Stargazer, the Attentive Watcher

What a gorgeous girl she is. Her eyes are always focused on movement, and she is very affec-tionate. Stargazer is very young, maybe 7 months old. I anticipate her to remain in the 20-25 pound range. More details about Stargazer coming soon.

Serena was my photo-grapher today. You know when Serena likes a dog, she rarely lets it walk on all fours, instead, she scoops them up and carries them around with her! She feel in love with Stargazer. Her focus is something that agility, flyball, and disc dog enthusiasts look for. This dog has got the right stuff!

I hope that Serena can post some comments about this little girl!

Both Holly and thought “Kelpie” as her secondary breed right away. Since this is only an educated guess, I’m going to identify this little girl as a Border Collie/Kelpie mix. No wonder she has that incredible focus. A Kelpie will rarely look away, and waits for your command!


Stargazer has returned from the vet, she is fully vetted & spayed, and is HW negative… Woo Hoo! Her attention is amazing, I think her intelligence level is off the scale, plus she’s incredibly affectionate. This is a really great little girl. I think she’d even be great with little kids. She won’t get so big that she’ll knock toddlers over like some of the other dogs that I know (no name dropping here). I guess I’m just really appreciating her more every day. She’s got that Shy Shannon face, and that makes me melt!

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