Lady Xena, the Golden Border Collie – Adopted

Xena appears to be a Golden Re-triev-er/Border Collie Mix. She looks a lot like Saint, and she is really gorgeous. She also reminds me of our Soleil, which in short, means she’s gorgeous.

Xena is all puppy, poor thing doesn’t realize she’s a big girl! She needs basic training, and learns quickly. Obedience classes would really do her some good. She’ll need a large fenced-in yard, an active family, and we would prefer for her to be crated when alone… there’s just too much puppy left in this little one!

Xena was on her way to the pound when the Wholly family simply said No to their neighbor! They took her in and thanks to Nitro Wilson’s Mom, Jennifer, I’m very happy they found us.

I could see Xena being the perfect all American family dog! She is only 12 months old!

04/10/10 Update: Lady Xena was adopted today. I’m sure her name will be changed to fit her new lifestyle. Xena will be a water dog, and hopefully enjoy retrieving in the pool! Updates and photos soon!

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