Charlie is a beautiful, smart, and affectionate boy. He gets along very well with people, but does not like sharing his space with other dogs. He has started fighting with his little 6 lb. dachshund sister, so sadly, his owners need to find him a new home where he can be the only dog. Charlie […]

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Gracie Belle ~ Adopted!

From Gracie Belle’s current owner: In November I rescued a purebred 3.5-year-old female border collie with papers from a breeder that was looking for a home for her or was going to send her to a rescue group. Gracie had been born at the breeders and they kept her for breeding purposes. She had 4 […]

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Ms Macaulay

This poor sweet girl was abandoned by her family. They moved away, and left her behind to fend for herself. As you can see her coat is severely matted, and the light has gone out of her eyes. As we all know, dogs are stronger and more forgiving than most human beings. With love and […]

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Daphne is about 4 years old and weights 40lbs. She is in good health and ready to find her forever home. Here is an email from her current owner: “I’ve said a quick prayer, committed myself to this effort and reaching out to you with a heavy heart and with shame. I hope to be […]

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Yeti – The “Adorable Snowman” Sammy mix

Yeti is a 2 year old 55 lb Samoyed mix. He came to us as a stray. He’s a very sweet and gentle boy! Yeti is housebroken and has good indoor manners. He’s not at all destructive. He plays nicely with other dogs, but he doesn’t like sharing his food! This adorable snowman is located […]

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Fabio ~ Adopted!

Fabio lives up to his name! Long flowing locks, soulful eyes, a real dreamboat. 😉 And at only 20 lbs, he’s travel-sized! Check out his Photos on Facebook! If you’d like to be considered for Fabio, please go here to learn all about Our Adoption Process. We don’t use a traditional application, but we would […]

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Mr. Smee ~ Adopted!

      Meet Mr. Smee! This sweet little guy is around 7 years old. He’s a very good boy! He’s crate trained, quiet, great with dogs, kids, and men, and probably cats, too! He came to us with Peter Pan. We will be updating his Photos on Facebook as we get to know him […]

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Peter Pan ~ Adopted!

  Peter Pan is a very sweet 2 year old Yorkie Poodle mix. Like his buddy Mr. Smee, he’s crate trained, quiet, great with dogs, kids, and men, and probably cats, too! We will be updating his Photo Album on Facebook as we get to know him better. If you’d like to be considered for […]

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King ~ Adopted!

 King is a 4 year old male German shepherd who just arrived. As you can see from the photo of him giving his paw, he is a smart boy! We are still evaluating him but look forward to sharing more details as we get them. Check out his Photos on Facebook! If you are interested […]

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Roland ~ Adopted

Roland is a 18 month old male chihuahua who came to us with Tiny Tina. We are still vetting and getting to know Roland, more information coming soon! If you would like to be considered for Roland please read Our Adoption Process and answer the questions presented in the article. Check out Roland’s Photos on […]

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Tiny Tina ~ Adopted!

Tiny Tina is  a 6 month old female chihuahua who came to us with Roland. We are still vetting and getting to know Tiny Tina, more information coming soon! If you would like to be considered for Tiny Tina please read Our Adoption Process and answer the questions presented in the article. Check out Tiny […]

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Malcolm ~ Adopted!

Malcolm (formerly known as Jake) is a 2 year old purebred male German shepherd. Malcolm does well with other dogs and would do well with another social dog. Malcolm is a big boy and is housebroken and leash trained. He could use some additional obedience training to work on some additional basics. Check out his […]

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Vivi ~ Adopted!

Vivi is an 8 month old female tricolor collie who comes to us after major life changes have left her owner  unable to keep her. Vivi is already a big girl at 8 months so if you are looking for a larger size collie, she’s your girl! She is spayed and up to date on […]

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Minnie Mouse ~ Adopted!

3/10/16 Update:  Minnie is a 7 year old Chihuahua mix around 11 lbs. She fully vetted (including spay) and seeking a home. Minnie does have a special need, she is blind. She is also very loving!  Check out her Photos on Facebook! If you are interested in being considered as an adopter for Minnie, please […]

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Alfredo – Adopted!

Alfredo is a 5 month old Pyr mix who came to us from AL. From the looks of him, we think he may have some Collie or Aussie in the mix as well. Alfredo is extremely friendly and affectionate. He’s very people people-oriented, but likes other dogs as well. He will b e a large dog […]

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Jackson ~ Adopted!

  3/10/16 Update: Jackson was adopted! Mark lives on a large ranch, and is an experienced Border Collie dad. Yay, Jackson! Past: Jackson is returning to us due to hard times, (which consists of illness, job loss, job change and a move). He walks well on a leash and is great with guys. He is […]

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The Edge ~ Adopted!

The Edge came to us with his two siblings, Wiley and Bono. Although his brother and sister look like Collie mixes, The Edge appears to be almost all Border Collie. We’re guessing that there must have been multiple fathers for this litter! Like his siblings, The Edge is very active and bright. He’s good with […]

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Bono ~ Adopted!

Bono is a 4 month old Collie mix puppy. He came to us from AL with his siblings, Wiley and The Edge. Bono is very smart and playful, and would make a great addition to an active family. He gets along well with other dogs and is friendly with people. If you’d like to be […]

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Wiley ~ Adopted!

Wiley is a young female Collie mix. We think she’s around 4 months old. She’s very smart and energetic, and friendly with dogs and people. She’s quite a bit smaller than her brothers, but she’s definitely a sturdy little girl! If you’d like to be considered for Wiley, please go here to learn all about […]

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Duncan ~ Adopted!

Duncan is a 5 year old male border collie who  is neutered and fully vetted. You may remember Duncan as Bacardi, one of Katie‘s babies who was literally born into TDL.  He is returning to us because strangers make him nervous. We are currently assessing him to decide what kind of home he would do […]

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