Muggs – the young & handsome Shollie boy! ~ Adopted

11224335_10153250830924792_2098051688162495251_oMuggs came to us from Alabama. He’s a 10 month old GSD/Collie mix, a “Shollie”! He’s incredible sweet and friendly, the best of both breeds!

Muggs weighs about 32 lbs right now but he will continue to grow a bit more and will put on some weight as he is a bit underweight right now.

His shelter assessment shares that he is good with kids and other dogs, is in the middle range for energy and LOVES to play. He is sociable and energetic.







11705132_10153319974864792_6718530662596449968_n27/14/15 Update: Busy day at TDL! Muggs was just adopted by Robyn and Richard of Longwood. Many squeaky toys await him at his new home. What a happy day!

A HUGE thanks to Sonia and Jazzy Valentine for helping transform Muggs into such a gentlemen!



Check out his Facebook Photo Album!



More Updates to come!


Leo and his new family, Bruce, Nina and their son!

Leo and his new family, Bruce, Nina and their son!

Leo was adopted by Bruce, Nina and their handsome son, from Winter Springs.  The Bromance started immediately!  Can’t wait for updates!

History:  This wonderful boy is now living with my pack and my kids! He is not 5-6 years of age… he has too much puppy joy and his teeth are gorgeous! I estimate he’s about 2. He has mild separation anxiety, has been crate-trained, and not thunder phobic. He is great with my little 4 pound Rosie, and has no prey drive. He is incredibly friendly and loving, and adores my daughter, Sarah. Leo is a wonderful family dog!

right off transport, Leonardo made friends quickly!

right off transport, Leonardo made friends quickly!

This stunning young boy arrived yesterday, and he is amazing. Affectionate and loving.  Estimated to be about six years old, he’s going to make an awesome family dog!  He is at the vet, and going to be examined, and start his heartworm treatment early this week!  We want to thank Jeanette and Lee for dropping everything and transporting them to us yesterday.  Jeanette kept saying, “I can’t believe he was a stray, he’s such a good boy.”    Who wouldn’t want a fully trained dog?

You can see more photos of him on Facebook.


A special thank you to those who donated toward his medical care.


Attention TDL Peeps. We have said YES to this dog, without asking in advance for your commitment to help us with his veterinary care needs. This gorgeous dog is HW+, due to no fault of his own, but because his people failed to keep him protected. There is no reason why a highly adoptable dog like this one, should be put down because of his previous owner’s negligence. He passed the temperament test with flying colors… so I say to you… Let’s Do This! If you’d like to donate toward his medical care, please visit

Shelter Photo

Shelter Photo

Dear Rescue:

This is a 6+ year old male Sheltie (Apollo) in the Tuscaloosa Metro Animal Shelter, a high-kill animal control shelter in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. This beautiful boy recently tested positive for heartworms, which is usually a very immediate death sentence for Metro dogs.

This gorgeous boy is a volunteer FAVORITE, due, of course, to his captivating beauty and perfect temperament. He has a sociable, energetic personality and plays wonderfully with other dogs and children. His SAFER assessment indicates that he’d make a wonderful pet for adults, families with children, and seniors; we have no doubt that he could be adopted out very quickly. He came to the shelter as a stray on 6/19/14, he will be euthanized quickly based on his HW status if rescue cannot be arranged. I am attaching pictures, his cage card, and his behavioral assessment for your consideration. ~ Thank you


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