Disc-Connected at the Manatee Festival!  Click here to RSVP on Facebook!  I’m going Sunday! Disc-connected k-9 frisbee show 11:30am, 1:30pm, 3:30pm Is this Saturday and Sunday, I will be going Sunday for sure to see our TDL dog, Pippa, now named Bell Aire, and her pack perform! Woo Hoo! Tickets are: $8 for adults ($10 additional […]

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Flip, the Over-Achiever-Adopted!

Flip is a young Border Collie. He’s on his way from Athens, AL and he has not been vetted or neutered yet. Information about his health will be coming soon. Flip is truly an over-achiever. I hear he loves the ball and disc, and judging from his looks, he reminds me of Flirt, Jetta, Chelsea, […]

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Getting Started in Disc Dogging

After spending an afternoon watching Jason and Andrea Rigler demonstrate disc dogging, I think I can do it! OK, maybe not at the same level they do (backward flips????) but certainly I can get a dog to catch a frisbee. Not only did this talented and enthusiastic couple show us what their dogs could do, […]

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An Afternoon with the Riglers!

The purpose of the visit was to educate all of us on how to identify a potential disc dog. Jason provided us with a lot of information, and together, he and Andrea showed us how to get a puppy interested in the disc when they are very young. So while Holly will be putting together […]

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