Close Your Eyes, Open Your Heart – How Do you Adopt Again After Your Dog Dies?

How Do you Adopt Again After Your Dog Dies? This post will explain the grief and anguish people go through after they have lost their beloved dog and how hard they try to replace their dog that has passed away with an identical copy.  “How can I adopt after my dog dies?” There is a […]

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Gomer Pyle~Adopted

The shelter named him Einstein.  When I first saw his photos, I thought for sure he was an Aussie/Border Collie mix.  He was abandoned at a park, I assume someone tied him to a bench or a tree, because he seems to me to be the type of dog that would follow you to the […]

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Let it Go – Stop Feeling Sorry For Your Dog

This article explains why it is unhealthy to pity or feel sorry for your dog. No matter what your dog has been through, pity will create behavioral issues. This article explains that most dog-owners, especially those who have adopted a rescued dog, don’t realize that feeling sorry for your dog does emotional harm. All Dogs Should […]

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