Ross - Likes to play in the dirt!

Ross Geller

Ross is laid back, and happy if he can lay in the dirt! He has very much a collie-like temperament! He is one of 10 of the Friends Puppies. Visit the Friends Puppies Page for more information. You can see more of his photos on Facebook.

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Rachel - Look at that pink nose!

Rachel Green

Isn’t she gorgeous?  She is one of 10 Friends puppies.  You can see more of her photos on Facebook, or visit the Friends Puppies Page!

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Phoebe - princess

Phoebe Buffay

Phoebe does have some visual limitations in her right eye. Her left eye appears normal. We are testing her hearing, but believe she is most likely deaf (not confirmed). She is a doll baby and is being fostered by Jen! You can see more of her photos on Facebook, or visit the Friends Puppies Page […]

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Rachel - Just Stunning

Monica Geller

This little girl is absolutely gorgeous!  She is one of 10 Friends Puppies.  Visit her photo album on Facebook, or Visit the Friends Puppies Page!  Jen says she is a real sweetheart.

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Mike Hannigan - I can't resist this face!

Mike Hannigan

Mike is one of 10 of the Friends Puppies.  He is being fostered by Jen.  He is 9-10 weeks of age, and we do not believe he has any visual problems.  We are currently testing his hearing. Visit his photo album on Facebook.  Or click on the Friends Puppies to see the pack!

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Joey - How YOU Doin'?

Joey Tribianni

How can anyone resist this face?  Joey is one of 10 Friends Puppies.  Details coming soon, but in the meantime, you can visit his photo album on Facebook.

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Jessica, the Slapper!

Jessica Lockhart

I have a hard time telling Jessica apart from Ross, so we’ll be moving photos around once I get it right! Jessica is a little doll, would be awesome for a young family! She is being fostered by Dawn in Volusia County. Jessica was played by Susan Sarandon on Friends!!! You can see more of […]

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Janice - Oh My Gawd, aren't I cute?

Janice Litman

Oh, My, Gawd! Janice is one of 10 Friends Puppies. She is a real cutie! She is being fostered by Jen and she is super smart! Details coming soon! You can see more photos of her on Facebook.

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Richard (adopted) - played by Tom Selleck, this boy has been adopted!

Dr. Richard Burke~Adopted

Played by Tom Selleck, this little boy was immediately adopted by Dawn, who had previously adopted our Amelia!  You can see more of his photos on Facebook!

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Chandler Bing - Can I BE more cute?

Chandler Bing

Male Aussie Puppy – one of 10 Friends Puppies.  More details coming soon.  You can see all of the puppies in their photo album on Facebook, or review his photo album on Facebook.

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Chow Time

The Friends Puppies

Update:  There are 10!!!! These pups are siblings of Juliet and Ralph. We are not going to engage in a discussion about their rescue at this time.  But we can tell you that each pup was hand-carried to Jen’s car by their owner/breeder.  Our focus is to spay/neuter, including their mother to stop future litters […]

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Billy Idol

Billy Idol

Rebel Yell!  This little boy will be transported to us tomorrow from Jacksonville.  We do not believe he is deaf, nor do we believe he has any visual issues.  He’s one lucky boy!  Billy is about 5-6  months of age, he is fully vetted and neutered. He will need a loving family, and basic puppy […]

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Shep (Alfie) and Lady Di at Earth Day 2013

Central Florida Earth Day

We had a wonderful day, and enjoyed being reunited with many of our rescued dogs. Click here to see our Earth Day Photo Album, or Click here to Vote for your Favorite Kissing Booth Photo! History:  We are working hard, putting everything together and getting ready for the big day!  My Friend Irma is creating […]

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Sarah and Sasha the Cocker Spaniel

Ear Problems, Dirt, Wax & Odors?

Written by Andi Brown Keeping your pets’ ears clean and bacteria free is as essential to their good health, as feeding wholesome, natural foods. Pets with long, floppy ears, such as cocker spaniels, beagles, and labrador retrievers are apt to need more attention than their “wolf-like” looking cousins, whose ears stand straight up. Ears that fold over […]

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I'm Your Huckleberry

Before and After

We’d like to take a moment to brag a bit and reflect at our accomplishments. We couldn’t have done this without your help!  You can click on any dog’s photo to read more about their rescue and adoption.        Thank you Sarah White for putting all of these photos together!

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Sinead:  "May I Help You?"


Sinead, now Fly, was adopted and is going to live in Cocoa Beach! This beautiful girl is an owner-surrender from Alabama.  She has a lot of energy, has been well cared for and not abused, and is very affectionate.  More details coming soon.  You can see more of her photos on Facebook. Sinead is a […]

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Gisele with Chaos, Adopted February 2010

A Little Help From My Friends

The Dog Liberator is looking for special people to join our core group of volunteers. Volunteering for any non-profit is not expected to be a forever thing.  You do what you can, when you can, and when life gets in the way and you don’t have the time to help anymore, it’s okay!  We appreciate […]

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Bissell for Pets

Not only can your purchases help Rescues, when you purchase from Bissell, and activate our code, we will have a chance to enter into their $5,000 sweepstakes through their Partners for Pets Program!    Just enter the code ADOPT, and select The Dog Liberator to help us enter the contest!

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precious little girl

Mitzi Mu~Adopted

Mu Mu is a very good girl. She is afraid of strangers for a few minutes, but once she trust you, she warms up quickly. She is also afraid of other dogs at first, but give her a day, and she’ll be fine with the pack! She is good with cats, and enjoys playing with […]

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Yard Crashers Wanted

Yard Crashers Wanted

Phase 4:  We would like to provide extra seating and shade for our future adopters and volunteers.  We will also purchase a baby pool and other fun things for the pups! Phase 3:  We need help fixing and replacing our sprinkler system to maintain the work we have done. Phase 2 Submitted:  This morning, we […]

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Deaf Dogs Hear with Their Hearts

Sunny Boy

Great News! Sunny is being transported from Virginia to Florida thanks to volunteer, Chuck! We can’t wait to meet him! This handsome young man is about 9 months and 40lbs.  Our dream come true would be to find a special adopter around Virginia! He is looking for a forever home and is currently in Virgina […]

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Golden Pup

Owen Wilson

Thank you for your donations, Owen Wilson has arrived and is in TDL Foster Care!  We will confirm  his age, and details shortly, but for now, he is a real love bug! We would like to pull this boy and get him transported to our rescue, but we need help.  If you can be his […]

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our final Farewell to Yogi

Life is Like a Box of Chocolates

Update:  This post was written on April 3rd.  This morning, I received a text from Terri that Matthew McConaughey is getting worse.  What is it with these pups who get kennel cough, improve and then take a nose dive?  Terri is taking Matthew to the vet this morning.   Who knew that giving Journey the […]

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Ginger Doodle

Helping Your Dog Relax

When we first saw Ginger Doodle (now known as Spec) on TDL’s site, we were hooked -  I mean look at those sweet blue eyes! We had been looking to rescue for several years, and found Spec (a Deaf Mini Aussie) to be the perfect fit for us. I work from home, and she has […]

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Chico and Rosie!


Aye Chihuahua!  This little boy arrived last Saturday, and he too was adopted quickly,  by Kristina who works at Newman Veterinary Centers of Deltona!  He is a wonderful little dog!

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Smudge and his new family!


Rescued by Becky and Fostered by Alyssa this little boy was transported last Saturday.  Although we had a few emails of interest for Smudge, after I spent an hour with him, I realized he would need a special home – a home that would focus on training! He would not take treats from my hand, […]

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Alright, alright, alright!

Matthew McConaughey

Update:  Matthew is all better, switching over to Clavamox did the trick! Update:  Matthew had a little cough, was put on antibiotics, and got better… all of a sudden his cough is much worse this morning and Terri is taking him to the vet immediately.  Your healing thoughts, prayers, and donations for his care are […]

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Yogi Bear

Yogi Bear – Rainbow Bridge

04/02/14 Update:  We lost Yogi this morning at 10:37 am.  I will provide details shortly.  He will be greatly missed.  I would like to thank Sarah White for pulling him for us, and Brittney Myers for fostering him. 04/01/14:  It is with great concern that I share Yogi’s current medical condition. All bloodwork and fecal […]

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use code TDLBBX1

Bark Box – April Only

This April only! Support us AND get $5 off when you use our special code: TDLBBX1. Help us raise some serious bones – we get a $15 donation with every order and a chance to win $2k each Wednesday! Get started at Important pupdate! Help us win $2k when you use our BarkBox $5 off […]

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You will never be forgotten

Journey – rest in peace

We are very sad that Journey passed away after fighting pneumonia for over a week. It happened suddenly. Pneumonia is a horrible condition that is sometimes very hard to treat, especially in puppies, and especially when a pup is emaciated. Almost five years ago, I lost a collie pup to Pneumonia, her name was Goldie […]

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Ralph, the Deaf/Blind Puppy

Come Pack!

In less than five years, The Dog Liberator has rescued, rehabilitated, trained and re-homed over two dozen deaf and/or blind dogs. They are simply amazing creatures that are in many ways extremely easy to train…   the concept of “come”, however, has posed many challenges. A vibrating collar, along with reward will help us train […]

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Come On Eileen

Come On Eileen – On Hold

This gorgeous young female comes to us from Becky in Alabama.  She has been groomed, had all of her shots, is heartworm negative, and  has been spayed and micro chipped.  James, an employee of Newman Vets wanted to adopt her so bad, but his landlord would not allow it.  Sad.  Details coming soon! You can […]

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Ready to Play?

McKenna the Border Collie~Adopted

McKenna is a beautiful purebred Border Collie.  She is seven years old, and although it pains her owners to give her up, they are doing so because she has a very strong herding drive, and does not appreciate the commotion of toddlers! She is fully trained, housebroken, spayed, up-to-date on shots, loves to play frisbee, […]

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Toys are NOT optional!

Here’s Johnny~Adopted

This young Aussie is an owner-surrender.  He has never been abused or neglected.  He has had all of his shots, been micro chipped, and neutered.  He is being fostered by Jen, and she reports that he’s all puppy!  He loves toys, especially tennis balls!  He’s friendly, great with other dogs, cats, and kids.  He has […]

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I'm a very good girl!


This wonderful and sweet little girl is being fostered in Crystal River by Laura. She is smart, sweet and eager to please! Kessie is still a little shy around new things but her foster family is working hard to introduce her to new things and help her find courage! Special thanks to Lyn Pierce for […]

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toys are required!

Toby the Beagle

Clearly not a Border Collie, this young boy was purchased from PetLand for a hefty price, and had a bit too much energy for his family.  He is good with dogs, kids, cats, and loves toys! You can see his photos on Facebook!

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Stephan, a very happy boy!


Stephan is being transported to us today from Athens, Alabama.  He’s got a lot of hair, but he’s really just a little guy, weighing only 20 something pounds!  What a cutie! You’ll be able to see more photos of him on Facebook very soon! Update:  Stephan was adopted and has his own awesome family to […]

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