MacGyver, the Stunt Dog~Adopted

MacGyver, 100% Border Collie!

MacGyver comes to us from Polk County, Florida and is being fostered by Kevin & Mel.  When Kevin first went to the shelter to meet this little boy, he expected the pup to be what most shelters dogs are, shy and fearful.  But this little boy was happy, friendly and full of joy!  MacGyver was a stray and it still amazes me how many people do not claim their pets once they are lost.

You can visit his photo album on Facebook.

More details coming soon!

Foster Update:  This is Kevin with The Dog Liberator. I wanted to tell you a little bit about MacGyver, Mac for short. Mac is a wonderfully active and agile Border Collie. He is VERY play driven, he is a BLAST to play fetch or frisbee with. He was only neutered two days ago, so we haven’t been able to have any marathon play sessions yet, but judging from his attitude when we come inside, this boy can go go go! Because of this, I feel that MacGyver will be best suited to an active family that can offer him a good amount of playtime everyday day. Apart from being extremely playful, he is VERY sweet and affectionate.

MacGyver, "Have Ball Will Travel!"

He loves to lean into you to make you pet him. But don’t let him fool you though, he’d much rather be petted and adored after catching a frisbee in midair and bringing it back to you. He is great with other dogs, and has not seemed to be too pushy about playing with them. I estimate his age to be around the one year mark. He still has a bit of growing to do to fit into his big paws and ears. He could also stand to gain about 5 – 10 lbs. As Im sure you’ve seen, he is an incredibly handsome dog. Once he is filled out and has a nice shiny coat he will be incredible. I haven’t tested him around children yet, but I will by this weekend. I don’t foresee any issues though, as he hasn’t showed any herding tendencies whatsoever, and is great with new unknown people.


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    How could I make arrangements to meet MacGyver?

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