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TDL T-shirts are available in XL, Large, Medium and Small.  Make a $25 donation, specify your size, and we’ll ship it immediately.  Buy Two for $40.

Sarah in a TDL T-shirt

Sarah with Claire Bear in a TDL T-shirt

Pack Leader Baseball Caps

Pack Leader Baseball Caps


TDL Baseball caps are available for a $25 donation.    Buy Two for $40.






Our 2014 Calendars available on Lulu:

2014 calendar

Photos of our 2013 Reunion

2014 Adoption Calendar

Photos of our Rescued Dogs, their New Families, and our Volunteers


TDL Published Works:

Bart Revisted


Deaf Dogs Hear with Their Hearts

Penelope (for kids)


Before going to Amazon, visit Fundico to Help raise money for TDL’s Veterinary Care Fund

See huge deals on Yankee Candles through TDL

See our Wish List on Amazon.

Check out Bark Box as a great gift idea!

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