Magpie, the Little BC Girl~Adopted

Leonard brings Magpie to TDL

Magpie came to us from Alabama on September, 2010. We documented the amazing logistics involved in these transports in a separate blog.   Once she arrived, she tested positive for heartworm, and her treatment began.  She was fostered by Adriana, and like many times before, Adriana bonded with Magpie and adopted her.  Magpie was renamed Gidget and has enjoyed the past year living with her new family and playing on the beach.

Unfortunately, we do not have a crystal ball, and never in a million years did Adriana ever believe that she would be in a situation where she has to give up Magpie.  Job loss, and Relocation.

I would estimate that 90% of our dogs come to us because they are in the same situation as Adriana and Magpie.  Their owners find themselves unemployed, they have to move where dogs are not allowed, and in some cases, the dogs are neglected, let loose to fend for themselves, or some are left behind, chained outdoors (Jackson Browne) or locked up in an abandoned home (Shenandoah).  That is not the case with Magpie, she has been cared for, and loved.

Yes, I know I'm Beautiful!

Ironically, it was on Magpie’s one year adoption anniversary date that Adriana called me hysterically explaining her situation.  Uncontrollably sobbing, I assured her we would do what we can.  Even after I offered her landlord a large pet deposit, her landlord would not approve Magpie.

I contacted photographer, Olivia Frost, who lives in Melbourne, and asked her if she could foster Magpie.  Adriana and Olivia will meet shortly, and this will give Adriana a chance to be involved in Magpie’s fostering and re-homing.

You are welcome to admire her many pictures on her photo album.

Magpie has proven that she truly is a diva!  This gorgeous little girl has made her feelings known, and while she does love to play with other dogs, she would prefer to be the only dog in the house.  Magpie is the type of dog that stops traffic, and she knows it!  If you would like to adopt this fashionista, please email me at!  Your life will never be the same!   Magpie is being fostered in the Tampa/St. Pete area.



  1. "Voice For The Voiceless"


    such a wonderful story thanks for sharing

  2. scargosun


    My heart goes out to Adriana. I can’t imagine how difficult this must have been for everyone. Much love to all.

  3. Magpie is a wonderful addition to our family! She will be well loved and appreciated… Thank you DOG LIBERATOR!

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