King ~ Adopted!

13051631_10208271244114190_807152254902151785_n King is a 4 year old male German shepherd who just arrived. As you can see from the photo of him giving his paw, he is a smart boy! We are still evaluating him but look forward to sharing more details as we get them.

Check out his Photos on Facebook!

If you are interested in being considered for King please read Our Adoption Process and answer the questions within.

4/20/16 Update: King was adopted!

1/16/17 Update:  King is back with us. He is about 5 years old now and although he is wonderful with people, he is aggressive with other animals. His owner is moving in with his girlfriend, and since she has five poodles and a cat, King needs to find a new home where he can be the only pet. King is trained and eager to please. He is great with people young and old, and he loves babies.


2/11/2017 Update: King, now known as Gunner, has been adopted by Blake of Sorrento, Florida! We look forward to updates from Blake and Gunner in the future!


16731769_10210886689138681_419891758_o         16736002_10210886691618743_1536608731_n






Santa Baby ~ Adopted!


Curious if she is a happy girl? Check out the tail blur!

Say hello to Santa Baby! This sweet little girl is about 5 month old, still a pup! Gisele thinks she’d make a great PTSD dog. Santa Baby is located in Deltona, FL.

More info and pics about this adorable cuddle bug coming soon! In the meantime check out her Photos on Facebook!

If you’d like to be considered for Santa Baby, please go here to learn all about Our Adoption Process. We don’t use a traditional application, but we would like you to answer a few questions so we can get to know you better.


Seeking Forever Family!





12/20/2016 Update: Santa Baby is home for the holidays! She was adopted by Ruth and Michael of Cocoa, FL. Woo hoo!







Malcolm ~ Adopted!

12938280_10153930129354792_287939008352803064_nMalcolm (formerly known as Jake) is a 2 year old purebred male German shepherd. Malcolm does well with other dogs and would do well with another social dog.

Malcolm is a big boy and is housebroken and leash trained. He could use some additional obedience training to work on some additional basics.

Check out his Photos on Facebook!

If you are interested in being considered for Malcolm please read Our Adoption Process and answer the questions presented in the article.



4/18/16 Update: Malcolm was adopted by the Fourari family of Tampa. Congrats on your new home!



Lizzy Hale ~ The Gorgeous GSD ~ Adopted

7/17/16 Update: Izzy is a very smart and focused girl. She would make an excellent PTSD dog, as she is loyal and loving to a fault. Izzy was returned to us, because she does not like being left alone for more than a few hours at a time. Therefore, we will need to place her in a home with a stay-at-home parent and/or another dog/dogs. Ideally, we’d love to place her with a military vet or another person in need of a support dog.

History of Lizzy:


Special thanks to pilot Mike Young!

Say hello to Lizzy! She came to us from Alabama via Pilots and Paws yesterday. 4 year old Lizzy is a big girl, 75 pounds! She’s good with cats, other dogs, and kids, and would make an excellent service dog.

We anticipate a lot of interest in this beautiful dog, so if you’d like to meet Lizzy, please go here first to learn about our adoption process.

11742642_10153331600064792_7025603012847959084_n Lizzy is located in Deltona, FL.11780618_10155836448970553_1750142889_n2

8/7/15 Update:  Lizzy was adopted by  today. She will be sharing her new home with a doggie brother and a human sister. Yay, Lizzy!!!

1/20/15 Update: Lizzy is returning to us after discovering that being an only dog, in charge of the house makes her a bit anxious. We believe she may flourish in a pack setting where she has buddies to make her feel safe and secure. Check out her Photos on Facebook! If you are interested in learning more about Lizzy or being considered for adoption please read Our Adoption Process, answer the questions in the post and email us at

8/12/2016 Update: Lizzy found her forever home with Lisa of Central Florida! Congratulations to them both!




Captain Teemo ~ Adopted!

teeCaptain Teemo is an 8 week old male German Shepherd/Golden Retriever mix. He is laid back and loving! G calls him a gem! More information to come shortly

If you are interested in adopting him please read Our Adoption Process and send us an email with the answers to the questions in the article.

Check out Captain Teemo’s Photos on Facebook!

tee (2)

11/15/15 Update:  Teemo was adopted by the Johnson family of Deltona! Pics coming soon.

4/23/16 Update: Teemo has a new brother, Roland!

7/8/16 Update: Teemo now has a new sister too. Welcome home Daphne!


Ahri ~ Adopted!

ahri (4)Ahri is an 8 week old female German shepherd/golden retriever mix. More information to come shortly!

If you are interested in adopting Ahri please read Our Adoption Process and send us an email with the answers to the questions in the article.

Check out Ahri’s Photos on Facebook!




12/6/15 Update: Ahri was adopted by Tyler and Shelley Spore of Deland, FL. Congratulations to the happy family!

Fiora ~ Adopted!

fiora1Fiora is an 8 week old female German shepherd/Golden retriever mix. More information to come shortly!

If you are interested in adopting her please read Our Adoption Process and send us an email with the answers to the questions in the article.

Check out Fiora’s Photos on Facebook!


11/17/15 Update: Fiora was adopted by the Mays family of Palm Coast yesterday. It was love at first sight. Pics coming soon!

Tasha ~ Adopted!

11825138_10153388710704792_3428027144085042086_nTasha just came in on transport! She is a knock-out. Absolutely georgous, intellegent girl.

From Gisele: “Tasha is the type of dog that would save her family in a fire! She is nurturing and lovey…she flips your hand with her nose to be petted. Calm, but still has play joy. She’s friendly, and tends to gravitate to little dogs…thinking they are her pups. It’s time for her to be the baby for a while!”

Tasha is between 2-4 years old, and sadly, her life hasn’t been a picnic up until this point. The folks who owned her kept her tied up outside, and used her for breeding. Because of this neglect, Tasha is heartworm positive. Thankfully, through the generosity of our amazing supporters, we’re able to have her treated. Her worst days are behind her, because she’s a TDL dog now! ♥

If you would like to be considered for this lovely lady, please go here to learn all about our adoption process.

Check out her photos on Facebook!
Although we don’t use a traditional adoption application, we would like you to answer a few questions so that we can get to know you better.

Tasha is located in Deltona, FL.

If you love her, but can’t adopt, please consider being a virtual foster!



8/13/15 Update: Tasha was adopted by Wendy, Johnny, and their little girl today! She will be living the good life in Land O’ Lakes, FL. We’re so thrilled for this amazing dog and her new family.




Muggs – the young & handsome Shollie boy! ~ Adopted

11224335_10153250830924792_2098051688162495251_oMuggs came to us from Alabama. He’s a 10 month old GSD/Collie mix, a “Shollie”! He’s incredible sweet and friendly, the best of both breeds!

Muggs weighs about 32 lbs right now but he will continue to grow a bit more and will put on some weight as he is a bit underweight right now.

His shelter assessment shares that he is good with kids and other dogs, is in the middle range for energy and LOVES to play. He is sociable and energetic.







11705132_10153319974864792_6718530662596449968_n27/14/15 Update: Busy day at TDL! Muggs was just adopted by Robyn and Richard of Longwood. Many squeaky toys await him at his new home. What a happy day!

A HUGE thanks to Sonia and Jazzy Valentine for helping transform Muggs into such a gentlemen!



Check out his Facebook Photo Album!



More Updates to come!

Libby – The fluffy little girl! ~ Adopted

11150738_10153176310659792_6223185265029435551_n[1]Libby is being transported to us on the 30th. We don’t know a whole lot about her yet, but we believe that she’s around 12 weeks old, and that she’s a Shepherd/Collie mix.

We do know what she will require quite a bit of vetting, so any donations to our Veterinary Care Fund would be greatly appreciated.

Check out her Photos on Facebook!



More photos and details coming soon!




5/31/15 Update! Libby is here!libby 33  Libby’s such a friendly girl. Very snuggly and sweet. We were surprised to see how much lighter her coat is than it was in the original pictures. She’s losing her dark puppy fur! Libby is currently at Newman Vet, and will be available for adoption soon. If you’d like to be considered for her, please check out Our Adoption Process.
11428545_10153232440944792_430098626687025565_n26/13/15  Update: Libby was adopted this morning! She will be living with Becky, Briana, Logan, and their cat, Penny, in Jacksonville. So happy for Libby and her new family!

Tuesday ~ Adopted!


Tuesday comes to us after she found herself in a shelter due to the sudden passing of her owner.

She is an 11 month old Female German Shepherd who is currently about 52 lbs.  We imagine she will put on weight quickly as she currently appears skinny.


German Shepherd


She appears to get along with other dogs and we are told she doesn’t seem to mind cats (we will learn more as we get to know her more in the coming days).

Her transporter, Sheila, reports that she is very affectionate and loves to give hugs and kisses. We can’t wait to tell you more about her as we learn more in the coming days. Check out her Photos on Facebook!

If you are interested in Tuesday, please read Our Adoption Process and email us at



10891749_10152862654979792_1834511411704635856_n 1/5/15  Update: Tuesday has left the building!  She finds her home with Belinda and Mike of Longwood, who have adopted from us in the past! Remember Fonzi, now called Bleu? He just became a big brother!

Of course, any time we do an adoption into a house who has a dog, we wonder if it will be a good match, and if the current dog (in this case, Bleu) will take to having a new dog in the pack. Well I think this picture says it all. Congratulations to the happy Pack!













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