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Ralph, Deaf and Blind

Ralph, Deaf and Blind

Ralph, the Deaf/Blind Puppy

Ralph, the Deaf/Blind Puppy

In less than five years, The Dog Liberator has rescued, rehabilitated, trained and re-homed over two dozen deaf and/or blind dogs.

They are simply amazing creatures that are in many ways extremely easy to train…   the concept of “come”, however, has posed many challenges.

A vibrating collar, along with reward will help us train deaf/blind dogs much faster, thus preparing them for their new homes.–vibrating-collar-guide.html


Where's Ralph?

Where’s Ralph?

$839.00 will purchase four vibrating collars ($209.99 each) that we will use to train deaf and/or blind dogs to “come”.

We are submitting a request for a grant us a $1,000 grant to purchase these collars, which will be distributed to fosters who specialize in fostering deaf/blind dogs.



China and Sarah

China and Sarah

Here is a quick glance at our  history with Deaf and/or Blind Dogs:

2014 Adoptions:

Johnny Carson   – Aussie  –   Owner Surrender


Ginger Doodle – Aussie       Owner Surrender



2013 Adoptions:

Sinatra – Aussie     Owner Surrender


John King – Aussie    Summerdale, Baldwin County AC


Ralph Lauren – Aussie           Owner Surrender


Juliet – Aussie          Owner Surrender


Winter and Dale

Winter and Dale

Squeeze – Aussie  Owner Surrender, Alabama


Maddon – Aussie   Owner Surrender, Georgia


Anderson Cooper – Aussie   FL, Polk County AC


Little Miss Muffet – Toy Poodle  FL, Lake City HS




Winter – Aussie  FL, Seminole County Animal Control


Bailey’s Irish Cream – Border Collie  Owner-Surrender


2012 Adoptions:

Jalo – Sheltie      FL, Miami-Dade AS


Diva – Aussie    GA, Gainesville, Hall County HS


Knish – Aussie/Catahoula  GA, Gainesville, Hall County HS


2011 Adoptions:

Falcor – Aussie  Owner-Surrender


Irwin – Aussie   Craig’s List


Dundee – Aussie  Craig’s List


Fiona – Aussie  Craig’s List


Baby GA GA – Aussie  AL, Athens Dog Pound


Kiss the Puppy – Aussie  Craig’s List


2010 Adoptions:

Sparrow – Aussie                Craig’s List


Sassafras – Old English Sheepdog  Owner Surrender


Velveteen – Aussie  Owner-surrender


China – Aussie

GA, Kingsland, Camden County HS


Skate – Aussie  AL, Hale County, HS






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