Loki ~ Adopted


Loki is a 7 year old tricolor male who comes to us after his Mother faced a series of very difficult events which now make it necessary to find these precious babies new homes. They are her beloved ones, she wants them to have wonderful lives, and she searched over 6 months to find just the right rescue for them.


If you are interested in being considered to adopt Loki,
please read Our Adoption Process and contact us with the answers.

12360269_10153628591854792_5042110969772016597_nCheck our Loki’s Photos on Facebook!

A huge, HUGE thank you to Becky Harshman and Jeff Bennett for going above and beyond to make it possible for Sirius, Loki, and Syrinx to come to TDL. There are not enough words to describe the lengths they went to to make things happen for these very special 3 collies. Though these two words will never be enough, THANK YOU!



12/13/15 Update: Loki is still with us and waiting for his family to come.  We are hoping to fulfill his Christmas wish and send him home for Christmas.  Please share this sweet boy so we can get him home!




12/19/15 Update: Loki was adopted by the Weldon family of Orlando yesterday. They were searching for a Collie and Loki was a perfect fit. Yay!




11889669_10206532104116777_4167151970584202569_nSyrinx is a 9 year old sable female who comes to us after her Mother faced a series of very difficult events which now make it necessary to find these precious babies new homes. They are her beloved ones, she wants them to have wonderful lives, and she searched over 6 months to find just the right rescue for them.






If you are interested in being considered to adopt Syrinx, please read Our Adoption Process and contact us with the answers. Check out Syrinx’s Photos on Facebook!

A huge, HUGE thank you to Becky Harshman and Jeff Bennett for going above an beyond to make it possible for Sirius, Loki, and Syrinx to come to TDL. There are not enough words to describe the lengths they went to to make things happen for these very special 3 collies. Though these two words will never be enough, THANK YOU!


10/8/15 Update: Syri was adopted by Roy Moore of Winterhaven, FL. Congratulations sweetie!



Sirius (AKA Kitty) ~ Adopted!



I love the pool!

Sirius (aka Kitty) is an 8 year old Merle boy who comes to us after his Mother faced a series of very difficult events which now make it necessary to find these precious babies new homes. As you will see from how she writes, they are her beloved ones, she wants them to have wonderful lives, and she searched over 6 months to find just the right rescue for them.


His owner writes: “Kitty is my baby boy and my heart. He loves snuggling, putting his head in your arms, or snoofing your face. He knows how to shake, lay down, sit, stay, and come but is a bit hard headed and an escape artist. He loves loves loves squeaky toys, especially squeaky chicken or duck. He likes nothing more than to hop on the couch and have his ears scratched and his head petted. He loves bacon flavored treats but will honestly eat anything you put in front of him.

He is sensitive to heart worm meds and will get somewhat nauseated. He loves running in the grass and rolling his body in the couch. He will pull on the lead a bit but otherwise is a good walker.

He is the most sensitive of the collies and is devastated by a raised voice but is such a happy go lucky dog you can’t help but to love him. He has a shrill bark and will only bark when he feels threatened but no one comes to the house unannounced.”


If you are interested in being considered to adopt Sirius, please read Our Adoption Process and contact us with the answers. Check out Sirius’s Photos on Facebook!

A huge, HUGE thank you to Becky Harshman and Jeff Bennett for going above an beyond to make it possible for Sirius, Loki, and Syrinx to come to TDL. There are not enough words to describe the lengths they went to to make things happen for these very special 3 collies. Though these two words will never be enough, THANK YOU!





9/15/15 Update: We hope kitty will be accepted into Nancy Rossiter’s pack. Only time will tell! That being said Kitty has left the building!




I was Just a Kid

Waiting in the lobby, Lady Di makes herself at home

Waiting in the lobby, Lady Di makes herself at home

Yesterday was an amazing day.  I went to the Orlando Executive Airport to pick up two Alabama dogs, Amelia and Bennett’s Boots.  I was also asked to be interviewed for a documentary Tales In Flight.

Bennett's Boots

Bennett’s Boots

When I heard there was going to be a film crew, I immediately panicked, and asked my friend Irma to drive me there.  I was too embarrassed to let anyone see my van, which is rusted out and has missing parts!  Okay, so maybe my hideous van was a great excuse to bring a friend with me to keep my calm!  It worked!  Sarah White-Buxbaum also joined us, and what a blessing!

Once on the tarmac I was very comfortable-not nervous one bit.  Before the operation began, I re-introduced Jeff to my Lady Di.  Lady Di was the first dog Jeff ever flew to us, back in September of 2009.  He remembered her, and I’d like to believe she remembered him.

"I remember you!"

“I remember you!”

The number of dogs and puppies that poured out of Jeff Bennett’s plane was unbelievable.  As I watched rescuers receive dozens of puppies, I didn’t envy them.  Nor was I ashamed that only two dogs on this flight were TDL.  I’ve accepted the fact that our rescue is about quality not quantity.  If we want our dogs in foster homes, we refuse to board them, and we don’t have an actual shelter, our numbers will always remain small.

When Shaggy’s crate was carried out of Jeff’s plane, he was scared.  He turned and hid his head into the crate, and we gave him time to come out on his own.  Eventually, he did, and hid his face under my arm!  Shaggy was Jeff’s 2,000th save, and I informed Jeff that his new name would be Bennett’s Boots.



It took a while before Amelia was uncovered.  Jeff lifted her out of the crate, soaked in urine, and handed her to me laughing.  Poor thing was terrified.  We got the dogs into Irma’s car, left the tarmac and gave them some time to walk around and find their legs!  Then it was interview time.  I met with Director, Michael Samstag and Producer Josh Gildrie and they explained what was going to happen.

one more goodbye

one more goodbye

But before the interview started, Jeff said one more goodbye to Lady Di!

I thought that I would sit down with other TDLers, and an interviewer – but that’s not what happened.  Instead, I sat in a chair and  had a camera film me so close I had hoped that the lens  had a wrinkle filter.  I was completely alone, no one to my left, no one to my right, only a camera straight ahead, and my interviewer was not going to share the screen with me. UGH!

With Lady Di by my side, I tried to relax, but half-way through the interview, she fell asleep at my feet.  I realized as I was answering questions, that I’m a writer, and it’s very difficult for me to answer questions, and express my opinions verbally.  I was nervous and tense just like most of the dogs we rescue!

I hadn’t felt this way since I entered into my 3rd grade classroom, the new kid, in the middle of a school year.  I opened the door, felt dozens of little eyes staring at me, petrified I wanted to be invisible.

The interviewThe interview took place in the airport’s lobby, where electronic sliding glass doors continued to open and close as people went about their business.  I would answer a question, and the doors would shwoosh, and producer Josh Gildrie would ask me to say it again!  Many times, I forgot the question, or had no idea what I had just said!  I could never answer a question the same way twice!  This was not easy for me!

When the question was asked, why did I start to rescue, and where did my love for dogs come from, instead of answering by telling the story of my Reckless, I went off on a bunny trail to when I was about eight years-old – my first dog, Nelson.  Before I knew it, I was sharing stories about my life as a child, and how we moved often, and how many animals I had to leave behind.  I talked about the sadness coming home to an empty house.  I was asked about Lady Di, and because Nelson was also a collie, I explained when she was brought to me, it brought back so many childhood memories of my Nelson, and without warning, I was flooded with memories, and I began to tear up during the interview.  Trying very hard to be professional, and push my emotions aside, I knew I had stumbled onto something that I was not prepared to fully address.

Since Lady Di was fast asleep, and starting to snore, at the request of director, Michael Samstag, we woke Bennett’s Boots up, and brought him on the set.  I scooted over and gave the chair one tap… I didn’t have to ask him twice… and he was in my lap for the rest of the interview.  Having a dog to hold and rub on made me relax and not feel so self-conscious.

All in all, I think I fumbled through most of my interview.

When I returned home, there was a lot of work to be done.  All of my dogs had to be cared for, Claire Bear needed her Tofu and Lentils, and my new dogs needed to be introduced to their new temporary  home.  Too tired to cook for my own family, and too exhausted to go out to eat, we got pizza!

My Nelson

My Nelson

I called Sarah White later that evening, and was able to share and process my unexpected melt down.

While I have mentioned Nelson in passing to friends, I never truly shared his story with anyone.  I actually named one of our rescued collies, Nelson, two years ago, but I still never really shared his story in detail.  Maybe it was too painful for me to share?

One of the first dogs I remember as a child was a purebred Collie named Lord Nelson of Baltimore III.  I don’t know where my Mom bought him from, but we got him as a puppy.  He was the most gorgeous puppy I had ever seen.  It didn’t take long before he was HUGE!  He was kind, gentle, noble, loving and easy to train.  He was my brother’s dog, however, once my brother left our nest to go into the Air Force, I made him my dog!  I remember laying on the floor and kissing his long nose and hearing his tail thump!  He loved the snow and he loved to run!

I remembered that warm feeling coming home from school to my Nelson.  I didn’t have many friends, moving around a lot prevents lasting relationships!  I only had one brother who was eight years older than me, and big brothers really don’t “play” with little brat sisters!  My parents worked and were always busy, but none of that mattered, I had my dog.  I guess my relationship with Nelson is very much like my daughter Sarah’s relationship with her China.  It’s tight!

I don’t know why I was surprised when my parents announced that we were moving again, this time back to Florida.  I never dreamed that Nelson wasn’t coming with us, but he wasn’t.  It wasn’t until just a few days before we were leaving that my Mom told me Nelson was going to Canada to live with my cousin, Victor.  But that wasn’t true.  Victor couldn’t have a dog, so Nelson was going to live with Victor’s Grandfather.  I didn’t know these people, but I was assured that Nelson would be loved and well cared for, and he was.

Despite my parents’ assurance, I protested but it had no effect.  I sat in the back seat with my arms crossed, pouting, crying, leaving my home, and knowing I would never see my dog again.

Just a few short years later, we got the news that Nelson had died of cancer, he was only five years-old.  I remember feeling angry that I couldn’t be there with him when he died.  I wondered if he knew that I didn’t want him to leave me.  I wondered if he knew how many nights I cried for him.  If he was in heaven now, surely he knew how I felt.

But how could I be with him when he died?  I was in Florida, Nelson was in Canada, and I was just a kid.  I must have been around 13 years old when I realized that I had never been given the pleasure or the honor to have a pet until it died of old age.  All of my animals were either left behind, or given away.  I tried not to grieve over the loss of Nelson, after all, he wasn’t my dog anymore.  But something happened yesterday, during that interview, and I cried.

Maybe this experience makes me a better person with regard to feeling empathy for owners who have to surrender their dogs to us.  Maybe because I have felt their anguish, their pain, I do not judge them, instead I assure them that their dog will have a good life, as was the case with Mic.  When Carol came to adopt Mic, I called Mic’s former owner, and gave him the good news.

I was just a kid

I was just a kid

Maybe Nelson is really the reason why I love dogs, and why I love to rescue.  Maybe after all of these years I’ve been working to right the wrongs.

This morning, I used a step-ladder to get into my closet, and I climbed up to where I keep very old photo albums.  I found it.  The album dates back to 1970, and it only contained a few of his photos.

I have finally given myself permission to grieve over his loss today.  Yes, life goes on, but I always missed him.  He wasn’t given up by me, yet I had to surrender him.  I protested, I begged, I pleaded, I got angry, but there was nothing I could do, because I was just a kid.


See all of the photos taken during this transport on Facebook.


Bennett’s Boots~Adopted

Bennett's Boots

Bennett’s Boots

All eyes were  on this little boy, who was named Shaggy.  Rescued from Baldwin County, Alabama, he was chosen to be Jeff Bennett’s 2,000th dog.  There were a lot of people wanting to pet him, a lot of cameras, and noisy airplanes flying around, but he did very well considering the chaos!  The documentary, “Tales in Flight” covered his rescue from start to finish, and they will continue to follow his progress until he is adopted.

I do not believe he was an owner-surrender, maybe, but he is covered in scabs, which makes me wonder if he was found as a stray.

You can see more photos of him on Facebook.

Bennett’s Boots is resting quietly, he’s been through a lot, and he was neutered last week.  He is very much a velcro dog and is very quiet so far.  Updates coming soon!

11/22/13 Update:  What a difference a day makes!  Boots has been very quiet and almost lethargic.  Sure he’s been through a lot, and neutered just a few days ago, but still.  He walks slow, and doesn’t have much expression.  But this morning, he greeted me with a leap, and kisses.  I can’t remember which dog we rescued a year ago, that every time she walked by me, she’d lick my feet!  Boots does that too!  He give me a wiggle butt (an Aussie trait), a kiss on the face, and he had a spring in his step.  His appetite is good, and is goes right into his crate!  I don’t hear a peep out of him until he needs to wee wee!

I know that his teeth are very white, but I’m wondering how old he really is.  He’s covered with scabs where the ticks were, yet his hair is not terribly matted.  He is incredible stinky, but he’ll be groomed Tuesday.  I really think Boots is a couch potato, but the next few days will tell.

Another major turn around, is that at first, he would growl at my dogs when they came close to his crate.  Today, he saw Claire Bear through the sliding glass window, and wagged his tail.  YES!

Mr. Boots

Mr. Boots

When a dog has been on his own for a while, you can’t push him into your world overnight.  You have to ease him into his new environment, and he has to feel safe before you can expect him to experience new things.  I think we’re going to have a great weekend with Mr. Boots!

11/24/13 Update:  Mr. Boots has found his wiggle!  He’s running around the yard and playing.  He loves Sarah, and loves to give kisses and hugs.  He does have one bad habit, he likes to talk with his mouth… he nibbles you out of love, but we are correcting that.

Boots is the perfect dog.  When it’s time to rest, he is as quiet as a mouse.  When it’s time to play, it’s game on!  He’s going to make an awesome companion dog!

Boots and Shannon

Boots and Shannon

11/26/13 Update:  Boots is now playing with other dogs.  He had a wonderful visit at the vet yesterday, where he entertained everyone, playing gently with Dr. Kim’s tea cup chi pup.  He played ball and frisbee with everyone!  He had a great bath, but did NOT like the blow dryer one bit.  He is heartworm negative, and very  healthy.  We estimate him to be 12-18 months of age.  Boots made a lot of friends, and Shannon, specifically, was madly in love with him!  This is one incredibly dog!  You can see more photos of him on Facebook.

Boots goes home!

Boots goes home!

12/3/13 Update:  I’m just now sitting at my desk for the first time since Friday, and grabbed my camera to see the photos that were taken while I was stuck in bed with a fever.  

Just as I thought, I LOVE the Van Dorns!  They came and adopted Mr. Boots on Saturday.  But wait, if I was out of commission, who did the adoption, and who snapped the photos?  My daughter, Sarah did!  Told you she’s got it!

I heard the knock on the door, and grabbed my daughter, Sarah.  I handed her his file folder, and told her she would have to do this adoption… and she did.  She remembered everything!

Alabama Bossie

shelter photo

I guess at the young age of 11, my Sarah has seen me do hundreds of adoptions.  She talked about our vet, his microchip tag, walked through every step of the contract, and yes… she remembered to take some adoption photos as well.  I was floored!

Mr. Boots is now lovingly known as Buddy Boots Bigfoot from Bama, adopted by the Van Dorn family, living in Orlando!  Welcome home Boots!

Click here to read more about Sarah.

Click here to read about her first solo adoption!

05/13/14 Update:  We receive regular updates about Mr. Boots, and he is doing fine, but his rescue was so impressive, it was published!  So while I’ve been rescuing hundreds of dogs for almost five years, my daughter’s first solo adoption, gets published in the Rescue Me magazine!  Amazing!

Here it is!

The Dog Liberator's Bennett's Boots published in Rescue Me Magazine  The Dog Liberator and Jeff Bennett


The Dog Liberator's Bennett's Boots Published in Rescue Me Magazine


Amelia, a future therapy/colmpanion dog!

Amelia, a future therapy/colmpanion dog!

Amelia was adopted last night, by a family who lives in Deltona. They have a lot of property that Amelia will need to run! Dawn and her husband have been looking for the right pup for their daughter Audra who suffers from Aspergers Syndrome. The moment I put Amelia in Audra’s arms, Amelia melted! I couldn’t separate them if I tried! Amelia will be Audra’s companion for many years to come!

poor baby

poor baby

This little girl landed yesterday at the Orlando Executive Airport, thanks to Jeff Bennett and Pilots n Paws. It was quite a day for this little one, and she was terrified. Once she met Lady Di, she loosened up quite a bit. She is resting quietly, and will be taken to the vet today to be bathed (she has ticks… very big ticks) and will be fully vetted tomorrow.

She comes from the same shelter that Boo Boo came from!  You can see more photos of her on Facebook.
Cutie Patootie!

11/24/13 Update:  Amazing that Amelia does not care for kibble.  She enjoys a raw diet.  She barked in her crate this morning, even though she had puppy chow… I gave her a raw chicken neck, and she’s sleeping like a baby.  I guess she’s made up her mind.

No more scabs and smells!  She's all pretty now!

No more scabs and smells! She’s all pretty now!

She is incredibly affectionate.  She went to the vet, and boy does she smell good, and she is so soft!  She was spayed, had all of her shots, fecal was negative, and micro chipped!  Amelia is ready for her next voyage – HOME!


Billy Ray is now called Bama

Billy Ray~Adopted

Jeff Bennett Flies Billy Ray to TDL!

Jeff Bennett Flies Billy Ray to TDL!

A desperate email was sent to Becky, and she forwarded it to me, asking for our help.  It read:

Hi Becky,

I was wondering if you might be able to help me, I wondered if Gisele might have room for these babies, which I was told look very border collie…… the male that we think got the mama pregnant looks like a full blooded border collie and is black and white.

They are part of a mama and four puppy stray family I have been trying to catch in a very bad neighborhood in my town; the local kids were shooting at them with BB guns and the adults were throwing things at them to try to chase them off. One of the puppies was run over before we could get them and there is still one puppy and the poor mama at large, I have been going every day for about 4 hours after work trying to trap the mama and the other pup but I am losing hope.



I did manage to catch two of the pups on separate days last week and I need somewhere for them to go as soon as possible. They are very scared of people but have come a long way, they still hide under my bathroom sink alcove when we go into the bathroom but they let us pet them and will tolerate us holding them short periods too. They are obviously depressed and even more scared without their mom and I feel horrible at having to had to separate them from her, but they were sure to die out there in that neighborhood.

I would be willing to drive them to Gisele if she will take them but I need to be sure they are going somewhere where the rescuer will understand their past and work with them, they are not like most puppies that are bubbly and silly and all, they have had a rough life and will need someone who understands and will give them that patience. I have only ever heard great things about Gisele and wondered if she might have room.

Enjoying human contact

Enjoying human contact

I am still going out there daily to try to catch the mama and other puppy until I think there is no chance, but in the last three weeks we have had no luck for them.

I would be so grateful if you could talk with Gisele or anyone else you think might be able to take them in and bring them on out of their shells, they are having to live in my bathroom 24 hours a day and I know they are bored and unhappy there, just want what is best for them.

Thanks for any help you can give them.  ~ Melissa in Ozark


So this little boy comes to us from Melissa from Ozark, Alabama.  He appears to be VERY healthy, but he is shy.  Much like Brittney’s Mystery, once you hold him, he feels safe and secure.  So is she really shy, or just unsure?  He is really enjoying the little Aussie pup that joined him on transport.  I want to thank our Sarah Buxbaum for bringing him to us from the airport yesterday, and Jeff Bennett for his life-saving flight!

I need a hug!

I need a hug!

At first we thought he was like Shy Sharon, a fear biter, but that’s not the case at all.    Once I put a leash on him, and he saw the puppy, he wagged his tail, and felt comfortable to come out.  I picked him up without any issues.  He did hide a lot in the back yard, under furniture, and then he wandered off to the shed where he sat and watched us.  My son Ryan, picked him up, and he immediately relaxed.  He didn’t try to wiggle out of his arms, he was very content to be there.

This little boy is going to find his self-confidence really fast!  He’s going to be an awesome little Border Collie.  For now, he does have an achy breaky heart, so after tossing around some name ideas we decided to name him Billy Ray!  For while he’s sad today, it won’t last… he’ll be TDL star soon!

Check out his photos on Facebook.

Lisa and Billy

Lisa and Billy

10/21/13 Update:  I received an email from Lisa who was interested in knowing more about Billy Ray.  She shared with me photos of her former Border Collie, Baja Boy.  Baja Boy was adopted from a Border Collie rescue while they lived in Arizona.  They moved here, and embarked on adventures on the beach, teaching Baja Boy to paddle board!  When on one day at the beach, Lisa shared with me over the phone what happened.  A man was walking back and forth on the beach, Lisa would waive at him, being friendly and trying to say hi.  The man didn’t waive back.  Baja Boy was minding his own business enjoying the beach when it happened.  She wrote in one of her emails:

He was poisoned while we were on vacation. He never got more than 25 feet from us and was in our sights the whole time, and we saw it happen (didn’t know it at the time), but it was too fast acting. He died in our arms as we rushed to the vet. Our vet did an autopsy and found a hole the size of a golf ball and said whatever it was, it was very toxic and nothing we could have done different.
Lisa's Baja Boy

Lisa’s Baja Boy

He was the only one we brought that trip because we wanted him to have special time, and he paddle boarded with whale sharks, slept in between us, and played with his Frisbee until he was exhausted. He had a wonderful last weekend, we just regret going to the beach that last day..

Billy Ray is now called Bama

Billy Ray is now called Bama

When I read her words and called her to talk, I was horrified with what she shared.  A few days later, she came to meet Billy Ray, and it was truly love at first sight.  So while Billy is still fearful and unsure, he has big paws to fill!


Pup needs a Sponsor“This little girl was found alone on the side of the road. She was flea infested and starting to get thin so I’m thinking she was dumped. She’s doing great so far. We have gotten her 1st set of shots and de-wormed her. We are quarantining her for 2 weeks and getting her 2nd set of shots before we transfer her.”

We are still waiting for a Virtual Foster to sponsor this pup’s medical care, but she was transported to TDL yesterday, thanks to Jeff Bennett, Becky Harshman and our Sarah White!

NiNi with Jeff Bennett

NiNi with Jeff Bennett

Is she an Aussie?  She sure looks like one, but I noticed her legs are short and stocky, her feet a big too!  She has the most awesome temperament, considering she was abandoned at such a young age.  She is fearless, friendly, happy, social, is great with other dogs, and loves to play!

Today is Anita Barber’s birthday, and when asking her for name ideas, Anita asked us to  name this little girl NiNi!  I asked why, and she said that’s what her nieces call her, Nini!  I think it’s adorable!

NiNi is a hit!

NiNi is a hit!

So, is Nini a Basset-Aussie?  A Jack Russell-Aussie?  I’m not sure, and I won’t know until she grows a bit more, but she is precious!  My kids just love her!  She’s doing great in her crate, she cries for a little bit and settles down.  I will be providing daily updates!

Nini was adopted by Loryn

Nini was adopted by Loryn

You can see more photos of her on Facebook.

Update:  Nini was adopted by Loryn of Kissimmee Tuesday.  It was love at first site.  Loryn has been following TDL for quite a while, but the time was never right… until now!  Woo hoo!

Cathy’s Snuggle Puppies~Adopted

Cathy's Snuggle Puppies

Last Friday, Jeff Bennett personally delivered three puppies from Chilton County’s Humane Society in Alabama. They are cute, healthy, affectionate and ready to find their new homes! Cathy reports how some shelter puppies are fearful and afraid of the human touch, but not these butterballs! They want to be held and cuddled, which is a great sign.

They are the vet right now, being vaccinated, spay/neutered and micro chipped. Dr. Oliver will evaluate them from head to toe and give us his opinion with regard to their breed identification.


I just got off the phone with manager, Melissa, and she says Aussie! They have big paws, so they won’t be mini Aussies, that’s for sure. I suspect that they will hit the 45 – 55 pound mark when they are full grown.

As we have shared in the past, litter mates can have different fathers. When Holly saw these puppies, she reminisced about the M puppies, and the C puppies.



We will be providing updates as we get them, but in the meantime, I really want to share with you Cathy’s Snuggle Puppies!  Special thanks to Sarah White-Buxbaum for meeting the transport and taking these awesome photos for us!

Do I know what breed they are?  No, I have not DNA tested them, but I don’t need a DNA test kit to see that they are Stinkin’ Cute!  You can see more photos of Samson on his photo album on Facebook.  Click here to see Snicker’s photo album on Facebook.  Click here to see Sunbeam’s photo album on Facebook!


Fonzie, the Australian Cattle Dog (Blue Heeler) ~ Adopted

Happy days are here again for Fonzie, the Australian Cattle Dog (Blue Heeler)!

Fonzie and his transport buddies, Casey Rose and Rusty all came from Alabama where they were fostered by Deb Gaylord. Fonzie was pulled from the infamous Athens Dog Pound, a notoriously high-kill rural shelter. Our boy was lucky to make it out alive and we’re so happy he did!

Fonzie and his pals were flown to us by Jeff Bennett, a volunteer for Pilots-n-Paws.  All three of the dogs have awesome temperaments, relaxed, calm, and happy to meet everyone.

In the short time he’s been with us, Fonzie has demonstrated that he is a calm and affectionate fellow who wants nothing more than a human to call his very own. He’s also very good with cats and other dogs, is crate- and house-trained, walks very well on a leash, and enjoys riding in the car. We were told that Fonzie is around a year old, but we think he may be closer to 2-years-old after looking at his teeth. That, or he was tied outside on a chain for much of his young life and chewed on the chain from boredom, causing some wear to his teeth. In any case, Fonzie is a complete joy who — given the opportunity — will make someone a devoted and loving companion indeed.

Fonzie is neutered, up-to-date on all his vaccinations, and heartworm negative. He currently weighs around 45 lbs., but could stand to lose a pound or two. But, hey … who among us couldn’t?!?

Fonzie is being fostered in the Ocala area, and updates will be coming soon!  In the meantime, you can view his photo album on Facebook.  If you are interested in adopting Fonzie, please review “How to Adopt From Us” and email your information to me at amyb.thedogliberator@gmail.com.

August 4, 2011: ADOPTED! Fonzie was adopted on Sunday by Mike and Belinda Visnich. Mike and Belinda have had a difficult year of loss, including the passing of their beloved cat and their 17-year-old border collie, Neiko. We hope gentle, loving Fonzie will help their hearts to heal. Longwood, welcome your newest Dog Liberator dog! ~ Amy




1/5/15 Update: Fonzi became a big brother to Tuesday, and it seems that he is welcoming her into the family with open arms.



10/30/15 Update: It is with a heavy heart that we say goodbye to Bleu, (TDL’s Fonzie). Our thoughts and prayers are with his loving parents, Belinda and Mike, and his doggy sister Jetta (TDL’s Tuesday) as they mourn the passing of this smiley boy.




Rusty, Calm and Cuddly~Adopted

Calm and Cuddly

Rusty is a gorgeous fluffy two year-old  red Border Collie.  He’s everything a great dog should be, intelligent, affectionate, and playful.  He is good with cats, plays with other dogs, great with kids and is very gentle.  What Holly really loves is the way he rides in the car!


Rusty and his transport buddies, Casey Rose and Fonzie all came from Alabama where they were fostered by Deb Gaylord.    Rusty was pulled from a kill shelter, heartworm positive.  Dale Parrent sponsored his treatments, and he is heartworm negative!  Thank you Dale!

Rusty and his pals were flown to us by Jeff Bennett, a volunteer for Pilots-n-Paws.  All three of the dogs have awesome temperaments, relaxed, calm, and happy to meet everyone!

Rusty is being fostered in the Windermere area, and updates will be coming soon!  In the meantime, you can view his photo album on Facebook.  If you are interested in Adopting Rusty, please review “How to Adopt From Us” and email your information to us at thedogliberator@gmail.com


Update:  Melinda, Rusy’s foster is keeping Rusty!  She writes:

Ok, drumroll…

We want to adopt him 🙂 He is an absolutely lovely dog, and a perfect companion for our dynamo Taz. They are happily wrestling on the floor in front of me as I write this!

I am entirely confident that we will quickly resolve the marking behavior. In fact, Taz is helping with that already by herding him around the house and preventing any opportunity for Rusty to mark! I’ll be checking at Walmart today for the spray, Petsmart didn’t have anything. I’ll be watching him like a hawk and providing well timed corrections as you both suggested. Thank you for your wisdom in dealing with this issue!

This week I’ll be getting him checked out by my vet, and professionally groomed. Can’t wait to see how gorgeous he’ll look! I promise to send before and after photos 🙂

Casey Rose, the Comedian~Adoption Pending

the Comedian!

It must have been way back in February when Dale Parrent asked me to take Casey Rose. It seemed no matter how hard we tried to transport her to Florida, schedules just didn’t jive. I asked Becky Harshman, the miracle worker of rescue, if she could help. Jeff Bennett, a volunteer Pilot for Pilots-N-Paws was coordinating a transport, and our dogs luckily got on board!

Case Rose is a delightful dog, with calm energy and a friendly disposition. She, and her transport buddies, Rustyand Fonzie all have awesome temperaments. Casey comes to us from Alabama where she was fostered by Deb Gaylord.

Who's Ready to Play?

Casey is one of those dogs that can be happy living in any home. She is great with kids, other dogs, and ignores cats. She flips the frisbee in the air and entertains herself, loves to play ball, but what she enjoys the most is the baby pool.

It's hard work being a good dog!

Everyone who has met Casey describes her as a comedian! More details on Casey Rose will be coming soon!

09/25/11 Update:  I had the pleasure or meeting Casey Rose last night, she really is a gorgeous dog.  She was with my pack, and had great manners with the other dogs.  Within ten minutes, she and China were playing.  She is incredibly obedient, has awesome recall and was very affectionate to everyone.  This is one great dog!

In the meantime, you can view her photo album on Facebook. If you are interested in Adopting Casey Rose, please review “How to Adopt From Us” and email your information to us at thedogliberator@gmail.com


Pilots N Paws

As you know, most of our dogs come from rural kill shelters in Alabama and Georgia. It isn’t easy getting them here. So many people are involved:

  • the folks who first let us know about them;
  • volunteers who physically go to the shelters and pull them;
  • locals who open up their homes to foster until transportation is arranged;
  • transportation coordinators;
  • drivers;
  • so much more

It really is a huge effort. The dogs are usually driven to us in cars, 10 legs each driving about an hour. You can just imagine what all is involved!

And then every now and then something simply wonderful happens: Paws N Pilots!

Paws N Pilots is a loose-knit group of pilots who volunteer to give rescued animals a lift. They can turn a multi-day transport into a matter of just a few hours. They are amazing!

Today we were supposed to get a litter of Border Collie puppies driven to us from Alabama. Instead, Jeff Bennett of Paws N Pilots flew them and several other dogs the distance. We were just one rescue and one stop along his way.

He told me he was a bit surprised to find 9 more dogs for pick up than he was told to expect (he puts things so mildly!) but he took it all in stride. Watching him pull the dogs out of his plane was like watching Mary Poppins unpack her carpet bag!!!

The night before the plane headed our way, I was asked if I could overnight a beagle who was destined for a rescue in Tampa; that stop was canceled and drivers were arranged from Orlando, but not until Saturday. Sure! What’s one more dog? Ya gotta be flexible in rescue!

Thank you, Jeff, Paws N Pilots, and all the volunteers who make this and other transports possible! You are the best!!!

Pilots N Paws, Lady Di, and Goldie Hawn by Mitch Stacy – A Paw and a Prayer

Just read this awesome story written by AP Reporter Mitch Stacy about Pilots N Paws and their recent rescue, which included my Lady Di and Goldie Hawn.

A paw and a prayer: Pilots save shelter animals
By MITCH STACY, Associated Press Writer Mitch Stacy, Associated Press Writer – Tue Sep 15, 5:47 am ET

TAMPA, Fla. – Lady Di is a lovely purebred collie with a pleasant disposition, just like lots of other dogs dumped at shelters in areas that lack anywhere near enough would-be owners. Unlike all but a lucky few of those animals, she got a plane ride away from death row.

Along with one of her sick, emaciated pups, Lady Di recently was brought to a shelter in the central Alabama interstate town of Clanton by a man who first tried to give her away in a Walmart parking lot.

The small shelter north of Montgomery was already heaving; healthy dogs and cats are euthanized by the hundreds every week because there’s just no more room.

Shelter workers knew the collies stood a better chance somewhere else.

That’s when Lady Di met private pilot Jeff Bennett, a volunteer with Pilots N Paws, a group that moves pets from overwhelmed shelters to communities, often ones with higher median income, where they’ll stand a better chance of adoption. The pilots donate their time, planes and fuel.

This week, Pilots N Paws is seeking to transport 5,000 animals to safety in a flurry of flights designed to raise awareness of the charity and draw attention to the importance of spaying and neutering.

Bennett, 50, is a retired Florida Keys businessman with a soft spot for homeless dogs. He’s got a Cirrus SR22, a zippy little four-seat plane, and is always looking for an excuse to get above the clouds.

So he flew to Montgomery recently to bring the collies and a dozen other dogs and puppies back to Florida, where rescue groups stood ready to take them in until homes could be found.

The “mission,” as Bennett calls his rescue flights, brought the number of animals he’s transported for Pilots N Paws to 124 — including snakes, lizards, a chicken and a potbellied pig — since signing on with the charity about a year ago.

“It’s a great feeling to know that you’re saving some animals and hopefully finding some good homes for them,” says Bennett, noting the millions of dogs and cats euthanized in U.S. shelters each year. “What I’m doing is pretty small, but you can only do what you can.”

Pilots N Paws got its start in February 2008. A Knoxville, Tenn., pilot named Jon Wehrenberg had offered to fly his friend, Debi Boies, from her home near Greenville, S.C., down to Florida to pick up a Doberman pinscher she wanted to adopt from a rescue group. Wehrenberg asked Boies if there would be a regular need for such a thing.

“I said, ‘Oh Jon, you have no idea,'” Boies recalls. Rescue groups have long moved animals from high-kill shelters around the country, she told him, but it usually involves long, exhausting car trips.

The Web site for Pilots N Paws now serves as a forum where shelters and rescue groups can hook up with pilots. Boies says more than 680 pilots have already transported thousands of animals all over the country. Many were plucked from death row at overpopulated, high-kill shelters in Southern states, where people are less likely to sterilize their animals.

“A rescue animal that’s had a living hell for a life and now has a warm and loving home, they look at you differently,” Boies says. “It’s just hard to explain.”

On Bennett’s recent two-hour flight from Montgomery to Tampa, he carried Lady Di and her pup, plus nine squirmy Lab-mix puppies, a red mix-breed called BBQ, a terrier-mix named Roscoe and a female mutt so pregnant she looked as if she might explode any minute. Fourteen dogs in six crates stacked into a cargo area no bigger than the back of a Honda Civic.

The droning of the plane’s engine seemed to subdue the dogs, but the puppies made sure the air in the cockpit was pungent. Blasts from a can of air freshener provided temporary relief.

“They’re a little anxious to start, but once you fire up the engine and start taxiing, a lot of times they settle down,” he says. “Most of them go to sleep during the flight, and when you start descending it’s almost like they know what’s going on and they start waking up and making a little bit of noise.”

In Tampa, volunteers with four different rescue groups were waiting.

The nine pups went to Mid-Florida Retriever Rescue. Last weekend, they met potential new owners at an adoption event at an Orlando pet store. BBQ and Roscoe went to The Humane Society of Sarasota County, where BBQ was adopted Thursday by a family whose dog had died recently.

The pregnant female, who was named Summer, was taken by a Saving Animals From Euthanasia chapter north of Tampa.

Lady Di and her pup got a ride to a foster home north of Orlando, where the younger dog is being treated for malnutrition and kennel cough. Lady Di, though, is energetic, housebroken and is being taught some basic commands. Gisele Veilleux, who is caring for the collies, says people have already applied to adopt her.

“She was sweet but didn’t have much personality,” Veilleux says of the dog, which she guesses is about a year old and was bred for profit in her first heat. “I don’t think she’s had that much human contact. She had no joy in her eyes. She’s getting that joy now.”

Pilots N Paws

Mitch designed this awesome slideshow that includes actual interviews with volunteer Pilot Jeff Bennett. I guess some people sky dive for thrills, we rescue dogs for thrills, and Jeff Bennett has made such a difference in the lives of so many animals, their rescuers, and the people who have adopted them.
Mitch’s SlideShow

Goldie Hawn, Lady Di’s collie pup, and her journey’s end.


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