The Art of Cross Posting

This has been one of the hardest articles to write ever!  Maybe it’s because I can’t clearly explain, but this is my third time at attempting to write about Cross posting. Wikipedia defines cross posting as:  Cross posting is the act of posting the same message to multiple information channels; forums, mailing lists, or newsgroups. This is distinct from […]

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You know the expression, “what you don’t know can’t hurt you?” It’s not true! Every day I post dog food recalls so that you can be aware of the dangerous lurking in your dog’s food bowl! Soon, I’m also going to tell you where the money goes. Here is a video about Shenandoah, a little […]

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Walking the Green Miles of Georgia

Last week was quite an experience for me, and my family.  I rented a van and put 2,000 on it driving from Deltona to Atlanta, and visiting as many shelters as I could. Immediately, my experience became humbling.  As I drove, I saw signs and every city or county reminded me of a dog that […]

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Purebreds in Kill Shelters

400,000 are killed in California Shelters and Pounds each year.  Can you imagine what the total numbers are in America?  Many shelters, pounds and vets do not report their numbers to HSUS so I have no idea what the yearly numbers are today.  How many do you think are purebreds?  This video was designed to […]

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Animal Over-Population, Gassing and Lethal Injection

I feel compelled to share what is being Circulating on Facebook.  While we are honest about where a dogs come from, and share with you the history that we know, the number of dogs that we rescue compared to the number of dogs that we are asked to rescue is shocking.  This article is not […]

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Death Row Dogs—Gassing Shelters, and Euthanasia Rates in America’s Shelters

Carol Bowman-Henderson contacted me one year ago, on April 20, 2008, after she had seen one of my anti-gassing videos on YouTube. “Can you help me?” She asked. She quickly began to send me her spectacular photographs, some of which were so horrendous, with regard to animal cruelty, that I have never used them. After […]

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