Why give on Giving Tuesday? – Impact the Future of our Rescue

12179285_10100534612928519_125082904799_nI want to thank Sarah White for writing this plea, explaining how much Giving Tuesday means to us this year.  She has taken the time to explain exactly what your volunteering and donations mean to us.  The truth is, we have always appreciated all of you, your time, prayers, and generosity, this year we are depending on your like never before.  Rescue is an expensive process,  I believe that we will find a way, and with your help, we will not close our doors.  We can do this!  ~ Gisele

Written by Sarah White:

Before we get in to the article, I want to take a moment to thank quite a few important people. First, to all of our volunteers, whether you work from a computer like our social media and database volunteers or are more hands on like our fosters, transporters, and event coordinators, we appreciate all you do and all the ways you make rescue happen!

I would also like to thank our donors, because you make what we all do possible. This year your dollars went toward last minute pulls from shelters, the excellent medical care all of our dogs receive, the food in their bowl, their preventative meds, ongoing medical care for special cases like all of our sweet pups who had skin conditions, special diet needs, and all those dogs who were heart worm positive.

We try to say “thank you” often, but somehow thank you just isn’t enough to express the gratitude we hold for you all.


Now, Why am I writing? Well right after Cyber Monday is a special day in our rescue and for non-profits around the country. It is called Giving Tuesday and by now you have probably seen a few of our posts on Facebook about it. For those who haven’t heard about it, here is what it is all about:

“We have a day for giving thanks. We have two for getting deals. Now, we have #GivingTuesday, a global day dedicated to giving back. On Giving Tuesday, charities, families, businesses, community centers, and students around the world will come together for one common purpose: to celebrate generosity and to give.

It’s a simple idea. Just find a way for your family, your community, your company or your organization to come together to give something more. Then tell everyone you can about how you are giving. Join us and be a part of a global celebration of a new tradition of generosity.”

So now you know what Giving Tuesday means, but do you know what it means to us?

The funds we raise on this one day are a safety net for the rescue. It provides a fund to go to if  a highly adoptable dog on death row suddenly appears in our inbox on the evening before he is supposed to be euthanized, or if we get a “healthy” litter of puppies whopizap-com14796895259241 show up with parvo. Our Adoption fees are designed to help us cover that dog’s medical expenses and the next dog’s pull with just  a little extra for running costs, like the phone, ink, paper, and website.  The adoption fees are a huge help, but when you get dogs who have conditions, or who take a while to be adopted, (or even scarier, both!) the fees add up and soon it will take 2 or more adoption fees to break even.

We consistantly have some hard blows:  Kennel cough, skin conditions, mange, parvo, heartworm, are just a few.  As painful as it is, sometimes we lose a dog or puppy.  Like with sweet Yogi who required a lot of medical care,  and sadly, in the end we couldn’t save… each time we have bounced back, often only because of generous donors who contribute to the medical care of these sweet and very deserving dogs. We also face increasing veterinary costs, like in fall of 2016 when our rate at the vet doubled. Things were already tight, but when prices double, the number of dogs we can care for is cut in half. This makes your support all that more important.

pizap-com14486751432914This year Giving Tuesday is our lifeline. As many of you know Gisele is not only our president, but our main foster, trainer, point of contact, transport coordinator, and our rescue-guru. She gives her all to keep TDL up, open, and running, so that dogs in need will still have a place to go. As amazing as Gisele is, she can not do it alone. Your donations this Giving Tuesday will allow us to get through December and prepare for another awesome year of rescue, but we won’t be able to do it without you.

So here is what you can do to help.


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1. Share the Link to our Giving Tuesday page and tell your friends why you support us. Did you get your best friend from us? Volunteer with us? Just love our Facebook posts? Everyone has a reason why they are reading this. Ask them to share too!  Here is that link again for easy copy-paste:  http://givingtuesday.razoo.com/story/Dog-Liberator

2. Donate if you can – I recognize not everyone is able. Christmas is a tight time of year, so if you can’t do Giving Tuesday, consider signing up for our Promise program. You can commit to give monthly in increments as small as $5. If you can donate you can do so on our Giving Tuesday page or, just click the PayPal button at the bottom of the post.

bcyEbXAdi3. Volunteer – We always need reliable volunteers. If you want to foster for us, transport, work on a computer, or have a great idea for a unique way you might be able to help, just email us.

dog_shopping4. Shop – Whether it is getting your dog a special gift like a Pack Pack, or just doing your holiday shopping through Fundinco or Amazon Smile, you can support rescue. In fact shopping through Fundinco and Amazon Smile on Amazon is like a free donation. it costs nothing extra to you and a percentage of your purchase goes to rescue. There are lots of ways you can shop and support rescue!

So often we say “we can’t do it without you” but now, more than ever, it is true. We have helped over 1000 dogs find their forever homes, and we can’t wait to break 1000! Please, help us pave the way.

TDL 12





Loyalty Shopping!

Amazon Smile donates 2% of your purchases to our Veterinary Care Fund!

Amazon Smile

Help our Veterinary Care Fund when you shop using Amazon Smile!  Amazon Smile donates 2% of your purchases to our Veterinary Care Fund!



422496Amazon Wishlist

Our Amazon Wishlist contains items which we need and would be happy to have. It covers everything from basics like dewormer all the way to our dogs’ dream bed and ink for us to print out adoption applications.


Ebay DonatesEbay

We signed up with Ebay’s Giving works!  This week, we received a $200 donation from Ebay’s Giving Works. Selling on Ebay? Make our Rescue your Favorite Non-Profit and show your buyers that you will donate a portion of your selling price to The Dog Liberator!  Sign up today, and share this with your Ebay Friends!


Just Enter our Group ID, 990055884

Yankee Candles

Yankee Candles will donate 40% or your purchases to our Veterinary Care Fund!  Just Enter our Group ID 990055884.  It doesn’t get any easier than this!


Not Setup to Donate Online?

Don’t feel comfortable with online payments?
You can send your contribution directly to our Primary Vet:

Payable to:  Newman Veterinary Centers, Deltona
Attention:  The Dog Liberator #7656

1200 Deltona Blvd. Suite 10 Deltona, Florida 32725
E-mail: deltonamanager@newmanvets.com
Telephone: 386-860-5335 Fax: 386-860-5322

Email us with your ideas at thedogliberator@gmail.com and please Subscribe to our newsletter


Ms Macaulay ~ Adopted

13268486_10154040857284792_8488673687990448536_oThis poor sweet girl was abandoned by her family. They moved away, and left her behind to fend for herself. As you can see her coat is severely matted, and the light has gone out of her eyes.

As we all know, dogs are stronger and more forgiving than most human beings. With love and care, we can help her regain her health and her trust in people, but we need your help.

She is a purebred sheltie and is estimated to be between 3 and 5 years old. Please take a moment to donate to our vet care fund, so we can help this baby, and many others!  Thank you so much. More photos and updates on this Sheltie girl coming soon! ♥ 13308466_10154040857279792_1029018648060403081_o

Once Macaulay is ready, she will be available for adoption. If you are interested in being considered for Ms Macaulay please read Our Adoption Process, answer the questions presented, and email us. You can also Check out her Photos on Facebook!




6/3/16 Update: So we shaved Macaulay down and discovered this sweet little boy was actually a sweet girl! Life is rough when you are so matted down that we can’t tell what gender you are! That being said, Macaulay is looking a lot more comfortable now and has arrived with TDL!


7/4/16 Update: Happy 4th for Ms Macaulay. Ms. Mac was adopted by the Berdeauxs of Port Orange. They recently lost a dog and their other dog was very sad and lonely. Looks Mac is fitting right in with her new family. Congrats!


Guess who was just adopted?






Tasha ~ Adopted!

11825138_10153388710704792_3428027144085042086_nTasha just came in on transport! She is a knock-out. Absolutely georgous, intellegent girl.

From Gisele: “Tasha is the type of dog that would save her family in a fire! She is nurturing and lovey…she flips your hand with her nose to be petted. Calm, but still has play joy. She’s friendly, and tends to gravitate to little dogs…thinking they are her pups. It’s time for her to be the baby for a while!”

Tasha is between 2-4 years old, and sadly, her life hasn’t been a picnic up until this point. The folks who owned her kept her tied up outside, and used her for breeding. Because of this neglect, Tasha is heartworm positive. Thankfully, through the generosity of our amazing supporters, we’re able to have her treated. Her worst days are behind her, because she’s a TDL dog now! ♥

If you would like to be considered for this lovely lady, please go here to learn all about our adoption process.

Check out her photos on Facebook!
Although we don’t use a traditional adoption application, we would like you to answer a few questions so that we can get to know you better.

Tasha is located in Deltona, FL.

If you love her, but can’t adopt, please consider being a virtual foster!



8/13/15 Update: Tasha was adopted by Wendy, Johnny, and their little girl today! She will be living the good life in Land O’ Lakes, FL. We’re so thrilled for this amazing dog and her new family.




Roddy Piper ~ Adopted!

Roddy piper (4)
Roddy Piper is quite noble, and would make a great therapy/PTSD dog!

We estimate that he is between 12-16 weeks old. He is scheduled to be spayed/neutered on Monday, and will be available for meets after that.

If you would like to be considered for Roddy, please go here to learn all about our adoption process.  Check out Roddy’s Facebook Album and also check out the litter’s photos on Facebook!

Roddy PiperAlthough we don’t use a traditional adoption application, we would like you to answer a few questions so that we can get to know you better. As we expect a lot of interest in these puppies, priority will be given to those who answer our adoption questions. The puppies are located in Deltona, FL.

If you love the pups, but can’t adopt, please consider being a virtual foster!



8/14/15 Update: Roddy Piper was adopted by Alesia and Reece of Lake Mary today! Yay, Roddy!








Lady Johannah, the lovely Collie mix! ~ Adopted!

11043537_10153368792419792_474721156388449805_nSay hello to Lady Johannah! She’s named after one of our TDL rescuers, I think because they have similar hair colors. Ha ha.

Johannah is a young girl, we think around 5 months old. She’s very sweet and friendly, and has quickly become a foster mom to our new pups. We think she’d be a great therapy or CGC dog!

11059689_10153368793969792_5038868867715768260_n2If you would like to be considered for this lovely young lady, please go here to learn all about our adoption process.

Although we don’t use a traditional adoption application, we would like you to answer a few questions so that we can get to know you better.

Johannah is located in Deltona, FL.

If you love her, but can’t adopt, please consider being a virtual foster!


8/9/15 Update: Johannah was adopted by Dara and Darin of Palm Harbor today! They’ve been searching for the perfect dog for over three months, and guess what? They just found her! Such a happy day! 11866463_10153383653804792_2953717472643833260_n

Gabriel ~ Adopted!

Gabe (2)

Gabriel, aka: Blue Eyes, is laid back and polite. He’s an all around easy peasy guy.

We estimate that he is between 12-16 weeks old. He is scheduled to be spayed/neutered on Monday, and will be available for meets after that.



If you would like to be considered for Gabe, please go here to learn all about our adoption process. Also check out the pups’ photos on Facebook!

Although we don’t use a traditional adoption application, we would like you to answer a few questions so that we can get to know you better. As we expect a lot of interest in these puppies, priority will be given to those who answer our adoption questions. The puppies are located in Deltona, FL.

If you love the pups, but can’t adopt, please consider being a virtual foster!



8/3/15 Update: Gabriel was adopted by Ron and Theresa of Rockledge today! He will be sharing his new home with kitty sister, Darci and doggie sister, Haley!

Madeline ~ Adopted!

Madeline (3) Madeline is the smallest, but she won’t be pushed around! She has the heart of a lion.

We estimate that she is between 12-16 weeks old. She is scheduled to be spayed/neutered on Monday, and will be available for meets after that.

Madeline (2)



If you would like to be considered for Madeline, please go here to learn all about our adoption process. Also check out Madeline’s photo album and the litter’s photos on Facebook!

Although we don’t use a traditional adoption application, we would like you to answer a few questions so that we can get to know you better. As we expect a lot of interest in these puppies, priority will be given to those who answer our adoption questions. The puppies are located in Deltona, FL.

If you love the pups, but can’t adopt, please consider being a virtual foster!



8/17/15 Update: Madeline was adopted by the Millers of Orlando. We’re so thrilled for them and for Maddie. Congrats, little girl!





Lenny – The fluffy little boy! ~ Adopted!

11150809_10153189485379792_4921830681176971320_nLenny is being transported to us on the 30th, along with his sister, Libby. We don’t know a whole lot about him yet, but we believe that he’s around 12 weeks old, and that he’s an Aussie/Collie/Spaniel mix.

Both he and his sister have intestinal parasites and mange, so they will need quite a bit of vetting when they get to us, so any donations to our Veterinary Care Fund would be greatly appreciated:

Check out his Photos on Facebook!


5/30/15 Update!  Lenny is a very active and smart young boy! Curious and friendly, he’d make a great family dog. The folks at the vet’s office think he’s going to be a fairly large dog, definately bigger than his sister, Libby. Lenny is currently at Newman Vet, and will be available for adoption soon. If you’d like to be considered for him, please check out Our Adoption Process
6/1/15 Update! Lenny was adopted by Daniella and Mark tonight. Congrats on your wonderful new puppy, guys!11391761_10153208499209792_4397526763494819616_n

More photos and details coming soon!


The Dog Liberator recieves Greg Biffle Foundation Grant

Biffle 2

Greg Biffle and Gracie!


Last May we  applied for a 5,000 dollar grant from the Greg Biffle Foundation. For those who haven’t heard about this awesome foundation yet, here is a little background.

Since its creation, The Greg Biffle Foundation has awarded grants to over 500 humane societies and animal shelters from coast to coast. Representing the best interests of the animals and using the full potential of each participant’s involvement is the purpose for the Greg Biffle Foundation. Our mission is specifically intended to demonstrate our focus. Through partnerships and activities to come, we intend to draw together the best efforts of all animal lovers.” – About the Greg Biffle Foundation

Greg and Nicole Biffle love supporting rescue. In fact, they have a few rescues of their own. Foster and Gracie are a pair of boxers and the Biffles also recently adopted little Savannah from a shelter in Georgia.


Nicole, Savannah, Gracie, Greg and Foster!

Our original proposal was to use the $5,000 for a great privacy fence to keep our adoption yard fun and safe. While we are sorry we didn’t win the $5,000, we were thrilled to learn we had be selected for one of the $1,000 dollar grants to use as we saw fit. We have decided to use it to offset the cost of Mr. Beans‘ and Duke’s care. Both have had extensive ongoing medical care which has created a bill in excess of the grant.

Clearly this grant was much needed and we are so thankful to Greg and Nicole Biffle for choosing us to be one of their recipients. It is through the generosity and support of others that we are able to rescue, spay/neuter, provide medical care, and find homes for amazing dogs who just need a little help to have their forever homes.

Ralph Lauren~Adopted

stunning little man!

stunning little man!

If you are new to TDL, don’t let this be a shocker, but I am NOT a puppy person!  Yet, I am fostering this little boy!  I describe puppies are little terrorists, or little aliens!  They are a lot of work.  This little boy has been taken away from his mother and his pack.  He is quite lost, like a scared little sheep.

I’m confident that once he settles in, things will get better.  Rescued by his breeder, this little man and his sister from a former litter, Juliet, were rescued together.  Regardless of who sired this litter, he is classified as a lethal white, aka double merle.  He is completely blind and he is totally deaf.

This morning, I sent Jen a text which simply said… “help”.  She called me while on her way to work.  We all know that they call these dogs lethal whites, because they are usually put down.  Breeders can’t sell them, and shelters can’t get them adopted.  Who wants a deaf or blind dog?

You can Click Here to see all of the deaf and blind dogs we have rescued and re-homed.

Jen gave me a lot of encouragement.  She shared with me her successes with her Irwin.

Sarah takes over Ralph's care!

Sarah takes over Ralph’s care!

He is a cute little bugger!  He’s about 9 weeks old, and big for his age.  His coat is amazing, it’s like a fluffy teddy bear!

While the Leonard family came to meet Miss Priss, I had just gotten Ralph, and I picked him up and took him outside to meet them!  They marveled at his cuteness, and they just had to touch him!  He’s just a ball of fur!

Why name him Ralph Lauren?  Well, I could’ve given him a teddy bear name, he is fluffy, but he won’t be a puppy forever.  He’s stunningly handsome, and he feels good!  I think he’s going to be a very stylish and attractive little man when he grows up!

He will need a special home.  A home with another dog that would take him under his wing would be a plus.  He would probably even love to be in a cat home, cats that would surround him and love on him would be great.

He’ll need a home that will protect him and give him security.  Once he gets settled in, and transforms from puppy to adult dog, I believe he will be a best friend like no other.  Whoever adopts little Ralph will be showered with love and affection beyond what other dogs do.  Can he live a normal life?  I believe he can.  I cringe at the thought of what would happen to a dog like him if put in the wrong hands.

I want to thank his virtual foster, for giving him a chance, and giving us the means to take care of him, until we find his new home.

You can see more photos of Ralph on Facebook.

08/23/13 Update:  I’ve learned a  lot fostering Ralph.  At first, I was consumed with pity… questioning how he would learn to do things, but do things he does!  Fostering Baby Girl helped a lot.  He learned how to play and get around with her help.  Even though she was a little pest, he had a lot of fun with her!  Once Baby Girl was adopted, Ralph and China learned to play… but China moves around too fast for him.  Even Lady Di has accepted Ralph into our pack.

When Ralph meets another dog, he immediately executes a play bow.  But he’s blind… he’s never seen other dogs do that, so how did he learn it?  I guess the answer is it’s a natural response that dogs do.  So what about those hundreds of other dogs I have fostered that never gave another dog a play boy?  If this gesture is a natural response that a blind dog does, are some dogs so emotionally broken that they can’t allow themselves the freedom to express joy?

Ralph needs a dog that will play with him, without moving around a lot!  Like I mentioned, China plays but then runs off to play the “you chase me now” game.  Well… Ralph can’t see her and has no idea where she vanished to!

I have a huge water dispenser on the back porch.  I fill it full of ice when I take Ralph outside, and if he doesn’t stumble into it, I place his paw in it so he knows where he is.  Once he identifies the water bowl, he has my entire yard mapped out.  Two steps right, he is off the concrete slab and into the yard.  Seven more steps and he dodges a tree.

Just two days ago, I placed several bags of potting soil on the back porch.  At first, he stumbled over them, but after just one day, he knows exactly where they are, and he hops over them with grace.  Now THAT’s cool!

I can move chairs around without a problem, he learns.  Nothing phases him.

What I love the most about Ralph is he is not afraid, he is not broken emotionally, and he is not aggressive no matter what.    He will never fight back no matter how many times you steal his bone or bite his tail (Baby Girl).

Ralph is the most kindhearted puppy I have ever known.  I trust him with young children, cats, kittens, and other dogs.  His person, however, will have to be his protector because Ralph does not understand danger.  Other dogs could easily pick on him.

Last week, I received a phone call from a former TDL adopter that has been wanting to adopt a Lethal White for several months now.  She has watched our white Aussies enter our rescue, and watched them get adopted.  She saw Ralph pending Sponsorship, and as bad as she wanted to help Virtually Foster Ralph, she talked to her husband, and was sure she wanted to try to adopt him.

We have been talking back and forth for two weeks now, and she and her family have met Ralph.  They are in love.  But before we proceed, I believe it’s in everyone’s best interest to ask her family to foster Ralph for a while, to get to know him, and to introduce him to their pack.  Ralph is a special dog, and we need to make special accommodations for him.

Since Ralph is too young to be neutered, therefore, in a few more weeks, we will re-evaluate his new foster home and after his neuter we’ll decide if he’s a keeper!  I think he is!

Ralph met with Dr. Pinzon today, the eye specialist at Newman Veterinary Centers of Deltona.  He concurred that his eyes never developed.  He did mention that with sunlight, and proper nutrition,  he wants to see Ralph again in 12 months, to see if possibly the retina will develop on its own.  He said it was doubtful, but we can hope!

We really love Ralph.  We will continue to monitor his progress.

08/25/13 Update:  Ralph’s foster family is going to keep him!  He has been adopted by Alyse and her family.  Alyse adopted Shepherds Pie from TDL several years ago!  Ralph loves being part of their family!  You can see updates on Ralph on Facebook.

Connect the Dots

Example Image

I installed two new maps on our Blog. I hope it doesn’t slow down the load time of our website for you. One is a globe shown in the right-hand column, and one is a flat map shown down below.

If you look closely, you will see tiny red dots on the maps. These dots represent visitors! We have dog-lovers visiting our website from places I have never heard of! This is truly inspirational, and amazing!

Example Map

So when you visit our page, look to the right and see if your town appears!  Thank you to all who visit our website, and Welcome to The Dog Liberator!


Our New T-Shirts are In!

Ed Jillson, owner of http://www.mdsiinc.com has donated the cost of custom printed t-shirts for The Dog Liberator!

T-shirts will be printed by http://www.artworksprinting.com/.

Our new T-shirts are available now! Click on our “stuff” page and order one through paypal, or email us if you live in the Central Florida area, and get yours in Deltona or two locations in Winter Park!

We met Ed this summer when he and his family adopted Daffy, our fluffy German Shepherd puppy. He has taken an interest in The Dog Liberator and has proven to be a great source of encouragement. Thank you, Ed!

To read the story about Shy Shannon, the Pet Store Inmate, click here!


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