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The Dog Liberator rescues abandoned dogs throughout the Southeast. Based in Central Florida, this non-profit organization fosters all of their dogs in a home environment. Founded in 2009, all dogs are fully vetted, spayed or neutered prior to adoption. The Dog Liberator focuses in rescuing the herding breed, which consists of Border Collies, Shepherds, Sheepdogs, Aussies, Collies, and Deaf/Blind Dogs.

Judge Baloo, the Gentle Giant ~ RIP

Judge Baloo, the Gentle Giant ~ RIP

01/24/13:  Judge Baloo aka Sammy, passed away today at 4:00 to congestive heart failure due to complications from Addison’s disease. All of us from The Dog Liberator grieve for his family’s loss. Sammy was only two years-old. He will never be forgotten.  This video was created for Ella and Ava.  May their future be filled with many memories of wonderful dogs.





Note:  The song used in Sammy’s video was by George Skaroulis, Vicki Truelove gave me his autographed CD.  It’s amazing music, and available on Amazon and other online stores.  Extra special thanks to Vicki Truelove, Dawn Chapelle, and Anita Barber for helping us rescue this gentle soul.

History: Judge Baloo’s story is different than others. I rescued him at the request of the shelter rescue coordinator, they loved him that much. While he had not had much luck in life, this night his luck would change.

It seems that there was a gentleman living in an area that had a lot of dogs, and did not like dogs. So he was repeatedly calling animal control on a different dog everytime, making up stories to get them removed. The animal control officers had figured out that he was doing this as some of the stories were ridiculous and it was becoming a nuisance.
The wonderful animal control officer, who was also the rescue coordinator, was on duty when another call came in. She arrived in the area and looked around at all the dogs. They weren’t living very good lives and some were tied up. She decided that enough was enough. Baloo caught her eye admist all the mess. She said she saw this beautiful gentle giant coming up to say hello. He looked so out of place here. It wasn’t a farm but a trailer park. He seemed unphased by it all but looked at her as if to say, “Excuse me miss, I really don’t think I belong here, can you help me?” 

The officer knocked on the door of the trailer and someone came to the door.  “Is this your dog?” she asked. “Well, not really, but we have been feeding it.” “He wandered up about 6 months ago and we keep him tied up mostly and feed him.”  “Do you want to keep him?” she asked. “Because I think I can find him a good home.” “Nah, you can have him” So she gently put the leash around his neck and led him to the truck. He didn’t look back.

 Being the holidays adoptions had been slow and intake heavy.  His time began to run out…
The officer had watched as he politely did whatever was asked of him. Once a week a group of special needs kids comes to the shelter to help out with walking the dogs.  They all wanted Baloo. He loved the kids and didn’t mind when they pulled his tail or his ears. They would find the kids sitting with him, laying on him like he was a futon. They started to call him Judge because he seemed to oversee the situation and his eyes seem to look straight through to your soul.
I was on facebook and saw postings pleading for him. The postings were desperate and heartfelt by those that had met him. I’d rescued Little Jack Black from this shelter at the same officers recommendation. I posted that i wanted him. The officer posted back that she had scooped him up and sent him off to the vet the minute she saw my post. She knew I was good for my word and she was desperate to save him. She was overjoyed to get him out!

I sent a text to Dawn, who was already fostering Cindi Loo Hoo, it said ” Would you foster a 100lb couch potato and I sent his shelter picture. She immediately responded with “Yes, Yes, Yes!” She went to meet the animal control officer,(yes, she transports too!) By the time she got home with him she already loved him.  I’ve received several emails from her trying to talk herself out of wanting this boy. She says he’s the best foster she has ever had, and she’s had some good ones!

Even though he had been tied in a yard he still makes no potty mistakes in the house. He is one special boy. Baloo is between one and two years old, neutered, and calm and sweet.
If you are interested in adopting Judge Baloo please contact me at Check out his photo album on facebook.

Update Dec. 30, 2011: Judge Baloo found his family today! He was adopted with a unanimous vote by the Watt family. They had lost one of their beloved dogs a little while ago and had a hole left where she was. Their dog Lola seemed to be missing her companion terribly. So they all came to meet Judge Baloo today in Dahlongega, Ga! and what fun it was! Baloo is such a balanced dog that we feel he will fill the hole in the family and bring it back to balanced again. He loved his two new little girls and Lola. The best part is Jan is our Angel Anita Barber’s sister!!! So Anita was here too! It was a good day! Davidson, N.C. Welcome your new Dog Liberator!!!! wooo-hooo!


Judge was later renamed to Sammy!

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