Coco Chanel~Adopted

Let's Cuddle!

This little Aussie came to us along with her litter mates, Stonewall Jackson and George Patten.  At first, a shelter employee suspected she was pregnant, so we let her hang out with us for a few weeks just to make sure.  Well, she isn’t!  And today, she at the vet being spayed and getting all of her shots.

We were going to call her Mamma Cocoa, but the name just doesn’t fit!

Special thanks to Aussie Rescue for recommending us to rescue this group, Jessica Hitchcock who drove to get them, and Cathy McIlroy for fostering.

Coco is very much about her people, while she tolerates other dogs, she could take them or leave them!  Her focus is getting affection and being a cuddle bug with her peeps!

Be sure to check out her photo album.  More about this gorgeous girl coming soon!



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