Lamb Chop~Adopted

shelter photo

shelter photo

This little girl is about 9 weeks old, and is believed to be a Great Pyrenees, however, her paws beg to differ.  She was found in a ditch by the side of the road, rescued by a good Samaritan, and brought to Hale County Humane Society in Alabama.  She was transported via Pilots N Paws to us on Saturday where Sarah White and our new volunteer transporter Jarrett scooped her up!

Visit Facebook to view tons of photos of her in her own photo album!

with Sarah White

with Sarah White

She appears to be very healthy, eating well, and being de-wormed.  For adoption information, please visit our Adoption Process.

02/19/14 Update: Lamb Chop stops traffic!  I took her to the vet today and everyone held her.  Dr. Oliver checked her heart, all good!  She is about 8-9 weeks of age, and I heard from many regarding her breed.  The list of guesses includes Poodle/Golden Retriever, Aussie/Great Pyrenees, Poodle/Aussie and many others!  Regardless of her breed, one thing is for sure, she is stinking cute!

Not all fluff, this girl has got brains!

Not all fluff, this girl has got brains!

But that’s not all.  She is doing very well in her crate, only crying for a few minutes, and she sleeps through the night without a peep… but by 6:30 AM, she’s ready to rumble!  She is awesome with the pack, and desperately wants to play with the other dogs.  She is also (get this) leash trained!  Yup, you heard me – she is one of the only puppies I’ve ever fostered that is ready to walk on the leash like a good girl!  She is going to make someone very happy!



02/20/14 Update:  Lamb Chop was adopted by Dean today.  Dean is a former adopter of TDL.  She will have two awesome dogs to play with, and she’ll need them to help her burn some of that puppy energy!  She will return to us after 2 months to be spayed.

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