Sprint, the Designer Pocket Collie – Adopted

Sprint is the cutest thing on 4 legs. She looks like a collie, but she’s tiny like a whippet. Sprint would make an awesome flyball dog, she is quick! She is very affectionate, and loves to be in your lap and give you kisses. She is great with other dogs, even big dogs! Sprint has no fear, probably because she knows she can outrun anything!
Pete Nason and his wife have been wanting to replace their little Sheltie, who suffered from a very long illness. Spring is going to bring them much joy and laughter! Sprint was spayed on Thursday, so she will be kept quiet for a bit, but watch out – when she’s ready to play, it’ll be fun to hear how the Nason’s will react to her hysterics! Here is a photo of Sprint with her new family, and her at home looking gorgeous!

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  1. Gisele


    Peter wrote:
    She is a great dog. We are taking her to the Vet below to get her stitches looked at. They are oozing a little and she keeps licking them. It’s a challenge to keep her from doing that. I’ll send you some photos soon.

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