Sheila Coffman Joins TDL

2011 Sheila adopts Samson

2011 Sheila adopts Samson

Sheila Coffman comes to TDL from the healthcare industry where she works for Abbott Point of Care in Princeton, NJ and also serves as a consultant for Goodmark Medical in Longwood, FL.  Sheila and her family moved to central Florida from South Texas, San Antonio in 2009.  This Texas native now lives in Sanford, FL with her husband Greg and son, Cole Coffman.

Sheila meets Laddie at our 2013 Reunion

Sheila meets Laddie at our 2013 Reunion

Sheila is a former adopter from TDL, having adopted Samson, now named Kodiak Bear ‘Kodi’ Coffman in October 2011.  Sheila and Greg had two Border Collies, Abbie and Sydney, that both lived to 16 years of age.  When looking to fill that hole in their heart, they found Kodi  who was a   black bundle of fur delivered with his siblings on a flight from Alabama.  A year later, when looking for another addition to the family, Jake was adopted with the help of TDL.

In November 2013, Sheila stepped into a position as Vice President of TDL.  In February 2014, she took on her first foster dog, Pepito.  She is excited about the opportunity to promote TDL through her tenure as VP and support.  Please joins me in welcome Sheila to the pack!

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