Tripp on the move!


Update: What a difference a day makes!

Rescued from Halifax, Trip has recovered and is ready to go.[/caption]

Mr. Tripp was examined by the vet, and he got a two thumbs up.  Tripp can now eat as much as he wants, without fear of pain!  We can see quite a difference in his personality now.  He is a happy bouncy boy with pogo sticks for legs!  Tripp would make a great Trick dog with the right owner.  We are working with him on recall and food guarding from other dogs.

What can we say?  He has a $1300 bum!


“Barney” AKA Tripp
Rescued from Halifax, Trip has recovered and is ready to go.

Found as a stray and left unclaimed at the shelter, Tripp is the newest pup to start his adventure with the Dog Liberator!! Tripp was very timid and unsure when introducing himself to us. He’s eyes were shifty and his attention was on high alert. It didn’t take long though for him to realize he was in good hands. Tripp was introduced on leash, but you could tell he preferred that there wasn’t any attachments. With some help from the Kennel gal we were able to get leashes switched and Tripp loaded into the van, headed towards his next destination.

Once in the van, Tripp started to realize he was no longer confined to the block walls of a shelter. With some puppy talk from Serena and a nice rub down while we drove Tripp was able to relax and enjoy the ride. We let the windows down and cruised on home. There was a beautiful moment in the car, when his eyes became soft. He nudged my hand and asked me keep rubbing him. He wanted the attention and touch and that was huge.

Although Tripp was not neutered he was pretty quick to behave in the pack. He walks around and pees on everything, but that part was expected. He got his name because he was more interested in staring out at the road, like he wanted to go on a Trip! As the first week past, we noticed some un-becoming behavior. He would snarl through the cage and refuse to come out to potty. After some team discussion we realized, none of use had physically seen him poop. Yet, we had all seen him attempt or appear to.

Tripp, on his his way to TDLTripp’s behavior was very sporadic. Times he would happily approach me for a quick pet. Others he did want anything to do with us. It finally came, the poop came explosively, in liquid form. Tripp himself did not enjoy the experience. He was in pain. It became apparent he needed to get checked out, after we noticed a bulge next to his anus.

After a trip to the vet, pun intended, we learned he had a hernia interfering with his bowel movement. He wasn’t happy about the exam, it was pretty painful. Once we were able to shed light on the problem, we were able to understand it was a serious problem. The vet recommended we get it repaired as soon as possible. It was becoming apparent his bad behavior was because he was in pain. Tripp had the potential to be an amazing dog, he just needed to get over this hurdle in his life.

The vet was able to operate and successfully repair the hernia, as well cut those nasty little nuggets off as well. The first few days of recovery was pretty easy. Doctors gave him some nice drugs to help him through. Here we are a week out of surgery and Tripp is doing better than ever. He is a happy boy who still loves to pee on everything!

Although he doesn’t play with any of the other dogs, he accepts them and tolerates them well. The pack also respects his space and his sore bum. Tripp has had no aggressive moments since the medical issue was attended too. He does appear to guard his food and certainly you cannot get the bowl down fast enough for him. He may even try to knock it out of your hand! Overall Tripp is a pretty swell guy and will make a great friend to someone someday soon.

Destiny ~ Adopted

Cant stop Destiny from smiling!

Cant stop Destiny from smiling!

Destiny – The pre determined , usually inevitable or irresistible, course of events. Indeed, it was inevitable for us not to get our hands on this beautiful girl.  Lady was found as a stray and left unclaimed at the shelter for 21 days! She couldn’t wait to hitch a ride in the TDL van along with Tripp! With  age in her face and the waddle in her walk, we knew this girl was older then Rumpelstiltskin, yet not as old as our Wally boy. She needed us to find someone who would give her the love and attention she needs to make her final years the most pleasurable.  

Destiny was in rough shape when she came to us. As excepted with senior dogs, she had fatty lumps and bumps all over. Nails so long it hurt to walk and grimy fur. The shelter girls told us they spent 5 hours grooming her before. I can only imagine the mats they got off. We went ahead and gave her a spa day! Serena trimmed those nails again and tidied up some of her rough edges. A good soaking and scrub down proved to be much needed! Once it was all done, she was feeling refreshed and full of life!

While she was slow to waddle, she was happy to be included in the pack! You could find Destiny laying in the sun most days giving a bark to the younger dogs running by! She would make such a fuss. I think she was cheering them on as they zoomed by. Density had free roam of the back porch, which she was happy about! Some mornings she would be a road block and moan at the others for trying to pass to go outside. Oh bother.  What a grumpy ol lady she could be. She was still so full of life she just had to be heard!   

Destiny surrounded by her new pack!

Destiny surrounded by her new pack!

It wasn’t long before a perfect adopter came along who happened to love collies. Mary Fischetti of Edgewater FL told us Destiny would fit well with her pack! Already having 3 Collies herself, she knew just how to let Destiny run her course! She is  the oldest of the bunch but she will live out her days in pure comfort and a safe environment where she would no longer be left unclaimed. 

Yogi Bear – Rainbow Bridge

Stacey and I say our final goodbye

Stacey and I say our final goodbye

04/02/14 Update:  We lost Yogi this morning at 10:37 am.  I will provide details shortly.  He will be greatly missed.  I would like to thank Sarah White for pulling him for us, and Brittney Myers for fostering him.

04/01/14:  It is with great concern that I share Yogi’s current medical condition. All bloodwork and fecal testing was negative. His increased thirst and weight loss is our main concern. Dr. Oliver opted for an x-ray, and the x-ray revealed a large mass on his spleen.

It doesn’t take a degree to see that Yogi is declining, and that cancer is probably the reason. I will be meeting with the staff at Newman today, and again tomorrow to discuss our options with Yogi. While we weigh all of the options, know that his comfort and quality of life comes first.

Yogi BearI am thankful that Yogi was never adopted while in foster care with us. I would hate to put a family through this.

While at first, we thought his condition was due to allergies, and the change in diet and allergy medications did help, but they only helped ease the symptoms, not the root cause of his problems. I can only assume that Yogi has had this cancer for quite a while. If only dogs could talk.

Not High Maintenance!

Not High Maintenance!

02/14/14 Update:  Woo Hoo!  Yogi’s hair is growing back.  That means we did it right!  I don’t think it was allergies so much as it was poor care, lack of  nutrition and a lowered immune system after being on his own for so long.  Yogi is not a hyper dog, he is very much a couch potato.  He is also not “in your face” and needy.  When you want affection, he is happy to comply, but he is not what we call a velcro dog either.  Yogi has the perfect temperament, happy to be near you, and comply with your desires!

02/07/14 Update:  Clearly, what Claire Bear taught us helped Yogi immediately.  A combination of medications and his new food has cleared up his skin issues, and he’s ready for his forever home.  Yogi will be a loyal and noble companion… you can see it in his eyes, that he is starving for a true friend.

01/27/14 Update:  Yogi is responding well to treatment.  He will be ready for foster care any day now, and will be ready for adoption!

Yesterday, I asked Sarah White-Buxbaum to visit Halifax Humane Society, located at Daytona Beach for us.  There, she met Intake Manager, Michael Dombrowski and introduced The Dog Liberator as a potential rescue partner.  Mr. Dombrowski is a very proactive coordinator, is determined to increase the number of dogs saved, and decrease its euthanasia rate.

It was quite an experience for Sarah, with permission, she took many photographs, walked through the facility, and talked about a future relationship between Halifax and The Dog Liberator.  But the real purpose of her visit was to meet and evaluate one dog – his name was Dylan.

you're picking Me?

you’re picking Me?

Sarah shares her experience with us in detail below, but first I want to introduce you this gorgeous boy who we have renamed Yogi Bear!

Deciding if we were going to pull this dog was not easy.  Judging from his shelter photo, it seemed like a no-brainer, he looks like a TDL dog, but looking closely we saw massive hair loss.  The shelter was kind enough to send us more photos, and we saw even more hair loss and severe redness.  Immediately we thought about Claire Bear.  But fixing his problems is a no-brainer to us!

BoBo, one ear up, one ear down!

BoBo, one ear up, one ear down!

Once he arrived, I got a closer look at him, and realized he might not be a border collie, but I couldn’t put my finger on it.  Then, it dawned on me… it’s BoBo, and he’s a collie/border collie.

You can see more photos of Yogi on Facebook.

Do I think it’s going to be hard to fix Yogi?  No!  I already bought him the right shampoo (he’s getting a bath today) and delivered Natural Balance Vegan food to our vet so he can start eating the right food right away.  Yogi will benefit from our experience with Claire Bear!

Written by Sarah White-Buxbaum:

01/23/14:  On the heels of our post, Casting the First Stone, I am excited to write about my shelter visit today! Today I ventured to Halifax Humane Society after receiving information about a border collie in the shelter. Upon arrival the staff pointed me in the correct direction to meet the Intake Manager/Foster & Transfer Coordinator, Michael. I must say I was impressed with how he worked and the changes he has made. He expressed a desire to work with rescues to save and transfer 1,000 dogs this year. It is exciting to hear the passion he has for helping dogs find their second chance and we are excited to continue working with Halifax Humane Society in the future.

After a brief chat I met Dylan (who we are calling Yogi Bear) and I admit, at first, I wasn’t impressed. He stood, gave a little woof from his kennel, and that was about it. We took him out to the play area which was complete with agility items. At first Yogi stood and soaked in the sun, sniffed around, and observed the world around him. After a few moments I called him his name and he trotted right over. After a scratch and a pet I saw him transform into a new dog.

"This is the way out"

“This is the way out”

Gone was the quiet and aloof dog from the run, now he had transformed into inquisitive, attentive, talker. We tried playing with a few toys (a ball, a stick, and a disk) which he watched me throw but he wasn’t too interested, he had other plans! He showed me how he could sit, and then showed me the gate “Let’s go! Let’s bust out of here!” I played dumb and he led me to the gate, put his nose through, pawed it, and sat down. I picked up the leash and he gave a happy woof!

"If you won't open the gate, I will"

“If you won’t open the gate, I will”

I was able to see him interact with two of the other shelter dogs, one who was a little pushy/dominate and one who was more mild/friendly; he did well with both!

When it was time for paperwork we had to put him back in the kennel for a few minutes. As I loaded him in I promised him, “Don’t worry buddy, you’ll be out in a few minutes!” He looked at me as if to say “well, okay… if you promise” and then slowly trudged in.  As soon as the paperwork was done the staff brought him back out.

The moment he saw me again, his ears went up and he pranced over. I asked him if he wanted to come with me and he proceeded to have a full conversation with me, sat by the door, then nuzzled my hand and quietly woofed again, “Let’s go!” The shelter staff in the lobby celebrated his second chance and wished us well.

As we walked across the parking lot one of the staff asked “Hey are you busting him out?” I stated that I was and he gave a joyous “Yeah!” Yogi Bear couldn’t be happier as he stood by the bumper, prancing in place, waiting for me to hurry up and open the car! He loaded up with no trouble, settled right in, and traveled like a champ. He also walked fairly well on the leash.

Yogi Bear is currently receiving treatment for a skin condition which has left him with a few spots of thinning fur but he hasn’t let that phase him and hopes you won’t let it phase you either. We will continue to update you about Yogi Bear as we learn more.  ~ Sarah


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