to treat it with antibiotics (Cephalexin 250 mg twice daily) and to shave her and treat her with medicated baths (Dermazole shampoo) three times a week. We will monitoring her progress for improvement. If her skin does not improve in a few weeks then he will add an anti fungal medication to continue to combat the infection.

Dr. Diaz informed me that this kind of skin condition can be caused by a number of other underlying issues, the main ones being thyroid problems, diabetes, and Cushings disease. While I am still waiting for the results of the thyroid test, diabetes and cushings disease has been ruled out.
Her blood work was normal except for her white blood cell count which was a bit elevated but that is normal given her skin infection. After discussing her treatment I began shaving her coat. You could see the instant relief in her eyes. It took me two hours to carefully shave her, being sure not to irritate her skin further. Shaving her revealed several large patches of dead and scaly skin. As I was shaving her paws down I noticed that her front left paw had not one dew claw, but two! I had never seen that before. After clipping the area further I noticed that both de claws had grown so long that it had pierced her skin and was embedded. One of the de claws fell out after clipping. The embedded portion of one nail had to be pulled out using hemostats. Fortunately there was no infection at the site of the nail and no abscess had formed.

Once shaved I bathed her using the medicated shampoo, being sure to scrape off all the dead skin. Her coat already looks so much better.  She behaved so well and was so cooperative during the whole process. I have never had a dog behave so well during a body shave in my two years at working at the clinic. Everyone marveled at how excellent she behaved. Once I brought her home she immediately perked up. She has been exploring my home and walking up and down the house wagging her tail. She occasionally will come up to me and rub her face on my legs and then roll over on her back for me to pet her belly. She is really starting to open up. I think she is a real treasure. Will be sending you photos later tonight!   ~Jackie
When I saw this photo on my phone, it didn’t show much detail.  But this morning, I see a lot of redness, I see those bad spots Jackie talked about.  Jackie asked me if she could shave Jalo… I said no, but after she described her condition and explained that there would be no way for us to treat her skin condition without a fresh start… without shaving all of that un-cared for hair… I said yes!
Jackie states that Jalo ignored some cats, but we are going to try to cat-test her shortly!

Beautiful inside and out


Adoption Update:  

Jalo now GiGi and Mary

Hi Gisele and Jackie,

My friend stopped by to take a couple of pictures…hope they are okay!  I thought it was cute that GiGi walks with her blanket like Nitro…she is a funny girl!  I also sent a picture of Nitro…they look so much a like….Gisele, you were so right when you mention she reminded you of Little Ntiro….those sad little eyes….but this little GiGi is mischievous…but very funny!
I never know what I am going to find when I come home, but I greeted like I have been gone for days!
Everyday is a new day with little GiGi!  Take care and thank you for all you do for this precious puppies!


Blake Sheltie~Adopted

a little needy and affectionate... just like Blake!

a little needy and affectionate… just like Blake!

This little man also comes from Alabama. He has a home here in Florida waiting for him. He arrived last night. Appears he was purchased for the kids, but the kids didn’t play with him. Unfortunately, he has a mark on his neck… I guess he was tied to something outside and ignored. Laura says he’s very matted, but I’m sure our Serena Drake will take care of him! The mark on his neck has scabbed over, Laura says it doesn’t hurt him. He’ll be wearing a harness for a while! He’ll be seeing the vet next week for a complete physical, including a heartworm check and neuter. He’s described as a Velcro dog… geez, I wonder why!

His photos can be viewed on Facebook.

Blake and Laura

Blake and Laura

09/01/13 Update:  Blake is awesome!  His coat is severely matted, and discolored from exposure.  He’s not sure about coming into the house… probably because he was never allowed to!  He’s very quiet in his crate, he has great manners, and everyone just loves him!

09/06/13 Update: Blake was adopted yesterday by Beatrice of Port St. Lucie. Beatrice emailed me back in February about adopting a dog. The dogs she was interested in had already been adopted, or they were dogs with issues. After talking to Beatrice for hours, and learning more about her, I realized that she was great at taking broken dogs, and rehabilitating them. As a matter of fact, the more I talked to her, and we shared our experiences, Beatrice reminded me of myself!

Blake, now Prince

Blake, now Prince

One day, I asked her bluntly, “Isn’t it time you adopt a great dog… a perfect dog? Isn’t it time you enjoy your dog and get a dog that you don’t have to fix?”

I don’t think she expected my candidness! Impatient, she searched other rescues, and actually adopted a dog. I believe that night, the dog bit her! She was heartbroken, but had to return the dog. She described in detail the condition of the rescue, it was appalling. I asked her again to be patient. Yet every time I posted a new dog, she’d email or call, asking if she could adopt.

You’d think I’d just say yes, right? Well, I did but then Beatrice injured herself and the time just wasn’t right. Two months later, Becky sent me a photo of little Blake Sheltie, and he was perfect!

Can we go now?

Can we go now?

From the moment Blake became a TDL dog, I was asking questions about his temperament… he was a fit!

Needless to say, I’ve been sending Beatrice daily updates on Blake, and when she arrived yesterday, she was already in love with him. “All of my friends are anxious to meet him!”

Ready to go home now?

Ready to go home now?

Blake’s new name is Prince (fitting). And I even though I know Beatrice isn’t going to really spoil him rotten… he will be spoiled!

I’m hoping this little Prince goes through Canine Good Citizenship Training and Certification. He’s that perfect!

Beatrice has been sending me updates, it’s all good!  Prince has convinced the cat that they are truly allowed on the bed!

Being a TDL dog ROCKS!

Being a TDL dog ROCKS!


TiramisuBeautiful little pup had upper respiratory, but she’s all better now.  She was born around 2/25/13 and is not expected to be a big girl.  She’s being fostered by Laura, rescued by Becky Harshman.  Details coming soon.  You can see her photo album on Facebook.



This gorgeous little pup has been adopted by a lovely family in Leesburg, Florida.

Honey Boo Boo~Adopted

Stinking Cute!

This little one is only 6-7 weeks old.  It’s too soon to tell her breed.  She presents Collie or Sheltie, maybe Aussie, we’re just now sure.  She really reminds me of our Nutella.  Jackie will be giving us more information about her personality shortly.

Her photo album is on Facebook.  I don’t think she’s a real dog, she looks like a stuffed animal to me!

She’s being fostered by Jackie in the Miami-Dade area.





Honey Boo Boo and the Lee Family!

Honey Boo Boo must have received over 20 emails of interest. Jackie went through them all, but we only have one Honey Boo Boo! She was adopted by the Lee family last week…. and Jackie is identifying many adorable dogs that need good homes… so stay stuned!

Too Cute to be Real!

Queen’s Diamond Jubilee~Adopted

Absolutely Stunning!

Update:  Jubilee as at the vet. Dr. Oliver discovered a very bad tooth that had been broken and really gross. It looked like a small piece of wood, brown and black, and boy did she shriek! Ouch! I’m sure this has been causing her a lot of pain, for a very long time. Today, it will be removed and she will have a brand new smile! After all, a gorgeous girl like her deserves only the best!

This stunning young lady comes to us from Becky Harshman, Birgmingham, Alabama.  She is five years old, and labeled a Border Collie/Aussie.  I want to disagree.  She does have a tail, it’s gorgeous. Special thanks to Erica and Mary Brilliant for volunteering to do the last leg of her transport!

Her nose presents collie or sheltie, her coat is luxurious.  I can’t decide between Collie, Sheltie, Border Collie, or Aussie.  Who cares?  She takes my breath away, she is stunning.  She is housebroken, quiet and a love muffin.  She does show some herding drive.  She is slowly being introduced to the pack with much success.  She is hw negative, spayed, microchipped, and has had all of her shots.  She needs to shed a few pounds!  A dog like this only comes around once every year or so.  She’s up there in my book, with Tim Tebow and Lady Truelove!

You can see her photo album on Facebook.

What a profile!

If you are interested in adopting, please tell us a bit about yourself. We do not have an adoption application but instead rely upon on interview process. At a minimum, please share such things as

where you live,
household composition,
yard setup and/or exercise plan,
pets you have and/or had,
work schedule and amount of time the dog would be alone,
what contingency plans you have in place should you no longer be able to care for your dog,
if you rent do you have landlord approval,
what you are looking for in a dog, etc.
if you are approved to adopt during your meet, are you prepared to bring your new dog home with you?

How could such a beautiful dog be homeless?

The more information the merrier. And there are no “right” answers. Honest!  Please include a phone number at which you may be reached. Email this information to

Thank you again!

Visit us on Facebook to get the latest updates on our rescued dogs.


Jubilee was adopted on 6/11/12 by Mr. & Mrs. George Taylor of Tavares!

The Taylor Family!

Nick-O-Time, the Sheltie Puppy

I’d like to introduce you to Nick-O-Time. This little guy came to us from Miami. He was found wandering the streets and taken to a shelter. Unfortunately, after spending too long in the shelter, this puppy’s time was up. Nick-o was scheduled to be euthanized, and for some inexplicable reason, he was never put down. And we are so grateful for that fact. Nick-o is such a wonderful puppy. We have nicknamed him the “Perfect Pup”; mostly due to the fact that he arrived to us completely housetrained. Yes, you read correct, this 2-3 month old puppy hasn’t had one accident in the house! He is playful, affectionate, loves other dogs, and absolutely adores the company of children. This little pup reminds me a bit of Khaz’ Noodle! He is the perfect mix of Sheltie and … maybe Aussie, who knows?!? To be honest, his breed is becomes irrelevant when you see what a wonderful dog he truly is! We anticipate him to be around 40lbs when he is full grown. All this “Perfect Pup” needs now is the perfect loving home.

Great with other dogs!


10/27/11: A little pup from Miami, saved by Andrea & Patty is now being fostered by Kevin & Mel. Just a few weeks old, they say he’s gorgeous and sleeping in their car. This little guy has a big story to share with us… Here is Nicko’s full story, sent to us by one of his rescuers, Patty!

Gisele, Thank you so much for saving Nick (Celo). Here is his story.

I saw Nick (Celo) on the Miami Dade Animal Services website. My first thought was that he would be quickly adopted because he was absolutely adorable or that his owner would certainly be claiming him soon. He had been found as a stray wandering the streets of Miami on October 15th and after a 5 day holding period for him to be claimed he would be available for adoption. Every day I would look and as days passed, he was still there. I couldn’t understand it but I know all too well how many beautiful puppies and dogs get euthanized everyday.

On Monday October 24th he was no longer listed and I was so happy because I thought he had found his forever home over the weekend. I called MDAS to verify his status and was told he had been euthanized. I felt awful and shared the news with Andrea Rigler who had also been watching this puppy.

At the MDAS Shelter

We were both shocked and saddened because he was one of those faces you see and it touches your heart. In the early evening I had a facebook message stating that Nick (Celo) was back on the MDAS website and after another phone call it was confirmed that the information given to me in the morning was incorrect and Nick was still alive but had probably been on the euthanasia list for the day but for some reason had been spared.

I called Andrea right away and her response was “I’m on it” and a few minutes later she told me TDL would take him. I quickly sent in a DNE (Do Not Euthanize) email to MDAS but I knew that was not no guarantee.

Curious Little Pup!!!

So on Tuesday I went to MDAS to place a hold on this precious baby and soon he will be on his way to becoming a TDL Dog! I couldn’t be happier because I know he is going to an amzaing place and that soon he will be in a forever home. After 10 days of being in an overcrowded shelter sleeping in a small cage with other dogs, tonight he will sleep on a soft bed safe and sound! Tomorrow he will be on his way to TDL!!!

Nicko with Patty D

Nick is laying on my dog Smoky’s bed making himself at home. My little niece is at my house and she told me that he doesnt look like a “Celo”. So I asked her what does he look like and after thinking about it she looked at him and sighed and said, “Oh Henry you are so cute”. So for tonight his new name is Oh Henry! ~Patty D.

Yes, Nick is being fostered by Kevin and Mel and I can’t wait to see the photos pouring in!  Click here to see more photos in his photo album on Facebook.


Nick-O is Going Home!

Update:  Nick-o-Time has been adopted! Angela and Doug drove all the way down from Gainesville to pickup the puppy that they absolutely fell in love with yesterday. They are a young active couple that will spoil Nicko rotten! They also agreed to the occasional play date with Mel and I and our own pups, which just sealed the deal 😉 I have no doubt that Angela and Doug have just adopted one of the greatest dogs my wife and I will ever meet. We love him so much, so we are so glad he found such a wonderful forever home. – Kevin


12/10/12 Update:

Hi there,
I’ve been wanting to do this for a while!

Thank you for putting this upcoming gathering in Saturday. We will be joining you, but before that I still wanted to share with some of the most recent pictures of Niko.
I hope it is not too late.

Also, we were hoping to meet the person who rescue Niko from the pawn in Miami. We are so grateful to her for Niko and to Kevin and Mel, who we have kept in contact with. He has become an essential part of our lives. Just to let you know, he will be taking his therapy dog exam on the 16th of this month, and we have no doubt he will be joining our therapy family soon. he is a super smart, loving, gentle (as you can see on the pic below with his cousin Luna) and playful pup. We could not ask for more.
Well, with that being said, thank you ver y much for bringing joy to many people and families!
See you guys on Saturday.

Grace Kelly, the Sheltie Beauty ~ Adopted

A petite little thing

Grace Kelly comes to us from Deb Gaylord, who has fostered many wonderful Alabama dogs for us, including Baby Ga Ga, Rusty, Casey Rose, Fonzie, and many others. She arrived yesterday, toward the end of our reunion, and when I took a peek inside the van, I was stunned at how tiny is she. She’s a little Sheltie girl! She is about one year old, and is being fostered by Mel & Kevin Scott and their pack. Like Hollie Collie, she was nervous at first, but calmed down very quickly. I can’t imagine what she must think, being in a car all day, and to be dropped off in the middle of a dog rescue’s reunion! We’re looking forward to updates from Kevin, but so far, she’s doing great!

More of her photos can be viewed on Facebook. If you are interested in meeting Grace Kelly, email me   Special thanks to Becky and Rita for their help in the transport!

Foster Update:  Kevin wants to continue to foster Grace for at least another week.  She is shy and fearful, and the exposure to new environments and new people is just what she needs.  Therefore, she will not be available until November 19th.

Nov. 19, 2011: ADOPTED!!! Grace Kelly has been adopted by Chris Ray of Jacksonville! Chris has been sooo excited to meet and adopt Gracie since we first talked 11 days ago. When they walked through the door, it was love at first sight! Of course, that was after we got Gracie to stop staring up in the trees long enough to come and meet her new Mommy! I can’t wait to hear all about Gracie’s new life in Jacksonville! – Kevin


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