Grits and Gravy

Grits and Gravy are two precious puppies rescued from Hall County Shelter in Georgia. They are nick-in-time pups, for we got them out the same day they were scheduled to be euthanized. Vicki went to the shelter to get them. Kathy drove them to Khaz in Atlanta. Khaz kept them overnight. Larry and Joyce drove them from Atlanta to Winter Park. That’s the way of rescue ~ a network of people each doing what they can to save these little lives.

At the shelter they were named Cody and Panda, but you know how I am about names. Those are just too “normal.” So Grits and Gravy it is!!!

Grits was born around the beginning of the year and appears to be a purebred Border Collie. He has the appearance and the intelligence that we expect in the breed. Very playful, he is always the first to chase the ball when I throw it. Did I mention border collie??? He is also people oriented. This morning when I let everyone out, he went out, piddled, then came back and sat on my foot. So far he has shown himself to have a pleasant level of energy, not the dreaded over-the-top hyperness that some breeders have developed. I think he is lovely, inside and out.

There are lots of photos in his photo album .

Gravy is a bit younger than Grits, maybe born mid- to late January. Although we were told he is a Border Collie, he appears to be more of a husky. He is a cuddler but a real player too. He isn’t hesitant to wrestle with the dogs who are much bigger than him. Again, Husky! He is a real charmer!!!

Be sure to check out his photo album.

Grits and Gravy are being fostered in Winter Park. If you are interested in adopting either of them, please review our adoption process, then e-mail

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