Future Liberators – Bright Futures Scholarships

I’ve been blessed to have met several young people who are really enthusiastic about rescue. Since this is my son’s first year at Deltona High School, it was also brought to my attention that high school students must provide a certain number of community service hours!  I have a plan! Future Liberators was really a […]

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Sophie’s Choice

It has been the week of gift-giving for The Dog Liberator.  I want to thank all of you.  I sit here at my desk pounding away all day long, and many times I really do feel alone.  But the Fedex and UPS trucks have been rolling in with wonderful surprises, and the emails of donations […]

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Spotlight on Emily Kennedy, the Multi-Tasker

Emily is originally from Portsmouth Virginia, she moved to Florida at the age of 4.   She is currently a Junior in High School, and is dual enrollment, taking college classes (even during her summer break). At the beginning of summer, I found myself slammed with work, and struggling to create a better system.  Emily’s […]

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