Celeste ~ Adopted!

What a good girl!

What a good girl!

Meet Celeste! She’s a 3-4 year old 30 lb Spaniel/BC mix. She’s very sweet and a little bit shy. She would also do best in a home without other dogs as they make her nervous.
A big thanks to Jeff Bennett and to Jeanette and Lee Dixon for transporting Celeste to us.



If you’d like to be considered for this lovely girl, please go here to learn more about our adoption process.

Check out her Photos on Facebook!
Celeste is in Deltona, FL.

More information coming soon!



10/108/15 Update: Celeste was adopted by the McCrays of Jacksonville! Go Celeste!


Jolene ~ Adopted!

994113_10153205230034792_4019262685380639102_n[1] Jolene was a last minute addition on transport yesterday, and we’re so very excited to have her! She’s a lovely little girl, around 1 1/2 years old and weighing in at only 15 pounds.

We’re not sure what breeds Jolene is. Our best guess is that she is a Beagle/Spaniel/Collie mix. Whatever she is, she’s absolutely adorable, and that’s a fact.

Jolene is very friendly with both men and women, and she’s had a dog buddy in the past. She’s very bright, but not hyper at all. A perfect little friend!

See her photos on Facebook!


Unloading from her first flight!



6/11/15 Update: Jolene went to her forever home tonight! She’ll be living in Lake Mary with her new mom, Macarena!







More details coming soon!

Lenny – The fluffy little boy! ~ Adopted!

11150809_10153189485379792_4921830681176971320_nLenny is being transported to us on the 30th, along with his sister, Libby. We don’t know a whole lot about him yet, but we believe that he’s around 12 weeks old, and that he’s an Aussie/Collie/Spaniel mix.

Both he and his sister have intestinal parasites and mange, so they will need quite a bit of vetting when they get to us, so any donations to our Veterinary Care Fund would be greatly appreciated:

Check out his Photos on Facebook!


5/30/15 Update!  Lenny is a very active and smart young boy! Curious and friendly, he’d make a great family dog. The folks at the vet’s office think he’s going to be a fairly large dog, definately bigger than his sister, Libby. Lenny is currently at Newman Vet, and will be available for adoption soon. If you’d like to be considered for him, please check out Our Adoption Process
6/1/15 Update! Lenny was adopted by Daniella and Mark tonight. Congrats on your wonderful new puppy, guys!11391761_10153208499209792_4397526763494819616_n

More photos and details coming soon!


Little Whitney~Adopted

Whitney before grooming!

Whitney before grooming!

Rescued from Anniston Shelter in Alabama, Whitney and her BFF Wendy were surrendered after their human found himself homeless. So sad. Both are very friendly, and weighs about 28 pounds. I didn’t get any good photos of Whitney… she went straight into the back for a much needed grooming and spa day!

Whitney is shy, and is using Wendy as her compass, this is not good!  Whitney needs to learn to trust humans, and find joy in creating a bond, this will happen quickly once she is adopted.


New photos coming soon!

Check out her Facebook Photo Album for more pictures!

Whitney and Curtis

Whitney and Curtis

Update:  Whitney was adopted by Curtis and Elaine.  Curtis recently lost his spaniel, and was very lonely!  Elaine saw Whitney and encouraged Curtis to meet her.  It didn’t take long before Curtis realized Whitney needs him more than he needs her!

Bette Midler~Adopted

the life of the party!

the life of the party!

We posted her photo on Facebook, and within hours a former adopter of one of our Friends Puppies said… “Mine!  My puppy needs a playmate!”

Going Home!

Going Home!

That was just too easy!  You can see more of her photos on Facebook, and we will share her adoption photos after she is vetted and spayed!

Bette was adopted and playing with Janice, a Friends Puppy!


Molly is a 7 mo. old border collie mix pup. She is just beautiful and desperately needs a home. She was found in the woods here in Georgia. We don’t know why she was there. There was no collar or id. All we can assume is that this beautiful girl was dumped there for Christmas.

She was found cold, scared,hungry, and alone. The nice lady who found her took her in fed her and tried to find her owner. But evidently , they did not want to be found. This lady’s 2 German Shepherds are not treating her very kindly so we were asked to find her a home. Molly is very sweet and loving and just wants to be with you.

Molly is one of hundreds that gets dumped in the woods, on country roads, outskirts of farms, subdivisions, every day here in Georgia. You know they were dumped because there are no collars and no I.D. They figure someone will give them a home. They can drive away leaving these babies behind believing in their mind that it is the best thing for the dog. They take no responsibility for the fact that these dogs might starve, be eaten by wild animals, shot, run over, or worse. How can you take a pet that is part of your home and family and leave them to fend for themselves? Especially, the puppies??

Mollie Collie, thrown in the trash

Can you help Molly be one of the success stories? Show her she can love and trust again, that she will have a forever home and not be dumped again.

If you are interested in adopting sweet Molly please contact me at vicki.thedogliberator@gmail.com

Esme and Carlisle, Cavaliers


These two gorgeous Cavaliers are just waiting for affection.  Both are papered purebreds, and are approximately 4 years old.  Their vetting today was extensive, both needing some serious dental work, and extractions.  Both are being treated for acute ear infections.

We hope to be able to interact with them shortly, and new photos and video will be coming soon.

Esme weighs 14.2 pounds, and Carlisle weighs 15.7 pounds.  Their photo album can be viewed on Facebook.  We checked up on all of the dogs today, and the minute they saw Sarah, the tails were out of control!!!!  Both Esme and Carlisle are heartworm positive, their slow kill treatment is starting immediately.



Click here to read the complete story about their rescue.

These Dogs are Sponsored by Lynne Deal & The Corner Bar & Grill, Clearwater

Puppy Mayhem

I am often asked how I can foster puppies, let alone so many. It takes a lot of planning and flexibility. Plan for the day, flexible for when the plan falls apart! As a general rule, I take the puppies outside so they can wear themselves out, then I bring them inside so they can play in the house at a calm level, then they go in their crates for a nap, then I take them outside…. over and over, all day long. It doesn’t always work as planned (please refer back to the need for flexibility). These two videos were taken the same morning, the first during outside play, the second during inside. Obviously, this was one of the days that the plan didn’t work. What can I say? Puppy joy is contagious!!!



You can read more about the puppies on their blog pages, Dachshunds, Australian Cattle Dogs , Spaniels and German Shepherd. And if you need more videos to make you smile, visit the video section of our facebook page!

Santa Prepares the Scruffy Puppies for Christmas Joy – Adopted

The Scruffy Puppies are on their way to Santa’s Workshop to become this year’s most loved Christmas Presents!

I love the holidays. There is always something magical about this time of year, the promise of something unexpected. This year, that promise was fulfilled in a litter of scruffy puppies. I had agreed to take in Jackson Brown and Sprint, two border collies in a shelter in Alabama. At the last minute, on 10/18/09 the shelter asked if I would also take a litter of puppies. If not, they would be euthanized since they were not weaned and they didn’t have the staff to bottle-feed them. Good grief, what would you say? Yeah, me too! Click here for the original story.

And so arrived on my doorstep the Scruffy puppies, as I came to call them. Soooo tiny, so fragile. We fed them mushy puppy food with formula, we gave them meds, we dewormed them, we loved them, we did all we knew how, but sadly two of them didn’t make it. But those that did? Oh my, they’re beautiful! Four girls, two boys. Breed? I don’t know. There was obviously more than one father involved ~ did you know that littermates can have different dads? But if I had to guess… hmmm. Most of them look like they have a touch of basset in them ~ longer bodies and ears, turne out front legs. I see Australian Shepherd in some of those faces too. A couple look like maybe a bit of Springer Spaniel. And one I really do believe is part Schnauzer! Whoever adopts these puppies has to promise me that they’ll send pictures when they grow up so I can see what I had. With permission I’ll pass them on to the families of the other littermates. So these are the Christmas suprise puppies. I didn’t expect them and yet they are more beautiful than I could have hoped. They are little survivors who are ready to take life by the tail and run with it!

All puppies have been de-wormed, fully vetted, spayed or neutered. All are good with kids, other dogs, and should get used to being with cats quickly. All are fully trained at playing kissy face with or without mistletoe.

Holly – Adopted, Female, black and white, schnauzer/basset mix. 13 pounds. Holly is the most social of the pack, and loves to be held and stare into the eyes of her people! Her tail has a special feature, for when she is spoken to, it automatically sets itself to “continuous wag”.

Jolly – Adopted, Female, light brown and tan, green eyes, aussie/basset mix, 14 pounds. Jolly is polite and well-mannered. She is very quiet for a puppy, and loves to cuddle and play. Jolly and Kris Kringle are almost identical twins.

Merry – Adopted, Female, cream & white with black markings, spaniel/basset mix, 11 pounds. Merry is being fostered with the intent to adopt. Merry is Christmas’ twin. She is a very well-balanced pup. She is patient and waits for her turn to get attention, and will be easy to train.
Foster Update 12/06/09: “Merry is the sweetest little girl ever! She loves everyone and loves to snuggle. She wants nothing more than to just be with you. If you want a “velcro” dog to follow you around, she just might be your girl. She is a master at fetch at this young age already – You throw the toy and she brings it right back to you. She is doing good at potty training and will get the hang of it 100% pretty quickly I think. At night she has peed in her water bowl so as not to soil the crate – she did this several nights – I thought that was pretty smart! She is wonderful with children and will make a great family pet! She doesn’t bite your ankles like so many other pups do and she is quite gentle, but very playful at the same time. Don’t miss out on this gem of a pup!”

Christmas Adopted, Female, cream & white with black markings, spaniel/basset mix, 12 pounds. Christmas is Merry’s twin! Christmas is a little bit darker in color than Merry, but both have the same temperament, which is calm, and well-balanced. Both are eager to play and will be easy to train.

Jack Frost Adopted, Male, white with sable and brown markings and green eyes, Aussie/basset mix, 11 pounds. Jack Frost is very unique. He is the leader of the pack. He loves to play and will probably become quite the athlete of the group. He’s very inquisitive and has been fostered with very large dogs. Jack doesn’t realize that he’s a pup.

Kris Kringle – Adopted, Male, dark and light brown, aussie/basset mix, 9 pounds. Kris is the runt of the litter. He and Jolly are almost identical twins. Kris is the most shy. When approached, he wants your attention badly, but will not move boldly, instead, he waits and waives his paw asking for your attention. Kris likes to be held and cuddled!

My first six months of doing rescue has been incredibly rewarding, and while I have seen some absolutely gorgeous purebreds and darling mixed breeds come through my home and find their way into my heart, rescuing these puppies is my way to give back to all of the unwanted puppies who find themselves in America’s kill shelters, and deserve to have a way out.

A special thanks to Value Vet of Deltona who took all six of these puppies in at a moment’s notice to have them vetted. And an extra special thanks to Dr. Susan Wayne for administering early medical care when they were just a few weeks old.

Please Spay & Neuter!
and Happy Holidays!

The Dog Liberator

Adoption Updates:
Jolly – Adopted 12/06/09
Kris Kringle – Adopted 12/10/09
Holly – Adopted 12/15/09
Merry – Adopted 12/15/09
Christmas – Adopted 12/16/09
Jack Frost – Adopted 12/16/09
Please click on the Comments Icon to read all of the stories from the puppies’ adopted families!


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