such a good little man!

Kodiak is an 18 pound mini Aussie boy that was surrendered to me.  He has been doing very well here with my pack.  He is fully trained, housebroken, leash-trained and quiet.

Kodiak went to the vet today, and he is great in the car, and wonderful in the waiting room!

He is a few pounds over-weight, due to the medications he is on.  He is currently being treated for allergies which is common not only in little dogs, but in Florida.  We are weaning him off of his meds, slowly.  I will be consulting with Andi Brown with regard to his allergies, to see if there’s an alternative to his meds.

Kodiak has been great with my pack, but until he learns the joy of play, he probably would prefer to be the only dog in the house.  I’m hoping my dogs will entice him to a game of chase soon.

Kodiak was owner-surrendered, and originally purchased from a breeder.  He does have registration with Continental Kennel Club.

I’ll be updating his status shortly!

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