The TDL 10 Ways to Have a Safe and Happy Halloween

As we prepare for all of the festivities of Halloween, there are a few things you can do to ensure that every member of the family is safe and happy, and has a great holiday. Here are our top tips for how to ensure your pet’s Halloween is a treat! 1. Identification We can’t say […]

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Happy 4th of July and Thank You!

We want to take this opportunity to thank all of our supporters, volunteers, and adopters. Our five year anniversary in rescue is coming soon, and we couldn’t have possibly have rescued so many wonderful dogs without your help. Whether you donate, volunteer your time, foster, transport, vote when we ask you to, keep us in […]

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How to Prepare for the 4th of July

Check out this link Cesar’s 4th of July Tips You can also checkout our article: Help your Dog have a Safe Holiday! It was written for Labor day but applies year round! Please read comments below as well for even more ideas!  Personally, I know that my Lady Di will be terrified, but my China […]

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Helping Your Dog Relax

When we first saw Ginger Doodle (now known as Spec) on TDL’s site, we were hooked –  I mean look at those sweet blue eyes! We had been looking to rescue for several years, and found Spec (a Deaf Mini Aussie) to be the perfect fit for us. I work from home, and she has […]

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Canine Reboot

I’ve done this dozens of times… talked to owners who are frustrated with their dogs.  Wanting their dogs to be balanced, and happy.  Sometimes it’s the wife that hates the dog, sometimes it’s the husband.  Sometimes the dog doesn’t like the kids, or the grandparents.  Dog fights, cat fights… you name it. One of the […]

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More Great Ideas for Calming Dogs

Just received this email from Fritzi about Sassafras, her Deaf OES: I don’t remember when I last felt such gratitude and love for an object, much less a dog training tool.  But…  after several months of car travel with a compulsive barker, I now enjoy almost completely silent rides.  Sassy would be in the seat […]

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The Thundershirt and The New and Improved Velveteen, the Deaf/Blind Aussie

This is Joan’s diary, which details her progress with Velveteen. Amazingly, the folks at Thundershirt have sent us several sizes, and I just ordered a small for a new 20 pound female deaf/blind Aussie coming to us this weekend. It proves that whatever issues the dog has, there’s a solution out there, and sometimes it’s […]

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