The Edge~ Adopted!

Update: While Edge was adopted and renamed Bowie, he was returned because of a move. He is everything a border collie is supposed to be. Like other dogs, he does have a few quirks that we are working on. Regardless, he is quite a love. Now the wait begins, as we review many emails of interest from potential adopters, we just have to find the right match!


2016:  The Edge came to us with his two siblings, Wiley and Bono. Although his brother and sister look like Collie mixes, The Edge appears to be almost all Border Collie. We’re guessing that there must have been multiple fathers for this litter! Like his siblings, The Edge is very active and bright. He’s good with other dogs and friendly with people.

If you’d like to be considered for The Edge, please go here to learn all about our adoption process. We don’t use a traditional application, but we would like you to answer a few questions so we can get to know you better.

Check out his photos on Facebook!





Cortez ~ Adopted

14054139_10154249759804792_5009610282058747001_nCortez is one of three little Chihuahua/BC pups who just arrived at TDL. Their mom is a Chihuahua and their dad is Mr. Moonpie, the BC mix (recently adopted through us).

Cortez is the most energetic of the 3 boys!

Please keep an eye on our page for updates!




If you’d like to be considered for one of these puppies, please go here to learn all about Our Adoption Process. We don’t use a traditional application, but we would like you to answer a few questions so we can get to know you better.

Check out his Photos on Facebook!





8/27/2016 Update: Cortez found his family today! Craig and Ali of  Orlando FLorida fell in love with this sweet boy. Congratulations to them all!







Marty McFly ~ Adopted!

14040194_10154249423984792_210845351699285471_n   Say “hi” to Marty McFly, formerly known as Rusty. McFly comes to us from Etowah County in Alabama. More photos and information coming soon!13912741_10154249936154792_3099471810529047744_n

Marty is an 8 month old border collie boy.

Marty is one lucky boy too. His paws hadn’t even touched down in Florida before he had interest. We are happy to say he has an adoption pending!

Check out his photos on Facebook!









8/20/2016 Update: Marty McFly  found his home with Tammy and Ed Geary of Clermont, FL. What an awesome new family.





Gracie Belle ~ Adopted!

13330972_10154046265214792_7469467018457878408_nFrom Gracie Belle’s current owner:

In November I rescued a purebred 3.5-year-old female border collie with papers from a breeder that was looking for a home for her or was going to send her to a rescue group. Gracie had been born at the breeders and they kept her for breeding purposes. She had 4 litters of pups by the time she was 3. Although she lived in clean conditions, she had never been in a house, taken anywhere, or spent quality time with people. I adopted her with the intention of having another dog as a companion for my other rescue who is a border mix, Daisy. Unfortunately, Daisy is a border collie white Shepard mix and turns out to have the strong Shepard traits in that she does not get along with other female dogs. Daisy has started a couple of fights with Gracie and I can’ t seem to break her of doing it, so at this time I need to find a home for Gracie.

After adopting her I found out that Gracie is heart-worm positive. In fact, she was probably heart-worm positive when she had her last litter of pups! I have started her on treatment and it should be finished about the end of May. Once that happens I will need a new home for her. At that time, she will be up to date on all shots, heart-worm free and I will then have her fixed before allowing her to be placed.

Although she is a purebred border and has the classic Border collie markings she is NOT a typical border. She is timid. She does not play ball or games and does not show any interest in them. She will not herd sheep, (unless she is with my other dog Daisy while herding, otherwise she shows no interest at all.)

Gracie is very quiet and very timid since she had minimal interaction with people since birth and no outside experiences.She was used strictly for breeding. Although I have been working with her she is still timid. She is very sweet and a cuddler and just wants love and attention but is also happy just to be in the room with me.She is housebroken and has no bad habits that I can see.

She does very well on a leash and is good with people and other dogs, although a noisy family with kids could be intimidating to her. I don’t have young children so I don’t know how she would be with them. She gets along with my other dog Daisy but Daisy is the problem not Gracie.

She would be a great dog for people who want the Border collie looks but not the active personality. She has no bad habits except she loves to carry shoes and socks around. She doesn’t chew them, she just carries them.

She would also be wonderful for an older person or couple that would love to give her attention and love and wants a quiet loving pet.

Once she is available for adoption she will be clear of heartworm, fixed and up to date on all shots.

Gracie will be located in the Deltona, FL area. We will post more Photos on Facebook and updates once she arrives at TDL.

If you’d like to be considered for Gracie, please go here to learn all about Our Adoption Process. We don’t use a traditional application, but we would like you to answer a few questions so we can get to know you better.13321910_10154046265189792_8983224123609728457_n



6/19/16 Update: It is official. Gracie has left the building with Charlie, a 20 year veteran who served two tours in Vietnam! Gracie’s adoption is not quite our typical story.

Charlie’s sister contacted us after recognizing that Charlie could use a great companion (he has had dogs all of his life until recently). They asked us to work our magic and let them know if we had small, mature, well mannered dog who wouldn’t jump or bark too much.

Well, Gracie may not be small, but she fit the bill and we did a trial run, to see if she could be the companion/emotional support dog he needed.

IMG_4069The process started in early June. It wasn’t long before the first update came:

“Looks like the two have become fast friends! I’m amazed at how Charlie get’s up so easily to make sure she is ready to go outside. She sleeps right by his bedside . I think they are connecting beautifully! You are an angel for recognizing how they could work for each other!”




Shortly after we got the news that it was time to finalize the adoption. A beautiful new friendship and partnership had formed. We believe Gracie had a mission, and thanks to her first rescuer, Karen, she was able to come to us, and we were able to match her to Charlie. It takes a village!







14034695_10154264002919792_1143335181680373414_n8/22/2016 Update: Gracie was returned to TDL through no fault of her own. Sadly, Charlie’s health has been on the decline, and taking care of a dog became too much for him and for the staff at the facility he lives in. She was able to share a lot of happy times with him while they were together, though. <3

In happier news, Gracie wasn’t with us but a couple of days. She was adopted by Wendy and Michael of Sarasota. They lost Nico, their BC of 12 years back in February. She was a very special dog, and it was a heartbreaking experience for the whole family. They decided to wait until the end of the summer to start looking for a new dog…and voila, there was Gracie! Right on time. There will definitely be lots of updates and photos, as they are Johannah’s (Alfie’s mom’s) parents!









Jackson ~ Adopted!



3/10/16 Update:
Jackson was adopted! Mark lives on a large ranch, and is an experienced Border Collie dad. Yay, Jackson!

12571403_10207519049949806_556847701_nPast: Jackson is returning to us due to hard times, (which consists of illness, job loss, job change and a move). He walks well on a leash and is great with guys. He is a little shy of ladies but warms up after about an hour. He just needs to build trust. He is still shy of other dogs and we are determining if he would do best as an only dog. 

If you are interested in being considered for Jackson read Our Adoption Process, answer the questions presented in the article, and email us at

12540523_10153718345344792_6575189545535576497_n 12540973_10153718345634792_8902136043637839290_n



History (Jackson Formerly Guinness):

Guinness is a stunning red/white border collie from Miami Dade County. He is approximately a year old and was rescued from Miami Dade Animal Services. He was found as a stray and was never claimed. This beautiful boy has a gorgeous coat and stunning eyes. On his kennel card at MDAS it stated “this boy can actually smile” and his intake picture is proof of it. He is active but not high drive. He loves to play but also loves to sit on your lap. He does well with both men and women.

He is fearful of other dogs and mainly tries to avoid them. He would do best in a home where he is the only dog.

He is very smart and knows how to sit and give his paw. He is potty trained, walks great on a leash and sleeps quietly in his bed all night.

He is neutered, heartworm negative, microchipped and up to date on his shots. Guinness is a loving young boy looking for his forever home.

You can see more photos of this gorgeous boy on Facebook.


Foo (Aka Mr. Foo Fighter) ~ Adopted!


Foo is an 8 month old Border Collie mix (we think border collie chihuahua as he is currently less than 20 lbs). Life hasn’t been easy for little Foo. He has scabs from being eaten up by bugs and currently has a cough (he is being treated for both right now).


Foo is scared. He wants to cuddle, wants to be your good boy, but is still learning it is okay to want all that, and that humans are nice and understanding. He is currently receiving lots of love, positive interactions, and some work on self-esteem. We expect to see him blossom quickly.

Check out his Photos on Facebook!

If you are interested in adopting Foo please read Our Adoption Process for the next steps.


“Tell me I am a good boy?”

12/24/15 Update: Oh goodness, Mr. Foo can’t catch a break….  Not only was he diagnosed Heartworm positive, but now he has some upper respiratory “fun” going on too. The good news is he is in the right place. We have fought off  both before and will do it again.  Foo will be on hold until we clear up the respiratory situation and as to the Heartworm, Foo will begin treatment shortly. Here are some articles we recommend if you aren’t familiar with Heartworm:

Adopting a Heartworm Positive Dog and What you Didn’t Know
Treating Your Heartworm Positive Dog
A Diary: Fighting Heartworm Disease, the Treatments, the Options


1/10/16 Update: Foo was adopted by TDL’s very own Michelle Kamber today! Congrats on your awesome new home, Foo!!!

Sir Rusty ~ Adopted!

Sir1  Rusty is a 9 month old purebred  border collie who comes to us with a shining reputation. He is great with other dogs and children, loves to work, and loves to cuddle and give kisses.


10/13/15 Update: When we first got Sir Rusty in we immediately thought of a former adopter who is great at giving a dog a job. When he heard about Sir Rusty he said yes!

Nathan Wilson (one of our awesome volunteers) adopted McCloud (now Asher) and trained with him to become a search and rescue team. Of 18 teams in their class only 3 graduated, and Nathan and Asher did it in half the time it normally takes.  Rusty is next in line for training. We are so happy for them all. Check out their Album on Facebook!


Time Bandit ~ Adopted!

12074946_10153508418949792_6538890253641572098_n Wow! This one year old Border Collie has it all, looks and personality. Time Bandit is a 1 year old male Border Collie. He is up to date on shots and will be neutered prior to adoption.

Bandit is a young guy and is still all puppy. He is energetic and will need a home where he will get exercise.

If you’d like to be considered for this cutie pie, please go here to learn more about our adoption process.

Check out his Photos on Facebook!

Time Bandit is in Deltona, FL.12143218_10153508418959792_4837580379422488110_n

12107878_10153521165209792_1276624186394409991_n10/11/15 Update: Time Bandit was adopted by Bill and Andrea Lerner today! The Lerners are previous TDL adopters. They adopted Shenandoah, now Connie, in 2011. Time Bandit is going to have so much fun on their farm!

Olive ~ Adopted!

11995719_10206717584713676_1779978772_nOlive is a 1 year old Border Collie who comes to us from a shelter in the Florida Keys. The shelter reached out to us knowing that a smart, energetic young girl like Olive would need a certain type of home and they felt we might be the ones to help her out. We said yes!

11997390_10206718745182687_805688598_n9/9/15 Update: Olive, now Allie was no sooner here than gone. She found her home with Julia and her fiance from Naples, FL.

9/10/15 Update: Olive’s Mommy writes: “Good morning unnamedGisele, We made it thru the first night. Olive (we have named her Allie ) is doing amazing!!! I took her to the vet yesterday to have her looked at and pick up her heart worm meds,  etc. I now have her registered in Naples, chip has been scanned!! Allie is a keeper!!!  Thank you again!!!!” 



Kazoo ~ Adopted!

11057271_10153441156779792_7711251410549550919_nShe’s a lovely little 12 week old Border Collie pup. We’ll know more about her once she’s transported to us.

If you’d like to be considered for Kazoo, please go here to learn all about our adoption process. We don’t use a traditional adoption application, but we do have a few questions we’d like you to answer before setting up a meet!

Check out her Photos on Facebook!

Update: Very loving and calm… but very very skinny. Get some Kibble in that Pup! Thank you Cathy McIlroy for fostering!



Kazoo was adopted in 2015

 3/5/16 Update: Kazoo was returned due to no fault of her own, but don’t worry, she is already out and doing great. Kazoo was adopted by the Bessey family of Winter Garden. They have another BC who needed an energetic friend, and Kazoo fit the bill perfectly!







Rosanne Rosanna Danna, the ‘Borador” ~ Adopted

11216583_10153437838369792_3572998579079011367_n2 years old, border collie lab, perfect family dog.
~More pictures and info coming soon!

If you are interested in being considered for Rosanna check out Our Adoption Process and send the answers to the questions.

Check out her photos on Facebook!

11952048_10153437838454792_5510031128843359481_n10/8/15 Update – Oops! Rosanna  tripped and fell right in to her foster’s heart. Congratulations to Rosanna and Dermott Dessert.

Chong ~ Adopted!

11896209_10153400307824792_197692568336580267_nSay howdy to Chong! Chong is 2 years old and weighs 43 pounds. This gorgeous dog has a ton of energy, so he needs plenty of room to run and play. Like Cheech, he is somewhat fearful, and will need an experienced owner who’s willing to work with him. He is house trained, but needs to practice his leash walking. We’ll have more info on how he is with other dogs and cats shortly!
11904660_10153400309104792_5785254668888368473_nCheck out his photos on Facebook!

If you would like to be considered for Chong, please go here to learn all about our adoption process.

Although we don’t use a traditional adoption application, we would like you to answer a few questions so that we can get to know you better.



9/9/15 Update: Chong, now Buddy, was adopted by Shannon from Newman Vet! She also adopted Minnie Mouse. Shannon’s husband and Buddy have a bromance!!!







Dr. House – The stunning Border Collie Boy! ~ Adopted!


After my grooming I am going to look dreamy!

Say hello to House! He’s an absolutely beautiful 2 year old dog with a unique front leg. Although it is a bit crooked, he gets around just fine and is not in any pain. He just arrived at Newman Vet, so once the doctors have a chance to examine him, we’ll know more about what’s going on with it. You can see his unique leg in the image bellow on his right, our left.



I can’t wait to be someone’s love muffin!


House will also be getting a bath and a brush out while at Newman. As you can see, he’s “blowing” his winter coat, so he looks a bit disheveled. There’s a lovely summer coat under all that wooliness!

This boy has a VERY sweet and calm disposition. Even after spending long hours on transport, he was cheerful, friendly, and curious, but not at all hyper. He did great on a leash and showed no signs of fearfulness or aggression. He just wanted hugs, pets, and kisses on his snout! I really can’t say enough good things about this charming young man.

Check out this video of him that was filmed at the shelter showing off his skills (you can also see that he gets around just fine with his unique leg):


His paperwork has him listed as an “Aussie mix”, but all we see is Border Collie!

If you would like to be considered for House, please go here for everything you’ll need to know about adopting from us. You can also see more Photos of him on Facebook!

He is located in Deltona, FL.

11667475_10153309112374792_6170458600760405109_n7/8/15 Update: The more time we spend with House, the more we love him. He’s VERY loving and sweet, a goofy bear of a boy! He would do great in a home with kids.

House is also back from the vet who checked out his leg. The verdict? House’s crooked leg is the result of an old break that didn’t heal straight. Because he gets around just fine and isn’t in any pain, they don’t want to put him through the ordeal of major surgery and the possible complications that could arise from it. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

Want to see how gentle and loving House is? Here he is!


11791628_10206393821499798_176685670_n[1]7/25/15 Update: The Doctor is NOT in the house! He went home with Carla of Jacksonville, FL and we couldn’t be happier! 11791894_10206393821179790_1670419961_n[1]

Minuet ~ Adopted!

smileAt the last minute we were sent a picture and asked the question “room for one more?” Look at that face! How could we say no to that fluffy smile?

Meet Minuet. She is a 3 month old border collie pup and has seen some tough times. She comes to us a little fragile, needing some TLC, but what better place for some TLC than TDL?

Coming off transport first impressions were that this little stinker is a total sweetie. She is a puppy and still has puppy tendencies, though she already has her big-girl pearly whites (don’t they look great?). She is being checked out at the vet now, but in the meantime check out her Photos on Facebook!


Flashing a smile on Transport!

11175056_10153098151634792_352098646213901276_n4/18/15 Update: Well that took no time at all. Minuet was adopted by the Brunners this afternoon. She will be living on 5 acres with her new family. We are so very happy for them all! We already recieved a short update that she is looking longingly at the pool, but that will have to wait a little longer as she is still healing from her spay. Sounds like lots of fun in her future!

Irish Rose Marie ~ Adopted!

22Rose Marie has our Irish eyes smiling!

She’s a beautiful 3 year old purebred Border Collie who was given up by a breeder because she couldn’t have puppies. 

Rose Marie just arrived on March 14th, so we are still getting to know her, and will update as soon as we know more about her. Check out her Photos on Facebook!

If you are interested in adopting Rose Marie please read our adoption process and follow the steps in the post.

10410336_10153031944834792_5776699040512864740_n3/23/15 Update:  We are getting to know Rose Marie and learning all about her. She is timid and while she seems shy fearful she is gentle. She has met a few dogs and did well, even sharing a water bowl with one and drinking at the same time. She also met a cat and had no interest in it. She would do best in a home without young children as they can make her nervous.

Rose Marie has been spayed, and is getting some basic training and learning how to be part of a loving family. This beautiful girl will need a family who can provide some boundaries/consistent rules so she can feel comfortable. We have found that when timid dogs know what is expected of them they are able to blossom and often come out of their shell. So don’t let her timid nature make you shy away, This girl is stunning on every level.



4/15/15 Update: Rose Marie went home with Harriet of Central Florida! So Happy for them both!




First flight but she did well! Here is Rose Marie coming off transport!

   More updates coming soon!


10915153_10152911104039792_7714039189796453232_nThis beautiful 6 year old girl was found walking on the roadside in rural Alabama. A good Samaritan stopped to help, and she jumped right into her car. She rode in the backseat with the lady’s grandson and was nothing but friendly and affectionate. While at her home, Maisie has been around children, adults, small dogs, and big dogs without any problems (we are not sure how she will respond to cats yet). She is crate-trained, and walks well on a leash. Maisie is a very sweet and easygoing girl looking for her forever home! Check out her photos on Facebook!

We already have potential adopters for this sweet baby! However, nothing is set in stone, so if you are interested in meeting Maisie, please go here to learn about our adoption process: How to Adopt From Us




 2/7/15 Update! Happy news! Maisie has a new home with MJ and her family. She will be living on an acre of land, and I have a feeling she’s going to be treated like a queen. Congrats on your wonderful new life, sweet girl!!!

St. Nick ~ Adopted

10675630_10152784163389792_6755633467483138295_nSt. Nick is a 4-6 month old, male, Border collie corgi mix (Borgi). He hails from Alabama but he is a Florida boy now! Nick is currently on the shy side but we don’t expect that to last. He is snugly, cuddly, and generally affectionate. He is in the process of being fully vetted.  Check out his Photos on Facebook!


12/15/14 Update:  St. Nick arrived at his foster home and it immediately became apparent that he was going no where.  Congratulations Nick on your new home!

Ringo, the Perfect Border Collie ~ Adopted!


Ringo is a 2 year old Male purebred border collie who comes to us from Miami.

He is very active and fun. He likes long walks, fetching games, as well as running and would make a great addition to a family as active as he is.



He is also affectionate and loves belly rubs! He’s also amazingly intelligent, as such, this makes him very easy to train. Ringo is also very friendly and sweet.




He loves to be around kids, preferably ages 9 and older. Check out his photo album on Facebook!


1/18/15 Update! Ringo was Adopted by Steven & Vivian Logan from Royal Palm Beach, FL. Congratulations Ringo!







Ginny is about a year and a half old border collie mix. We are not entirely sure what she is mixed with but this girl is a sweet stunner who won Gisele’s heart on a recent trip to Kingsland, GA.

Since then she has traveled to Deltona, FL and is available for adoption.

Click to see Ginny Weasley’s photos on Facebook!

We are continuing to gather information about Ginny but will update as soon as possible.

Ginny!Ginny has been adopted by Christa and her son of Deltona!  Ginny is VERY happy!






ShastaShasta is insecure and will bond quickly with her owners, however, she will be fearful of strangers.  She needs a pack leader that will assure her through correction/reward not to be afraid.  Many times, humans will stroke a dog that is afraid, this sends the dog the wrong message.  Shasta needs consistency and patience.  The last thing Shasta needs is someone to love on her.  Shasta needs leadership, she needs a job, someone to reward her for every completed task.    This will increase her self-esteem, give her a purpose, and boundaries to follow which will give her a sense of safety.

Love, in the form of petting and rubs can be shared after she understands her role.


We posted her photo, asking for name ideas and we didn’t expect to get 105 Likes and 385 comments within just 2 hours, but we did!  The name ideas were awesome, and I’m saving them in a list for future use!  Daphne, April Kepner, Julia Roberts and Peaches were some of them.  Many of the name ideas have been previously used in our rescue.  Thank you for your help!

This little girl is about 2 years old, and her name was Shasta.  She is very shy and unsure of herself and her new surroundings but she settled in nicely.

Shasta was owner-surrendered due her owner’s life-threatening allergies.  Surrendering her to us was not easy, but my son has asthma and receives allergy shots as well.  I know how hard allergies are to control.  Shasta’s owners posted her on Craigslist, hoping to find the right home for her, but none of the persons interested, met her owner’s standards!  Once we expressed an interest in her, they checked us out, and trusted we would take excellent care of her!

wow, what a beautiful girl!

wow, what a beautiful girl!

Her photos can be seen on Facebook.

Update:  Shasta was adopted and returned.  The environment where she lived was not suitable for her and made her nervous. Shasta in now in Central Florida, and she has a lot of energy, and needs to be exercised daily.  Her shyness makes her unsure of strangers.  Since she has been doing incredibly well while under my care, and is greeting strangers with happiness!  Shasta is not the right dog for a first-time dog owner.  She truly needs a pack leader who understands that she needs a job to do.


Sarah and Shasta

Sarah and Shasta

Update:  Shasta was adopted by Sarah K. of Deltona!  Sarah has experience with Shy/Fearful dogs!  And the updates are wonderful!


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