Yogi Bear – Rainbow Bridge

04/02/14 Update:  We lost Yogi this morning at 10:37 am.  I will provide details shortly.  He will be greatly missed.  I would like to thank Sarah White for pulling him for us, and Brittney Myers for fostering him. 04/01/14:  It is with great concern that I share Yogi’s current medical condition. All bloodwork and fecal […]

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Today is Laddie’s birthday.  He is six years old.  We don’t know where he came from originally, he was owner-surrendered to us on Sunday.  He weighs approximately 65 pounds, and Brittney will fill us in on the details.  He was shaved down, and several ticks were found on him.  He is very much a velcro […]

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The Boss

06/10/13 Update:  Poor Boss, he finally found the perfect home, and we have learned that his owner is very ill, in and out of the hospital, and has no time for boss.  Boss has separation anxiety, and he misses his people.  If I could describe Boss’ perfect home, it would be with someone who would […]

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Brittney’s Mystery

This is the story, written in real-time, is about one loose stray that we attempted to catch for almost two months. While residents have reported seeing her for many months, we were determined to bring her to safety. At first, not knowing if she was feral, we kept her whereabouts a secret. We decided if […]

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