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The Dog Liberator rescues abandoned dogs throughout the Southeast. Based in Central Florida, this non-profit organization fosters all of their dogs in a home environment. Founded in 2009, all dogs are fully vetted, spayed or neutered prior to adoption. The Dog Liberator focuses in rescuing the herding breed, which consists of Border Collies, Shepherds, Sheepdogs, Aussies, Collies, and Deaf/Blind Dogs.

Jordan’s Prize Panda

Jordan’s Prize Panda
I want to Please!

While you can not see his wounds, like you can on Bullet, you can see his emotional scars very clearly.

This little Aussie boy born on 10/27/05 is an AKC registered purebred.  He was surrendered by a hobby breeder after a friend tried to help an overwhelmed dog-owner.  Jordan has not been properly socialized because he has lived his entire life in an outdoor kennel run.  He was covered in fleas, and has some hair loss because of it.  He is at least 10 pounds underweight, and quite pitiful.

Jordan is at Val-u-Vet right now, under the care of Dr. Kim and the Val-u-Vet team.  He has been heartworm tested, and unfortunately, the result was positive.  It is amazing how many litters this boy has produced, and probably for good money, yet left without heartworm protection.  I wonder if his original breeder cares that he was purchased, breed, and forgotten… all for the love of money.

Not only does he have heartworm, he has intestinal worms as well, which we will treat him for.  Today, we will be evaluating if Jordan is healthy enough to be neutered.  If this can be done, we will also have his teeth cleaned, fully vaccinated, and microchipped.

Jordan didn’t give anyone at the vet’s office a hard time.  Although he is shy at first, he enjoys being petted.  Jordan needs to get healthy again, and then slowly introduced to new environments so that he can increase his self-esteem.  We are very tight for fosters right now, but if it’s a fit, Maria DeRosa has offered to help.

While Jordan was not in a kill shelter, he surely was slowly dieing of starvation, and if left in that environment, he would have died from the untreated heartworms.

There are many lessons to be learned here, and the most important one to me is not only how cautious we must be about hobby breeders, but how quickly someone can find themselves in a hoarding situation.

If you think you might be interested in giving Jordan his forever home, please first review our Dog Tips page then read about our Adoption Process and e-mail

May 29th:

Jordan is now being fostered by Maria in Deltona. You remember her: she fostered Creampuff and adopted Spike the Wonder Dog!  Maria and her family are very experienced dog people and Spike has a unique spirit about him; we think that combination is going to be a key to helping Jordan win back his self-confidence.  One thing that Maria noticed right away is that Jordan’s bowl are a little loose and he has a smell about him.  In my experience, that is a good indication of a food sensitivity.  Given that this poor boy was almost starved to death, it really should be no surprise to us, should it.  Add a little pumpkin to his food, move him to a more organic blend, and I think we’re going to see a difference.

Please read Maria’s comments about Jordan’s progress, but here’s a video for you!


Jordan was adopted today by Kip!

01/03/12:  Maria DeRosa received an email from Kip that Jordan escaped, was struck by a car and tragically killed. Kip has been working on re-socializing the fearful boy, brought Jordan to our reunion and worked with Paul Pipitone on increasing Jordan’s recall. My heart goes out to Maria, her family, and Kip. I know how hard they worked on helping Jordan with his issues. ~gisele


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  1. foster update: After a week of having him stabelized, I agree that he has a food sensitivity/allergy. Yesterday, we changed to a raw food diet called “satin balls”. It took me about an hour to prepair 2 1/2 weeks of dog food for 2 dogs… the cost was $15. Jordan seems to like the “stinky” food best (tuna) so I added a can of tuna in oil to his bowl. He gobbled it all up and asked for more 🙂 This morning, his eyes were clear, sparkling and happy. Breakfast was an even bigger hit then dinner. I’m going to take more pictures and video tonight. Th diet change cause a complete transformation in this little guy! He is starting to open up now and he has wonderful temperment/personality. He is going to make a wonderful addition to someone’s family! Stay tuned for new pictures 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. I am very proud to announce that Jordan is now leash trained and house broken.
    Jordan has finally relaxed and is learning to trust us. I gave him a bath the other night and he did wonderfully 🙂 After his bath, I wrapped him in a towel and he was very content to sit on my daughters lap on the couch while she dried him. I took a video and will upload soon….
    Yesterday, I bought him a brush and my daughters and I took turns brushing him last night. We brushed him for over an hour. He loved it! He stood still and turned and moved so we could get all the hard to reach places. Guess what I found under all of that matted hair? A beautiful shiney coat, new hair growth where he had lost his hair from all the stress and poor diet and I FOUND A BELLY! Thats right – a belly!!! I was so happy to find some “meat on his bones” 🙂 I am going to weigh him this weekend to see just how much weight he has put on but he is looking much healthier. The homemade dog food is working wonders. I have found his favorite to be fish…. he loves tuna and sardines. I usually mix one or the other with about a 1/2 cup of rice. I sneak in the “satin balls” in as treats but he has no preferance for eating them as a meal. Due to the small size of his stomach, I feed him breakfast and dinner but I also offer him a light lunch as well. He almost never finishes his whole bowl of food, so we have been feeding him smaller amounts, more frequantly. He seems to be doing much better on this diet.
    Last night during dinner, we had a very loud thunder storm. I expected that he would have an issue…. he did not. He came out of the crate and laid under the kitchen table with Spike so he would not be alone. He was trembling a bit but not bad and he never barked, etc. He just stayed close to Spike until it was over.
    Socializing is going very well. He has abandoned his crate (about 3-4 days ago) and decided that he doesnt like to be alone. He has been sleeping with Spike in his crate. Since the 1st night he bunked with Spike, he has started playing with him too. I still do not see him interested in balls, toys or frisbees but he loves to run around the back yard and chase/be chased by Spike and/or the kids. I have seen NO herding behavior at all. Jordan learned to run last week and hasnt stopped since. Running makes him very happy. I can tell that he didnt know how to run before because 1- I didnt see him do it for almost 2 weeks and 2 – he does not run like a dog does… he runs like a deer. I think he is still trying to figure out those new legs 🙂
    Tomorrow night, Jordan is going to visit Spike’s favorite place – the ball field. We are also going to take them to the doggie park this weekend – stay tuned for pictures 🙂

  3. Jordan is 21 pounds today 🙂 He has gained 4 pounds since I picked him up. He has a beautiful, shiny thick coat and there are no more bald spots. He has learned to play, run, love and trust. He now runs the back yard with a smile on his face and his head heald high. He is fully house broken and leash trained and he is ready to start obediance training.
    He is ready for his human to come for him 🙂

  4. Dinner was over…play time begins. We went outside for our usual hour of ruff and tumble, tag Im it and bark at the moon. Jordan was in an exceptional mood tonight… he was running with Spike and he stopped and looked back at me with a big doggie grin. I smiled back and he ran over and stole a kiss….he is so sweet. I pet his head and told him he was a good boy. We came inside and I was giving out treats… beef basted bones (the only kind Jordan will eat). When I turned to give Jordan his, he was standing behind me with a toy in his mouth – tail wagging. First time ever =) Having a dog like Jordan around sure does make you stop and smell the roses. Its amazing what we take for granted…the little things that seem so unimportant. Like playing. He will be here a month on Sunday and has made amazing progress. Soon, he may actually know what to do with that toy.

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