Our First Dog to start this series of challenges is Rosie, the toy hoarder!

#DogLiberatorChallenge-Toy Hoarding

The first dog to start our #DogLiberatorChallenge is Rosie!  Rosie steals all bones, toys and balls from all of our dogs.  She piles them up on her bed, and the dogs don’t dare come near.  We’ve even seen her approach one of our dogs, especially Ozzie, bark… to distract them, and steal their toy right […]

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Close your eyes, and open your heart

Close Your Eyes, Open Your Heart – How Do you Adopt Again After Your Dog Dies?

How Do you Adopt Again After Your Dog Dies? This post will explain the grief and anguish people go through after they have lost their beloved dog and how hard they try to replace their dog that has passed away with an identical copy.  “How can I adopt after my dog dies?” There is a […]

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The Dog Liberator: Labor Day Safety

Help your Dog have a Safe Holiday!

As we come up on another holiday, we have a few tips to help you and your dog stay safe and happy. Monitor the Grill – The food you are cooking is very attractive to your pup. They can burn themselves on the hot grill. Also be careful where you dispose of any coals you […]

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Tear Stain Removals are usually used on white dogs

FDA Issues Warning Letters for Unapproved Tear Stain Removers


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Pup Thrown from Moving Vehicle

Angel Pup – Seen being thrown out of a Moving Vehicle

Donation Request: This Pup was seen being thrown out of a moving vehicle, and was picked up by a good Samaritan.  We have been asked to take her. She is safe and will be transported to us on September 6th.  I have plenty of time to make her some chicken stew!  She has skin issues […]

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WordPress SEO Guru Wanted!

Got Time To Volunteer?

Got some free time on your hands? SEO:  Even if you have an hour a week, you can help! We’re looking for someone who is familiar with WordPress and has dabbled in SEO to help beef up our website. We’ll even train you!   Twitter:  We need someone to Tweet daily on our behalf! Photo […]

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Pedigree Dog Food Recall


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Buttons Sparkles

Buttons Sparkles – Adoptable Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

For being such a small little man, this dog has a million nicknames names, Buttons, Sparkles, even Elvis!  He was labeled a fear-biter, but the minute the shelter let him out of his crate, he ran to Terri and jumped in her lap… I think he’s been there ever since!  He weighs about 18 pounds, […]

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The Stray Dog, what should you do?

Lost and Found – The Stray Dog

The past two weeks have been very odd. I have received more phone calls from people who have lost their dogs, and phone calls from people who have found stray dogs. It’s as if the dogs sent out a memo! I received a phone call yesterday around 3:00 from a nice lady named Trinity, who […]

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Save Money on Prescription Drugs for your Dog

Save Money on Prescription Medications for Your Dog

You know that feeling when you’re standing at the counter at the vet?  You’ve waited forever, your dog has been examined, you’ve been given a diagnosis and part of you is relieved, and part of you feels overwhelmed knowing you’re about ready to get the bill!  I know that what you really want to do […]

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Brittney's Mystery

Dog Catching Tip

You might have noticed the leash that Marlo was wearing in her photos, it’s made of chain! When we tried to catch Brittney’s Mystery, we learned a valuable lesson! After she snapped the leash in half with one swipe of her teeth, we had to come up with plan B! The flimsy leash we had […]

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our Favorite Things!

Our Favorite Things

We have been rescuing, rehabilitating, training and treating dogs for over five years. In those five years, we’ve found products that were awesome, and many that were not! If you need a solution to a problem, click on our new Amazon Store and select from products we’ve already tried and love! Click Here to Read […]

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#DogLiberatorChallenge – Promote Your Doggie Selfies!

Let Your Dog Take Its Own Selfies! We have created this challenge to spread the word a help homeless dogs in kill shelters and promote spay/neuter. Only 1 dog out of every ten dogs that are born will find a permanent home. Approximately 25% of homeless dogs at the pound are purebreds. 90% of dogs […]

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National Dog Day 2014

Tuesday, August 26, 2014 is National Dog Day! What are your plans? We thought it would be fun for everyone to change their profile picture on social media sites to include a photo of your dog! This is a great opportunity for all of us to spread the word about adopting a homeless dog, and […]

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Anna's Libby (was Pickle)

Dealing with High Energy Dogs for the Low Energy Individual

Dogs, especially herding breeds, are almost impossible to keep up with. Even the fittest person will have their pets run circles around them (sometimes literally). So when choosing a dog for adoption, make sure that the dog you are looking for is one at your energy level. Meaning, that if you’re a couch potato, don’t […]

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Doodle Bug is going home!

Doodle Bug~Adopted

Doodle Bug’s name was Milo.  He is an owner surrender, with chronic dry eye that will need drops daily to prevent infection.  He is incredibly active, loves people and wants to play with other dogs.  See more of his photos on Facebook! Doodle Bug has a meet this Sunday with a family who has another […]

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Stinking Cute PawPrint Diner

Paw Print Diner Auction

This Auction has Ended!  Congratulations! Click here to Bid on Ebay! Brand New!  Super Cute PawPrint Diner by PetStudio.  Made by Tops Pet Products, Topefield, MA USA.  Raised diner allows your dog to eat in a more comfortable position.  Wood construction with durable painted finish. 19 1/2″L X 10″W X 7″H includes two 1 quart […]

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Jessica and Tobuscus, now Serge, Adopted 2013

The Walk: Tools and Tips

The Walk: Tools and Tips Written by Jessica Purvis, adopter of Tobuscus If walking your dog leaves you frustrated, stressed – and your dog still bouncing off the walls, you probably want to read this article. Being in control of your dog doesn’t mean that you need to keep your dog on a rigid tight leash […]

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Zsa Zsa, now Molly Jo!

Zsa Zsa~Adopted

Zsa Zsa has been renamed Molly Jo! She was adopted by Nate and Kelly of Windermere! Molly Jo now has a tiny Poodle, named Honey to play with! Last Friday night, we came home from dinner expecting to relax.  It was very late, and very dark.  I asked Sarah to tidy up the kitchen, and […]

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Marlo goes home

Marlo-Corgi – Border Collie – Attacked by Coyote

History:   There is an invisible sign in front of every rescuer’s yard…  that only the animals can see… and this girl stumbled onto Laura’s home today. Emaciated and severely injured, Laura’s son, Josh Kern is playing doctor. We need two things, donations for her medical care, and a ride from Crystal River to Deltona where she can […]

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Immediate Donations Needed for Marlo

There is an invisible sign in front of every rescuer’s yard… that only the animals can see… and this girl stumbled onto Laura’s property today. Emaciated and severely injured, Laura’s son, Josh Kern is playing doctor. We need two things, donations for her medical care, and a ride from Crystal River to Deltona where she can see our […]

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Doug Adopts Charley

Charley, Thunder Phobic and Unsocialized Border Collie~Adopted

Charley is a purebred Border Collie, a smoothie. As many vacuum cleaners that I’ve gone through with my collies, a smoothie seems to be a very attractive option! Charley was purchased from a breeder, but his owners already had two dogs that created their own pack.  The nonsense of a new puppy did not appeal […]

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"Step on it Mom and don't look back!"


Beautiful boy, about 2-3 years of age, rescued by a good Samaritan.  He is  heartworm positive, and has been receiving treatment for several weeks now.  He is good with cats, polite with other dogs, and has wonderful manners!  He is being fostered in the Deland, Florida area, and would love to have a family of […]

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She has big feet, but her teeth say baby!  Madonna is about 3-4 months old.  This gorgeous girl comes from Athens, AL and she is a real doll.  She approached Nacho, the resident cat at Newman’s and was not reactive.  She loves everyone, but loves to chew on you… she needs a lot of bones […]

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Leo and his new family, Bruce, Nina and their son!


Leo was adopted by Bruce, Nina and their handsome son, from Winter Springs.  The Bromance started immediately!  Can’t wait for updates! History:  This wonderful boy is now living with my pack and my kids! He is not 5-6 years of age… he has too much puppy joy and his teeth are gorgeous! I estimate he’s […]

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Chelsea, future pool dog?

Chelsea, the Ball-Loving Rescued Border Collie

Chelsea the Rescued Border Collie is Learning New Tricks! 09/01/14 Update:  We want to thank writer, Lisa Rose and her Border Collie “Mick “this is how you do it” Rose” for fostering Chelsea.  Chelsea is learning a lot!  We’ve uploaded many new photos of her in action.  She is a playing fool, and is learning […]

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Ebay Auction for TDL – Goofy Sneakers

Happy Bidding! http://www.ebay.com/itm/Run-Disney-2014-Goofy-New-Balance-Sneakers-Shoes-Mens-7-RARE-Disney-Marathon/291229160039?_trksid=p2047675.c100011.m1850&_trkparms=aid%3D222007%26algo%3DSIC.MBE%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D24192%26meid%3D8c0afca3d7f646b6a8b69229b33a9240%26pid%3D100011%26prg%3D10284%26rk%3D1%26rkt%3D10%26sd%3D291223181253

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Collie, Graham, Gets Much needed spa day with James at Newman Vet Deltona

Graham – Rescued Collie with Embedded Collar from Miami-Dade, Florida

Meet Golden Graham! He was named for his gorgeous coloring and the fact that he was our first rescue that was initiated on Instagram. I’ve been calling him Graham and it seems to suit him well. Graham was rescued from Miami-Dade Animal Services where he was picked up as a stray.  A big thanks to Jeanette […]

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This gorgeous girl was rescued from Baldwin County, and her actual foster wanted to keep her!  Unfortunately she doesn’t feel that now is good time to have a new dog financially.  Details coming soon!Elsie has quite a story to tell. After interviewing her foster Mom, we believe that Elsie has been abused. If you raise your […]

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We posted her photo, asking for name ideas and we didn’t expect to get 105 Likes and 385 comments within just 2 hours, but we did!  The name ideas were awesome, and I’m saving them in a list for future use!  Daphne, April Kepner, Julia Roberts and Peaches were some of them.  Many of the […]

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Animal Abusers on Facebook

Animal Abuse Page Outrages Dog Lovers

Update:  Congratulations everyone!  The page has been removed!  Thank you for your hard work Mike in getting this done! Please join Michael Budukiewicz in getting the “Your Dog Sucks” page taken down from Facebook.  It promotes animal abuse and torture.  Many of us have reported this to Facebook, but unfortunately, their robots aren’t seeing what […]

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deaf blind dog
Doc & Wyatt

Happy 5 Year Anniversary

We have been through a lot in five years, we’ve made some mistakes, learned from them, brushed ourselves off and never quit! We have found the most amazing homes for the most amazing dogs, all because of your continued support and encouragement! Oh the memories we have shared!  Thank you from the bottom of my […]

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Jamie Lee

Jamie Lee~Adopted

What a gorgeous girl.  She looks like a German Shepherd, but her coloring makes me wonder if there’s a touch of collie in her blood!  This girl is just a baby, still has her baby teeth!  She is shy at first, and loves to hide behind her human.  She needs a confidence boost and a […]

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I love that Tooth!


GiGi is about 7 years old, heartworm negative and has been very well cared for by her former owner, who passed away recently.  Lost and confused, GiGi was afraid of strangers, and we felt she didn’t stand a chance at a shelter/pound. GiGi is very affectionate, and eager to please.  Her vision is not that […]

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Such a big fuss over my hair!  ~ Duke


08/27/14 Update: Good news! We had his thyroid checked and Duke is on a low-dose thyroid medication. What a difference! His hair is really growing back out nicely! This has helped us confirm that it’s not a food or skin allergy! Woo Hoo! 07/17/14 Update: Duke’s hair is growing back beautifully. Maybe it was dry […]

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Going Home!

Tauriel ~ Adopted

Tauriel, the Elf Warrior is her name!  This little Hobbit is a dream!  She is friendly and as happy as could be.  We estimate she’s about 12-24 months of age, has great manners, easy to train, and very affectionate!  You can see more photos of her on Facebook!        

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