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Florida Bound and Ready!

Florida Bound and Ready!

05/21/14 Update: Before Mother’s Day we posted a request on Facebook for transport from the Atlanta area to Volusia County for little Matthew. We received an offer from Sarah to drive him down! Well, it’s happening right now, but instead of coming to me for fostering, Matthew is being adopted by Sarah’s Dad of Merritt Island!

Her facebook post this morning, all of the photos, and the comments left by waiting friends and family are awesome! Mack has his own fan club! Woo Hoo!

Matthew Saves the Day!

Matthew Saves the Day!

Little Matthew – Hero of the Day!

Last week was a very difficult week for our foster Terri, she had a lot of family business to focus on, and her dog, Solphie was not doing well. After a recent surgery, Solphie was just not herself, so Terri asked me to find another foster for little Matthew. We did. Vicki Truelove, a trainer at K9 Coach said she could help. But there was a catch, Vicki was going out of town. A fellow trainer at K9 Coach, Jen, offered to foster the little pup while Vicki was away.

Since Matthew has been going to K9 Coach everyday with these awesome ladies, he’s learned a lot, and his self-esteem has really increased! Vicki has been texting me updates and videos of him at the center.

This morning, however, Vicki sent me a text I just wasn’t expecting. It read:

Matthew McConaughey saved Jen’s life last night ! Jen is fostering Matthew for us. Her blood sugar went too low and she passed out cold….little Matthew he went to her roommates room, opened the door and started jumping and whining. The roommate could tell the pup was upset.

So she went out to see if he had to potty… He ran into Jen’s room….

Jen says she would not be here today if it weren’t for him! It was bad… – vicki

This simple story of a little foster pup doing a good deed to help his brand new foster Mom is going viral on Facebook!  Everyone is sharing the story!  “Sometimes fostering can be more than just helping out a dog in need.”

We are so proud of little Matthew, and have made today official Matthew McConaughey day in our rescue!  Alright, Alright, Alright!!!!

So of course, it’s only natural for both Vicki and I to ask the question…. could Jen be swayed to change her title from Foster Mom to new Forever Mom?  Check back with us shortly, and we’ll have an answer for you!

Matthew certainly would not be the first TDL Dog that was adopted to help his human.  Jake’s mom is also a diabetic, and adopted him for this reason.  We have adopted dogs to help their quadriplegic human, Aspergers syndrome human, autistic human, to become search and rescue dogs, and to be Canine Good Citizens (like Tim Tebow) and Certified Companion Animals.

It doesn’t surprise me at all.  The Collie breed is incredibly intelligent, sensitive and intuitive.  They may not understand why something is happening, but they know when something is wrong!   I really should start keeping a list!!!


Alright, alright, alright!

Alright, alright, alright!

Alright, Alright, Alright!

Alright, Alright, Alright!

Update:  We just uploaded new photos of Matthew, what an awesome little guy!  Visit his album on Facebook.


Update:  Matthew is all better, switching over to Clavamox did the trick!

Update:  Matthew had a little cough, was put on antibiotics, and got better… all of a sudden his cough is much worse this morning and Terri is taking him to the vet immediately.  Your healing thoughts, prayers, and donations for his care are appreciated.

Terri & Matthew

Terri & Matthew

Alright, alright, alright!  This cute little collie pup was rescued by Terri from Fulton County.  Terri sends me messages daily about her perfect he is.  He is potty trained already!  From what she reports, the dog walks on water!  Amazing, since it’s the first pup she has fostered for us!  He reminds me of little Bart!  He is available in Roswell, Georgia, he has had all of his shots and has been neutered. He’s just waiting for someone to snuggle with!

You can see more photos of him on Facebook!

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