Cream Puff, the Corgi ~ Adopted

I apologize in advance for these short posts, but we’re a little short on time! Cream Puff is a tiny little love muffin, who was rescued by Amy Benz and flown to us by a volunteer pilot. She is currently being evaluated here in Deltona, and more information about her temperament will be shared soon. […]

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Fly Boy, the Border Collie

Fly Boy, appropriately named, because he was flown to us by a volunteer pilot after Amy Benz rescued this boy from a high-kill shelter. He is a wonderful dog, submissive, yet sure of himself, not shy at all. He greets everyone with love, regardless of age, size, or gender! He is wonderful with my pack, […]

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Promise to tell the Truth, the whole Truth, and nothing but the Truth

I joke all the time that I want to start my own reality show and here’s an example of why! About two months ago, I was in the process of pulling two dogs from the panhandle. One was from Terry Watts (Gemini) and the other was from a woman will I call “Sally” in this […]

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Holly’s Getting More Puppies!!!

  I’m so excited! I’m getting more puppies! Okay, I know I said I was going to take a break. I mean, I’ve fostered, what?, nineteen puppies since the end of May. I deserve a break, right? But then I saw four little puppies sitting in a kill-shelter in Alabama and I couldn’t stand it. […]

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