Lilly Finds a New Home – If you Blinked, You Missed it!

Originally, I had agreed to take Buddy Love to rehome him after his owner contacted me. Her elderly mother required that she move in with her and tend to her needs, which meant she had to surrender both of her dogs, Buddy Love and Lilly. Once I got to know Emma, I asked her if it would make her feel better if I took Lilly as well, and she agreed. I posted Lilly on Pet Rescue by Judy, and within a few days, I received an awesome adoption application from Diane.

One of the fastest adoptions I’ve ever done!

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  1. Gisele


    It with my deepest sympathies and regret that I express my sorrow at Goldie's passing. Even six weeks can creat a lasting bond between us and our animal family. I am truly sorry that you lost this beautiful loving dog.

    B'Shalom (with peace)
    Diane Weilheimer

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