Sundrop, the Golden Border Collie-Adopted

A Golden Border Collie? Why of course! We’ve had a few, click on this link and read all about it!

Sundrop is described by Tabitha to be happy, smiley, and has a good temperament. I’ll be meeting her personally tomorrow, and will provide updates!

Sundrop has several litter mates that appear to be purebred Border Collies, so we are at this point confident that she is too. After meeting Shadow/Ranger, and researching the Golden Border Collie, I’m convinced that Sundrop is just that.

Sundrop has been adopted by the Bryant family, the same wonderful family that adopted Augustus #806, now Charlie. What joy!

Update 9/17/10: Check out this new photo of Sundrop (now Lola) and Augustus #806 (now Charllie).

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