Minuet ~ Adopted!

smileAt the last minute we were sent a picture and asked the question “room for one more?” Look at that face! How could we say no to that fluffy smile?

Meet Minuet. She is a 3 month old border collie pup and has seen some tough times. She comes to us a little fragile, needing some TLC, but what better place for some TLC than TDL?

Coming off transport first impressions were that this little stinker is a total sweetie. She is a puppy and still has puppy tendencies, though she already has her big-girl pearly whites (don’t they look great?). She is being checked out at the vet now, but in the meantime check out her Photos on Facebook!


Flashing a smile on Transport!

11175056_10153098151634792_352098646213901276_n4/18/15 Update: Well that took no time at all. Minuet was adopted by the Brunners this afternoon. She will be living on 5 acres with her new family. We are so very happy for them all! We already recieved a short update that she is looking longingly at the pool, but that will have to wait a little longer as she is still healing from her spay. Sounds like lots of fun in her future!

Email us for more information: TheDogLiberator@gmail.com

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