Slider-the forgotten puppy~Adopted


Slider along with his litter mates were rescued from a high kill north georgia shelter. Their chances of survival there were small. Owner surrendered from an irresponsible owner who didn’t want puppies, but didn’t spay their dog…His mother was an aussie, dad remains anonymous… He is beautiful, his pictures don’t do him justice and I hope we can get better ones.

Slider was a Top Gun puppy. But when transport became available, he had a cold so he had not had his surgery. He watched as his litter mates drove off to their new lives, Goose, Hollywood, and Maverick left on transport to florida. They are all with their forever families now….

Slider missed his buddies but soon began attaching to his temporary foster mom. Well, we had to move him to a more permanent foster as we waited for his surgery.

Now it seems he’s forgotten ….

He is a beautiful puppy, smart, playful and loving. He is spending valuable time in foster when he needs his family. He wants to bad to attach to Erin his foster, to be her “guy”. We keep telling him that his family is coming…soon….

He is house and crate trained, probably 6mo old and just a joy! He plays well with other dogs and is very attentive.

Are you looking for a companion? sports dog? walking partner? you name it he fits the bill.
Slider is interviewing for his new family.

Sarah Jessica Barker-Adopted!

Sarah the Sweetie!

Sarah Jessica Barker, (and no she doesn’t bark), just a fun name!  Someone tagged me in a shelter I had never rescued from before called Rainbow City. The first thing I saw was 10mo old Sarah and her sister. They were owner surrenders. These girls were so very afraid.  It became obvious that these girls were surrendered by a breeder.  Sarah and her sister looked like twins, both so beautiful, beautiful coats, sweet girls. They had one more thing in common, neither girls had any white on their face, particularly a white stripe down the nose.  Breeders find that unexceptable and dump them. She was probably a confirmation breeder. So what the heck, dump them in a kill shelter because they don’t deserve to live with out white on their face!

There were several other dogs there that caught my eye as well, so I found a phone number and called them. They have a volunteer that comes in 3 days a week and tries to get the dogs adopted! She was so nice and helpful. So, we decided we wanted both sisters, but how do we get them here….no problem, the shelter also has a volunteer that will drive them part way! Amazing!

Before the transport left we got a phone call from the shelter saying that someone wanted to adopt one of the girls, they were determined to be a good home so we said ok.  So Miss Sarah started her journey without her sister.  The volunteer met Steve Brooks in Douglasville, Steve and Khaz kept her overnight, then met me the next morning.  I was not surprised at how beautiful she is.  She had no idea what was going on but got in the car , eventually giving me a kiss.  I met Erin who is fostering her to hand her over.  I felt sad for her because I knew how confusing it must be to be dumped by the only home she had ever known, in a shelter, surgery, then multiple people and multiple cars, it always amazes me how resilient they are.

SJB with foster Erin

Erin reported that she seemed happy and was enjoying playing with her dogs. But several things she reported to me confirmed my suspicion that she was a breeders dog. Potty training was an issue and on a 10mo old it should not be. Some breeders don’t attempt potty training…… No worries, Miss Erin has been trained by a wonderful trainer…Me! 😉  So we reviewed the potty training rules and Erin went to work. Sarah learned quickly what was expected of her.

SJB is ready to be a part of a family, be loved and treasured.  Collies are great family members.  SJB is not high energy like other collies.  She enjoys hanging out with the pack, chewing a bone, getting some much needed love and attention.  She had some catching up to do but it didn’t take long.

Can you give SJB a home? One that doesn’t care she doesn’t have white on her face? Can you love her anyway? Show her she is worthy of being loved? Make her a treasured member of your family?

You can see more photos of SJB on Facebook!

If so contact

Cool, eh?

02/05/12 Update:  Sarah was adopted by Mr. & Mrs. Gardner today, she will travel from North Port Florida in the winter and to to Canada in summer!

#116043 I’m your Huckleberry~Adopted

On Monday December 5th, at 11:16 PM, Vicki posted a dog that she wanted to rescue. I was in bed! Our TDL team went into action, and it was quite remarkable. We didn’t know this shelter, their protocols, or the true status of this dog, yet there was something about him that made everyone excited. The post indicated that he was scheduled for euthanasia on December 6th, at 8:30 AM. Can you rescue a dog overnight? I think the answer is yes!

But I’m a TDL dog

Here’s what Vicki wrote the evening of December 6th:

Last night was one of those nights. One of those nights in rescue when furry faces are pleading with you from your computer. My heart was aching, stomach churning, fingers typing furiously trying to find rescue for some dogs in a High Kill Shelter in Georgia that were slated to be pts this morning. Rescue volunteers working together for the sake of these furbabies.

One in particular stood out to me. His picture wasn’t a good one, but you could still see the confusion in his eyes. It was 3:00 AM. and I need to sleep. I took one last look at this boy, referred to as #116043, and hoped someone would save him. This shelter doesn’t hold dogs, you have to be there by 8:30 AM. If you are not there, once the vet arrives, it’s over.

Maria the Marvelous, is a volunteer rescue coordinator for this shelter. She was still up after 3:00 AM and was messaging me and others.  She had worked tirelessly to get as many dogs out as possible. She said to call her in the morning.  I was going to pick up a dog from the vet for her that was near me, she was going to get #116043 for me and we were to meet and swap. When I called her, I woke her up. She was upset,she had overslept, and had little time to get to the shelter to help rescues get dogs out. I had never talked to her before, but I guess it was meant to be that I woke her up.  The result was that 20 dogs were saved! I knew then I had to go, no time, leave nothing to chance…..

I was racing against time with heavy morning traffic, rain, and the fear I wouldn’t make it. Yelling at my GPS which had sent me round and round the long way, wishing I knew the roads better. Maria called me and informed me that the shelter knew I was on my way, but there are no guarantees. I was almost there, when Maria called again and said she was leaving the shelter,  the vet was there to do her job.  Maria had to leave, but promised to come back to beg for #116043.

I was slowing to a red-light when I got Maria’s call, I was one block away… her words rang in my ear, my foot stepped on the gas.  I ran the light just as it turned, but I couldn’t take the chance, the chance that one red-light would make me too late.

When I arrived, the office was silent. The staff looked at me and said they were sorry but it was too late. Well, anyone that knows me knows that I have never taken no for an answer.

An animal control officer was standing at the door to the kennels, I could see the anguish on his face. I begged, showed him my info, and pleaded nicely. I could tell by the look on his face that he thought #116043 was already gone.  But all of a sudden he said “I’ll try”, and he rushed through the door to the back of the shelter, where he was not allowed to enter while the vet was putting dogs down.

For more information about this epic rescue, visit


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