Stuffin’ ~ Adopted!

Here I am, with my big brother Wishbone... I'm a little shy!

Here I am, with my big brother Wishbone… I’m a little shy!

Gorgeous little female that we believe is a golden or collie.  She and her 3 siblings come from Chilton County, Alabama.  New photos of her will be uploaded shortly in her Facebook Photo Album.

In the right environment, a good trainer could take a dog like this and within just a few short weeks transform it into a certified service dog. Combine the training with an incredible bond that dogs like these create with their owners, and you’ve got yourself a winner!

11/29/14 Update: Stuffin’ was adopted by Kealey of Daytona Beach, FL, Congratulations to them all!

Wishbone ~ Adopted!

"I am the sexiest pup alive!" - Wishbone

“I am the sexiest pup alive!” – Wishbone

Little boy pup from Chilton County, Alabama.  He is one of four puppies that appear to be collie or golden retriever.  We just aren’t sure because they are so young!  New photos of Wishbone will be uploaded in his photo album on Facebook shortly!


11/22/14 Update: Wishbone has been adopted! Details and pictures soon!


Hambone!Tiny little boy from Chilton County, Alabama.  He is one of four puppies that appear to be collie or golden retriever, and chocolate lab.  We just aren’t sure because they are so young!  New photos of Hambone are uploaded in his photo album on Facebook!Hambone


12/14/13 Update: Hambone met Kitty of Orlando, FL and wiggled right into her heart.

12/15/14 Update: Kitty writes “Hi Giselle, Hambone is working out fine. He slept through the night. He is full of pep and fun. He’s been going outside to pee. I’m thinking of calling him Prince.”





I can’t tell Kristoff and Anna apart! They are twins! Kristoff is an Aussie boy, about 8 weeks of age. he is one of 4 of our Frozen puppies, 2 males and 2 females.  You can see more photos of him on Facebook.  We will have updates shortly!

Strike a Pose Pretty Boy!

Strike a Pose Pretty Boy!

Should Kristoff be on the cover of GQ for dogs?

10/02/14 Update:  The last of the Frozen puppies was adopted today by Chuck Viggiano of Clermont. Chuck and his wife are going to have a lot of fun with Kristoff. They have several grand children that can’t wait for school to be over today! Chuck recently lost his dog, and he described the emptiness of the house… not any more!!!

I'm going home!

I’m going home!

Isn’t it super cool to watch these unwanted dogs, full of fleas, worms, and emaciated be transformed into gorgeous creatures? We get to watch them to go wonderful homes where they are totally wanted and appreciated… where they will be well cared for and adored.


Sven, one of our Frozen Puppies

Sven, one of our Frozen Puppies

Sven, a male, is Aussie maybe Shepherd. He is a very calm and quiet puppy (so far) He loves to snuggle. He is about 8 weeks of age. He is one of four puppies, 2 males and 2 females. Sven is a real charmer and because of his dark coloring, he’s hard to photograph.  You can see more photos of him on Facebook.

Update:  If you are going to Disney and take your kids to the Frozen Sing-a-long… you’ll probably meet John – because he works there! John adopted Sven and Elsa and does not have plans to change their names!

Sven, Elsa, and John - everybody sing a long!

Sven, Elsa, and John – everybody sing a long!



Elsa, one of 4 of our Frozen Puppies

Elsa, one of 4 of our Frozen Puppies

Elsa is one of four puppies flown in yesterday by Volunteer Pilot, Jim Matthews.  She is an Aussie, maybe Lab or Collie mix.  Elsa is very affectionate and calm for a puppy!  You can see more photos of her on Facebook.  We will have more updates for you shortly.

Elsa and Sven, adopted Together!

Elsa and Sven, adopted Together!

Update:  If you are going to Disney and take your kids to the Frozen Sing-a-long… you’ll probably meet John – because he works there! John adopted Sven and Elsa and does not have any plans to change their names!


DSC_2913Anna is one of 4 Aussie pups we rescued from Chilton County, Alabama.  They were flown in thanks to volunteer Pilot Jim Matthews. Anna has something wrong with her hind leg, she is being x-rayed today. In the meantime, we are asking for donations toward her medical care. If you can donate, and virtually foster her, please visit our Virtual Foster page.

You can see more photos of her on Facebook.

09/29/14 Update:  Little Anna will not be available for adoption.  For those of you who have donated toward her medical care, I have sent you a personal email offering to refund your donation.  Anna is not operable.  Our Vet believes she was once hit by a car, and her pelvic bone is crushed.  While her leg was also broken, that’s the least of our Vet’s concerns. Bone fragments are seen throughout her organs, and preventing her from thriving.  I am so sorry to be the bearer of this heartbreaking news.  I will be spending the afternoon with her.

The Vet does not think she can make it through the surgery, and doesn’t believe that even a specialist can save her. We think she was hit by a car. Accidents happen. Anna is a spunky little puppy, and she is full of herself! She steals bones from her siblings, and won’t share! Watching her in this video, I can’t believe she is playing with a crushed pelvis. Dogs are truly amazing creatures.

Anna, the Aussie PuppyWe make decisions about our dogs as if they are our own dogs, and Anna is no exception. Even if she were to survive the surgery, her quality of life would be incredibly low.  So why is she playing in the video?  We believe that the injury happened when she was so young, she has been used to living with this pain.

I would like to thank my son Ryan, and his friend Nikki for taking the time the visit the puppies with me yesterday.  They had a blast, and they loved the cuddles and kisses.

Anna will never be forgotten, and it’s our job to find wonderful and loving homes for her siblings. They will have a full and happy life while Anna plays with our other dogs that are waiting at the Rainbow Bridge. Run along Anna, the pain is gone, be free, and spread your wings!

Olaf, the fluffy puppy~Adopted

Olaf the fluffy puppy

Olaf the fluffy puppy

Because of your donations on Frappe Friday, we were able to sneak this little boy on our transport yesterday, so Thank you!  We estimate he’s between 9 – 12 weeks of age, and he’s a cutie pie.  After careful research, we are confident in telling you he is a Great Pyrenees/Collie boy.  There is a bald spot on his back which may be where someone applied a topical flea preventative… and it burned his hair.

Lanie with Newman Vet says I'm the cutest puppy ever!

Lanie with Newman Vet says I’m the cutest puppy ever!

You can see a lot of photos of him on Facebook.


Update:  Michael Scott and his family drove from Gainesville to meet and adopt Olaf!  Michael adopted Osbourne, the Border Collie, and it was time to add a new member to form a pack!  Olaf now has his own little girl to play and cuddle with.  To get updates and watch this pup grow, visit the photo album!

Olaf Meets His New Family

Olaf Meets His New Family

Owen Wilson~Adopted

The boys are back in town!

The boys are back in town!

Owen was adopted by Marilyn last Saturday, she previously adopted our Moses several years ago! These two are going to have a lot of fun together!

The perfect dog!

The perfect dog!

Foster, Laura Burk can’t stop talking about how good Owen is! He likes to pick up things off the floor and bring them to you! He is gentle, great with other dogs, awesome with kids too! Owen could easily become a Canine Good Citizen Dog, or an Assistance Dog. Regardless, he is a lover boy, and will make an awesome companion to a very lucky person or family!

You can see more of his photos on Facebook.

Golden Pup

Golden Pup

Thank you for your donations, Owen Wilson has arrived and is in TDL Foster Care!  We will confirm  his age, and details shortly, but for now, he is a real love bug!

We would like to pull this boy and get him transported to our rescue, but we need help.  If you can be his hero, please visit our Virtual Sponsor Page.

Lady Di Revisted

Goldie Hawn at the Shelter

Goldie Hawn at the Shelter

Four years ago today, Lady Di and Goldie Hawn were flown to TDL via Pilots-n-Paws.  I had only been in rescue for a few months, and what I learned from these two gorgeous collies I have carried with me.  I never realized that a dog that I rescued could die.  It just wasn’t something that I was prepared for.

Goldie Hawn

I didn’t have a specific vet at the time, and not knowing what to do, Goldie Hawn visited vets almost every other day.  One vet was closed on Wednesdays, one vet was closed on Mondays, and every vet had their opinion on how to treat.

Goldie would stay at a vet for a few days, and then come back home to me… only to get worse and repeat the journey.

Professional shelter folks from the outside knew that Goldie wasn’t going to make it, but I didn’t.  They watched as I tried everything to keep her alive, knowing I was not going to win.  It wouldn’t have mattered if I knew that I was up against the impossible, I would’ve still fought for her.

Lady Di 2010

Lady Di 2010

While I remained in a state of panic, trying desperately to get Goldie back on her feet, Lady Di took a back seat.  She too was just a pup.  At the time of her rescue, we assumed Lady Di and Goldie were mother and daughter.  But now that I look back, and realize how small Di was at the time, she must have only been six months old which means it was impossible for Goldie to be her pup.

I wonder sometimes if I had Goldie today, if she would’ve made it.  Knowing what I know about how to treat kennel cough, and pneumonia, would things have been different.  Obviously, our success rate, Bartholomew and Meredith, are two examples that would indicate that Goldie might have had a better chance if I were to rescue her today.  But maybe Goldie’s declining health was due to a genetic problem that couldn’t be seen, therefore couldn’t be diagnosed, and couldn’t be fixed.

Today I realize that you can only put so much responsibility on the shoulders of your veterinarian.  When your dog is sick, you have to be the Mom, and do what Mom’s do.  Medicine doesn’t cure everything.  Homemade stew, de-worming, and using the right medicine at the right time is paramount to bringing a dog back.

Princess Lady Di

I had promised a TDL volunteer that he could adopt Lady Di, but he never did.  After Goldie Hawn died, I decided to keep Di.  I only had Ozzie at the time, and I had always owned two dogs.  Even though I decided she would be part of my new pack, I never really bonded with Di.  I guess I was overwhelmed with not only grief, but utter failure.  Lady Di was a constant reminder that I had failed Goldie.  Don’t get me wrong, I loved Di, but there was a part of me that wouldn’t allow her into my heart.

Lady Di 2011

Lady Di 2011

Two years went by, and a friend who was visiting noticed how often Di would come to me wanting affection and attention, and he mentioned that it appeared that I wasn’t accepting her as my dog.

Di Di was always coming to me as if she was saying, “Pick me!  I’m your dog, pay attention to me, I want to be yours, give me your heart!”

That was a major ah ha moment for me, and I realized that I had to forgive myself and move on.  I looked at Di differently after that day, and she felt it!

I know now how people feel when they say to me that they are not ready to adopt.  Their heart is broken and they haven’t let go, and won’t give themselves permission to love again.  I’m confident that if someone feels that way, eventually, their new adopted dog will slowly work their way into their hearts and help them overcome their grief.

Lady Di 2012

Lady Di 2012

But you can’t lie to a dog.  They know.  They know the exact moment that you fall in love with them.

I see this a lot when a wife wants to adopt a dog, but the husband doesn’t have a say in the decisions, or a husband adopts a dog without the wife’s input.  It sometimes ends in disaster, unless of course, the dog wins over the disinterested person like Lady Di won me over.

Today, Di Di truly is my dog and she is amazing.  She is the alpha of the pack, she corrects the new foster dogs, she tells me if a dog is not balanced, she teaches new dogs to submit before allowing them into the pack.  Much like me, puppies annoy Lady Di, but eventually, she warms up to them.

Lady Di and China 2013

Lady Di and China 2013

For a while, two years ago, Di Di and China battled over Alpha position.  Being smart, China gave it up, and instead she follows Lady Di’s lead.  They are truly partners!

Today, Di Di is loved by many, and much like my Reckless who passed away in 2009, Di loves all people.  She is a horrible watch dog, and would invite anyone inside to sit and chat with her!

I don’t know how to thank this gorgeous girl for doing what she does for my family, for our pack, and for all of the foster dogs that she comes in contact with.  She is truly an amazing gift! She’s my Alabama girl!


Flash Back to 2009


A Collie/St. Bernard = What more could you possibly want?

A Collie/St. Bernard = What more could you possibly want?

Baloo is a wonderful dog.  He was adopted from us in 2011, and was called Snickers.  His siblings were Sunbeam and Samson.  He is about 65 pounds, the largest of the litter.  You can see his original photo album on Facebook.

Snickers has been with Jon now for about 2 years.  He was raised by Jon’s first TDL dog, adopted in 2009, Connor.  Ironically, both dogs originally were rescued from Chilton County Humane Society.

Jon’s job change, and financial situation has changed drastically.  He and his wife are now working split shifts, and there is no light at the end of the tunnel.  They used to have time to take the dogs for walks, etc., but now they are feeling guilty.  The dogs do not get exercise, and they are in the middle of a move… to a very small apartment.

Baloo with his buddy, Connor

Baloo with his buddy, Connor

In rescue, we understand that life gets in the way, and people’s situations change at no fault of their own.  Jon believes that his dogs deserve more.  More time to play, more time to get out and do things, and as much as it pains him to give them up, he knows he’s doing the right thing – putting the needs of the dogs first.

Snickers (Baloo) thrives around other dogs.  Connor, on the other hand, is great with dogs, but can be an only dog if necessary.  It would be a dream come true if they were adopted together, but we understand that it would be a long shot!  Both dogs have been exposed to very young children, and they are great.

Baloo and Connor are both fully trained, fully vetted… just add water and stir!

These are wonderful dogs, they are not hyper, they have never been abused or neglected, they are healthy, happy, and ready to please!



We believe Baloo (Snickers) to be Collie/St. Bernard mix.

Note:  I’d like to point out my complete and utter disappointment recently when a well-known rescue would not take back a dog that they had adopted.  The dog had no issues.  Rescue is a commitment… not a hobby.

James and Baloo!

James and Baloo!

09/07/13 Update:  James adopted Baloo last night.  Jon is thrilled.  James wants to do all of the things that Baloo loves, going outdoors, going to parks, etc.  Baloo hit the jackpot!

Trixie Belle Revisited

Very shy/fearful at the shelter

On November of 2009, I rescued a gorgeous little border collie from Chilton County Humane Society named Trixie Belle. I remember Becky’s email saying, “she is very scared, she needs you.” I took her! Trixie was a lot of fun, and she arrived with a great pack, including Tim Tebow. What I remember about her the most was she would decide when she was going outside – meaning, she would jump right through my windows and break my screens! What’s bad about that is that she taught all of my dogs to do the same.



Kim came to meet Trixie, and her husband joined us. Her husband had been traveling for hours, found my house, and while Kim was having a hard time deciding whether or not to adopt Trixie, her husband was telling Kim, just take her home already!

It appears that Trixie is very sweet on Kim’s husband! Here’s an update from Kim about our sweet Trixie Belle, a dog that my family will always remember and adore!

Trixie Belle – 2013

Gisele:  Thought you’d like to see how well Trixie did this past weekend at our agility trial. Although, her 10 year old “brother”, Seth beat her by one “Q” (qualifying run). I have to do some work with Trixie on getting her contacts. She wants to fly off the A-frame and dog walk 🙁 But she is SMOKIN’ FAST!! Once we get her contacts and weaves solid, she will be unstoppable 🙂

I am particularly proud of Trixie. I have a friend who was running her for me for the past few weeks at practice because of facitis in my foot. I wasn’t sure I’d be able to run my dogs. Joan was looking forward to running Trixie in the trial. So Joan ran Trixie in Jumpers class. Not only did they qualify, they got first place So very proud of both of them. ~Kim Sullivan Dahan

A Paw Print on Weeble and Wobble

We really do have the best adopters!

Weeble and Wobble

In mid February of 2011, we received a litter of pups, Weeble, Wobble, Wiggle and Waggle.

Wiggle and Waggle were adopted on 02/19/11 to separate homes, Weeble was adopted on 02/23/11 and Wobble on 02/26/11.

It was about six months later, we learned that Weeble was going to be returned by his family, because they simply weren’t ready for the bounciness of an adolescent dog.  Although we offered many suggestions to burn the young dog’s energy, the family could not meet the dog’s needs, after all, they were a very busy family.

It doesn’t happen often, but when a dog is returned, our hearts sink.  We feel like we have failed.  Common sense dictates that we can’t be everywhere all of the time for our dogs.  We trust that if there is a problem, we’ll receive a phone call, but there are times where owners are embarrassed, discouraged, or afraid to contact us.  By the time we do get that call, the owners have already made up their minds.  We are then faced with the fact that what’s best for the dog is for the dog to be re-homed.  Heavy sigh.

The first thing we did was contact the families who had adopted Weeble’s litter mates, and Wobble’s family strongly expressed an interest in her.  Not only did they adopt Weeble, the two pups, now full-grown are… well… let the photos do the talking! See their album on facebook.

Our adopters are truly amazing, and we are so blessed.  Thank you Huth Family!

Barbara writes:

Just wanted to send you recent pictures of our Hawaiian Sheps – Ipo (Wobble) and Mahalo (Weeble)!!! We can never thank The Dog Liberator enough for rescuing these beatutiful girls and giving them the chance to find their forever home!  You guys truly make a difference!  We are so blessed to have them and we love them – and they love each other – so much!!!

Barbara Huth

Cathy’s Snuggle Puppies~Adopted

Cathy's Snuggle Puppies

Last Friday, Jeff Bennett personally delivered three puppies from Chilton County’s Humane Society in Alabama. They are cute, healthy, affectionate and ready to find their new homes! Cathy reports how some shelter puppies are fearful and afraid of the human touch, but not these butterballs! They want to be held and cuddled, which is a great sign.

They are the vet right now, being vaccinated, spay/neutered and micro chipped. Dr. Oliver will evaluate them from head to toe and give us his opinion with regard to their breed identification.


I just got off the phone with manager, Melissa, and she says Aussie! They have big paws, so they won’t be mini Aussies, that’s for sure. I suspect that they will hit the 45 – 55 pound mark when they are full grown.

As we have shared in the past, litter mates can have different fathers. When Holly saw these puppies, she reminisced about the M puppies, and the C puppies.



We will be providing updates as we get them, but in the meantime, I really want to share with you Cathy’s Snuggle Puppies!  Special thanks to Sarah White-Buxbaum for meeting the transport and taking these awesome photos for us!

Do I know what breed they are?  No, I have not DNA tested them, but I don’t need a DNA test kit to see that they are Stinkin’ Cute!  You can see more photos of Samson on his photo album on Facebook.  Click here to see Snicker’s photo album on Facebook.  Click here to see Sunbeam’s photo album on Facebook!


Delta Belle, the Border Collie-Adopted!

Delta Belle has proven to be an incredibly obedient and loving dog. During Paul’s training session last week, she stuck to him like glue, always waiting for a command, and executed his every wish with precision! It was very impressive to see her be Paul’s student!

She adored children, and wanted to spend most of her time in my son’s lap! Paul has done an outstanding job at temperament testing her and providing us with details and updates.

History: Delta comes to us from Becky Harshman. Although we do have a description of her temperament, by now, we all know that a dog acts differently in different situations. One thing is for sure, she is NOT a cat-lover. What a shame, they taste like chicken (that was a joke). I can’t tell you if Delta is a ball-lover, a frisbee dog, a couch potato, but I CAN tell you she’s great with kids.

It appears that Delta has been bounced around from home to home, no worries though, I know the feeling because my Mom would’ve loved to do the same with me when I was a kid. We believe she might be about 3 years old, therefore I have to assume that she’s housebroken and has acquired basic manners.

Delta seems to like some dogs, but not others, so rather than me spin my wheels at figuring her out, Paul Pipitone and his lovely wife Teresa have offered to evaluate her… no the truth is I called him begging to evaluate her. Personally, I think this one is going to be a cake walk for Paul!

Delta is spayed, up-to-date on shots, and will be microchipped. She is on transport as I write this so I’m really anxious to see better photos of her.

Delta’s first night with Paul has been a success. She was taught how to properly introduce herself with other dogs, and Paul says she slept with his dog, Roxy! They are at the dog park now, and more photos and video will be coming soon. Paul says her tail doesn’t stop wagging, and she gives him kisses. He said if he had the property, he’d keep her… how many times have I heard that!!!!!

Delta’s photo album can be viewed on Facebook!

02/28/11 Update: Paul’s Peerless Puppy Prognostication for Delta Belle

Belle arrived by transport at 7:30 Saturday evening. Teresa and I brought her home where I began introducing her to our 6 dog pack one at a time. With each greeting there was a low growl by Belle which I quickly corrected. She backed off and began sniffing, which of course I do allow. Once introductions were complete, everyone milled around the yard without incident the rest of the night. When bedtime came, Belle slept for several hours head to head with Roxy on the blankets in the kitchen. All was well and we retired for the night.

Sunday morning was uneventful as far as anything significant with the pack. I had a customer meeting me at the park so I left Belle home to rest in her crate. By the way, she doesn’t mind the crate at all. Quiet, not a peep.

Here’s where it gets interesting. When we got home from the park Roxy and I waited outside and Teresa went in and let Belle outside. She was excited but greeted Roxy respectfully so there was no issue. Then Teresa let all 4 of my little ones out at the same time. As they ran up all excited and jumping up and down, Belle turned and went head first into the pack and semi-attacked my little Bailey. Well, within a split second Roxy turned and attacked Belle and drove her back to the fence and down on the ground without really hurting her. She basically kicked her butt. No blood, but some serious growling and Roxy had her mouth on Belle’s neck. I quickly grabbed Roxy’s collar and pulled her away and told her that was enough. She made her point quite clear. She calmed down as quickly as she went to battle to protect our little ones. Within just a minute, Belle’s attitude toward the pack was much calmer, relaxed and respectful.

Then it was bath time. My incredible wife is the bather and I am the dryer as we proceed through the assembly line of 6 dogs. Belle was first up cause wheeeeew, she was stinky. She was a bit hesitant to get in the tub at first but once in, she stayed fairly quite without too much fuss, in fact she was very good about letting Teresa spray rinse her head. Once she was out, she shook and shook and shook again spraying water everywhere. We just laughed. When I turned on the blow dryer she kinda freaked out. Not real crazy about that noisy thing blowing hot air. I held her in place by her collar and eventually she calmed down and accepted that she had no choice but to endure it. As those of you who know me know, I believe dogs need to face their fears in order to overcome them.

So, here we are, the end of day one and Teresa and I are both exhausted. The entire pack has crashed and is resting or sleeping. In closing, I have to say that I believe Belle was actually fairly well cared for by whoever had her before. She seems pretty well balanced over all, she has a very sweet personality, and her teeth are very clean. Not usually so with a neglected animal. Her ears are also pretty clean with just a little hair inside, also not usually the case with neglected dogs.
My early assessment of Belle is that she is going to make a great family member. She will be ok with other dogs IF the new owners understand how to be proper leaders so that she will look up to and respect them. This is one great dog and yes Gisele I know I’ve said it a hundred times before but if I kept them all I’d have a hundred dogs.

To be continued……………………………

Foster Update 3/7/11: What a difference a week makes. With just a little guidence and patience, Belle has learned to be part of the pack and be happy. There have been NO MORE SCIRMISHES. Belle and Roxy haven’t had any arguements at all this week. In fact they are now licking eachother’s face and hanging out together on the patio. Also, Belle respects my little dogs and simply sniffs them when they run up to her all excited. It just took some teaching and giving her the boundries she needs to live by. She is really a terrific dog. House broken, doesn’t chew anything, not much barking. A model citizen. You will not be disappointed if you adopt this sweet girl. Very loving and likes attention. Come and get her. She’s ready fot a forever home.

Delta Belle meets the blow dryer!

Adoption Update: Delta Belle was adopted by Kyle Veilleux, Paul described their first meet as Love at First Sight! Looking foward to getting updates!

Valentine’s Day Border Collie Puppies ~ Adopted

The day before the transport of our white Australian Shepherd puppies left Alabama, I received an e-mail from Becky, the rescue liaison at Chilton County Humane Society. “Look what arrived yesterday. Border Collie puppies. 2 girls, 1 boy, 3-4 months old. Can you take them?” Attached was a photo of three little faces peeking out of a crate. Oh gosh! Of course I’d take them!!!

These angels spent a long day in the car, riding from Alabama to Orlando, 10 different legs of volunteers. They then went to Val-U-Vet the next day to get spayed and neutered. When they arrived at my home Valentine’s Day, they were a bit shell-shocked. They acted very frightened, to the degree that we believe that they were abused at some point in their short lives. However, the good news is that they have the resilience of puppies: my husband spent a little time with each one, holding them, talking with them, reassuring them, and in no time at all were playing with each other, the other puppies, and us!

We had been told that the litter was two girls, one boy. Actually it turned out to be one girl and two boys. And Border Collie? Hmmm, well there may well be BC in the family tree, but I think this is a mixed tree indeed! They are very solidly built, two have wavy fur, one has short hair. The two with wavy fur remind me a bit of Bernese Mountain Dogs; the short haired boy reminds me somewhat of an Akita. But let me tell you, personality-wise, they are the cat’s meow! They are playful and easy-going, not pushy at all.

Kai is the short haired male of the litter. He is like a little fire plug, stocky as can be. He was also scared to death when he arrived. I think someone was very heavy-handed with him at some point. But after Glenn held him like a baby for a while, he became our best friend! He is also the one in the litter that chased after the ball the first time we threw it. He’s a real champ! Adopted

Kaz is the wavy-haired male of the litter. He has a black mustache on his face that makes it look like he has been eating chocolate pudding! He is easy-going and plays well with all the puppies including even the smallest ones. Adopted

Kona is the female of the litter. She is also the only one with brown markings on her face, making her a pretty tri-color. She is very observant and likes to get the other dogs to chase her by running around with a rope toy in her mouth. Adopted

I have posted an extensive photo album of these lovely pups, so please check it out! If you are interested in adopting any of these puppies, please review our adoption process and then e-mail me at

February 21st Update:

Someone, I believe it was Serena, donated a starter agility kit to Gisele. Knowing that I have nothing else to do with my time, she gave it to me. Having watched the video of Boomerang the Lab learning agility with Betty’s daughter, I got inspired and got the tunnel out today. I figured it would take a while to get them to go into it, and even longer to go through it. Silly me! Within 5 minutes, all the puppies were running through the tunnel. Weeble likes to run through, Wobble likes to wrestle in it, Kai thinks it is a great place in which to get out of the sun, and Chicabowow the chihuahua???? After just 5 minutes, he would run through every time I said, “Tunnel” !!!! I kid you not! Gisele says that is only because he has been hanging out with Border Collies!


February 19th was a very busy day for me; I had 5 adoptions! The second was Kona. She found her home with the wonderful Holly and Ron right here in Orlando. Holly contacted me almost immediately after I posted Kona as a Border Collie/Bernese Mountain Dog. You see, Holly has a Border Collie, and her last dog was a Bernese. Wow! I told her that I couldn’t be certain of the breeds, that I just make a good guess, and she completely understood. Really, it didn’t matter, because as soon as she and Ron met Kona, it was over. That little girl completely gravitated toward them. They have renamed her Isabella. Given that Ron is a chef, I’m thinking that Izzy is going to be living high on the hog!!!

Holly and Ron had no sooner left with Kona when Jean pulled in to meet Kaz. Oh, that was a no brainer!!! He was just gooey for her ~ lol. It is amazing how these dogs connect with their families. It is like they know! It’s been a while since Jean has had a puppy, so we spent a lot of time talking about the finer points of puppyhood. She and Steve will do great. And Kaz? He’s now Charlie, living the life on Fernandina Beach!

Kai had to wait just a couple more days but it was worth it. Patrick and Shannon are delightful. They came not knowing which puppy they would adopt, but it quickly became apparent that Kai had picked them. They loved his easy going attitude, his wagging tail and his pudgy belly. I am thrilled because they live right down the road from me, so perhaps I’ll get to see our little guy every now and then!

Valentine’s Day White Aussie Puppies

This is it. This is the litter that started it all….

A week ago Becky, the rescue liaison of Chilton County Humane Society sent me a photo of a white and black puppy: “Australian Shepherd. Female. 12 weeks old. Can you take her?”

So pretty. Of course I’d take her. Then Becky kinda sorta mentioned that she was one of a litter of five, all girls. Now, one thing I can’t bear is to break up a litter and leave some behind in a kill shelter. Take one, take them all. Needless to say, I was thrilled when I saw how beautiful they all are!

These puppies are very likely mixes, as they have tails, and most Aussies do not. They are white, the natural throwback of Aussies, but what else? I’m not sure. Weeble and Wobble look a lot like Brie and Marcel, whose mother is a purebred Border Collie. Maybe that is it. But Wiggle and Waggle kinda remind me of Jack Russells. I’m not sure. And truthfully, I don’t really worry about such things. My primary focus is to make sure that my puppies are well rounded, with good temperaments and happy spirits. That certainly describes these girls! They have an extensive photo album, but let me introduce you to them briefly:

Wiggle is the one in the litter with the most pronounced tan markings. She has a full facial mask, some body markings, and a brown tail with white tip. She is always trying to pull my shoes off my feet. Her collar is pink.

She loves attention and is the one in the litter who tries the hardest to get into your lap. I think that she may have some Jack Russell in her, but in a good way! lol She isn’t hyper, just smart and interactive. Adopted

Waggle has markings similar to Wiggle, but they are lighter, more fawn than tan. She is foot for foot with her sister Wiggle. Her collar is pink with a floral print.

Waggle is a gentle puppy. Like Wiggle, she wants to get in your lap, but she won’t push her way over the other puppies. Instead, she depends on making eye contact with you. Adorable! Adopted

Weeble is predominately white, with fawn markings on her right ear. Her right eye also has a dark marking in the inner corner. She likes to carry around large sticks. Her collar is striped.

Weeble is always taking in her surroundings. When it is nap time, she is the last to fall asleep and the first to wake up! She prances around looking for adventures.

Wobble is the whitest and smallest of the litter, with just a touch of coloring on her left ear. She wears an orange collar.

Wobble loves balls. She came around the corner carrying a fresh orange in her mouth, which looked lovely against her orange collar.

Wannabee is the only tri-colored puppy in the litter. She wears a red collar.

Wannabee looks more like a border collie than an aussie. Not only that, but her energy level is a bit higher than her sisters, so perhaps her daddy was a border collie!!! I love to play with her name: “I wannabee a border collie! I wannabee the center of attention! I wannabee…..” well, you get the idea! Adopted

If you are interested in giving on of our dogs a forever home, please review our adoption process and then e-mail me at

February 17th Update:

This litter is really a joy. They are very easy going, not overly demanding, and happy to play with each other, spend time with us, or take a nap. What more could you ask? They are fascinated by the hole that has been dug by the Border Collie litter, Kai, Kaz and Kona. When they climb into it, their heads just peek out! It is so deep I think if you listen carefully you can hear Mandarin Chinese!!!

February 18th:

Today Wannabee arrived. Poor pumpkin has been stuck at the vet’s since she got here. We noticed immediately that she had a hernia. It was a fairly complicated one, so the vet wasn’t able to deal with it immediately. When Wannabee arrived, I figured she’d be thrilled to see her sisters. Wasn’t I surprised when she gravitated toward the border collies Kai, Kaz and Kona. She must figure that she looks more like them anyway, so she’d just going the gang! Too funny!!!

February 21st Update:

Someone, I believe it was Serena, donated a starter agility kit to Gisele. Knowing that I have nothing else to do with my time, she gave it to me. Having watched the video of Boomerang the Lab learning agility with Betty’s daughter, I got inspired and got the tunnel out today. I figured it would take a while to get them to go into it, and even longer to go through it. Silly me! Within 5 minutes, all the puppies were running through the tunnel. Weeble likes to run through, likes to wrestle in it, Kai thinks it is a great place in which to get out of the sun, and Chicabowow the chihuahua???? After just 5 minutes, he would run through every time I said, “Tunnel” !!!! I kid you not! Gisele says that is only because he has been hanging out with Border Collies!

Cinnabon, Sweet Little Thing ~ Adopted

Having agreed to take 5 Australian Shepherd puppies, I went to the Chilton County Humane Society to see what other dogs they might have. And what to my wondering eyes should appear but…. the stinkin’ cutest puppy I’d ever seen! I asked about him and was told he was 3-month-old Chihuahua. I thought he looked like a bushbaby!!!

When Cinnabon arrived, I was delighted. He is even more beautiful in person. He has a lovely soft coat, button eyes, perky ears and short legs. He is a very bold fellow, the smallest dog I have here, but he has no idea. He doesn’t take nothin’ from nobody! But pick him up and he melts like butter.

The coloring of his coat reminds me of a Yorkshire Terrier, silver and fawn. It is really lovely. He is a tiny thing, only about 4 pounds. I don’t expect him to get very big at all. He is precious!

You can view tons of photos of this handsome fellow on his photo album.

If you are interested in giving Cinnabon a forever home, please review our adoption process and then e-mail me at

February 18th Update:

Dave and Vickie had originally contacted us about adopting Rosebud the Basset hound. But they realized that their menagerie of small pets might be too much for a hound to ignore. I suggested that they get a puppy, a small one, who would grow up with the other pets and not eat them! And then arrived Cinnabon, and it was a done deal. Dave and Vickie drove four hours from Fort Meyers. Their friends thought that was silly; after all, there were lots of local dogs needing homes. But none of them were Cinnabon! It was a great match. Now Cinnabon will live with two chinchillas, two guinea pigs, and some birds. I just hope they don’t confuse him up with the chinchillas!

Dasher and Dancer the Pocket Border Collies ~ Adopted

Dasher and Dancer are littermates who somehow or another found themselves at a rural shelter in Alabama. It is hard for dogs to get adopted in such sparsely populated areas, so the best shelters put a lot of effort into finding rescues that can take the dogs.

That’s what happen in this case. We received an e-mail from the wonderful Becky asking if there was any room at the inn. Well, you know what a soft spot we have for border collies, so what could we say? Then the wonderful Suzanne got to work putting together a transport to get these and 12 other dogs to central Florida. Can you imagine the logistics involved? Three Alabama sending shelters, three Florida receiving rescues, 14 dogs, 9 “legs” each about 2 hours long, with 3 different vehicles all driven by volunteers. The dogs left Alabama at 8 am and arrive at 9:30 pm. Wow!


Dasher and Dancer are adorable. We are told that they were born around August, but a trip to vet confirmed that they are closer to six months old. Since they are only 16 pounds, and I don’t expect them to get a whole lot bigger. Certainly border collies, but what has made them so small. Their delicate faces…. I’ve seen that before…. I know! I believe they are part Papillon. Dancer, especially, has strong Papillon genes. Even the way she runs is more like a Papillon than a Border Collie. So, I guess the result is that we have two adorable Pocket Border Collies!!!

I do know that they received an extra sprinkling of happy dust! They are cheerful and playful. We call Dasher mini-me or KitKat Junior because he looks a lot like her, just smaller. And Dancer? Well, most of the photos of this white and red puppy are out of focus because he has this way of bounding around like a deer.


Be sure to look through both Dasher’s photo album and Dancer’s photo album. You won’t be able to resist them!!!




December 15th Update:

My beautiful Dasher was adopted to night by Jena. She had originally contacted me about Pollywog the Boston Terrier. She came over last night with an open heart to see who would adopt her. Dasher ADORED her. My shy guy was all tail wags. He has many days ahead chasing around the property with Abbie the Lab, with …comfortable times on the couch with daughters Emma and Hannah. What joy!



December 20th Update:

Today Dancer was adopted by the wonderful Alaimo family! They adopted my lovely Austin, now Stanley, back in June. Stanley has been longing for a playmate ~ the residents Papillons just aren’t the wrestling buddies he has been looking for. But Dancer? Oh yeah, Dancer!!! I have no doubt that they are going to have a great life with this wonderful family. Life is good!!!

Gumbo the Blue Puppy-Adopted

When I saw Gumbo, my heart melted. He reminded me so much of Austin, one of the first puppies I fostered for The Dog Liberator!

Gumbo is a fluffy blue and white Border Collie, born around August of this year. He has one of the happiest spirits you would ever hope to meet. After spending 12 hours in a relay of vehicles traveling from Alabama to my home, I reached into his crate expecting an exhausted puppy. Instead I got kisses, tail wags and happy dancing.

This evening I was walking around the yard with the puppies in the dark and kept feeling something at my feet. Looking down, I saw Gumbo trying to pull off my shoelaces. What a goober! I just love this little fellow!

Be sure to look through his photo album. I’m sure it will just continue to grow as I won’t be able to resist taking photos!


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