Izzy Hale ~ The Gorgeous GSD

Say hello to Izzy! She came to us from Alabama via Pilots and Paws yesterday. 4 year old Izzy is a big girl, 75 pounds! She’s good with cats, other dogs, and kids, and would make an excellent service dog. We anticipate a lot of interest in this beautiful dog, so if you’d like to […]

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Jake from State Farm! ~ Adopted!

Say hello to Jake from State Farm (we’re calling his that, because it looks like he’s wearing a pair of khaki pants!). Jake’s a lovely 17 month old purebred Aussie who weighs in at around 30 pounds. This wonderful boy is very friendly and well-behaved. He’s fully trained, sits on a dime, loves to play […]

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Harrison – the Hamilton Beagle!

Meet Harrison! He’s a 3 year old, 30lb, male Hamilton Beagle. He’s a wonderful young boy: Great with dogs, cats, and kids, and great manners, too. A perfect family dog! If you’d like to be considered for Harrison, please go here for everything you’ll need to know about adopting from us.   Also, check out […]

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Dr. House – The stunning Border Collie Boy! ~ Adopted!

Say hello to House! He’s an absolutely beautiful 2 year old dog with a unique front leg. Although it is a bit crooked, he gets around just fine and is not in any pain. He just arrived at Newman Vet, so once the doctors have a chance to examine him, we’ll know more about what’s […]

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Canine Connect: Scout ~ Adopted!

 Scout is a very sweet and gentle little 8 year old girl who needs to be rehomed. The dogs she’s currently living with are much larger than she is, and they are picking on her a lot. Because she’s such a sweetie, she won’t fight back. Ideally, she would be best as either an only […]

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Muggs – the young & handsome Shollie boy! ~ Adopted

Muggs came to us from Alabama. He’s a 10 month old GSD/Collie mix, a “Shollie”! He’s incredible sweet and friendly, the best of both breeds! Muggs weighs about 32 lbs right now but he will continue to grow a bit more and will put on some weight as he is a bit underweight right now. […]

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Jolene ~ Adopted!

 Jolene was a last minute addition on transport yesterday, and we’re so very excited to have her! She’s a lovely little girl, around 1 1/2 years old and weighing in at only 15 pounds. We’re not sure what breeds Jolene is. Our best guess is that she is a Beagle/Spaniel/Collie mix. Whatever she is, she’s […]

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Lenny – The fluffy little boy! ~ Adopted!

Lenny is being transported to us on the 30th, along with his sister, Libby. We don’t know a whole lot about him yet, but we believe that he’s around 12 weeks old, and that he’s an Aussie/Collie/Spaniel mix. Both he and his sister have intestinal parasites and mange, so they will need quite a bit […]

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Libby – The fluffy little girl! ~ Adopted

Libby is being transported to us on the 30th. We don’t know a whole lot about her yet, but we believe that she’s around 12 weeks old, and that she’s a Shepherd/Collie mix. We do know what she will require quite a bit of vetting, so any donations to our Veterinary Care Fund would be […]

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Luna Belle ~ Adopted!

  Luna Belle is about 6 years old and is an Aussie mix out of Alabama. She joined TDL in April but has been recovering with TDL Volunteer Rachel until she was ready for adoption. Luna comes to us from a hoarding situation. She lived with many other animals, was underweight, and had lost fur […]

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Yoo Hoo – the adorable Dorkie! – Adopted!

Yoo Hoo is a six month old Yorkie, Doxie girl, full of curiosity and love! Yoo Hoo is a little doll and she is making quite an impression on all of us! She is about 5 pounds or less and we don’t expect her to get to be much more than 6-7 lbs. She is […]

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Tickle Me P!nk ~ Foster Failure

Tickle Me P!nk (P!nk for short!) is an 8 month old female Chihuahua schnauzer mix who is a little shy but so hopeful. You can just see it in her eyes, a little timid but deeply desiring to fall head over paws in love with someone who will love her just as much in return. […]

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From the bottom of our heart

We would like to take a moment to say thank you to all those who have been so faithful in supporting us these past few months. Without you we would not be here. As you know, early in the fall Gisele had a heart attack. As a result, it was also discovered that she has […]

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Minuet ~ Adopted!

At the last minute we were sent a picture and asked the question “room for one more?” Look at that face! How could we say no to that fluffy smile? Meet Minuet. She is a 3 month old border collie pup and has seen some tough times. She comes to us a little fragile, needing […]

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Irish Rose Marie ~ Adopted!

Rose Marie has our Irish eyes smiling! She’s a beautiful 3 year old purebred Border Collie who was given up by a breeder because she couldn’t have puppies.  Rose Marie just arrived on March 14th, so we are still getting to know her, and will update as soon as we know more about her. Check […]

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Bloat – When every second counts

Recently yet another dear friend announced the sudden loss of their 4 legged best friend to bloat. Some people know what it is, and know the risk factors, yet others still join the discussion and are forced to ask “What on earth is bloat?” Bloat is a condition where the stomach fills with gas, causing […]

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Pet Portraits to Support Rescue! (A Fun Fundraiser)

Lisa Yttri, who adopted Bama (AKA Billy Ray), has created an awesome opportunity to support our rescue and get a little something for yourself. Check this out! Lisa write in her Facebook Post: I’m starting a fundraiser for the rescue where we got Bama, our once shy and fearful Border Collie. If interested in receiving […]

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Valentine – The beautiful blond! ~ Adopted!

 Valentine is a 2 year old female Collie girl. She is quite the doll and is still learning how to play with other dogs, so while she seems to socialize well, we would love to find her a home where she can be the primary princess!  She would do well as an only dog with […]

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Bran ~ Adopted

18 month old Bran and his sister Arya are coming to us from a shelter in rural Alabama. They were both picked up as strays, and had been at the shelter for almost 3 weeks. We’re so happy that we were able to save them! We are working on transportation, and hope to get them […]

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Arya ~ Adopted!

  18 month old Arya and her brother Bran are coming to us from a shelter in rural Alabama. They were both picked up as strays, and had been at the shelter for almost 3 weeks. We’re so happy that we were able to save them! We are working on transportation, and hope to get […]

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Adelle ~ Adopted!

4 month old Adelle is coming to us from Alabama. We don’t know much about her, other than that she has a lot of personality. She and Maisie are both being transported to FL next week. More details and photos to follow! Check out her Photos on Facebook!         2/9/15 Update: This […]

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This beautiful 6 year old girl was found walking on the roadside in rural Alabama. A good Samaritan stopped to help, and she jumped right into her car. She rode in the backseat with the lady’s grandson and was nothing but friendly and affectionate. While at her home, Maisie has been around children, adults, small […]

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Sunny Boy ~ Adopted!

2/1/15 Update: We are happy to announce that Sunny has found his new home with Dana of south Florida! Congratulations to Sunny and Dana as they begin their new adventure together! We even received an update already! Dana reports that Sunny is already mapping the house well. She writes “I watched him map out the […]

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PTSD Trained German Shepherd ~ Adopted!

Six years old and absolutely amazing. Great family dog. We are searching for the perfect Central Florida home for him. Please Visit our How to Adopt from Us page and Email thedogliberator@gmail.com The word Keep has been used all week at my house, even by me.  This gorgeous boy is truly amazing.  You can see […]

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Mardi Gras On Mainstreet: British Barkers

        Calling all Dog Lovers! We would like to invite you to have some fun with us on January 24th, 2015 in Deland, FL! For the past few years we have been part of  Mardi Gras on Mainstreet, A Deland Dog Parade which is both a parade and festival dedicated to everything dog: Rescue, companies, […]

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Duke ~ Adopted!

1/22/15 Update: We are happy for Duke. He has been very patient in waiting and we believe his patience has paid off. He has been adopted by the Bill  who came to us looking for his new pal. He will be going to Middleburg,  FL where he will get to be a rural boy! Plenty […]

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Tuesday ~ Adopted!

Tuesday comes to us after she found herself in a shelter due to the sudden passing of her owner. She is an 11 month old Female German Shepherd who is currently about 52 lbs.  We imagine she will put on weight quickly as she currently appears skinny.   She appears to get along with other […]

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Biffle 2

The Dog Liberator recieves Greg Biffle Foundation Grant

  Last May we  applied for a 5,000 dollar grant from the Greg Biffle Foundation. For those who haven’t heard about this awesome foundation yet, here is a little background. “Since its creation, The Greg Biffle Foundation has awarded grants to over 500 humane societies and animal shelters from coast to coast. Representing the best […]

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KiKi, the Shorgie ~ Adopted!

  1/25/15 Update: Exciting news for Kiki, She found her family! Pam and Art of Debary, FL fell for this little girl and decided it was time for her to be part of their family. Congratulations to them all!         12/22/14 Update: Unfortunately we received word that due to changes in her […]

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St. Nick ~ Adopted

St. Nick is a 4-6 month old, male, Border collie corgi mix (Borgi). He hails from Alabama but he is a Florida boy now! Nick is currently on the shy side but we don’t expect that to last. He is snugly, cuddly, and generally affectionate. He is in the process of being fully vetted.  Check […]

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Ringo, the Perfect Border Collie ~ Adopted!

Ringo is a 2 year old Male purebred border collie who comes to us from Miami. He is very active and fun. He likes long walks, fetching games, as well as running and would make a great addition to a family as active as he is.   He is also affectionate and loves belly rubs! […]

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Pack Packs by TDL

Pack Packs, the Gift Your Dog Really Wants!

This is the best Fundraising Event Ever!  We’re going to knock your socks off! We have designed custom Pack Packs that can be delivered to your door for your Pooch filled with toys and treats that are TDL-approved!  No subscriptions, just decide when your pooch has done something awesome, and reward them with our toys […]

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