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The Dog Liberator rescues abandoned dogs throughout the Southeast. Based in Central Florida, this non-profit organization fosters all of their dogs in a home environment. Founded in 2009, all dogs are fully vetted, spayed or neutered prior to adoption. The Dog Liberator focuses in rescuing the herding breed, which consists of Border Collies, Shepherds, Sheepdogs, Aussies, Collies, and Deaf/Blind Dogs.

Irwin, the Adventurer ~ Adopted

Irwin, the Adventurer ~ Adopted


Irwin the Adventurer

Two white Aussies were posted on Craig’s list on June 6th, and I received a Facebook email from one of the Vet Techs at Val-u-Vet Deltona.  Why?  They were both posted as deaf.  A local breeder had no use for the dogs, and Carisa Cardosa who works for Lake Mary Veterinary Clinic took them in.  She posted them on Craig’s list, but one by one, as people responded with interest on the two dogs, lost their interest quickly when the possibility of the brothers being deaf and partially blind was explained.

Carisa & Irwin

I left a message with Carisa, and told her that I would take them.

I called the Wilson family immediately, and asked them if they would foster the brothers for me, and their answer was a very exuberant YES!

In November of 2009, the Wilsons adopted Nitro from me, and just last month, they drove to Panama City, and adopted little Fiona, a deaf/blind pup from our Terry Watts.

Irwin, at the Wilson Ranch

Ironically, Fiona was also listed on Craig’s list by a breeder.  To date, the Wilsons can not believe how intelligent Fiona is, her focus is incredible, and she is easy to train.  Bill says, “I’ve never had a dog this smart in my entire life.”  Of course, I snicker every time he says it, because all I have to do is look over at my China, the most obedient dog I’ve ever personally known!

We believe that little Irwin is possibly 4 months.  Irwin and Fiona are about the same age, and when they play, Bill tells me they look like a little white tornado!

After both brothers, whom I named Dundee and Irwin arrived at the Wilson home, I was informed that Bill and Joyce Spence, Jennifer Wilson’s parents were adopting Dundee, who they have renamed Chance.

Irwin, however, is available for adoption, but while at the Wilson ranch, Irwin is learning all of the proper puppy socialization skills, and basic house training.  We believe that Irwin does not have use of his left eye, but his right eye is fine, and he has what we call selective hearing!  The Wilsons are having a blast being his foster family!  Their photo album can be viewed on Facebook!

Note:  If you follow us on Facebook, you know how many times we debate the use of Craig’s list.  This is one example of when the website was used properly.  Posted by a savvy vet-tech, Carisa did not play any games!  She had both dogs fully vetted and neutered, and although she received many calls from people who simply wanted “a free dog”, those were not her intentions.  Carisa did a fantastic job and presenting the dogs in a professional manner, with her primary goal being that they would find great homes in spite of their disability.  In my home, being a deaf dog is NOT a disability!


The tears are flowing at the Wilson ranch! Little Irwin has been adopted!

Irwin is now Socrates, and he’s going to Spruce Creek Fly Inn in Port Orange… The Wilsons say it’s a Slumdog Millionaire story for this little deaf/blind pup! Welcome Jennifer Moore to The Dog Liberator! I want to thank the Wilson family to taking this little pup in, and thank Nitro and Fiona for showing him the ropes!


07/10/11 Update: Little Irwin was returned to the Wilsons, after less than a week having a young pup was too much for Jennifer, his adopter, to handle.  After spending up to 16 hours in a crate, little Irwin had so much energy to burn, which made training impossible.  We all know the best time to train a pup is after they have had plenty of exercise and they are relaxed and calm.  Upon arriving at the Wilson Ranch, however, little Fiona taught Irwin how to scratch at the door to do his business.  At this point, the Wilsons are going to decide if they are going to keep little Irwin, saying goodbye once was hard enough.

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