Flynn ~ Adopted!

12144662_10153509944574792_8371856800179336767_nFlynn is coming to us to find a forever home.  He is incredibly smart and is easy to train (Who says deaf dogs don’t listen? [Read More]). Flynn is devoted and loyal and could easily be someone’s best buddy. He is also quiet and did we mention, house broken? He’s got that down pat. It’s time for Flynn to have a forever family all his own, and we are looking for just the right person for the job. Does that sound like you?

12122714_10153522800104792_1299266316807842049_nFlynn is in Deltona, FL and yes he is available for adoption! He is approximately 3 years old and 50 lbs. He is also deaf but that doesn’t hold him back in the least. Interested in becoming his family? Check out Our Adoption Process and answer the questions in email. 

Check out his Photos on Facebook!

12021946_10206737196283953_2115093453_nFlynn (aka John King) can’t wait to meet his next best friend(s)

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3/31/16 Update: Flynn was adopted by the DeRosa family of Florida! Congratulations to them all.

John King ~ Adopted

12023173_10206737195643937_642810266_nJohn King returned to us after his new home didn’t work out. He is doing quite well in foster and is ready to find his forever home!do He is incredibly smart and is easy to train (Who says deaf dogs don’t listen? [Read More]).

John is devoted and loyal and could easily be someone’s best buddy. He is also quiet and did we mention, house broken? He’s got that down pat. It’s time for John to have a forever family all his own, and we are looking for just the right person for the job. Does that sound like you?

11999863_10206737195203926_954690376_n8/20/15 Update: John King is in Lake City, FL. He is available for adoption! He is approximately 3 years old and 50 lbs. He is also deaf but doesn’t let that hold him back in the least.

Interested in becoming his family? Check out Our Adoption Process and answer the questions in email. 

Check out his Photos on Facebook!



Past History:

John at the shelter

We had a gorgeous white Aussie and named him Anderson Cooper.  When I saw this little guy’s picture at the pound, I figured why not name him John King!  While we made a commitment to get him, his time was running out.  We are very grateful to everyone who played a part in his transport to us.  It was close!

Bath time!


This young pup is being fostered by Jen Wilson in Daytona Beach.  He is getting used to his new surroundings, and we’ll be updating his progress shortly.  You can see his photos on Facebook. 


12270098_10207127168953026_1628173245_n11/22/15 Update: John was adopted by Patricia Ann yesterday. He has a new sister, a Border Collie named Poppy! So happy for you, John!

Bon Jovi~Adopted

his name was Casper, here's his shelter photo

his name was Casper, here’s his shelter photo

Jen Wilson saw this little guy on Facebook, and went into action!  She found a friend who would get him out and they drove like crazy to get him to her place.  He had a large gash near his mouth, that our vet sewed up (it was narly).  He was afraid at first, and needs reassurance, but he’s making huge progress every day!



Jen wrote:  I dunno why you humans keep saying “u are too big for a lap dog” I will make myself fit. I need to be snuggled cause right Now I’m a scared boy.  I don’t like a lot of loud noises or loud talking. But I am learning that people like to scratch my butt and my ears and I like it to…my song for the day “lay your hands on me” go-ahead imma letcha!  Hugs ~ Bon Jovi”

Yes, I am a velcro dog!

Yes, I am a velcro dog!

Bon Jovi is estimated to be 1-2 years of age, about 50 pounds.  He has been fully vetted, micro-chipped and neutered.  You can see more photos of him on Facebook.










Bon Jovi is going home!

Bon Jovi is going home!

07/04/14 Update:  Bon Jovi was adopted last night by Presley of Titusville! She fell in love with him immediately! Woo Hoo!

Ross Geller~Adopted

Ross ~ Adopted!

Ross ~ Adopted!

Update: Ross was adopted by Katie and Paul of Orlando last night! What a sweet boy he is, he has to learn to get along and be polite with their cat! I’m confident he’ll be a gentleman!

Only Six Friends Puppies are Available for Adoption!

Likes to play in the dirt!

Likes to play in the dirt!

Ross is laid back, and happy if he can lay in the dirt! He has very much a collie-like temperament! He is one of 10 of the Friends Puppies.

Visit the Friends Puppies Page for more information.

"It's Never off the table!"

“It’s Never off the table!”

You can see more of his photos on Facebook.

Phoebe Buffay~Adopted

Phoebe has been adopted and will go home on Monday. I don’t know what Sunny will do without her!

Only Six Friends Puppies are Available for Adoption!

Phoebe BuffayPhoebe does have some visual limitations in her right eye. Her left eye appears normal. We are testing her hearing, but believe she is most likely deaf (not confirmed). She is a doll baby and is being fostered by Jen!

You can see more of her photos on Facebook, or visit the Friends Puppies Page for more information.

"my little puppy!" "my tiny human!"

“my little puppy!”
“my tiny human!”

Update:  Phoebe was adopted, has two little female humans to play with and a very large but gentle German Shepherd to teach her the ropes… all in Port St. Lucie!

Monica Geller~Adopted

Just Stunning

Just Stunning

This little girl is absolutely gorgeous!  She is one of 10 Friends Puppies.  Visit her photo album on Facebook, or Visit the Friends Puppies Page!  Jen says she is a real sweetheart.

Going Home!

Going Home!

Wearing her TDL tag, Microchip Tag and her Adopt Bandanna, Monica was adopted by Brittney of Daytona Beach!

Mike Hannigan~Adopted

"I am NOT Deaf!"  ~ Mike Hannigan

“I am NOT Deaf!” ~ Mike Hannigan

Mike was adopted by Luis and his wife of Ormond Beach!

Only Six Friends Puppies are Available for Adoption!

I can't resist this face!

I can’t resist this face!

Mike is one of 10 of the Friends Puppies.  He is being fostered by Jen.  He is 9-10 weeks of age, and we do not believe he has any visual problems.  We are currently testing his hearing.

Visit his photo album on Facebook.  Or click on the Friends Puppies to see the pack!

The Friends Puppies~Adopted

Friends PuppiesUpdate:  There are 10!!!!

These pups are siblings of Juliet and Ralph. We are not going to engage in a discussion about their rescue at this time.  But we can tell you that each pup was hand-carried to Jen’s car by their owner/breeder.  Our focus is to spay/neuter, including their mother to stop future litters of deaf/blind dogs. We have been adamant about getting the breeding parents spay/neutered for over a year. We are relieved that the breeder allowed us this opportunity to right the wrongs. The female has been having about two litters each year, some of the pups have been deaf/blind.

Jen on a spay/neuter mission!

Jen on a spay/neuter mission!

We are sorting through the puppies, every time we count them we come up with a different number! We thought we had 10, now we count 9!  It’s like counting flies!

Jennifer Clemens Wilson is definitely our hero of the day! Without spay/neuter each one of these puppies could have had multiple litters. There is no room in this world for unwanted and homeless puppies.

Dawn Van Ness is on her way to help! Thanks Dawn!

Chow Time

Chow Time

All of these puppies will see Newman Veterinary on Sunday, where over the course of a few days, they will all receive their shots, be microchipped, de-wormed and spay/neutered.  We will be posting more photos of them in their album on Facebook.

If you are interested in adopting one of these Aussie Puppies, please visit

Click on a photo below to go to the dog’s page!


Ross - Likes to play in the dirt!

Ross – Likes to play in the dirt!

Rachel - Look at that pink nose!

Rachel – Look at that pink nose!

Phoebe - princess

Phoebe – princess


Monica, what a beauty

Mike Hannigan - I can't resist this face!

Mike Hannigan – I can’t resist this face!

Joey - How YOU Doin'? - Adopted

Joey – How YOU Doin’? – Adopted

Jessica, the Slapper!

Jessica, the Slapper!

Janice - Oh My Gawd, aren't I cute? - Adopted

Janice – Oh My Gawd, aren’t I cute? – Adopted

Richard (adopted) - played by Tom Selleck, this boy has been adopted!

Richard (adopted) – played by Tom Selleck, this boy has been adopted!

Chandler Bing - Can I BE more cute?

Chandler Bing – Can I BE more cute?

There are only six Friends Puppies Left for Adoption! Here’s their new video!

Here’s Johnny~Adopted

Here's JohnnyThis young Aussie is an owner-surrender.  He has never been abused or neglected.  He has had all of his shots, been micro chipped, and neutered.  He is being fostered by Jen, and she reports that he’s all puppy!  He loves toys, especially tennis balls!  He’s friendly, great with other dogs, cats, and kids.  He has incredible focus and is easy to train.  Yes, he is deaf, but you know how much we love our deafies!

Toys are NOT optional!

Toys are NOT optional!

You can see more of his photos on Facebook.

Here’s Johnny!  For adoption information, please visit Our Adoption Process.


Simply Gorgeous!

Simply Gorgeous!

A local breeder sent me an urgent message on Facebook to help her with her two dogs.  One, a young female and another a baby male.  At the time, I was full, but she was patient and waited for an opening.  In the meantime, I frantically asked for sponsorship, and it didn’t take long before we had enough donations from our supporters to sponsor both dogs… thank you!

Camera Shy I only got one good photo of her face!

Camera Shy I only got one good photo of her face!

Juliet will turn One in October.  She has minor visual impairment, nothing to be concerned about.  We are still investigating whether or not she is deaf.  She is being fostered by Jen Wilson, and both Jen and Bill love her.  Juliet has been welcomed by Jen’s pack, and even little Fiona has accepted Juliet.  Juliet is very submissive, has not had an accident in the house, and to be honest, Jen can’t find anything wrong with her!

Her former owner indicated that Juliet has been bounced around from house to house.  We can’t figure out why!  You can see more photos of this dainty little girl on Facebook.

Juliet's Mother

Juliet’s Mother

While I watched her get out of Jen’s car, I kept telling myself, “she is an Aussie, she is an Aussie”, but her gracefulness screamed Saluki.  Her long dainty legs… something about her was different and I couldn’t put my finger on it… until she walked away from me!

I noticed a black spot on the back of her tail, which is dominant in the Collie breed.  I also received a photo of Juliet’s mother, and I’m confused!  While our Facebook audience went ballistic about lethal white Aussies, Juliet’s breeder insisted she did not breed two merle’s.  I’m still confused when I see this photo, because I see Collie!  If Juliet is part Collie, we’re in for a real treat.  I can’t think of a more wonderful mix than Collie/Aussie!  Only a DNA test will tell us for sure, but I don’t put much faith into those either!

Since I’ve been in rescue, you can show me all the papers and photos you want, but I see what I see.  I see Collie!  And although everything about Juliet screams Aussie, that one black spot on the back of her tail made me smile!

08/26/13 Update:  Juliet is doing very well in her foster home.  She does not cause any trouble with the other dogs, she is coming out of her shell (she was shy but not fearful) and is quite a velcro dog.  She does not have much of a vision problem at all, she can see just fine, but she is deaf.  She feels much better when she’s around other dogs, I think she would be fine with cats.  Juliet is very sweet and gentle and will make an awesome family dog!  She sees the vet this week, and will be ready for her new home!

Juliet goes home!

Juliet goes home!

09/01/13 Update:  Back in 2010, a wonderful family came to adopt Elisha. She was only six months, and today she is HUGE!  Sandi and her family, from Port Orange, met Juliet last night… and they do want to adopt her! We are thrilled! Juliet will be close by, and have the most amazing family… and her own dog to play with. Elisha is now called Zoe, and has turned out to be one heck of a soft and loving dog! Woo Hoo!

Juliet’s new name is Elleana!  She had a wonderful night, and is fitting in very well!

To get updates on her adoption, please visit her page on Facebook.


Barbara's Juliet, RIP

Barbara’s Juliet, RIP

Note:  This little girl has been named after Barbara Giacobe’s Juliet who passed away a while ago.

Parvo Puppy

Rest in Peace

Rest in Peace

Early this week, our Jen rescued a pup from Alabama.  Unfortunately, the pup tested positive for Parvo.  Because the dog was not showing signs of lethargy yet, I really hoped she would make it.  Jen started the chicken stew and kept her hydrated, but for some reason, I woke up from a sound sleep at 4:30 AM, and a few moments later, I received a text from Jen that the pup had labored breathing.  A few minutes later, I received the dreaded phone call… the pup had passed.  Jen was crying hysterically.  Parvo is hard… it’s very hard.

We had high hopes for this little one.  We received a lot of great name ideas on Facebook.  I’m just sorry it wasn’t meant to be.

Daisy Duke~Adopted

Daisy DukeThis gorgeous three year old female has been owner-surrendered, and will be fostered by Jen Wilson.  Her situation will be shared shortly, but in the meantime, if you are looking for a dog who would make a great foot rest, I think this is your dog!  More photos of her can be viewed on Facebook.

Daisy Duke is Adopted!

Daisy Duke is Adopted!

07/07/13 Update:  Daisy has been adopted!  Jen writes, “We are so happy for Daisy, she’s moving to a farm with horses and a handsome fella Xander to pal around with. Daisy has changed residence to Micanopy,Fl.  Yaaay daisy girl”


Mr. Snuffaluffagus~Adopted

Old English Sheepdog's Shelter Photo

Old English Sheepdog’s Shelter Photo


Rescued by Jackie in Miami, and transported by Jackie, Michelle and Jen. His photos can be seen on Facebook.  More about his temperament in a few!

Woo Hoo!

Woo Hoo!

06/22/13:  Snuffy is a kind dog. If he hears your voice, he wags his tail. Now is not the time to judge his temperament, because he’s very calm, but he’s also very sick. Snuffy was adopted last week, but he was returned a week later, because he stopped eating. At first, it was thought that he was throwing up, but the moment I saw him last night, I knew it’s kennel cough. I took him to the vet, and they confirmed that he is not dehydrated, so I took him home with me.

Snuffy, the Old English Sheepdog has Upper Respiratory Infection

Snuffy, the Old English Sheepdog has Upper Respiratory Infection

Snuffy has only eaten the equivalent of one can of food all week, and he stopped drinking water completely. He was already emaciated when we rescued him last week, and he has lost even more weight – his weight loss is now critical.

I’m giving him doxycycline and I’ve started him on high doses of vitamin C. I gave him some canned food last night, but he refused, I also gave him water and chicken bullion, he refused that as well.

06/23/13:  This morning, I sat on the front porch with him, and after he was comfortable with me, I offered him turkey thighs and beef liver. He devoured it, and I was thrilled. He then helped himself to a large amount of water. I tried to give him a second helping of food, but his coughing prevented him from eating any more.

Snuffy Stew

Snuffy Stew

He is resting now, there is plenty of food and water in his giant crate, in case he decides to help himself. I ran out to the store and prepared him his next batch of stew, which includes Chicken Breast, Beef Liver, Silver Cordova Salmon, zucchini, carrots, celery, sweet potatoes, rosemary and garlic.  I also added a bit of pancake syrup to his first bowl to be sure he has enough sugar.

His cough sounds worse, but I’m wondering if the sticky infection is loosening and if he’s just able to expel it more easily.

Kennel cough is a common virus that attacks shelter dogs. It’s much like a cold, however, in Snuffy’s case, his loss of appetite and emaciated state converts this common and easy-to-treat virus into a potentially deadly condition – pneumonia. Pneumonia kills, so I’m treating this very seriously. I will provides updates of his condition daily.

Here’s is my first morning with him, and since then he has eaten several bowls of Snuffy Stew, he has had plenty of water, and he has pooped!

06/24/13:  For those of you who are new to TDL, I should explain why we cook for our sick dogs.  Every bite that an emaciated dog eats is important.  You have to make the best of it.  If the dog has shut down and stopped eating, you have to make the dish irresistible.  Medicine alone will not cure what ails him.  When a dog shuts down, they simply don’t care if they live of die.  If a dog can look forward to something, affection, a walk, food, whatever it is, then the dog will turn around and his attitude will help him fight to survive.  When I rescued Frances, he wouldn’t eat anything I gave him.  Not even canned salmon.  He wouldn’t lift his head when I entered the room.  He practically lay in his crate, wanting to die.  Frances had been poisoned by Ticks.  I had to take him to the vet, get him re-hydrated, use glucose, a shot of antibiotics, and a vitamin B shot to jump start him into caring again.  Once he ate, I took him back home.  Eating is critical to puppies.  If a puppy doesn’t eat, you have every reason to be concerned, and you should cook stew for him.  If he still doesn’t eat, you need to rush your pup to the vet.  Anti-nausea medication works wonders to get a dog to eat.  I believe that a combination of anti-nausea medication, and chicken stew has saved our parvo puppies.

Snuffy is improving.  His first night was horrible, because he couldn’t rest, he never stopped coughing.  His second night, however, he really slept, only waking up every two hours to cough.  He continues to eat and this morning he showed me a little bounce of energy, running around the yard.

He does have a family in South Florida that wants to adopt him, but I have to wait until he is better, to temperament test him with other dogs.  While at the Wilson house, he did well with Nitro and Fiona.  Here, he growls in his crate at other dogs that come near him.  Is he simply food aggressive?  I wouldn’t blame him one bit, but that has to be resolved before he can leave and be part of a pack.



06/25/13 Update:  I was so proud yesterday that Snuffy’s cough was getting better, then as dinner time rolled around it was bad.  He was coughing constantly.  I started him on Clavamox and am continuing the Doxy.  Kids always get worse at night!  This morning, there is much improvement, but antibiotics don’t work that fast.  I have a grooming appointment for him on Thursday, I hope he’s well enough to endure a bath and having his feet groomed.

He did give me another happy bounce and a quick run around the yard this morning, so clearly he has more energy.  He likes to go under the bushes and scratch his back on the branches, it’s hilarious.  For the most part, he is very quiet in is crate.

I don’t have to scruff his pills down his throat any longer, I hide them in chicken hot dogs…. much less messy for me!  He’s eating some kibble, but I’m still serving up the Snuffy Stew!

I hope these meds start to take affect.  I’m still watching for signs of pneumonia, but as long as he’s running around, and having bursts of activity, we should be fine.  I’m sure you can tell I’m getting very frustrated, but I’m the most impatient person I know!   His first Doxy was on the evening of the 22nd.  His first Clavamox was tonight.  It’s only been three days on Doxy.

06/26/13 Update:  About 50 years ago, someone working for a major pharmaceutical company invented Doxycycline.  Not long afterward, another brilliant person invented Clavamox.  When used together, they knock out Kennel Cough.  I’m very proud to re-introduce to you Mr. Snuffaluffagus!

Tomorrow he goes to Newman Veterinary in Deltona and meets Serena where he will have another bath, and get a manni  petti!  Based on his energy level and his desire to play with toys, I really believe this guy is younger than we first estimated!

Snuffy is excited to see Kierstin!

Snuffy is excited to see Kierstin!

06/27/13 Update:  This has been two weeks of pure hell for this poor boy.  Last night was so much fun!  Jen and her daughter came over, and they got to see Snuffy again, remember, they fostered him after his Miami transport.  He remembered them!  I mean, he really remembered them!  This is one smart boy!  But I had no idea what was going to be in store for me this morning.

I really wanted to get Snuffy’s fuzzy slippers removed, he was shaved down at Miami-Dade, but they left his feet untouched.  He chews on them a lot, so I thought let’s get him to look even!  He had an appointment at Newman Veterinary Center/Deltona today with groomer, Serena.  While I was there, I figured let me ask Dr. Oliver to examine him, and ask him to fill three prescriptions, for Doxy, Clavamox and his cough tabs.  Seems like a no-brainer right?  WRONG!

Ray was my Vet Tech today, he reviewed Snuffy’s paperwork, looked down and asked me if he was here for his neuter as well. Neuter?  No, he’s been neutered!  He was neutered by Miami-Dade on the 14th, just two weeks ago.  Ray looked at me and smiled, and looked at Snuffy again.  “I don’t think so Gisele!  He has not been neutered.”  Ray examined him again.  One testical was neutered and one was not.  Ray checked to see if it was swelling, but it wasn’t.  The dog has one testical.  I wanted to cry.

Dr. Oliver came in, and confirmed that Snuffy has one testical that has not been neutered, it is not swelling, and it is still attached.  How could that happen?  I reviewed the paperwork from Miami-Dade, and I wanted to cry.  I texted Jackie and asked her if he was neutered.  She replied, and said he was.  But he wasn’t, but he hasn’t been, but how could this happen, what went wrong, and why?

Dr. Oliver said he had never seen anything like it in his 30 years.  How could a doctor be operating and forget one… they are side by side, how could a doctor get so distracted to not operate on both testicals?  However, there is a chance that it is a hemmotoma, a sack of blood.

Dr. Oliver brought another doctor in just to get a second opinion, she examined Snuffy, and confirmed that it did appear that he does have one testical.  She also doubted it was a hemmotoma.  I left Snuffy for yet another surgery.  I’m furious, this dog shouldn’t have to endure this.  I felt so bad for him, and when Ray came back with the paperwork, I shared with him how yes, it is funny, but I want to cry.

Snuffy has gained three pounds since he’s been with me for less than a week, but he is still terribly thin.  He is such a love, he wants to be petted, and is starving for attention and affection.  I really want to cry.  Regardless if it’s a botched neuter or a hemmotoma, it needs to be fixed immediately.

TDL is getting two adorable puppies from Alabama this afternoon, and I can’t foster them.  Kennel cough is highly contagious to puppies who have not been vaccinated.  I thank God Laura Burke offered to foster them for me, but… I just want to cry.

Surgery Update:  Dr. Oliver confirmed that it was a hemmotoma, and again, he said he has never seen anything like it before.  It has been removed, and Snuffy will be coming home shortly.

Snuffy is adopted

Snuffy is adopted

07/02/13 Update:  Snuffy was adopted last Sunday by Jim and Barbara of St. Petersburg.  Jim and Barbara adopted Tinker Belle from TDL several years ago.  I talked to Barbara last night, and Snuffy is doing great with his new pack!


Dot with Jen

After spending a few hours with Dot, I’m sorry, but I see Collie all over her, especially her markings and her tail.  I kept my eye on her brother Yaz, who I also think has a touch of collie in his blood!  That’s a very noble nose he has!  We were not told there was a collie on the premises, so we have to go with what we know, Aussie and Catahoula/Aussie.  I guess we won’t know until 12 months pass if I am right!

Dot is very shy, and unsure in new surroundings.  She loves being held, as she gets extra safety in someone’s arms.  Basic puppy training classes will give Dot the self-esteem that she needs.  She is a wonderful girl, very smart, and she loves to play!

I see Collie!

You can see more photos of Dot in her photo album on Facebook.

Click here to learn more about Dot’s litter mates.






adopted by Kim & Rich

adopted by Kim & Rich

05/12/13 update:  Dot has been adopted by Kim and Rich of Ormond Beach!  She will be renamed Stella… such an awesome name!  Can’t wait for updates!


Yaz, Now Jax

Named after  Carl Yastrzemski,  Yaz was adopted yesterday by Summer and Ak Shay!  His new name is Jax.  He feel in love with his new family immediately!  He is going to be one gorgeous dog, and I can’t wait to watch him grow up!

That’s one lucky puppy!



Here is Yaz’s photos on Facebook.For more stories about adopting a deaf and/or blind dog, click here.


Click here to learn more about Yaz’s litter mates.




12/17/14 Update: Yaz, now Jax, is getting big! His Mommy writes: “The dogs went to see Santa. You can tell who was naughty.” We love that we get to follow and watch them grow up! Thank you to Jax’s awesome parents for sharing this adorable update!




Blind dogs don’t need to see to give kisses!

I had a chance to meet Maddon yesterday, named after Joe Maddon. He is everything a normal puppy should be. Calm and quiet at times, rambunctious and playful when it’s time to play! He has incredible hearing, and being blind doesn’t bother him one bit. As a matter of fact, from a distance, no one knows he’s blind.

For more stories about adopting a deaf and/or blind dog, click here.


We have new photos of Maddon in action, they are awesome, and on Facebook.


Click here to learn more about Maddon’s litter mates.



Welcome to the Wilson Pack little guy!

Welcome to the Wilson Pack little guy!

05/21/13 Update:  Maddon was adopted by Jen Wilson’s Dad, who also adopted Dundee from us years ago!  Maddon will have the Wilson pack and the Wilson family to train and love him!

Jen’s Puppies

Yaz (adopted) and Dot

Jennifer Wilson spotted this little visually impaired Puppy in Dothan, Alabama and drove half-way to meet the owners so TDL could find him a perfect home.  Upon arriving, two more litter mates hitched a ride!  All of the pups are just now turning 8 weeks of age.  They will have their second booster shot this Wednesday, and will not be ready for spay/neuter for at least two more weeks.  We believe the father of the pups was Aussie/Catahoula, and the mother to be a purebred Aussie.

We have created individual pages for these pups, so we can update their photos and progress as they grow up!





Maddon, the star of this rescue is very sure of himself, has great hearing, and is very visually impaired.  That doesn’t stop him one bit!  He loves the play and enjoys the security of having another dog around!  Named after Joe Maddon, whoever adopts this little boy will have a BFF.


Dot, named after Dot Richardson, is very shy and unsure of herself, but she is quickly becoming more secure and enjoying the environment that the Wilson’s and their pack are providing.

Yaz, named after Carl Yastrzemski is the pack’s leader.  He is playful, intelligent and stunning.  Yaz has been adopted!  We will provide updates shortly!

We will be providing updates shortly.  In the meantime, these pups need to spend time with each other to experience healthy puppy pack playtime, and to learn from the Wilson pack, what they have not yet learned due to their mother’s absence.  You can see their initial photo album on Facebook!

If you are interested in meeting one of our dogs or learning more about it, please e-mail us at and let’s get the process going! Share such information:

as where you live,

your household composition,
your yard/fence/exercise plan,
pets you have and/or had,
your normal work schedule,
how much time the dog will be alone,
what you are looking for in a dog,
do you have a pool
what contingency plans do you have in place should you no longer be able to care for your dog and,
if you rent, do you have landlord approval,

and are you prepared to bring your new dog home if you are approved during your meet?

have you or anyone in your family ever been bitten or traumatized by a dog in the past?

is there anyone in your family, circle of friends, or anyone who lives with you that can decide if you can have a dog in your home?

also, provide us with your phone number, home address, including county and zip code

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Farewell Sydney

As I posted on Facebook this morning, it is very sad that I share the loss of Sydney Wilson, Jen & Bill’s red Aussie girl passed away suddenly this morning. We are all so sorry for their loss. Anderson Cooper took to Sydney, following her around, and learning from her while he was being fostered by the Wilsons. Her death is a tremendous loss. RIP little girl, you will never be forgotten.

The Wilson Pack

My Sarah saying goodbye to Nitro on November 29, 2009

On November 24, 2009 a gorgeous Aussie boy, that I named Cool Hand Luke, was surrendered to me by his owner.

After he was vetted and neutered, on November 29th, I posted his photos on Facebook.  I immediately received an email from the Wilson Family.  They dropped everything and drove to my home me meet the dog and arrived within the hour!

At first, I was concerned… this 12 month old Aussie was big, strong, and had a lot of energy.  I viewed him as a handful.  But the moment Bill met him, he was in love.  “I’m surrounded by women, I have a daughter, a wife, and two female dogs at home… I want a dog that can play with me, be rough, and watch football games with me!”  It was done!

It was about two weeks later, Bill notified me that they had renamed him Nitro… Nitro Wilson.  Nitro has been a gracious foster host ever since!  Here’s a closer look at the Wilson family through the eyes of their daughter, Kierstin:

Written by Kierstin Wilson:

My parents both grew up in Daytona beach, where we currently live. I am their only child, so naturally I have always had pets. My freshman year of high school, my mom found Nitro on The Dog Liberator page, through a mutual friend. We had already had 2 Australian Sheperd dogs, and we felt the time is right to love another.

Nitro Wilson

My parents warned me about going to meet with Nitro- typical parent stuff. “Don’t get attached he might not like us, we might not adopt him today..” etc. But of course, all of us fell in love with nitro as he did us.

On the ride back home to Daytona I sat in the backseat with Nitro, happy and excited! Nitro quickly took to our other dogs, and things became normal. About a year and half later my mom and I started to pay close attention to The Dog Liberator’s page, noticing Lethal Whites (blind/deaf) Aussie puppies.

These dogs were so beautiful yet their stories were laced with stories of heartbreak. My mom and I fell In love with Baby GaGa(So gorgeous), but the timing wasn’t right.

About 3 months later my mom spotted Fiona on Gisele’s page.  Terry Watts, rescued Fiona.

Kierstin and Fiona

Gisele put us in touch with Terri, and the deal was sealed!  My mom and dad drove about 4 hours, in the middle of the night, to Tallahassee Fl to get Fiona and transport her home.

I stayed up of course and out of the car popped this little white fluff ball. All of us were fairly nervous because owning and deaf/blind dog was never something we planned. Outsiders have this vision that all deaf/blind dogs act differently or feel differently than other dogs, but we have come to know more than anyone that they certainly do not- and they certainly LOVE the same.

Fiona quickly took to hand motions and movements and trained very easily. Today, triple the size the little fluff ball once was, she is a typical mommy’s girl.

Bill Wilson and Puppy Fiona

After having Fiona and leaning more about our true love of deaf/blind dogs, we agreed to foster, Chance and Indy (Dundee and Irwin).  We saw photos of these dogs, our hearts hurting. Once cleaned up they too took to our pack like it was no big deal.

Dundee, now Chance, was adopted by my mothers parents in the same week – who can stop love!

Indy was also adopted a few weeks, which was one of the hardest moments of my families life.

We had never truly fostered a dog, trained them, fell in love with them and have to watch them go. It was heartbreaking, but the feeling you get when you see a dog happy because of you is like no other. But things didn’t work out with Indy, and he was returned.  We decided never again, so we’ve kept Indy!  He is Fiona’s (and my dad’s) best friend.


A short time after we rescued Shrek ( AKA Falcor).  My mom and I drove a little while to meet him and take him home. The poor guy had a bladder infection and peed- EVERYWHERE.

Regardless, Falcor was one of my favorite dogs to foster, When he first came to the Wilson ranch he had no idea what a bed even was, and after the month with us, he became a bed hog!

Seeing him be adopted hurt a lot less; not only was he happy, he made his new family happy. My mom still gets the cutest pictures with Falcor and his forever family!

My parents and I have fostered many others for the Dog Liberator, (Lilly, Knish, Delilah), and just recently my mom and I rescued Anderson Cooper!

Jennifer with Anderson Cooper

The day we met him was a life changing moment. Sitting in a dirty, loud, smelly animal control office was definitely short of a good time. It was heartbreaking. I sat outside with Anderson for about an hour, while my mom wheeled and dealed with paperwork so we could bring this guy home for a bath- which he needed BADLY.

Anderson was a little defensive meeting other dogs, but he got used to them, and was trained (and washed) very well. He was adopted a few weeks ago, and I’m hoping he is having the time of his life with his new family. Deaf/blind dogs are no different than other dogs and I’m wishing people would understand that.

While at the shelter with Anderson, a man came up to me and made the comment,  “He’s a sweet dog, but you can tell he’s deaf so…”  SO what?  This should have no impact on a dogs life whatsoever.

I am going to be attending college next year and I plan on becoming a vet, and saving these animals will always be in my family’s heart. While it can be a tough thing to do, fostering, adopting, donating, ANYTHING you can possibly do help and animal in need is the most rewarding experience. A dogs love is the best-because if you love and help them, they love and help you right back.  ~ Kierstin

More About Fostering:

You may or not realize that while all of the dogs that the Wilson’s have fostered may have been able to be fostered by me personally, the fact that they weren’t allowed another dog to be fostered.  While Anderson Cooper was safe with the Wilsons, I was able to foster other dogs!  In rescue, it’s all about funding, space, and foster experience.  Space is valuable in rescue.

I don’t think that on that day, back in November of 2009, the Wilsons thought they would ever be fostering, but look at the impact that they have made.  They have not only saved these gorgeous and deserving dogs, they have made many families very very  happy!

Today, Jen and I are working on adding new four-legged members to our rescue!  We’ll have more news in the upcoming days!  Stay tuned!  ~ Gisele

For more information about Deaf/Blind dogs, click on “the Chosen Ones“.

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Also, Visit “Preparing your dog that is going to be blind or deaf” by Cesar Milan.

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BCBG MAX AZRIA Strength Sunglasses Auction

Jen, Aussie Mom!

Auction Ended:  Sherry Kaschak is our winner!

Why does Jennifer Wilson always look so cool in her shades?  Our Jen Wilson works for Millennium Optical in Ormond Beach.  As a generous and giving company, they purchased these gorgeous Sun Glasses, where a portion of the proceeds went to the Susan G. Komen for the Cure.  These BCBG MAX AZRIA designer Sun Glasses depicted “Strength” in creating Breast Cancer Awareness and the Fight to end Breast Cancer.

The Dog Liberator would like to thank Jennifer and Millennium Optical for the gracious donation, and we are auctioning this gorgeous sun glasses on Ebay!  Proceeds from this auction will benefit our Veterinary Care Fun.

Look cool this summer with these designer shades, know that these glasses helped Breast Cancer Awareness, and now they are going to help a death row dog in need of some TLC by TDL!

Click here to Start Bidding on this Auction by Visiting Ebay!

The Wilson family are the home of Nitro Wilson, Fiona, Irwin, Dundee and Delilah!  They have also fostered Knish, China’s Twin (Lilly), Falcor, and recently Anderson Cooper!


If you or your business would like to donate an item for the The Dog Liberator’s Veterinary Care Fund, please email us at

You can also see these designer sun glasses listed on the Instyle Website




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