#DogLiberatorChallenge-The Hoarder Collie

The first dog to start our #DogLiberatorChallenge is Rosie!  Rosie steals all bones, toys and balls from all of our dogs.  She piles them up on her bed, and the dogs don’t dare come near.  We’ve even seen her approach one of our dogs, especially Ozzie, bark… to distract them, and steal their toy right from under their nose!

Rosie, #DogLiberatorChallenge - Toy Hoarding

Please visit #DogLiberatorChallenge for Details!  Please Donate $10, and submit your photos or videos, and let the games begin.

Visit the challengers Photos on Facebook!

Rosie Challenges…….
Email your submissions   TheDogLiberator@gmail.com or simply upload them using #DogLiberatorChallenge

To shorten this link use http://bit.ly/1ulKADM


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