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We are proud to announce that we can rescue, rehabilitate, and re-home from Georgia, in Georgia!  Thank you for all of your hard work, dedication and professionalism!

I have been pulling dogs from kill shelters in Georgia for over two years now.  Getting them transported to Florida has always been in a challenge.  Lately, we’ve been contacted by Georgia residents interested in Adopting our dogs!  Because of the hard work and professionalism of our Georgia volunteers, we can now offer the same level of rescue in the State of Georgia.

TDL of Florida has been working in tandem with our Georgia representatives, and their effort is obvious when you count the number of dogs that have been saved and found wonderful homes.  Please join us in celebrating this awesome collaboration of effort!

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  1. Looking for larger breed border collie mix ready to adopt asap. I am in NH do you transport? I have an adopted adult dog Willy hes border collie mix 89lbs.

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