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The Dog Liberator rescues abandoned dogs throughout the Southeast. Based in Central Florida, this non-profit organization fosters all of their dogs in a home environment. Founded in 2009, all dogs are fully vetted, spayed or neutered prior to adoption. The Dog Liberator focuses in rescuing the herding breed, which consists of Border Collies, Shepherds, Sheepdogs, Aussies, Collies, and Deaf/Blind Dogs.

Emaciated Jackson Browne is Transported to The Dog Liberator and Finds His Forever Home

Emaciated Jackson Browne is Transported to The Dog Liberator and Finds His Forever Home

Update 07/07/10: I was informed by Becky Harshman that Jackson Browne’s rescuer, Ashley Robbins brother, Brandon, was tragically killed in an accident the evening of July 2nd. Everyone in the rescue community, especially those in Alabama that have worked with Ashley are deeply saddened by this. Ashley’s brother leaves behind a 9 year-old son. I contacted Evelyn, Jackson Browne’s new owner, and informed her of the news. Our thoughts and prayers are with Ashley and her family.

Here’s a recent photo of Jackson with his new family.

It was in the afternoon of July 2nd, that Ashley Robbins posted a youtube video of when she and her brother went back to where Jackson was found. The video is posted below.

07/02/10: An update on Jackson’s original rescue was sent to me by Ashley today, 07/02/10, here’s the video she posted:


I received this email on 10/08/09: “This pitiful boy was found yesterday by a landscaping crew. They were cleaning the property around an abandoned home in Ensley. He was attached to a 2 ft. chain, covered in poop because he had no where to potty, coated in flies / fleas & and left to starve to death. HAVE PEOPLE GONE MAD ?? The gentleman who found him cannot take him. Bottom line, he has no where to go. Obviously, he’s emaciated, and he’s heartworm positive. He’s a young boy. Maybe 2 yrs. Looks like a Pointer or Brittany Spaniel Mix. Jackson urgently needs our help in 2 ways. FIRST, he needs a foster or forever home. Is anyone in a position to take this precious boy in ? I will do everything in my power to find him a permanent home. PLEASE CONTACT ME at”

I have offered to take in Jackson, and his group of volunteers, although they received other offers, have chosen The Dog Liberator to take care of his medical needs, foster him, and find him a good home. Donations have poured in from all over the U.S. and Canada to cover his heartworm treatments. I will be documenting his progress on our blog and our Facebook Fan page. Update 10/21/09: Jackson has settled in nicely at the Border Collie Boot Camp. He spent the first 2 days vomiting, but all of that is behind him now. A home made diet of chicken and rice helped him along. Plans are being made to get him into Dr. Susan Wayne, of Murphy’s Vet. Clinic in Sanford to be evaluated. We will define his plan of care at that time. Jackson’s spirit is not broken, he enjoys playing with other dogs, loves the kids, and loves people in general. It’s quite amazing to see to be honest, after he was so neglected – how could he continue to trust humans? I wanted to give him a few days to recover from his transport, and make himself comfortable here before we start trips to the vet. He has a special place in my bedroom that is where Jackie and I have setup a make shift triage. He will have his own supersized crate and a Kuranda bed to call his own while he recovers. Special thanks to everyone who “rescued” Jackson, especially Ashley Robbins and her brother, who actually found him. It must have been a sight to uncover the dog while mowing grass. I can’t imagine it. My neighbor Linda came over to visit the pups, and once I left Jackson out, she fell to her knees in tears, and screamed, “who did this to you?” Let’s hope for the best with regard to his recovery, and know that whatever can be done to help him, will be done. ~Gisele

Update 10/23/09: Doctor Susan Wayne of Murphy Vet. Clinic in Sanford meets Jackson for the first time. As you can see from her expression, she was stunned. “Who did this to you?” She asked Jackson. Jackson jumped on her for a pet, wagged his tail, and I answered on his behalf, “He’s already forgotten!” The first thing Doc Wayne wanted to do is give Jackson a much needed bath and flea treatment. Then, she completely vaccinated him, did a fecal test, and confirmed the saturation level of his heartworms. Jackson will visit Doc Wayne again on Monday, October 26th, to start the least evasive heartworm treatment and he will stay overnight and be monitored. More news to follow.

Update November 19th: Emaciated Jackson Browne has made a miraculous change since October 8th. We are currently looking for a foster, with the intent to adopt for Jackson Browne. He prefers to be outdoors, he never digs or jumps the fence, he’s just perfectly content to be outdoors, sometimes on a lawn chair, under a shadey tree. I guess fresh air does this boy good! Before night time, he goes into his crate, without any issues, and enjoys a quiet evening. But come sunup, he’ll let you know that outside is where he wants to be!

Jackson will be weighed next week and we will discuss his heartworm treatment at that time. His future foster will receive one year’s supply of heartguard, and two prepaid checkups with Doc. Susan Wayne of Murphy’s Vet Clinic in Sanford. We will also provide Jackson with a crate, and a dog house if his new owners need them. Jackson loves to play with other dogs, but during his heartworm treatment, he needs to be kept alone, and quiet. When he’s completed his treatments, he will be neutered.

Update 12/15/09: Jackson Browne was brought to his new foster today, after his treatments and neuter, they will adopt him. After discussing the experience and dedication of the Collier family, it was clear that we had a perfect match. Evelyn will be writing her story for us, and promised to keep us updated as to Jackson’s progress. It was an honor to foster and care for him.

6 thoughts on “Emaciated Jackson Browne is Transported to The Dog Liberator and Finds His Forever Home

  1. He looks so so so amazing! Such a drastic difference. I can't believe how resilient this dude is. After all that he's been through, he is still trusting of humans and absolutely loves life and the outdoors. Do you think he would make a good hiking partner?

  2. Well, to begin off with, I was NOT looking for another dog. My fiancee happened to be on adopt a pet looking for a large dog. He asked me to come over and see some of the dogs. While I was looking, I wasn't really paying attention and I was just clicking on the photos of dogs that I found interesting. When I happened on Jackson, we read his information, and I began to cry. The first thing I thought was, how can someone do this to an animal??? When I saw that he was still looking for his forever home, I asked my fiancee if I could email Giselle and find out if they were still looking for his forever home and what I needed to do. He said yes and it began from there. I corresponded A WHOLE LOT with Giselle through emails. I told her a lot about myself and my family. And in this email I am going to do the same. We are a house of 4 people, myself, my fiancee and my 2 boys. Brett who is 2 and Caleb who is 7. I also have 1 dog, 1 cat and 1 snake. My dog is Patch, an american bulldog mix, my cat is Shadow, and my snake named snake by my 7 yr old who is a ball python. We have a nice back yard for my dog to play in with a 20×30 dog house with a porch. And now Jackson gets to join in on the backyard and the dog house!!!

    I have saved a dog before, her name was Patience and she was a full blooded Pit bull, and she was being starved to death and left in a small cage. She was WAY too big for the cage and since she was her paws were turning in to accomodate to the small space. When we got her, she was pitiful looking!! But after a few months of care and food, she turned out to be a gorgeous dog. Unfortunately, we had to give her to a family with a few acres of land because she kept getting out of my fence and roaming my neighborhood.

    I also had a rat terrier before as well. He was a wiry little thing and he ended up passing away after 6 yrs of having him and I have his ashes in my closet. He was trained to pull my son out of the pond if he went in too far! He was an amazing dog!!! He is missed tremendously!!

    Well, I am not sure of what else to say! The only thing that I can say now is that we will treat Jackson like a member of our family and he will be just as pampered as the rest of the animals. They have their own couch inside and 2 boys that want to run as much as him. We want to help him to overcome the heartworms and live a happy healthy life. We are hoping that he can forget the past and work on the future with us. Thank you so much Dog liberator for helping us to make our home Jackson's forever home. We will keep you posted with pictures and video of Jackson's progress. Thank you again!!!

    God bless,
    Evelyn and Chuck!

  3. I just wanted to send you some pictures of Jackson and where he is living. We just went out this morning and bought him a bag full of toys for the inside and outside. He has plenty of toys and we will be going out and getting him some more. My other dog does not chew on the stuffed dog toys, so I had none for him to play with!!! It seems as though he is acclimating to my home VERY well. He has learned how to lay down already…although he is so excited right now that it is hard to get him to actually do it!!! But some patience and time will bring that around!!! We are so excited to have Jackson in our home. And I hope that you guys are too. Just like agreed, I will keep you updated on his progress and will send pictures and video EVERY chance that I get!!!

  4. Hello,
    I wanted to give you an update about Jackson, he is doing excellent! He has learned to lay down and is as eager to please as you described him. He LOVES the kids and him and my dog are getting along great!!! We left him in the house just yesterday when it was storming very badly, and he did EXCELLENT. He didn't chew on one thing and he stayed in his area that I designated for him. I just wanted to tell you again, thank you for allowing us to take Jackson. He is a sweet dog with such a great personality. And all the hyperness has really settled down since the first night we took him home. He is getting used to our routine!!! Again, thank you and I will send new pics soon!

    God bless,
    Evelyn Johnson

  5. The day we brought Jackson home he got sick in his crate when we were only like 20 minutes from home!!! We pulled over and cleaned everything out and traveled home. The first two days, Jackson was a ball of energy and it seemed like almost nothing would calm him down. He peed in the house, over and over again…and tried to chew on the kids toys and was all over ALL of us!!! The VERY next day, my youngest son and I went to my job and bought Jackson twenty dollars worth of toys, balls and treats. It ended up being a lot because I get a discount at work!! Needless to say, I have sewn a toy turtle up like twice already and he likes the balls, but I can't get him to bring them back to us!!! Atleast not yet! He no longer chews on the kids toys now that he has his own. And no more pee peeing in the house!!! Jackson has totally turned into a different dog than what I brought home the first two days!!

    He used to try to eat all the dog food set out and now takes his time! I think he has realized that the food is kind of an endless supply! He LOVES the dog house in the back yard, you can usually find him on the back porch to the house, in a big hole my older dog has already dug in the back yard or on the front porch of their dog house. And usually it is the ladder! He has calmed down tremendously as well! He comes in the house, finds a toy or treat or bone and lays on the couch just a chewing away! My older dog and him play outside the majority of the day as well.

    My older son loves to go outside with Jackson! My bigger dog will not run after the boys and nip at their heels because he was trained not to be aggressive to the boys. But Jackson will run after my oldest and nip at his heels and my oldest loves it! They run in the back yard tackling each other and wearing each other out! It is a lot of fun to watch!!

    Eventually when the weather gets better we are going to take Jackson and Patch out to this BIG park by us and let them run and swm in the ponds! We plan on teaching Jackson to run while not on a leash and take verbal commands to come back to us! My bigger dog does it, so I think we can train Jackson as well. He has already learned to sit and lay down. He is such a great dog to have. He is eager to please and seems happy!

    We are so happy to have Jackson and to be a part of his happy ending! When we first saw Jackson's story, we were heartbroken and sad. But after meeting Jackson, you can see that he has made it through and is willing to give people another chance! And we thank God that it was us! We may not have all day to spend with Jackson because we work, but we will give him more love than he has ever had and we plan on spending as much time with him as possible. The kids LOVE Jackson just as much as he loves them! And we are all so happy. We wanted to thank the DOG LIBERATOR Giselle and all of those people that came to a small dogs rescue in his time of need. It is people like you that give animals a second chance at life and their pursuit of happiness.

    We plan on sending more blurbs soon and pictures. As time allows! Thank you again and God bless!

    From all of us!
    Evelyn, Chuck, Brett, Caleb, Patch, Shadow, Jackson and Snake

  6. I am a Big fan of Jackson. I followed every story told about his progress from the day he was rescued. I cried a lot feeling very sorry for him. I cursed the people that did this to him.
    They deserved to be shot repeatedly.
    Please post more pictures of him and give my hugs and kisses to him. Maybe in the near future, I would like to see him iN person and I will tag along my two Shit Tzus, Chia and Lucy.
    God Bless,

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