Animal Abusers on Facebook

Animal Abuse Page Outrages Dog Lovers

Please join Michael Budukiewicz in getting the “Your Dog Sucks” page taken down from Facebook.  It promotes animal abuse and torture.  Many of us have reported this to Facebook, but unfortunately, their robots aren’t seeing what we are seeing. Do not “like” the page, and please do not share any of the posts or photos. […]

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deaf blind dog
Doc & Wyatt

Happy 5 Year Anniversary

We have been through a lot in five years, we’ve made some mistakes, learned from them, brushed ourselves off and never quit! We have found the most amazing homes for the most amazing dogs, all because of your continued support and encouragement! Oh the memories we have shared!  Thank you from the bottom of my […]

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Stunning and Intelligent

Jamie Lee

What a gorgeous girl.  She looks like a German Shepherd, but her coloring makes me wonder if there’s a touch of collie in her blood!  This girl is just a baby, still has her baby teeth!  She is shy at first, and loves to hide behind her human.  She needs a confidence boost and a […]

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I love that Tooth!


GiGi is about 7 years old, heartworm negative and has been very well cared for by her former owner, who passed away recently.  Lost and confused, GiGi was afraid of strangers, and we felt she didn’t stand a chance at a shelter/pound. GiGi is very affectionate, and eager to please.  Her vision is not that […]

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Such a big fuss over my hair!  ~ Duke


Duke has always been adored by his owners.  Recently his man human passed away, and sadly, his woman human is very ill, and had to give him up.  His veterinary records show that he had a lot of care, even yearly bloodwork, but no one knows why he is suffering from such hair loss.  Unlike […]

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Very Camera Shy!

Tauriel – The Elf Warrior!

Tauriel, the Elf Warrior is her name!  This little Hobbit is a dream!  She is friendly and as happy as could be.  We estimate she’s about 12-24 months of age, has great manners, easy to train, and very affectionate!  You can see more photos of her on Facebook!      

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Buttons Sparkles

Buttons Sparkles

For being such a small little man, this dog has a million nicknames names, Buttons, Sparkles, even Elvis!  He was labeled a fear-biter, but the minute the shelter let him out of his crate, he ran to Terri and jumped in her lap… I think he’s been there ever since!  Buttons was neutered yesterday, he […]

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Dangers of Xylitol in Dogs

Thank you Terri for sharing this with us!  Please review this article and get familiar with products that contain xylitol, even ketchup, jam, honey, mints, sugar free Jell-O, cupcakes, etc.

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I'm Going Home!  ~ William Wallace

William Wallace ~ Adopted

We apologize for the lack of photos of this gorgeous boy, but it’s been raining and getting the dogs to cooperate with the camera has not been easy!  William is absolutely stunning.  He is estimated to be three to five years old.  This Aussie is fully trained.  He was someone’s little man at one point, he […]

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Going Home!

Bette Midler~Adopted

We posted her photo on Facebook, and within hours a former adopter of one of our Friends Puppies said… “Mine!  My puppy needs a playmate!” That was just too easy!  You can see more of her photos on Facebook, and we will share her adoption photos after she is vetted and spayed! Bette was adopted […]

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Happy 4th of July!

Happy 4th of July and Thank You!

We want to take this opportunity to thank all of our supporters, volunteers, and adopters. Our five year anniversary in rescue is coming soon, and we couldn’t have possibly have rescued so many wonderful dogs without your help. Whether you donate, volunteer your time, foster, transport, vote when we ask you to, keep us in […]

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TDL Logo

FDA Approves First Injectable Solution for Sterilization in Dogs   and the controversy!

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Sunbeam and Snickers
The Borgi puppies

Florida Cities Aim to Ban Sales of Dogs and Cats    

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TDL Independence Day

How to Prepare for the 4th of July

Check out this link Cesar’s 4th of July Tips Please read comments below as well for even more ideas!  Personally, I know that my Lady Di will be terrified, but my China who is deaf, won’t care one bit!

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his name was Casper, here's his shelter photo

What Would Happen if There Were No Rescues?

This video is dedicated to Wells, I’m sorry we couldn’t save you in time.

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Gomer now Frasier

Gomer Pyle~Adopted

The shelter named him Einstein.  When I first saw his photos, I thought for sure he was an Aussie/Border Collie mix.  He was abandoned at a park, I assume someone tied him to a bench or a tree, because he seems to me to be the type of dog that would follow you to the […]

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Our Dream Transport Vehicle

Vote For Us for the Wells Fargo Grant

07/01/14 Update:  Thank you for voting for us, we ended in the 15th position of most viewed.  We have no idea how we did on votes.  Winners will be announced in August!   Update:  Root for the Underdog! We went from 9,000 to over 11,000 views yesterday in the $25,000 Wells Fargo Grant Contest! Way […]

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Dog For Dog

DogForDog Contest

Dog For Dog is having a Dog Food Contest, and we’re in it!  This contest is held solely on Facebook.  Click here to vote daily, and be sure to find us, then scroll down and enter your name and email address. Out of over 500 who entered, we were in the top 50 and were […]

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Bernie, the Puppy Daddy!

Cyndi Lauper~Adopted

My heart jumped when I saw this little girl at the shelter… I knew immediately she is deaf and blind in one eye.  I’ve been told she is a double dapple Doxie.  No wonder I fell in love with her, she is the equivalent to our double merles that we love so much.  She was […]

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Let's Play!


Update: I’m so proud of Eddie. He was a star at Newman’s. He was handled in and out of the crate, given his shots, and his microchip (ouch) without incident. James also gave him a much needed bath and said he was a very polite little boy! Woo Hoo! His name was Beethoven, but it […]

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Our Awesome Dogs!


Update:  We landed in the 15th position, thanks to your tenacity in voting for us!  Thank you!   Winning a grant should not be based on your popularity, but in the Wells Fargo Grant, it is. We should not be competing with for-profit companies, but we are. In order to even be considered we must […]

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Bon Jovi is going home!

Bon Jovi~Adopted

Jen Wilson saw this little guy on Facebook, and went into action!  She found a friend who would get him out and they drove like crazy to get him to her place.  He had a large gash near his mouth, that our vet sewed up (it was narly).  He was afraid at first, and needs […]

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Going Home!

Do Dogs Remember?

On July 9, 2010, my accountant, Kingsley Shinner contacted me about his mother’s dog.  I’ve known Kingsley since I moved to Deltona in 1989 and every year during tax time, I visited his office.  I had met his parents, and was saddened when I learned that his mother’s health was failing.  Kingsley helped guide me […]

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Alfalfa and Spanky Adopted!


Update:  The pups are eating now, and it’s time for them to see the vet.  They are still coughing.  We will have them examined and let the vet determine why. You may have seen us last week begging for donations to rescue three collie pups from Athens, Alabama.  The shelter described them as a bag of […]

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Alfalfa and Spanky Adopted


Update:  The pups are eating now, and it’s time for them to see the vet.  They are still coughing.  We will have them examined and let the vet determine why. You may have seen us last week begging for donations to rescue three collie pups from Athens, Alabama.  The shelter described them as a bag of bones, […]

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the tiny girl


You may have seen us last week begging for donations to rescue three collie pups from Athens, Alabama.  The shelter described them as a bag of bones, and even wondered if they would make it. After a few failed transport attempts, they arrived thanks to hard working volunteers!  They are incredibly scared and wouldn’t eat for […]

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Shelter Photo

3 Collie Pups

This is what we’re working on.  These two boys, and one girl are in a shelter in Alabama, and we definitely want them.  However we need your help. They have been diagnosed with Diagnosed with Idiopathic vestibular disease with aystagmus. We believe in our heart of hearts that this will go away and it may […]

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Hill’s Pet Nutrition, Inc. Voluntarily Recalls 62 Bags of “Science Diet   June 2, 2014 – Hill’s Pet Nutrition of Topeka, KS has announced it is voluntarily recalling 62 bags of Science Diet Adult Small and Toy Breed dry dog food as they have the potential to be contaminated with Salmonella. The suspect product was part of a single production run. It was distributed to 17 veterinary clinic […]

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Bissell, lnc. Stick

BISSELL – Lift-Off Cyclonic Bagless Cordless 2-in-1 Handheld/Stick Vacuum

Update: Sherri, a TDL follower and supporter, has won this auction! Woo Hoo and Congrats! The awesome folks at BISSELL Pet Foundation donated this awesome cordless vacuum cleaner, for us to Auction! 100% of proceeds goes to our Veterinary Care Fund, but to be honest… I want one!!! Happy Bidding Ebay-ers!

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FDA Approves First Oral Drug for Fleas and Ticks in Dogs with Three Month Duration

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Little Sydney, the Mini

Little Sydney~Adopted

I am an 8 month old mini Aussie. My Mom loves me, but she has to travel overseas a lot and didn’t think it was fair that I was doggie sat the whole time she was gone. I’m going to really miss my Mom, but I’m ready to be part of a new family! I […]

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Frogs Your Dog Should Not Kiss

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Two Recent Dog Food Recalls

Two recent recalls:    

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Step on it, I'm in the car... let's go!

Shasta, a Georgia Peach~Adopted

We posted her photo last night, asking for name ideas and we didn’t expect to get 105 Likes and 385 comments within just 2 hours, but we did!  The name ideas were awesome, and I’m saving them in a list for future use!  Daphne, April Kepner, Julia Roberts and Peaches were some of them.  Many […]

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Two years have passed, yet Doc and Wyatt remember their Foster, Kevin Scott!

Fostering 101

What if? If we put together a package to attract New Foster Families, and it included a transport crate, a crate for your home, de-worming medication, flea preventative, dog food, leashes and collars, would you be willing to foster for us for 12 months and foster a minimum of five dogs over that 12 months…. […]

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