PTSD Trained German Shepherd

Six years old and absolutely amazing. Great family dog. We are searching for the perfect Central Florida home for him. Please Visit and Email The word Keep has been used all week at my house, even by me.  This gorgeous boy is truly amazing.  You can see more photos of him on Facebook. […]

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what a gem!

Titus, Achtung Baby!

Wow!  Titus is a five month old German Shepherd Dog.  He is currently at the vet being evaluated, and is very underweight.  Chicken stew and de-worming will take care of that quick!  Everyone loves him!  We will be uploading new photos of him on Facebook shortly. In the right environment, a good trainer could take […]

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The runt of the litter, we believe this male is a golden or collie.  He and his 3 siblings come from Chilton County, Alabama.  New photos of  him will be uploaded shortly in her Facebook Photo Album. In the right environment, a good trainer could take a dog like this and within just a few short weeks […]

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Here I am, with my big brother Wishbone... I'm a little shy!


Gorgeous little female that we believe is a golden or collie.  She and her 3 siblings come from Chilton County, Alabama.  New photos of her will be uploaded shortly in her Facebook Photo Album. In the right environment, a good trainer could take a dog like this and within just a few short weeks transform it into […]

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"I am the sexiest pup alive!" - Wishbone


Little boy pup from Chilton County, Alabama.  He is one of four puppies that appear to be collie or golden retriever.  We just aren’t sure because they are so young!  New photos of Wishbone will be uploaded in his photo album on Facebook shortly!

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Tiny little boy from Chilton County, Alabama.  He is one of four puppies that appear to be collie or golden retriever, and chocolate lab.  We just aren’t sure because they are so young!  New photos of Hambone will be uploaded in his photo album on Facebook shortly!

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I don't want to spend the rest of my life hiding!  ~ Pilgrim


This four month old red Aussie boy is very shy and unsure of himself.  He would benefit from basic puppy training classes so he can learn some tricks and be proud of himself!  There’s nothing like a “Good Boy” that fixes a pup’s self-esteem! You can see many photos of him on Facebook!

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Snape (Reggie) is a doll!

Snape aka Reggie, the Cavalon!

Update:  Snape is all about his people!  He loves to run and play ball.  He is great with kids, and incredibly smart.  Snape is just as playful as he is loving.  He would like to be a part-time lap dog, and a part-time cannon ball!  Woo Hoo!  If you adopt Snape, you’ll get two dogs […]

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Daily walks is all he wants!


Duke is the perfect dog for someone who doesn’t have the patience for a puppy, wants a Border Collie, but not the crazy prey drive and hyper attitude of a Border Collie! 10/10/14 Update: Duke is now in Central Florida with us, and his transformation is just amazing! I personally drove to Georgia last weekend […]

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Ringo, the Perfect Border Collie

Ringo is a 2 year old Male purebred border collie who comes to us from Miami. He is very active and fun. He likes long walks, fetching games, as well as running and would make a great addition to a family as active as he is.   He is also affectionate and loves belly rubs! […]

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BuBi, Trained Alert Dog For Deaf Persons

BuBi – Trained Alert Dog For Deaf Persons

BuBi’s Mom met me yesterday at the vet, and surrendered her canine companion to our rescue yesterday, there wasn’t a dry eye in the room.  BuBi’s mom, lost her husband suddenly to a heart condition, and found herself forced to move to California, where she couldn’t take her service dog with her. What I witnessed […]

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Lady Truelove and Tim Tebow, Canine Good Citizen Dogs

Veterans Needing PTSD Dogs

Yesterday, we were asked to rescue a trained service dog. While the owner has not yet decided whether or not she will surrender him to our rescue, just the fact that he exists created quite an impact on us. After interviewing several people, we learned that Veterans who suffer from PTSD are on waiting lists […]

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#UNSelfie on Giving Tuesday

                  You don’t have to register with other websites if you donate to our rescue and are more comfortable using paypal, please do! Paypal is always our preferred method of receiving donations because it guarantees a higher level of safety for our clients.   Start your own fundraising campaign […]

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Sipsey now Cyrus


Found at a camping site near the Sipsey river, this 2 year old Aussie boy is deaf blind.  He was adopted today by a former TDL adopter!  You can see more of his photos on Facebook!

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Playtime is my middle name!  ~ Luna Lovegood

Luna Lovegood

Little Luna Lovegood  is an 10-12 week old female collie mix puppy who comes to us from Alabama. We’re not sure how she wasn’t adopted in a heartbeat, but we are happy to have this little stinker! Luna is all puppy! She is playful, energetic, ready to go and play play play! She is also […]

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From Table to Tree: Toxic Tidbits to Avoid this Holiday Season

As you know, the seasons are changing and the holidays are approaching fast. During this time we clean and decorate the house, spend hours in the kitchen cooking special meals, and let’s not forget spending as much time with our loved ones including our pets! But in a blink of an eye, accidents happen. Your […]

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Hedwig is a 9 month old  male Aussie with quite a past. He comes to us from  Alabama but thanks to transport he is now in Deltona, FL. Hedwig’s story begins with a breeder. He was one of 5 puppies which the breeder brought to the vet when it became apparent they were sick. When […]

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Viktor Krum~Adopted

  Viktor is a 6 month old male Long hair chihuahua. He reminds us of one of the faces of TDL, Rosie, and he is stinking cute! He comes to us from Alabama, where the shelter had nothing but good things to say about him (you’ll shortly notice a trend)! The shelter stated: “He sits […]

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The TDL 10 Ways to Have a Safe and Happy Halloween

As we prepare for all of the festivities of Halloween, there are a few things you can do to ensure that every member of the family is safe and happy, and has a great holiday. Here are our top tips for how to ensure your pet’s Halloween is a treat! 1. Identification We can’t say […]

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Yes, you are coming home with me!


We were going to name him Remis Lupin, keeping with our Harry Potter theme, but he was adopted yesterday!  Lancelot is a border collie pup we picked up from Camden County with Ginny!  He is FULL of energy, and he will be a lot of fun! Lancelot was adopted by Carsen of Lady Lake, Florida. […]

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the Perfect Dog!


7 1/2 year old, 65 pound border collie boy needs a home! Good with kids, cats, dogs, lions, tigers and bears, oh my! Fully trained, neutered, and fully vetted. Just add water and stir! You can see more photos of him on Facebook.

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August 9th, Sarah and I

The Perfect Storm – I’m having a Heart Attack?

On October 14, 2014, one week ago today, I found myself in the emergency room.  A friend, Alissa, insisted that I go with the assurance that she would take care of my kids, the house and the dogs!  She dropped my son and I off and then headed to my daughter’s school.  The emergency room […]

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Meet The Dog Liberator at the Central Florida Vegan Fest 2014

Visit our Photo Album on Facebook! What an amazing Day! Dawn not only did all of the baking, but she brought her own go-to guys, Adam and Nate who helped us out quite a bit! Thank you Adam & Nate! Dawn Sweeney went above and beyond the call of duty baking her home made vegan […]

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May the Force be With You!

2014 Halloween Costume Contest

VOTE NOW! Click Here to view our Photo Album! Enter to Win in Our Fourth Annual Halloween Costume Contest! Let the games begin! For one $10 donation per photo, you have a chance of winning a stunning TDL Mega Pack Pack valued at over $65.00, and we’ll even ship it to the lucky winner! Send […]

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  Ginny is about a year and a half old border collie mix. We are not entirely sure what she is mixed with but this girl is a sweet stunner who won Gisele’s heart on a recent trip to Kingsland, GA. Since then she has traveled to Deltona, FL and is available for adoption. Click […]

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Cuddles with his toy


Wow, this guy is stunning.  Animal Control doesn’t understand why such a gorgeous dog was not re-claimed.  He was not matted, or dirty, and his nails had been recently manicured… and once I met him, I couldn’t figure it out either. At first we were convinced that Niall is both deaf and blind, but I […]

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Rebecca the Border Collie ~ Adopted

This gorgeous girl was quickly adopted by Gary Henderson of the Villages.  Gary has been waiting for that perfect Border Collie to call his own!  You can see more of her photos on Facebook.

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Buttons Sparkles – Adoptable Cavalier King Charles Spaniel~Adopted

We have every reason to believe that this little boy was abused somehow when he was young. He may have been picked up and dropped, thrown, or at the least, cornered and scolded. If handled correctly, Buttons is the perfect dog! History: for being such a small little man, this dog has a million nicknames […]

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Sarah and Shasta


Shasta is insecure and will bond quickly with her owners, however, she will be fearful of strangers.  She needs a pack leader that will assure her through correction/reward not to be afraid.  Many times, humans will stroke a dog that is afraid, this sends the dog the wrong message.  Shasta needs consistency and patience.  The […]

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Harry Potter~Adopted

Harry is trapped  in a Corgi body with an Australian Cattle Dog (ACD  or blue heeler) coat!  They call them Auggies!  He is good with other dogs, cats and older children.  Tiny humans make him a bit nervous!  Harry appreciates a calm home, adores going on walks, and is quite affectionate but not a velcro […]

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Journey, Gone but Not Forgotten

Our 2014 Rainbow Bridge

Every year, at the beginning of October, we remember Goldie Hawn, and all of the dogs that we have lost since we started our rescue efforts.  I’m sure you will agree that once you experience the struggle and heartbreak associated with losing a dog, whether young or old, can you appreciate the moments that we […]

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Ray with William Wallace

Newman Vet of Deltona

I woke up this morning and noticed I received an email from my Vet, Newman of Deltona.  The message was sent at 1:50 AM.  Was I alarmed?  No!  It was Carrie telling me that Sven, one of our Frozen Puppies was developing Kennel Cough and Doctor Lim was putting him on Clavamox right away.  How […]

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