FlapJack ~Adopted!

FlapJack (shown here with his best friend Mulaney) is a seven month old Pomeranian/ German Spitz who loves playtime more than anything. He is a spunky little boy who loves to make friends and steal hearts wherever he goes. Especially, since he is only seven pounds or so and oh so fluffy!

He is currently perfecting a few commands and finishing up his house-breaking training, but he is such a quick learner and so eager to please that it shouldn’t take long at all! As long as he can play, FlapJack is happy! This little guy loves his friends so much, he needs a home with at least one other dog so he always has someone to play with. If you are interested in this little heart-stealer, email us at adopt.thedogliberator@gmail.com

John Mulaney~ Adopted!


Named after the comedian himself, John Mulaney the puppy will keep you laughing and smiling all day long with his constant energy and love of life. An energetic puppy, Mulaney loves to run around outside with at least one more dog and loves to “herd” water from a hose. Though due to his age (around 4-5 months), he is still anxious in new places and hesitant to make new friends, but have no fear, it doesn’t take long for him to adjust. Also, puppy training classes are a must! He has a lot of pent up puppy energy and needs to learn how to redirect it in order to be the perfect friend for little children (ie. no jumping on the rambunctious toddlers).





When it comes to the end of the day, Mulaney loves to cuddle on the bed or the couch and nestle under the blankets. He is a total lover boy and a real sweetheart. If you want to learn more about this sweet baby boy, email us at adopt.thedogliberator@gmail.com!

Helios~ Adopted!

 Helios is back with us at The DogLiberator! This little puppy is a lot bigger than we remember him being, but that doesn’t mean he is any less stinkin’ cute! He may have grown up in size, but he is still all puppy. He loves to run around the backyard and play with the pack almost as much as he loves to be a cuddle bug.  More photos of him will follow soon, if he ever slows down for us to take some that is!
If you are interested in adopting this big baby boy, let us know! Email us at adopt.thedogliberator@gmail.com!



Helios is a bouncing baby boy who is always down for playtime, but also cuddles. He may be the biggest boy around, but that just means he is all the more lovable! He is roughly 2 months old and is a German Shepherd/ Collie mix. He loves to talk and play just as much as he loves to cuddle! Check out his Facebook album here  and email us at adopt.thedogliberator@gmail.com to learn more!



Aphrodite ~ Adopted!

Another stowaway here at The DogLiberator! Aphrodite is the biggest pup of them all and a Great Pyrenees girl, but that just means there is more to love! She loves to cuddle and will do whatever she can to please. Her favorite place to be is right by your side! If you are interested in this little beauty, email us at adopt.thedogliberator@gmail.com or check out her Facebook album here for more cute pictures!


Update: Aphrodite has been adopted by Alvin and Angelina!

Hercules ~ Adopted!

Just like the Greek hero, our little Hercules is a brave little man who loves to run and play. He is quite talkative and loves to let you know what is on his mind. Though, he will never turn down cuddle time! See more of this cute little hero on his Facebook album here and email us at adopt.thedogliberator@gmail.com to learn more!

Update: Hercules loves to play in water! His favorite thing to do outside is to splash around in his water bowl! Is this an Olympic Swimmer pup we see on the rise? Who knows?

Apollo ~ Adopted!

Apollo isn’t as brave as the others, but that doesn’t stop him from trying. Once he gets in your arms, there is no place he would rather be. He loves to just lounge in the shade and enjoy being outside, rather than run around and get hot like his twin sister Artemis. If you want to learn more about this cute little cuddle bug, email us at adopt.thedogliberator@gmail.com and visit his Facebook album here!

Update: Apollo is starting to come out of his shell! He loves to talk to us whenever he is excited to go outside and isn’t afraid to jump into the fray with his siblings!


Update: Apollo has been adopted by Holly of Deland!

Hera ~ Adopted!

Hera is here and loves to make sure everyone knows it! She is a charismatic little lady who loves to play around and eat snacks in the sun. She has quite the adventurous spirit to her, but loves to be right by your side. Has she stolen your heart yet? See more of Hera on her Facebook album here and if you would like to learn more please email us at adopt.thedogliberator@gmail.com!




Update: Hera has been adopted by Alyssa of Orlando! We hope this spunky little girl brings you as much joy as she did us!



Artemis ~ Adopted!

This girl would rather be out playing hide and seek with her siblings (especially her twin brother Apollo) then getting her picture taken! A true go getter, Artemis never wants to stay still long. She is the first one to start play time and loves to just go, go, go. See more of this little gem on her Facebook album here!  If you want to learn more email us at adopt.thedogliberator@gmail.com!



Update: Artemis has been adopted by Kirk and Katee of Orlando!



Hermes ~ Adopted!

Don’t let his little size fool you, this puggle may have snuck in to The DogLiberator with a bunch of bigger pups, but he doesn’t let that keep him down! He has a personality that shines through and is as big as his heart! He is fearless, loving and absolutely stinkin’ cute! If you want to learn more about this little bundle of joy, check out his Facebook album here or email us at adopt.thedogliberator@gmail.com!




Update: Hermes has been adopted by Elise and Gareth of Orlando!


Little Lucy Loo~ Adopted!

Lucy is a six-pound, four year old female purebred toy Australian Shepherd (*whew* what a mouthful) and a little ball of love and energy. She loves to sit on the bed like a queen overlooking her kingdom and will jump at the chance to go outside. When outside, this little girl loves to run and is a serious athlete. With her intelligence, speed and willingness to please, she can be molded into the perfect dog for any occasion. This lovely little lady would be best for a small dog pack, since she tends to end up under larger dogs’ feet. She loves having company but is still learning how to play. She is a vocal little girl who loves to tell her owners how much she loves them, but also when she wants to snuggle. She is very good in a crate and will use a puppy pad if available to her. Lucy needs a stable pack to keep her grounded and needs a role model or two to show her the ropes.

She had a bad habit, based out of fear, to bite stranger’s heels. It has taken us several months to break her habit, which she can pick up again easily if placed in the wrong home. She is best without small children since she would be too tempted to bite their little feet. While we understand that the people who bred her were intending to make a perfect designer breed, they created a pocket Aussie with relentless herding instincts. Adopting Lucy will require patience on everyone’s part, especially guests, it will take her time to adjust to every new person she meets.  We welcome Little Lucy into the nub-club!

Update: Little Lucy Lou has been adopted by Elisha and Ashley of Orlando!


Abby is a 9 year old female/spayed border collie who has been around the block and is looking for her forever home. She has been with her foster for a few weeks now and has been determined with the right combination she’d be more than content. As a little background Abby was originally a farm dog and relocated in her later years from a large property to suburban life.

There were many changes that occurred that ultimately her previous owners felt that selfishness set aside, the struggles she had to personally face, rehoming was safest for her. Abby is currently residing with 3 other female dogs and a male indoor/outdoor cat and they get along just fine. As an older girl, Abby is definitely set in her ways, but is willing to make adjustments if need be. Feeding time and food in general are no issues in her fosters home. She LOVES to play ball and interact with you as much as possible. She does not jump or sleep on furniture. She does not touch things that are not hers to play with (I.e. Shoes, clothing, trash, etc.).

She does have some medical concerns (possible seizures), but with her veterinary history it is uncertain at this time. She does not do storms well and prefers to be with you. She is completely house trained and crate trained. Abby, ultimately, if she had to be described in a few words: For an old lady, she is very spry. Abby is a determined (needs some minor reminder, yet understanding pup and she deserves a loving forever home.

Abby would do best in a home with older kids, neutral personality dogs (no young dogs or super playful dogs), cats are okay if they are known to like dogs. We would love someone who understands the determination of border collies  or other breeds of dogs with similar levels of determination.



May Flowers~ Adopted!

This spunky baby girl loves to play with her best friend, April Showers! May Flowers may be on the more skittish side, but that is only until she finds new friends, then she can not stop playing! A vocal little girl, May Flowers always let’s you know what is on her mind. She loves to explore bushes and potted plants with her favorite stuffed toys.

Check out May Flowers on Facebook to see updates!


If you are interested in this darling little girl, check out our adoption process here!


Here she is and there she goes! This little speedster has run right into the arms of Thomas and Rebecca!

April Showers~ Adopted!




  This lovely little girl comes to us with a big heart and an even bigger love for playtime! No one is too small or too big for her to play with and play time is all the time! April Showers is a water baby through and through and not even bath time can phase that smile on her! A little on the shy side, April Showers steps out of her comfort zone every day playing with bigger dogs like Shae and The Edge. To see April Showers in action, check her out on Facebook!



And if you are interested in this little doll, check out our Adoption Process here!


April Showers has been adopted by the awesome Andrea and Zachary! Three cheers for this little girl!

King ~ Adopted!

13051631_10208271244114190_807152254902151785_n King is a 4 year old male German shepherd who just arrived. As you can see from the photo of him giving his paw, he is a smart boy! We are still evaluating him but look forward to sharing more details as we get them.

Check out his Photos on Facebook!

If you are interested in being considered for King please read Our Adoption Process and answer the questions within.

4/20/16 Update: King was adopted!

1/16/17 Update:  King is back with us. He is about 5 years old now and although he is wonderful with people, he is aggressive with other animals. His owner is moving in with his girlfriend, and since she has five poodles and a cat, King needs to find a new home where he can be the only pet. King is trained and eager to please. He is great with people young and old, and he loves babies.


2/11/2017 Update: King, now known as Gunner, has been adopted by Blake of Sorrento, Florida! We look forward to updates from Blake and Gunner in the future!


16731769_10210886689138681_419891758_o         16736002_10210886691618743_1536608731_n






Fox Trot~ Adopted!

15894773_10154698397234792_2931545215489338590_nFox Trot is a 6 month old, 10 lb male Corgi Pomeranian mix, a “designer dog”. He was purchased by some students visiting from China, and was then dropped off at the pound when they had to return home. Luckily, he’s a TDL dog now, and will find an amazing forever family. Fox does well with other dogs and loves to play!

More information and pictures coming soon! In the meantime, check out his photos on Facebook!







Fox Trot is being fostered in Deltona, Florida.  Please keep an eye on this album for more photos and updates. If you’d like to meet Fox Trot, please go here first to learn about our adoption process.















Adoption Updated: We are pleased to announce that Fox Trot has found his forever home! Alison of Shinner Accounting of Deltona brought this amazing boy home January 27, 2017!



02/02/2017 Update: Foxtrot has settled in to his new home and is loving the new beds! Cuddle bug through and through!


Lady Cordon Bleu ~ Adopted

15894895_10154714795149792_1247299341882875298_nLady Cordon Bleu (formerly Maggie) is a approx. 2 1/2 years old Australian shepherd. She weighs 55 lbs. This stunning girl was an owner surrender to a shelter in AL, who just came to TDL. She’s a wonderful dog, BUT she thinks chickens taste great with ketchup, which makes her a not-so-good farm doggie. She definitely needs a home without chickens, cats, or other small animals! 

More information and photos coming soon.In the meantime, check out her photos on Facebook!

Maggie is located in Deltona, FL. If you’d like to meet Maggie, please go here first to learn about our adoption process.

Update from Serena: “Welp. It’s safe to say Bleu is not dog aggressive. Although we have yet let her out with the pack she’s certainly showing no bad behavior with Bernie. They’ve been hanging out for a bit and she has finally acknowledged him. Just some quick sniffs and her attention is back on me lol.”

She’s a doll really. Total people person. Gives gentle kisses and loves to snuggle.

16113205_10154717559179792_5612932461801616483_o03/15/17 Update from Serena: Deja Bleu, What can I say, I fell in love with her! As I tended to this creature who had such a beautiful soul, I contemplated for quite some time if I should keep her or not. I’ve been helping Giselle with TDL for over 4 years now and I haven’t been in the position to adopt until recently. I thought it would be a great present to myself to adopt Bleu and become a forever Mom to a TDL dog. I’d give Gisele all the excuses in the world as to why Bleu had to stay with us, and even went through some great lengths to keep her hidden from adopters so she could be by my side. I had decided, Bleu was mine.

She a spectacular dog! She’s slightly stubborn when it comes to who gets to sleep in the middle of the bed, but the perfect snuggle buddy once we both would get settled in. When I move, she moves. Even to go get a glass of water, she accompanies me to the kitchen and back. She blends in perfect with the pack and tends to follow Bernie’s lead when roaming around outside. Bernie is my Sheltie of 8 years! When Bernie barks, Bleu barks, as if responding to his rants. When Bernie runs, Bleu chases him as far as Bernie’s legs will go. She loves to chase! Bernie chases the tennis balls and Bleu chases Bernie.

Living in the life of rescue though, I know through experience, things don’t always work out as planned. With Bleu being so perfect, I always thought she could serve a greater purpose. She would be a great service dog, or therapy dog. She has that gentle temperament but playful personality and it’s a perfect blend to be approachable to any person. Although she prefers to stick by me, she is always welcoming to anyone she met. Dog or human.

It wasn’t long before a family came along that needed a dog like Bleu, and it was all by chance. I have a day job working at a Call center, I have a team of people I enjoy working with on a daily basis and they all knew I was excited about this new dog. While having open discussions about dogs and who has had what breed and such, it came to my attention that one of my colleagues, Sarah, has been wanting a dog for some time, but hasn’t been able to take the next step because her youngest son Alden has a fear of dogs. “HOW AWFUL!!” this is all I could think to myself! I love dogs, and dogs are my life! How can a human be deprived of “Man’s Best Friend”? When I inquired further, Sarah explained that he had sensory issues. His little brain is easily overloaded with environmental stimuli. This makes it hard for Alden to determine if the gaze of a dog has malicious intent or not. Whereas you and I might be able to determine within seconds, what intentions a new dog has when being introduced to a pack. Because of this, he developed a natural fear of dogs.

After hearing all of this, I immediately thought of Bleu. I didn’t say it right away but I knew… I knew Bleu would be perfect for Sarah and her Family. Just like any other dog Bleu gets excited when stimulated, but in general, Bleu was a very gentle and quiet dog. I went home to Bleu that night a snuggled her close. I reminded myself why I am in Rescue, It’s not just about the dogs. It’s also about the people who feel complete once they take home a TDL dog. That feeling of completeness when you expand your family. I knew I had to let Sarah know I had a dog that could potentially help Alden get over his fears, and let her family get the dog they have always wanted.

I went to work the next day and shared my thoughts with Sarah. At first, she was a little unsure. Having tried several times before to introduce Alden to dogs had not been successful as of yet. She asked for some time to consider and I told her to take all the time she needs. If the situation didn’t work out, I would absolutely take Bleu as my own.

After lots of thought and discussions with her husband Aaron and the family, Sarah decided it was time to introduce Alden, and her older son Taylor, to Bleu and see how well they got along. We choose a local community park to meet at. Her older son Taylor was beyond excited, he told me he has been begging for a dog for years! After some standoffish hellos from Alden, he was able to reach out and pet Bleu. After a few more moments my heart swelled with pride as I passed along Bleu’s leash to Taylor and his younger brother Alden who immediately told us he was scared of all dogs… except Bleu. Bleu gave him hope and confidence! They both asked lots of questions about Bleu. They wanted to know everything about her. How much to feed her, what her favorite food was, what toys she preferred. The questions were endless and I was happy to answer them all. After a walk down the nature trail and some practice teaching the boys some basic training habits, we went to the baseball field for a run! I ran with the boys and Bleu, several laps around the bases and we were all exhausted! Sarah’s Husband Aaron was able to catch us at the end of the play date and get a quick introduction to Bleu himself! All and all it was a great meet! Although the decision had not been made, I knew by instinct this was a match.

Sarah wanted to allow some time to pass, ensure this is the dog the family wanted. After a week, it was decided. They couldn’t stop talking about Bleu. They couldn’t stop reminiscing about the fun they had at the park! I was thrilled. We agreed we wouldn’t rush it and wanted to meet a few more times to allow both Bleu and Alden time to adjust.

Every day Sarah and I would swap stories. I would tell her about all of Bleu’s little quirks and habits. She would tell me how excited her boys were and how her husband was convinced Bleu would prefer him over anyone else. As the days past the excitement grew. Taylor has written stories and generated care plans for their first week together! Alden and Sarah have gathered all the necessities of owning a dog. Toys, bowls, crate, food, treats, new leash and collar, more toys!

When all is said and done, Sarah and Aaron, along with their boys Taylor and Alden, now have a brand new member of the family! Aaron is a pastor at Heart of Christ Christian Church in Orange City. Their family is very large and extensive. Bleu will be accepted with open arms to a whole new world full of love and happiness! We couldn’t be more thrilled that Bleu will get to be with a family who didn’t think they would have the chance to experience life with a dog! We know that Bleu has forever changed the lives of these boys by adding to the ultimate joy of life! Unconditional love! She will have more friends and family she ever believe possible, and she will get all the attention she deserves!

03/30/17 Update from Serena: Wow! Bleu has settled right in with her new family and is bonkers about her boys! She is protective and proud to have them. She’s even helping to keep them in line! She has already ratted Alden out for trying to sneak out of bed. HA!


Alden himself has really become quite fond of having a new cuddle buddy. Bleu quickly discovered all the yards with chickens while adventuring out in her new neighborhood during her walks with the family!


The family came out to our annual reunion recently and Taylor got the biggest dose of doggie love yet! Bleu ran her little heart out! Over and over and over again! Bleu loved being able to see her loving pack so soon and was quite happy showing off her new Family! These are the moments we live for!




Bennie Baby ~ Adopted!

15780864_10154673094554792_3342417130464879782_n  The B Babies have landed!

Bennie is a male German Shepherd and Great Pyrenees mix. Ready to explore and steal your heart, Bennie is always eager to say hi and snuggle! A little bundle of love and smiles, he acts just how he looks, like a little teddy bear! Bennie is located in Deltona, FL. 15747471_10154673094739792_4976017158453034379_n



Check out his Photos on Facebook!

More info and pics about this adorable cuddle bug coming soon!

If you’d like to be considered for Bernie, please go here to learn all about Our Adoption Process. We don’t use a traditional application, but we would like you to answer a few questions so we can get to know you better.15740865_10154673094559792_5570401825949019462_n



1/24/2017 Update: Bennie was adopted by the Griffin family of Deltona!



1/27/2017 Update: Bennie is settling in at his new home and is now a stunning sailor!





Bruno Baby

15781059_10154673089474792_5087679691902052708_n  The B Babies have landed!

Bruno is a male German Shepherd and Great Pyrenees mix. A fluffy ball of love and snuggles, Bruno is obsessed with cuddles and kisses! He is a little love sponge! The biggest brother around he tends to watch his crazy siblings run around, but is always ready for a hug! Bruno is located in Deltona, FL.


Check out his Photos on Facebook!

More info and pics about this adorable cuddle bug coming soon! 

If you’d like to be considered for Bernie, please go here to learn all about Our Adoption Process. We don’t use a traditional application, but we would like you to answer a few questions so we can get to know you better.15741011_10154673089749792_3532366053927572726_n


1/16/17 Update: Bruno was adopted by the Diaz family of Deltona. Congrats on your new bundle of furry joy!







Bernie Baby ~ Adopted!

15822798_10154673082809792_5610650167450249364_nThe B Babies have landed!

Bernie is a male German Shepherd and Great Pyrenees mix. A little blonde ball of love, Bernie is the smallest of all his brothers, but don’t let that fool you! He is just as loving and vocal as can be about it! Bernie is located in Deltona, FL.15747475_10154673083404792_271112600996567215_n


Check out his Photos on Facebook!

More info and pics about this adorable cuddle bug coming soon! 

If you’d like to be considered for Bernie, please go here to learn all about Our Adoption Process. We don’t use a traditional application, but we would like you to answer a few questions so we can get to know you better.15823596_10154673083319792_2600485200644222391_n




1/24/2017 Update: Bernie was adopted by Huy and Alyssa of Sanford. Congrats on your new addition!






Beanie Baby ~ Adopted!

15732048_10154673063729792_8915355034824387424_o  The B Babies have landed!

Beanie is a male German Shepherd and Great Pyrenees mix. Just like the name implies this little nugget is a true cuddler and loves to be the center of attention. In your arms or in your lap, Beanie just wants to steal your heart. Beanie is located in Deltona, FL.

Check out his Photos on Facebook!

More info and pics about this adorable cuddle bug coming soon!

If you’d like to be considered for Beanie, please go here to learn all about Our Adoption Process. We don’t use a traditional application, but we would like you to answer a few questions so we can get to know you better.







1/14/17 Update: Beanie was adopted by Cathy Mcilroy of Oviedo, FL. Cathy has been fostering for TDL for years, and we’re just thrilled for her and Beanie. Looking forward to lots of updates!

2/11/2017 Update: Beanie, now Harley, weighs 13 pounds and still does not like bath time! We love you Cathy and Harley!

Beanie update









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